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View To A Gape 3, A

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 6/10/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Foreign

Category: Anal/Gaping/Gonzo




Cast: Rita/Lindsey/Clar/Irina Bruni/Nika Star/Aiza/Omar Galanti/Frank Torelli


Extras: Huge Photo Galleries/Trailers/Web

 Release Date: 4/03/2012

Runtime: 286 Minutes



Dildo Play/Female Masturbation/Blowjob/Doggie/Anal/Missionary/Gaping/Reverse Cowgirl/Facial (High Volume)

The first scene in Omar Galanti's 'A View To A Gape 3' begins with Rita wearing panties and an open shirt in the bathtub. Without much smalltalk the dildo play starts up as Omar prods her with a couple different toys while Rita accepts them willingly. This goes on for a bit before Omar's cock takes center stage in a pov style blowjob, that includes some underwater deepthroating as well, nice touch. The sex starts with a doggie style pounding while the camera stays in a pov view, followed by some anal in the very same position. The scene is loaded with dildo jamming and anal sex in pretty much all imaginable positions. It also stays in pov format for much of the scene, probably a little over halfway through. When the scene comes out of the pov it heightens and begins to get pretty hardcore with Omar dunking Rita in the bathtub at various times, as well performing some other Omar-esque type of kink. It ends with Omar finishing himself over Rita's face while she laps up his jism while staring into the camera seductively. Nice scene!


Click here for a sample photo gallery of this scene from EvilAngel.com!


Irina Bruni/Omar

Cunnilingus/Footjob/Foot Worship/Blowjob/Buttplug/Doggie/Ass Eating/Anal/Gaping/Dildo Play/Spooning Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Cowgirl Anal/Handjob Cumshot (Medium Volume)

The next scene begins with a close-up shot of Irina Bruni chatting it up with Omar before he pans the camera out to get a nice body shot of her, and a pretty fantastic body it is.  As Omar asks her questions and pokes at her a bit from behind the camera she begins stripping. Soon after, Omar goes in for some oral while holding the camera out generously for us all to see. Before you blink Irina is buck naked performing a footjob on our lucky pal Omar. The pov drops pretty early in the scene and the blowjob begins shortly after, and for an Omar scene it's a pretty clean one, but it's still early. She then bends over to reveal the buttplug in her ass and the sex begins in a doggy style position with buttplug in place.  The sex moves quickly and Omar doesn't hesitate to start in on some anal fairly quickly. Also massive amounts of dildo play takes place throughout the entire scene. Plenty of positions are used as well, usually divided by Irina sucking Omar's meat before moving onto the next. Even though this is definitely a hardcore scene, I would have to chalk it up to one of Omar's more sensual scenes. Although I did feel it was good, and Irina is stunning, it's not one of my favorites. I have to say I expected better. The scene ends with Irina jerking Omar to completion while trying to catch his spunk in her mouth but most of it just lands on his stomach.


Click here for a sample photo gallery of this scene from EvilAngel.com!


Aiza/Omar/Frank Torelli

Tease/Blowjob/Dildo Play/Rectal Prolapse/Anal/Trampling/Footjob/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Cowgirl Anal/Pile Driver Anal/Doggie Anal/Double Facial (High Volume)

Aiza is next up on 'A View To A Gape 3' and her scene begins with the camera panning up and down her teasing body as she stares hungrily into the camera. This hottie has dirty written all over her face and she wastes no time losing her top before dropping to her knees to give Omar a nice sloppy bj. Omar then backs her up against the wall to keep her head steady for a good old fashioned throat fucking. This is all done in the pov format and after some dildo play Aiza shows something to the viewers that is NOT for the faint hearted. The rectal prolapse. Yep. If you're not familiar with this term I might Google it before watching this scene, some may find it kind of hard to watch, but I digress. The anal starts shortly after and Aiza fists her asshole afterwards, this is getting heavy. The toys are neatly placed on the table in front of her and she grabs a bigger one each time, stretching her hole to its absolute maximum potential. Throughout these acts Omar is constantly giving his utmost approval and love of how 'nasty' she is. Next up in the dildo parade is a massive buttplug that Aiza sets on the chair, jamming it almost fully into her ass, I won't say that I've never seen it before, but I will say that it's very rare to see a girl jam a dildo of this magnitude into her ass, it's something that needs to be seen to be believed. After the shenanigans seem to have ended, a masked man steps onto set. The masks he's wearing has a dildo protruding out of the face, and a chain strapped to the collar on his neck. Aiza sucks the dildo on the mask while Omar films and then provides the gimped dildo man with some oral stimulation, great deepthroats included. She then fucks the dildo on his mask as he lays on the couch. Aiza uses him in a variety of different ways as Omar films the action, and later steps onto set to pick up where they last left off as the slave lies in wait for Aiza to perform her next plan of action. There has been very little actual sex that's taken place thus far but the scene is still outstanding. The sex finally picks up again with our now maskless gimp fucking Aiza in a reverse cowgirl anal position. As the scene goes on the there is very little vaginal sex and Aiza gets pummeled by Omar and his friend, and she loves every minute of it. I would recommend this scene to all fans of EXTREME hardcore content, because there is a lot of rectal prolapsing that takes place throughout the course of it. The scene ends with Omar and his comrade busting their babies all over Aiza's face as she deepthroats each of them before playing with her cum covered face a little more. The kink factor in this scene is off the charts, if you're a fan of fairly extreme hardcore content, this is the scene for you.


