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When Daddy's Away

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/3/12

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When Daddy’s Away
Digital Playground
DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack
A Robby D Lust
Written by Scarlett L
Running Time: 1:42:31
Date of Production: 5/25/10


Riley Steele
April O Neil
Breanne Benson
Ashlyn Rae
Tommy Gunn
Scott Nails
Mick Blue
Manuel Ferrara

Special Features:

Bonus Trailers: 8 (DVD) 14 (Blu-ray)
1920 x 1080 (Bluray)
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes: 11:32, plenty of more footage of April, and in that sexy dress, plus some other stuff like interviews, and stuff
16 x 9 Widescreen Format

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 448 kbps (DVD) and 640 kbps (Blu-ray)

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps (DVD) and AVC at around 13-14 Mbps (Blu-ray)

Overall Thoughts:

Once again it is the fine folks at Digital Playground that are helping me out, I had April on my list of girls I hope to see more of this year. So the possibility of maybe seeing her and Riley in action, has got me a little excited.

Well it seems that this one had some potential, but there were just too many things missing or a few issues that seemed to pop up to make it really wonderful. It was nice to see plenty of April and I have to say that her scene with Tommy was great, but even that was missing some footage before they cut to the action. Another thing that was missing and would have really made this stand out, and me stand up, no scene with Riley and April together, they even mention it in the BTS, but nothing more of it. But I will say that the fairly newcomer Ashyln really seemed to impress me in her scene, even though some camera issues really seemed to throw it off a bit. It's yet another movie with the same issues that have been showing up for awhile, I can hope that maybe someday they will get fixed.

It’s sad to think I am going to give this a RENT IT rating, but the main reason I think you need to check it out, ok two reason, is hope that you can fall under the spell of April like I did, and hey why not check out Ashyln, who knows she may stick out in your mind, and sometime down the road, you can say you saw her in action early in her career. And no I didn’t forget about Riley, as be sure to check out her scene with Erik, would had some great moments too.

Scene One: April and Riley (both solo scenes)

It’s morning, and Tommy is up and ready to go, while his daughter Riley, needs some more sleep. He makes her some breakfast and April comes in and steal some attention with that dress, which barely contains her boobs. It seems that Tommy has to leave for a weekend, and after some convincing he agrees to leave the girls alone all weekend. I am a fan of April, and just her enthusiasm in this early part, means I should enjoy the rest of this movie greatly. But hey, let’s not forget about our star Riley, who heads off to take a shower. April decides to head into Tommy’s room and she finds some of his underwear and decides to have some quality personal time, while Riley has the same idea in the shower. It just seems that April is going to have a little help from a Hitachi, as she pulls on his boxer shorts to heighten her experience. But Riley seems to do OK with just her hands and fingers. But unfortunately they seem to finish up rather quickly. But some rather nice flirting from April as she admires Riley as she gets dressed.

Scene Two: Riley and Scott

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There is a knock at the door, and it seems that April texted Scott and invited him over. She is reluctant to let him in, but decides to let him in for a few minutes, and flash to them in her bedroom, helping each other out of their clothes. He spends some quality time with her tits, while also driving her wild with some fingering of her pussy through her yellow lace panties, which come off rather quickly as it seems her pussy is getting very wet. But his cock is going to be wet also, as she bobs her head on it, licking and stroking to make sure every inch is being devoured. He slides his cock in between her tits, as she squeezes them together for him. But as she flips over and bends over, we get a nice look of her ass, which is just one of the great parts that make up her award winning body. She shakes and grinds her ass on his cock, before he pushes her forward and begins to take control. Scott lays down on the bed, and Riley takes a seat on his cock for some cowgirl action, while she rubs her pussy. They fall into some spoon action, and it seems that they both want to lead this dance, which makes it seem a little off at times. And just like that, she is on her knees and he is spreading his love all over her face.

