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Anal Virgins

Studio: Dog House Digital » Review by Charles Bukkake » Review Date: 6/3/12

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Genre: Anal, Gonzo

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Ferrera Gomez, George Uhl, J.J, Kristine Crystalis, Leny Ewil, Lucy Bell, Mark Zicha, Neeo, Rihanna Samuels, Samantha Jolie

Length: 2 hrs. 3 mins.

Date(s) of Production: 11/10/11; 11/12/11; 11/15/11; 11/16/11; 11/25/11

Release Year: 2012

Extras: Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap, Solos, Website Information, Trailers

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD: $19.99

Overview: Doghouse Digital proudly presents a movie that seems to cater to anal sex fans. Odds are that if you’ve stumbled across this review, you might just fit the category of viewers who enjoy the sight of a sexy starlet’s kiester being poked and prodded by her male counterpart. The film’s producers would have us believe that these girls are first-timers when it comes to anal sex, but this reviewer doesn’t buy that for a second, which isn’t to say that the sex we witness can’t be enjoyable. What you have here are five scenes where anal fucking takes center stage. So, let’s find out if we’ve got ourselves a flick that’s a diamond in the rough or a bona fide stinker.   

Scene 1 –Ferrera Gomez with Mark Zicha: (3/5) Ferrera is a cute nubile starlet with long flowing brown hair and a great set of legs. She’s pictured cleaning her employer’s house when she happens across some money, which she quickly pockets. Once her boss enters the room and mentions that he can’t find the cash, it takes mere moments for him to notice a couple of bills sticking out of Ferrera’s shorts. What follows is a quick verbal exchange between the two. Ferrera’s boss threatens to phone the police, but will gladly settle for reaming the starlet in the ass instead. Next you get some heavy petting while the two are seated in a loveseat and eventually the sex begins. The boss, played by Mark Zicha, pulls off his partner’s skimpy shorts and starts to lick her asshole, and eventually he begins to dig his meaty digits into her poop shoot as well. This turns on Ferrera who makes with the moaning and before long we get to see the young hussy blow Mark. She works his shaft rather well, giving it clean even strokes while polishing the head of his penis with her tongue. We’ve got a couple of shots here that qualify for quality POV, which is nice, and definitely a welcomed surprise. Not wasting too much time, the scene cuts to the sexy little brunette sitting on the loveseat, naked and with her legs in the air, taking every inch of Mark’s sausage in her pussy. Then we get some anal penetration. As Ferrera slowly gets fucked she plays with her clit and Mark bends forward to suck and nibble on her perky nipples. The anal sex continues with the starlet getting on her knees and turning her back to Mark, who in turn sticks his cock back in her ass. Ferrera’s asshole proves too much for Mark to handle because after a few more quick thrusts, he pulls out and sprays cum on her gaping crap cutter.

Scene 2 –Rihanna Samuels with George Uhl: (3/5) In this scene we find George Uhl, who from the look of things appears to be a doctor who’s about to take in his first patient for a consultation. Rihanna enters and complains that she’s experiencing pain. Without being asked to, the pig-tailed brunette takes off her top to reveal a small set of tits and finds herself a seat on the nearby examining table. The good doctor seems a little shocked by this display, but decides to just go with it. When asked why it’s her third visit in a week, Rihanna reveals that she’s a virgin and wants George to be her first lay. The stud mentions having to abide by his Hippocratic oath, but then forgoes adhering to his pledge and licks the starlet’s asshole instead. He fingers her for a while until her pussy is sopping wet and then the two make out. Next, Rihanna takes a knee, undoes the doc’s pants and starts giving him head. For a “virgin” she seems to be no stranger to sucking cock, and after holding her partner’s dick upright and working his balls with her tongue, the action moves to the examining table. Rihanna’s pussy gets pounded for a while, when out of nowhere George pulls out and cums on her snatch. Don’t count him out though, because two seconds later he goes back for seconds and sticks his cock right up her ass. A point goes to him for stamina. Later the two move the party to the floor where the starlet rides her partner reverse cowgirl, she sucks him off and then sits back on his cock. George makes the switch from fucking Rihanna’s tight ass to nailing her pussy and before long he pulls out and cums allover her shaved cooter.