Click here for a sample photo gallery of this scene from EvilAngel.com!


Insert Disc 2

Nika Star/Omar

Female Masturbation/Dildo Play/Anal Beads/Blowjob/Missionary Anal/Gaping/Doggie Anal/Heavy Deepthroating/Spanking/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Cowgirl Anal/Facial (High Volume)

The next disc begins with Omar gawking over Nika Star as he asks her some questions and tells her gorgeous she's looking. Nika doesn't speak English so well but she seems to understand the terms "ass fuck" and "big cock" just fine. Nika is teasing pretty hard as Omar just kind of lets her do her thing while filming her. The dildo play again seems to be playing a large part in the scene as Nika is jamming a monster dildo into her pussy and asshole as Omar breathes heavily from behind the camera. The teasing/dildo play starts to drag a bit toward the end, but Nika quickly gets us back on track as her facial expressions seem to explain that this monster dildo she's ramming into her asshole is all but the love of her life. The blowjob starts later and Nika seems a little timid with it, but Omar opens her up fairly quickly. Omar then starts fucking Nika in a missionary style anal right off the bat, taking seconds in between thrusts for Nika to show her opened gape to the home viewers. The sex gets rough in a hurry, choking and slapping are not at a premium here. Nika gets railed roughly in this scene, there are a couple parts therein where Omar seems to be right on the edge of giving her more than she can handle, but Nika shows that  she's a trooper and forges on. Near the end of the scene the couple share a choking/biting match while embracing each other sensually. I must say that this seems to be rather painful but they both smile at each other in approval when this goes on, making it a fantastic encounter. The anal sex continues on for a while before Omar grabs a collar and chain that he puts on Nika's neck before facializing her. After the cumshot Nika follows on her hands and knees as Omar drags her around for a short stroll around the set, as she pants and wiggles her ass. It's an adorable sight in a very perverted way, and that's a good thing. I liked this scene. Good sex, and I'd recommend it to the "rough sex fans".


Click here for a sample photo gallery of this scene from EvilAngel.com!


Clar/Omar (Scene to Remember)

Tease/Dildo Play/Blowjob/Doggie/Anal/Missionary Anal/Cowgirl/Cunnilingus/Facial (Medium Volume)

Clar is next up and her scene begins much like the others as she's wearing a white catsuit with a corset. If you're a fan of the dirty girls like I am Clar is as gorgeous as they come. Omar oils up Clar's catsuit as she teases the camera, and stares seductively into it. The dildo play begins after the tease and it mainly consists of Clar jamming one into her pussy. Wait, pussy?!? I almost forgot what that was after all the 'anal only' scenes I've watched in this film up to this point. The blowjob starts afterwards and you can just tell by looking at this girls dirty face that it will be a great one. I was mesmerized by Clar's smile during this, she is incredible in all of my favorite ways, and her enjoyment is written all over her beautiful face. Surprisingly, when the sex starts it's actually vaginal sex for the first time in the movie, but quickly moves to anal before you know it. After some rough anal she returns to her knees to captivate us with a pov style blowie, I'm in love. As the scene continues the sex seems to stay at about the same level, and Clar loses the catsuit eventually. Unlike the other scenes there is more vaginal sex in this one. There's a pov shot during the doggie style sex that is epic, Clar's ass is as round and perfect as they come. Clar's generosity is unending as she nibbles on Omar's ballsack for about 5 minutes  before he shoots his load all over her smiling beautiful face before she blows a kiss to the camera. I was a little partial to Clar, her dirtiness mixed with her cuteness were a fantastic combo for me. This was probably my favorite scene thus far.


Click here for a photo gallery of this scene from EvilAngel.com!



Dildo Play/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Footjob/Cowgirl Anal/Missionary Anal/Ass Eating/Doggie Anal/Gaping/Spooning Anal/Facial (High Volume)

The final scene starts with Lindsey standing next to a fireplace as she begins dittling herself while Omar films. He gawks and asks questions as he did in the previous scenes before giving her a dildo to use on herself. The bj gets going after the dildo jamfest is over, and Lindsey is ripping it up. Lots of heavy deepthroating and most of it is done without the help of Omar, this girl is a rockstar. A spectacular footjob follows this before we move on to begin the sex in a cowgirl anal right off the get-go. The sex begins pretty rough and escalates as the scene moves on, Lindsey is awesome in handling everything that Omar has to dish out at her. The scene ends with Omar lying on his back jerking himself to completion as Lindsey catches most of his jism on her face. Nice! Lindsey was great, and this entire scene was great as well. 


Click here for a sample photo gallery of this scene from EvilAngel.com!



I thoroughly enjoyed this film overall, but I've seen alot better from Omar. While it does contain some really fantastic segments and scenes, there were some parts that dragged a little bit for me. However, in saying that I still can't help but recommend this film for the simple fact that the girls did really well in this movie. Omar has a knack for taking his girls to the next level in their sexuality and it showed in many of these scenes. If you're a fan of rough sex I think you will find this film to have more good in it than bad. I would check it out.

Scene To Remember:



i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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