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T-Girls Solo 2

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 5/26/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Transsexual, She-Male, Solo Masturbation

Director: Nick Milo & Erik Zorn

Cast: Wendy Williams, Jonelle Brooks, Amy Daly, Brittany St. Jordan, Michelle Austin, Jesse Flores
Length: 101 minutes

Dates of Production: 9/2011, 11/2011, 12/2011

Extras: Several trailers and website information on how to get purchase Wendy's sex toys. 

Condoms: none

Audio/Video Quality: The video and audio quality are good.    

Overview: T-Girls Solo 2  is a film that has six solo performances from several of the hottest transsexual performers in the industry. It is directed by Nick Milo and Erik Zorn. Hot Wendy Productions produced this film. It is headed by performer Wendy Williams. She is one of the few Independent Transsexual Models who has her own production company. Her personal website is wendywilliamsxxx.com/. As to this particular film, Wendy leads off, but hot performers like Amy Daly, Brittany St. Jordan, Jonelle Brooks, Michelle Austin, and Jesse Flores all give worthwhile performances.

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Scene One: Wendy Williams shows off a toy dildo called Jesse's Rock Hard Cock & Balls. It's Jesse Flores' long toy cock. Once Wendy has taken the item out of the box, she sucks on it nicely. I love seeing her full lips surround the girthy cock. As the scene progresses, Wendy continues to workover that lucky item in her mouth. The sight of her wet lips along with her sexy voice are a huge turn-on. In the meantime, the attractive woman strokes her own penis well too. Afterwards, Wendy applies some lube on her own dick. Personally, I do not care for lube on my cock, but I understand that it is a very good item to use especially when inserting a dildo into a woman's vagina or asshole. As in this case, the lube is a necessary quality for getting it up Wendy's nice butthole. Overall, I enjoyed her performance much since it was quite soothing and relaxed. She anally pleasures herself in several positions. As I kept staring at her butt, I wanted to spank it several times. Wendy even sets the toy cock onto the lamp table beside the bed so that she can bounce on it gently. At times, while this very likable woman is laying on her side on the bed, I wanted to snuggle next to her and use the toy on her. Overall, this scene is a very good opening sequence to this solo film. It definitely makes the viewer want to see the rest of the movie.           

Scene Two: Pretty Jonelle Brooks introduces herself at the camera and to the viewers. Moments later, she teases us by shaking her booty and slapping her ass a bit. However, the audience becomes pulled into her as soon as she lays back on the couch and spreads her legs. Jonelle removes her top slowly and caresses her natural titties. Later, the beautiful woman plays with her dick as well as her tight asshole. I enjoy listening to her dirty talk. I also love seeing her hot legs and nice looking meaty plaything. Her pleasuring activity got the inside of my mouth all wet. Jonelle is another lady who I would be a cuddle buddy with. Overall, her hot stroking performance was exciting. I wanted to see more of it. I also loved seeing her cum. This beauty makes you dizzy with pleasure.  

Scene Three: Cute and sultry Amy Daly is sucking on a lollipop in a very teasing manner. Her smile and stare easily pulls the viewer into her. I totally love her rainbow patterned leggings. Even though she has a very cute and beautiful body, I could not keep my eyes off of her face. In the meantime, the viewer is going to want to apply a good steady rhythm on his own cock while watching Amy. Even when she removes her panties to stroke her nice looking dick, I still could not keep my eyes off of Amy's face for too long. But, eventually, her hot looking cock makes you want to pay attention to it and even want to stroke it yourself. I give much credit to the camera angles during the shots of her penis. It really makes you want it even more. We also get good shots of her wide asshole. The sight of it makes you want to slide your own dick into her even though there is no anal work in this scene. This performance is going to make a lot of viewers to become Amy Daly fans. Another turn-on is seeing her pretty titties. She also does a super job in stroking her cock for the viewers. You could imagine her hand stroking my cock. I was wiggling in my seat with my legs crossed tightly while watching her stroke herself for a long period of time. This performance is an awesome one.
Scene Four: Immediately, I was so turned on by Brittany St. Jordan's sexy voice. I usually do not hear much of her voice in that manner so it really struck me. She needs to be used in that capacity more often since it makes her more sexy than usual. Guys will get so hard from it. As to the look of the scene, the tranny is wearing tight black leggings that look so hot on her. She does a very good job rubbing her crotch. This fetish-pleasing performance is quite stimulating. Feet and leg lovers will enjoy it. Later, Brittany takes out her cock and strokes it. Her dick looks very appealing and cute. Later, she applies some lube on her butt plug and soon is sticking it up her ass. The sight of her body with that item in her is hot. I wanted to reach through the screen and play with her. Moments later, she sits down on it while continuing to play with her dick. I enjoy seeing Brittany get herself so turned on as she squirms on the couch. I can definitely relate to it. Of course, her dirty talk remains cool too.      

Scene Five: Playful Michelle Austin teases the camera as it pans her body nicely. She introduces herself while answering the director's questions. Her pretty face and long blonde hair pulls the viewer into her. Moments later, she uncovers her big yummy breasts and plays with her nipples. They get so hard. I definitely wanted to reach for them especially after Michelle licked her nipples. Afterwards, the lady is stroking her cock. I especially enjoyed looking at her leg and sexy heels. I could easily picture my face in between them and kissing them. The camera angles of her dick pleasuring activity along with her pretty face in the shot are hot. This scene is one of Michelle's best performances. She is showcased extremely well. I loved the shots from a distance where we got to see those hot legs of hers. With the very good camera work and Michelle's solo play, this scene was a winner for this fine performer. From her hot quivering motions, Michelle got off well.

Scene Six: Jesse Flores introduces herself at the camera on the bed. She lays down and spanks her ass. This gorgeous blonde bombshell is super sexy and has much sex appeal oozing out of her. She applies a very good stroking motion on her cock. We also get a good glimpse of her asshole while she plays with it. Jesse reminds me of those pin-up girls from the 1940's and '50's. She has that look. As the scene progressed, her performance is a steady one. The camera focuses on her cock a lot and eventually, she cums on herself.    

Final Thoughts: This film was a pleasant surprise. It is one of the best solo films of the year. I wanted to snuggle and cuddle with each and every one of these fine ladies. For those guys and gals who enjoy pleasuring oneself while watching trannies pleasure themselves, this film will definitely put you in the mood. It deserves it's recommended rating and a Best Solo Release nomination.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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