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Scene 3 –Lucy Bell with Neeo: (3/5) As some jazz music drifts in the background we find Lucy Bell laying ass up on a massage table. Her masseur, Neeo, tenderly caresses Lucy and rubs some hot oil allover her back. With some subtlety, he pulls down her towel exposing the starlet’s ass, which he then begins to massage. Lucy tells her masseur that she’s got a problem with her boyfriend. Apparently, her boyfriend wants to fuck her in the ass, and she asks Neeo if he could help her out. What this means is anyone’s guess, but moments later Neeo is lubing up Lucy’s ass and inserting his fingers deep inside her. After some tight shots that show fingers in the asshole belonging to our starlet, we cut to her sucking Neeo’s sizeable wang. The brunette blows him for a while and then she gets back on the table for some vaginal intercourse. It seems that Neeo gets bored because it’s not long before he sticks his dick in Lucy’s rear. To her credit, Lucy has a great ass and it’s nice watching it jiggle as her butthole gets thoroughly pounded. During the anal sex, the stud pulls out to show off Lucy’s gaping hole, and after some more hard fucking, he dismounts and cums buckets allover her bubble butt.

Scene 4 –Kristine Crystalis with J.J: (2/5) J.J. attempts to give Kristine an English lesson, but unfortunately all the starlet has in mind is fucking her reluctant tutor. J.J. is happy to oblige and the two start making out. The tutor whispers something about how what they’re doing is wrong, but eventually gives into common sense and turns Kristine’s pussy into a first course meal. Kristine returns the favor with a blowjob and shows that she’s able to deep throat with little difficulty. While the two of them are on the couch, the starlet rides her partner reverse cowgirl and soon enough J.J.’s dick goes from being in Kristine’s pussy to being lodged deep inside her asshole. She protests the act at first, but then finds herself enjoying it as she plays with her pussy for added stimulation. Next she blows him again, they fuck in some of the more tried and true sexual positions and finally J.J. blows his biscuits allover Kristine’s maw.

Scene 5 –Samantha Jolie with Leny Ewil: (4/5) Samantha is hands-down the hottest chick featured in this flick and graces the DVD box cover. Anyway, in this closing scene Sam and her boyfriend, Leny, celebrate their one-year anniversary. They exchange gifts and it’s here that we find that Leny got his beau some anal beads and a bottle of lube. Why not? The action starts getting hot and heavy and includes some tongue kissing and a lot of heavy petting. Leny peels back Sam’s yellow top and exposes her tits, which are natural, round and lovely to look at. The stud moves the party downstairs and starts to kiss his partner’s thighs and then sticks his hand down her blue hot pants to give Samantha’s pussy a rubdown. The hot pants are ditched, Sam bends over and Leny begins to lick her pussy and asshole. Next he inserts the anal beads, and while they dangle from the starlet’s booty hole, Leny fingers her pussy. Next he removes his pants, Sam sucks his dick and then rides him reverse cowgirl on the couch. Her slender physique and killer tits really make this sequence that much more enjoyable to watch. While in the same position, Leny shoves his cock in his girlfriend’s butthole and bangs her hard. She then sucks his dick and the two spoon and fuck. Leny picks up the pace, pulls out and launches some hot semen allover Sam’s pussy and stomach and then the scene ends.

Final Summation: Doghouse Digital’s Anal Virgins is an okay film and ranks about average in terms of quality and content. Each scene had different setups that ranged from predictable to ridiculous and did little to help or hinder the sex being featured. The girls all performed rather well, and can be rated average in the looks department, but what holds true is that the sex was pretty standard, really. There were no real surprises and each scene seemed to be a recycled version of the vignette that preceded it. Despite that, this film isn’t a complete dud, as fans of anal sex will likely enjoy some of the content being offered. If you’re truly interested in the anal sex genre and are a fan of the Doghouse studio, my advice is that you should probably rent this one. And if you don’t, you won’t be missing much. 


Charles Bukkake

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