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Inter-Racial Payload 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by BBC Lover » Review Date: 5/23/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Straight, Gonzo, Interracial, Compilation

John Leslie

Caroline Pierce, Ryan and Alexxxis Tyler, Kaci Starr, Mia Bangg, Ann Marie, Elizabeth Delmar, Cindy, Tommi Rose, Wesley Pipes, Lexington Steele, Mr. Marcus, Tee Reel, Sean Michaels, Sledge Hammer, Erik Everhard


3hr, 9 minutes

Cumshot Recap, Special Features: Photo Galleries, Trailers, Cast List, Filmographies, Biography, Websites


Overview: Compilation  of John Leslie's Interracial Scenes via different videos!

Scene One: Caroline Pierce and Wesley Pipes (The Voyeur 14)

Caroline is looking out of her balcony in a nice white silk teddy when it seems she is being watched (voyeur is the camera).  On the table are two large black dongs suctioned to the table she begins to lick and suck on them.  She sits back and begins to finger and dong fuck her pussy (Note a dog apparently is in the house as it begins to bark alot LOL).  If you are a fan of fishnets you will love her tan stockings against her legs as she pulls them back to fuck herself with the large black dong.  When her male lover arrives you feel like you are watching as the camera is looking thru the staircase and around the corner as he begins to feel up her ass.  She is knealing on the couch with one leg on the floor as he really begins to eat her pussy out and rim her.  When he stands up you can see his massive bulge in his pants.  Instead of going straight to his cock she teases him by licking his nipples, kissing him and slowly taking his shirt off.  When she finally pulls his cock out you see this large dark cock standing at full erection as she is knelt in front of him worshipping his balls and cock with her mouth and tongue.  First position is him sitting as she rides him reverse cow girl.  Caroline has an amazing ass so the angle is from the back you can see her large ass bouncing up and down on his cock.  The next position is amazing with her lying down and her legs and him positioned on her like a scissor position and he is really going deep.  After getting her a little loose she kneels on the stools doggie with her ass in the air. Wesley stands above her with one leg arched on the stool and begins to get really deep.  Wesley has an amazing body and his thick trunk like legs and firm ass look so good next to her light skin.  He is really dirty talking too which ads to how dirty they are.  They do alot of spitting in each others mouth and he really likes to talk shit to her.  He does say "you are so fucking nasty" a lot.  He then stands up and shoots a large load all over her face and in her mouth.


Scene Two: Ryan and Alexxxis Tyler, Lexington Steele, Mr. Marcus (Fresh Meat 10)

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Alexxxis walks in on Ryan giving head to Lexington and Marcus in their business attire.   Ryan stands back topless and wearing some sexy black shorts.  As she stands she begins to imagine it is her sucking those cocks and rubs the outside of her shorts.  Both studs are ROCK hard and it's amazing to see Lexington's length and how thick Marcus is.  First position is Ryan bent over the couch while Lexington is fucking her and she is sucking on Marcus.  Ryan is in the background fingering her pussy and licking her lips.  Alexxxis has no problem letting Lex get balls deep and a great position for both her and the viewer is from underneath when he raises his leg up on the couch and begins to fuck her deep.  He then picks her up fucking her at the same time.  Next Mr. Marcus takes his thick cock and fucks her doggie while Lexington walks over and feeds his long cock to Ryan.  When he returns his cock is rock hard and feeds it to her.  Mr. Marcus has one of the best thick bodies (and ass) and he looks so sneaky cute when he looks over at Ryan and smiles.  Ryan suddenly walks over and rips off Alexxxis clothes and gets in the doggie position so she can take Marcus deep.  However when Lexington begins to fuck her doggie she is screaming "oh shit" as he gets deeper and deeper in her pussy.  When she is riding him reverse cow girl she leans back so she can suck on Marcus.  Finally both ladies are getting dicked down.  Ryan is riding reverse cow girl on Lexington while Marcus has Ryan on the floor fucking her missonary.  Whats really hot is when the camera guy is standing behind Lex while Alexxxis is bouncing her ass up and down on his cock and in the background Ryan is getting fucked by Marcus doggie.  Lexington squeezes his cock and nuts all over Ryans mouth as does Alexxxis and Marcus.  Just when you think it's over Lexington and Marcus walk back in and Ryan says "you aren't going to fuck me in the ass are you?"  Next think you know Lexington's long large cock is fucking her ass as she is bent over the back of the couch.  On the other couch Ryan is taking Marcus in her ass.  Both guys fuck them in one position and cum on their ass.

Scene Three: Kaci Starr, Tee Reel, and Erik Everhard (From Crack Her Jack 8)

Kaci has a red dress on and Tee Reel loves standing behind her playing with her pussy (no panties) and pulling her top down.  Out of nowhere he pulls out a couple of blue toys like a butt plug and a dong.  He begins using the plug on her nice large ass.  At one point he is fucking her with the dildo and she has the butt plug in her ass.  His cock is standing at full attention as they continue to have some fun foreplay. (kissing, petting).  I love the first position when he is fucking her standing up and her bent over and you can still see the butt plug in her ass.  They go downstairs and Erik is already in position hard and she instantly starts sucking his cock.  She then gets on the couch doggie and takes Erik in her pussy and Tee Reel in her mouth.  Erik then pulls out the plug and begins to fuck her ass with his thick white meat.  When they switch Erik sits down to get some oral while Tee Reel does her doggie.  Kaci reaches under and rubs her clit.  (the sounds she makes during oral are very distracting).  Kaci then climbs on Erik cowgirl and grinds her pussy onto his dick while Tee Reel stands on the couch and force feeds her his cock.  The HOTTIEST position is Erik in her pussy and Tee Reel in her ass, its so sexy seeing both of them in her and so close to each other.  I love how long she realy takes them both and then gets on her knee's and takes a thick shot on her face by both guys.