Scene Three: Breanne and Mick

But the horny girl, April is trying to keep herself busy, and then seems to find a giant vase, which seems to get her even more horny. She licks it like it’s a giant cock, and then slides her panties down so she can rub her pussy with it. But Riley and Scott come out and scare her and she drops the vase. And here is our big problem, how can these girls raise money to buy another one. Scott seems to have the solution. And that solution is apparently rent out the rooms for all of her horny friends. Her first customers are Breanne and Mick, playing the confused foreign exchange student. They pay Riley and head to the bedroom, and as the camera pans up her body, we see that they are having fun rubbing and exploring each other with their hands. But Breanne also seems to be wearing a sexy dress that can barely contain her tits, so Mick uses that as a chance to kiss and suck on them, before he heads south with his hands. For some reason I have been hit or miss with Breanne, but so far we are leaning towards the hit side on this scene. Mick dives into her pierced pussy and gives it a nice work over with his tongue. He leans her over on her side and decides to give her ass some loving too. We flash to Breanne as she begins her oral workout on his cock, as she tries to shove most of his cock in her mouth. She seems to be more of the soft and gentle kind, when it comes to the oral work, and sometimes that can be just as sexy as the girls who go wild during oral. She ends up on top for some cowgirl action, and after some liquid help, continues to rock her pussy. I’m loving the fact that the dress is still on at this point, even when they move to some doggy action. Wow another scene seems to end rather quickly as he is shooting his load on one of her boobs.

Scene Four: Ashlyn and Manuel

It’s not long and there is another knock at the door, this time it’s Manuel and Ashyln who pretty much are all over each other already in the doorway. He hands Riley some money and they head to the couch, and we get a slight glimpse of her panties and tits, as Manuel is so focused on her at the moment, which I seem to be enjoying too. And Manuel wastes no time going for her pussy with his mouth and then flips her on her side for a bit. Holy cow, what the hell is camera doing, let’s find a spot and stay there. Well it stops as she begins to suck and swallow his cock, trying to see how much she can fit in her mouth, there is plenty there for her to try. And I can say that I think this lady has some potential and hopefully I will get to see more of her in the future. It’s too bad the camera is really ruining this scene for her at the moment. We at least the camera really gets up close during the spoon action, until he speeds things up a bit, and then it moves on. But luckily Manuel seems to bring out the best in the girls he works with, the ladies love him. He flips her on top of him, for some reverse cowgirl action, and then flips around as we get to watch her booty bounce on his cock. He reaches back and gives her ass a little tease with his fingers. She ends up on her back and after some hard pounding from Manuel, he pulls out and she bends over in front of him, and gives him a look back with those eyes, as the doggy action begins. She kind of does the whole eyes rolling back in her head thing, that Raylene would always do. Some more finger play in her ass and then he pulls out and shoots his load all over her face, and even gets her pretty good in the eye.

Scene Five: Riley and Erik

As the day continues, it seems the money is starting to slowly come in. Erik shows up at the door and it seems that he is here to get laid, but he wasn’t aware he needed to bring his own girl. She offers her bathroom to jerk off in, but when he offers $80 it seems like she is willing to offer a little more. And that little more starts in the kitchen, as he is behind her and rubbing her pussy and tits while she straddles the chair. He lifts her up on the counter and after sliding off her panties, dives right into her pussy, as she wraps her legs around him. He sucks on her boobs and then after some heavy kissing, Riley kneels down to show some love for his cock, although it takes a bit before we see any of the action. She ends up against the counter and he shoves his fingers in her pussy for a second, and then turns around and bends over, and let the doggy action begin. They leave the kitchen and do their best to continue on the love seat, which seems to end up better as she hops on for some cowgirl action. And it seems that this really seems to get both of them going, and then slows down as he picks her up and she continues to hop on him. He is getting plenty of grabbing and smacking of her ass, as it is bright red from all the attention. And I think Erik really seems to hit all the right spots, as he gives her pussy a little rub down while he fucks her. Well it seems that it’s not just the new girl that gets the camera issues, as they are even showing up during your star’s scene too. She may seem a little drunk, but that’s not going to stop her from doing a nice job of sucking his cock, before some more doggy action continues. And as she ends up on her back, she begs for his cum, and he gives her a few drops in her mouth.

Scene Six: April and Tommy

As the money finally totals up, the girls get a surprise as he comes back a little early. So the girls do their best to hide the broken vase. But it seems that April is going to stay behind to keep her dad company, and she has been waiting for her chance, and it’s now time to have some fun with him. She is a little hesitant at first, but then she takes off her top, and the next thing you know, they are naked on the bed, and she is working over his cock like a champ. Would have been nice to see what happened in between that little gap. He slaps his cock against her amazing tits, and she goes back to work, stroking and licking his cock, which I am guessing is about ready to burst at any second. But that will have to wait, as she slowly slides his cock in her pussy. And it’s not long before the loud moans and scream are coming from April as this daddy gives it to her. She leans forward and the camera goes around to the backside and it seems that there seems to be some liquid from her pussy on his cock. Tommy turns up the speed during some spoon action, giving her a few chances to catch her breath before going back to work. And she really can’t keep it in during some hot doggy action, as Riley comes back with the new vase, and even she can hear April. And this great scene ends with her on all fours and he shoots his load on her ass.

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