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Sweet Ass Peaches

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/10/12

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The Movie:

This Paradise Films release, distributed by Voyeur Media, stars six European ladies who love loving other ladies. It’s an all girl release without much of a plot, though there are a few scenes of dialogue that attempt to link the sex scenes together – they don’t do a very good job of it. So yeah, you’re not going to watch this one for entertainment value, but if you dig European girls and don’t mind some fake tits or collagen lips, it’s not bad. Not amazing, mind you, but not bad. The production values are nice, the sets are classy, the girls are all attractive if occasionally too fake looking for this writer’s tastes, and the sex is at least passionate enough to make you stand up and take notice. That’s all that it has to offer, however – there’s nothing here we haven’t seen before.

In regards to the cast, there’s no listing on the disc, no scene credits anywhere, and as the girls have names like ‘Sonya’ and ‘Gina B.’ it makes it kind of tough to figure out who is who here. There’s no scene breakdown anywhere to be found in the credits or the distributor’s website. So we’re going to go with ‘blonde’ and ‘brunette’ and generic terms like that. For what it’s worth, the girls credited here are: Dorothy Black, Peaches, Cindy Love, Gina B., Wiven, and Sonya.

Scene One: A milfy blonde in a gold dress sits on the couch and watches as a younger brunette and a different blonde strut for her. The brunette takes off and the two blondes go at it on the couch, taking one another’s clothes off nice and slow like, with lots of tongue kissing preceding the titty sucking. From there they go down on one another, using their fingers and tongues like the experienced professionals that they are. They wisely leave little bits of clothing on like high heels and long black gloves and eventually pull out a pink vibrator that finds itself crammed into one pussy and then they next until both girls have had their fill of fun.

Scene Two: That brunette from the first scene evidently took off to meet another hot blonde in a hotel room. Brunette is looking good in some fancy lingerie as she takes the initiative and pulls blondie’s top down to get her big fake tits out. She is the aggressor for the first part of the scene, and again there’s lots of kissing and passionate tongue play here. Blondie gets eaten out first but is just as happy to give as to receive and after fingering her friend through her see through black panties she eats her neatly trimmed box like she’s starving for it. Fans of black stockings will definitely dig our brunette performer’s look here, she is very sexy as she spreads blondie’s legs and uses her fingers on her. They finish up the scene with some toy play, two little vibrators that wind up exactly where you’d expect them to.

Scene Three: The same brunette from the last scene heads to a chalet of some sort with a blonde from the 1st scene and a different, older looking brunette with collagen lip implants and big fake tits. They check out the house and then head to the bedroom for a three way. They strip and make out, slowly just like the two scenes prior, and our fake titted brunette is the first to lay back and spread so that the other two can go to town on her. They lick, suck and finger her to a climax, after which the other two girls move into a sixty nine, after using a toy on the 1st girl that is. That toy comes into play during the sixty nine, each of the two participants getting a chance to let it inside, and there’s a lot of very genuine pussy sucking here, these two ladies don’t appear to be in it for the money but seem to definitely dig eating one another out.

Scene Four: From there we head to the bathroom where a cute brunette and a cute blonde decide to clean one another up a bit. They get naked and make out in the tub and the brunette spreads her legs so that the blonde can finger her and suck her pussy a bit, using her tongue and her fingers on her to what would appear to be the ideal effect. Once the brunette’s neatly trimmed box has been sufficiently sucked, the blonde eats her ass and then uses the shower head on her pussy. They make out for a bit and then the brunette goes down on the blonde, eating her and fingering her to a climax that finishes with some passionate kissing.

Scene Five: Last but not least, we get this quick final scene in which a pretty blonde and a pretty brunette wake up in bed together. They decide that the best thing to do this early in the morning is to fuck one another silly, and so they start making out, the brunette getting things going by kissing her roommates neck until she’s alert and ready to go. Lots of kissing leads to some titty sucking, all nicely lit and shot, which then leads to a rub down and then some pussy eating, first our blonde going down on the brunette and then the brunette going down on the blonde, throwing in a little bit of ass licking at the end for good measure.



Sweet Ass Peaches is a shot on digital video production which looks pretty clean presented here in a very strong and stable 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. There is some mild shimmer in a couple of spots but no noticeable mpeg compression evident anywhere. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on (the camera work is very good here), and overall the movie looks great showing very nice detail and color.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue, of which there is generally only a little bit during the sex scenes during the foreplay – there’s too much kissing for there to be talk! -comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The background music is fine, levels are nicely balanced, everything sounds clean and clear and all in all the disc sounds very good.


The packaging promises a bonus scene but it’s nowhere to be found on the disc – there is a still gallery of hardcore still photos and there are trailers for a few other unrelated Voyeur Media releases. Animated menus and scene selection are also included - but that bonus scene is missing.

Final Thoughts:

Sweet Ass Peaches doesn’t bring anything new to the girl/girl gonzo genre at all, really, but it is well made, well performed and nicely shot. If you’re a fan of any of the actresses here, you’ll want to check it out, otherwise, it’s a solid rental. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about this release, but it’s perfectly acceptable.

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