Scene Four: Mia Bangg, Mr. Marcus and Sean Michaels (From the Voyeur 33)

Mia walks into a nice home with her green dress (no panties) pulled high up on her ass.  Camera follows her up the stairs where Sean awaits her with a bulge in his sweats.  They begin to kiss while she rubs his ver large cock.  When they move to the gym Marcus is working out in his shorts.  While he is on the workout bench she starts sucking his cock while Sean gives her ass/pussy some oral attention.  There is a very odd transition when she stops the foreplay and leaves the room to go masturbate on the stairs.  First positon is her taking Marcus cock deep while Sean starts doing her doggie.  His long cock teases her but slowly gets deeper and deeper.  After being teased with some long slow strokes she moves over to ride Marcus reverse cow girl and thus begins to really slam herself up and down on his thick cock.  When the camera does a shot up the stairs you can't help but me amazed at the length of Sean's dick.  The best position to me is next when she sits on Sean cowgirl and is really bouncing that big ass up and down on his long pole.  Sean is very affectionate in his scenes and that makes it so hot.  He reaches around and fingers her ass while she is riding him.  After some fingering Marcus comes around and gets in her ass.  The view is AMAZING.  As a female seeing Marcus thick trunk legs and totally lickable ass going up and down while Sean's long cock is in her pussy made me totally wet.  She then decides to take some Sean in her ass reverse cowgirl and some Marcus in her mouth.  She then sits on the stairs with her head back and takes a creamy load from both of her handsome co-stars.

Scene Five: Ann Marie, Elizabeth Delmar, Sledge Hammer (From Crack Her Jack 6)

Sledge is already getting is extremely thick cock sucked by Ann Marie while Elizabeth dancing in the mirror watching the oral fun going on.  They lay on the floor while Elizabeth straddles his face and he is getting some head from Ann Marie.  Sledge is getting some nice double attention when Ann rides him reverse and Elizabeth is riding his face.  They then move to Sledge fucking Elizabeth in a spooning position with one legged back while her head is rested on Ann's leg.  This position isn't held too long before he is back on his back while Elizabeth is riding his thick dick.  Ann faces Elizabeth kneeling over his face.  I have reveiwed several Sledge scenes and this is the most moaning and hard I've seen his dick.  I like when they stand over Elizabeth fucking (she is balancing on one leg, he is holding the other and they are fucking) and she is using a toy looking up at the fucking.  He cum's by standing and shooting all over Elizabeth on the floor.

Scene Six: Cindy, Marie and Lexington Steele (From The Voyeur 23)  

Cindy is dressed in some nice fetish looking lingerie while Lexington is in a nice black suit.  The room is dark and she is bent over taking his fingers in her ass and pussy.  She zips down his pants and pulls out his enormous cock and begins to orally service him.  A sexy toned white guy with a large cock walks over and she begins to suck them both (that's alot of inches).  The first position she straddles Lexington, then some doggie with Marie.  She doesn't hold the positions long and the lighting in this scene is dark and with alot of shadows.  As soon as I begin to describe a position it switches to another.  Whe she is riding Marie he reaches around and begins to finger fuck her ass too.  I am a huge Lexington fan but the camera work, lighting and actress does his legendary cock no justice.  I want to see her taking this large cock deep without the camera bouncing around and bad shots.  She does manage to ride Lex reverse in her ass while Marie is fucking her pussy.  She then takes both loads on her face!

Scene Seven: Tommi Rose and Mr. Marcus (From The Voyeur 22)

Tommi is having her photo's taken and the camera guy (voyeur) sneaks up on her while she is posing.  Tommi is lucky because the one and only Mr. Marcus is holding the camera.  Before you know it he puts the down the camera to get his meat sucked on. Before they move to the living room he gets to test her pussy out a bit.  Marcus lays back wets the head of his dick and Tommi jumps on reverse and really begins to bounce up and down on it (the sound is erotic).  When he is fucking her missionary you get a nice close up of that thick dick going in and out and the head teasing the top of her pussy.  Again those thighs and ass of his make it appealing for a female watcher.  You guys will enjoy seeing her pussy stretch around the base of his dick.  I like their chemistry too, you get alot of smiles and looking into each other's eyes during this scene.  Scene ends with her taking a shot to the face!

Final Thoughts:

Mr. Leslie is a fame director for a great company, Evil Angel.  The scenes picked for this compilation are good and solid.  The male cast is all A class and the ladies beautiful.  My favorite scene is Mia Bangg, Mr. Marcus and Sean Michaels.  Several scenes have DP's which are impressive.  I would RECOMMEND this DVD on the number of scenes, male cast, my favorite scene and the hot sex involved by all.  If you are a Mr. Marcus fan than you can't go wrong with his scenes in this DVD.

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