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Dani Daniels' Fantasy Girls

Studio: Filly Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/16/12

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Dani Daniels’ Fantasy Girls
Filly Films
Directed, Shot, and Edited by Dani Daniels
Running Time: 1:43:21


Brett Rossi
Vanessa Veracruz
Marie McCray
Melissa Jacobs
Natasha Nice
Jessie Rogers
Dani Daniels
Kami Li
Karlie Montana

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes: a short 2:11 clip about a small mishap during the Brett and Vanessa scene.
Stripteases: 27:39 montage of the girls taking off their clothes just for you
Orgasms: 5:32 montage of the girls reaching their climaxes
Photo Gallery

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

As we bring an end to my Filly Films batch of movies, we are going to end with the lovely and talented DanI Daniels, who has branched out from just performing, and has added directing, shooting and editing to her resume. And the last movie she directed, was one that I really enjoyed, gave it our highest rating for the site. But we got also got plenty of DanI action in front of the camera in that one, and this one, we only get to see her in action for a few minutes, and for me that was a little disappointing.

But during the first scene I forgot about that as I got to enjoy Brett and Vanessa, who were easily the highlight for me in this movie, they showed some great chemistry and their skills with their tongues, would drive any person, man or woman, crazy. I think the other scenes had some potential here and there, but I think the abrupt editing cause the flow to get all wonky through the scenes.

A decent amount of special features are included in this release, with a 28 minute striptease montage leading the way. And I can admit that I watch Brett’s part a few times before moving on to the rest. Audio and Video were ok, other than the editing issue and some slight focusing issues, which only the technical people would really notice.

But overall, I would say that this is RENT IT movie, and I would say if you really want to see some hot action, check out her other movie, Yoga Instructor. This was her first movie with a bigger behind the scenes role, so other than a few issues it was a nice rookie effort and will continue to watch and enjoy her stuff as she continues to get more practice and is able to fine tune her look. And if you do decide to rent this, I would skip right to the first scene, and then enjoy the striptease roll, followed by the BTS as you get a little story of a little mishap that occurred doing their scene.

Scene One: Brett and Vanessa

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We are going to get right into the action, as both ladies are wearing some very sexy dresses, which will be off of their bodies very soon I am guessing. If you have been reading my reviews, you will remember that I have really enjoyed seeing Brett in action, so I am going into this scene, with some high hopes and excitement. Brett slides down her dress and after some boob play, she lifts up her dress and begins to tease Vanessa’s pussy through her pretty pink panties. She slides them aside and dives in to work over her pussy with her mouth and fingers. And as the camera moves in, we sure the kind of work that Brett can do with her tongue. Brett leans up against the chair, as Vanessa slides off her sexy lace panties and then dives in and gives her pussy a few licks. Seems to be a lot of edit points so far, it’s not too distracting yet, but we shall see how I feel later if it continues. Back to the show, Vanessa continues to lick and finger her pussy, while also getting a chance to show off what she can do with her tongue. Vanessa sits on Brett’s face and lets her work her magic again with her tongue. The camera with the spotlight sort of reminds me what the Harmony and Dorcel films look like. My god the tongue work these ladies are showing off is amazing, no wonder they enjoy each other’s oral skills. Vanessa rides Brett’s leg for some pussy grinding, which is short, as Brett bends her over so she can go back to licking her pussy. Neither girl is lacking in the chest area, so when they grab and bump them together, it’s a pretty nice sight to behold. And speaking of a nice sight, DanI moves in and up close as Brett shakes and bounces her pretty booty, as Vanessa tries to lick and love her pussy.

Scene Two: Natasha and Jessie

The girls are in the shower, kissing and fondling each other, so try to not have dirty thoughts about what you are seeing. Who knew that spending some time in the shower could be both dirty and clean.  And if you are like me, you really enjoy the wet hair look on a girl, can’t explain why, but it’s just seems to be sexy to me. I am guessing I am not the only one, as why this scene takes place in a shower, someone else shares my thoughts apparently. There is plenty of sucking and licking of the girls boobs, before Natasha heads south and into her pussy, as she squeezes and pinches it. And she stays down there for awhile, but after some more kissing and then it’s Jessie turn to return the favor. She starts off with some finger action, before diving in with her mouth and tongue. And then they move onto the cleaning part, as they spread the soap around, spending a lot of time on the boobs and butt area, reminds me of that Sarah Silverman bit. While Jessie is bent over playing with her pussy, Natasha slaps her boobs on her ass, and then dives in to lick her ass and pussy. As they take a seat on the floor, they finger and play with each other’s pussy, as they continues to get pelted with water from the shower.

Scene Three: Marie and Melissa

The lovely redhead Marie, wearing some blue lingerie, is laying on her bed, having some great one on one time as she rubs all over her body, and then slides her hand down her lace panties. Melissa joins her on the bed, for some soft kissing and then they both fondle and explore each other. Marie lays Melissa down on the bed, and kisses all over her body, teasing her ever so softly before sliding off her top and sucking and licking her nipples. But Melissa wants to get a taste of Marie’s too, as she grabs on tight and gives them a few licks and sucks too. Melissa grabs on tight to Marie’s booty and gives it a few squeezes before she goes to work teasing her pussy before sliding off her panties. Melissa like to utilize both her tongue and fingers while working over Marie’s pink pussy. Marie also like to admire some booty, as she bends Melissa over and slides off her purple panties and then spreads her pussy wide for the camera and works it over with her fingers. DanI moves the camera in close to show off her work, as she makes Melissa start to jerk and shake, before flipping over, so she can get back to work on her pussy. Melissa lays back on the bed and tells her to sit on her face, for some 69 action, so that they can both lick and enjoy each others pussy. And after some more kissing and fondling, this lesbian love fest comes to an end as they wrap their legs together for some scissoring/grinding action.

Scene Four: Kami, Karlie and Dani

Once again, we are right in the action, as both ladies are wearing some sexy black dresses, and Karlie is the first to take hers off, followed by Kami. Karlie slides off her bra as Kami goes in for a few licks, and then Karlie gets a few soft licks and kisses on Kami perky little boobs. Karlie slides off Kami’s panties and proceeds to slowly kiss and lick her pussy, and then Kami dives in to return the favor. They come together for some more kissing, and then Karlie goes back to work, rubbing and playing with Kami’s pussy. Karlie takes a seat on her lap, as Kami reaches around that nice booty and uses some finger action on her pussy. Karlie lays back on the couch and spreads her legs wide, as Kami dives in again for round two. As the camera moves in closer, as Karlie is back to lapping Kami’s pussy with her tongue, and then we are back to Kami working on Karlie, that was weird. They come together for some more kissing and then DanI sets the camera down and decides to join in the action. It’s doesn’t take too long for her to be naked, with a little help from the girls of course. They double team Kami, I am guessing she is fairly new to the biz and they want to break her in just right. But because there is no one behind the camera, there are a few focusing issues at times. Back to the scene, as Kami wants to makes sure to enjoy DanI’s boobs a little before the scene comes to a rather abrupt end.

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