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Black Fuck Faces

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Charles Bukkake » Review Date: 6/10/12

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Black, Blowjobs, Gonzo, Interracial  

Director: Jonni Darkko

Cast: Leilani Leanne, Jada Fire, Misty Stone, Nyomi Banxxx, Bella Moretti, Skin Diamond, Imani Rose

Length: 3 hrs. 16 mins.

Release Year: 2012

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Filmographies, Cast List, Website Information

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD: $29.99

Overview: Evil Angel pulls out the stops with this offering of seven scenes featuring some down and dirty black girls sucking and slurping away at hard dicks for nearly three-and-a-half hours. Goddamn. Black Fuck Faces is just what it sounds like, black girls giving insane head. And because the Evil Angel studio is known for its grit and dirt, you had better believe that this film gets raunchy in all the right places.

Scene 1 –Skin Diamond: (4/5) Right off the bat Skin tells us what really gets her wet, and that is: sucking hard cock, regardless of color, size or girth. All she wants to do is wrap her lips around a hard shaft and force the length of it down her throat. It’s nice to see that Ms. Diamond is an equal opportunity cocksucker, and with that, the scene begins with Skin sitting on a bed and using a vibrator on herself. The tatted honey looks incredibly hot and is wearing a gold top and skin-tight purple leopard print pants. Oversized gold hoop earrings adorn her ears and she’s got a good amount of purple eye shadow tactfully caked on her face. She drops to her knees and starts sucking dick in true POV fashion. And between gagging on cock, she looks up at the camera and shows off her pretty eyes. There are several moments where the screen’s stud needs to pull away from Skin as it becomes increasingly clear that he’s just about ready to cum. Skin pulls up her top to reveal a nice set of perky tits and continues to suck with vigor. We switch angles and get a profile of her blowing her partner and eventually she pleads for cum and the stud delivers, damn near covering every inch of Skin’s pretty mug. Surprisingly, the scene continues with yet another blowjob from a different partner. The second lucky guy is lying back on a bed and Skin straddles him and starts gulping down his hard cock. She drools and spits and we watch as the starlet’s eyes begin to tear up. As she sucks with her head bobbing in a rhythmic motion, you’re almost hypnotized by the display. It becomes very apparent that not only does Skin excel at cock sucking; she also enjoys every minute of it. Before long the action moves back to the floor, where the gifted starlet kneels to receive a hefty load of the pearly white. Then, and this is no exaggeration, Skin takes on a third guy. This stud is far more rougher than the earlier two and face fucks Skin to the point where she’s covered in drool and tears are streaming down both her cheeks as she struggles to fit her partner’s entire dick down her throat. Finally, the guy cum coats her face and Skin proclaims to the camera that she, “Really likes sucking cock a lot.” Awesome!

Scene 2 –Nyomi Banxxx: (4/5) To kick off her scene, Nyomi looks into the camera and waxes moronic about how much she likes sucking cock. After the brief monologue we find her naked partner lying back on the couch. Nyomi creeps over, wearing a low-cut leopard print getup that accentuates her big breasts, and slides the fat dick into her mouth. After a while the stud stands up and Nyomi gets back to sucking. The blowjob gets rough in spots and involves a lot of drool and plenty of gagging as the starlet struggles to get her partner’s dick as far down her throat as she can. This chick definitely knows how to suck cock and with each and every one of her partner’s thrusts you see her eyes begin to well up with tears. We get to see the BJ from several different angles throughout the scene, so the action never gets too stale, which is most definitely a plus since all we get out of the scene is one long continuous blowjob—a theme that all the scenes of this flick adhere to. The action continues and after exposing her big lovely breasts, Nyomi’s partner cums in her mouth and the scene wraps. After the starlet cleans herself up, it’s time for round two. This time around Nyomi blows a flaccid dick till it grows hard in her mouth, and we generally get the same level of action we saw earlier when she was with her first partner. The main difference here is that we get some excellent POV shots that break up some of the monotony. Nyomi grips the large cock with both hands and gives it quick even jerks with some cock sucking thrown in between. She gradually picks up her pace and the stud briefly slips his dick between her fat jugs and then, soon afterward, he heaves an ample amount of ball milk allover her face.

Scene 3 –Leilani Leanne: (4/5) Leilani is positively attractive and she starts her scene wriggling around and posing on the bed while some music drifts in the background. She’s wearing a tiny red bra with black swirls and panties that match, along with some stockings and red heels. She kicks off the action by using a vibrator on herself, and this gets her moaning like crazy. Next she starts blowing her partner who appears just in the nick of time. After tending to his shaft and balls, Leilani gets on her knees for a great looking POV shot. Her mouth work is definitely impressive and the intensity of her scene gets to be palpable at times. While still on her knees, she continues servicing her partner until he climaxes and drizzles hot jizz allover her hair and face. We see blowjob numero dos handled in a similar fashion, but this one is a lot rougher, and hotter as a direct result. We get to see Leilani struggle to keep herself from gagging on the massive dick jammed down her throat, but her efforts consistently fall flat as you see more and more drool and spit caking her mouth and the balls belonging to her enthused partner. Things pick up speed and the scene finally comes to an end with another great cumshot.

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Scene 4 –Imani Rose: (5/5) Imani Rose is gorgeous and after informing the audience that she feels like sucking dicks today, she decides to put that mouth to work. She straddles her partner and makes with the blowing. Imani sucks dick well, and as the scene progresses the blowjob becomes all the more rough. We see some dynamite POV action with Imani on the bed and her partner standing over her. Then she lies on her back and gets face fucked while drool drips down her cheeks and gets into her eyes as well. We’re definitely treated to some sloppy viewing here. At this point the ebony goddess is bare breasted and looking good and she soon receives a hefty amount of ball goo in her mouth, which she swallows. The scene cuts to the second leg of the vignette where we have yet another dick for Imani to suck. This guy gives it to her a bit rougher in parts and makes the starlet gag and spit up quite a bit. Then, as quickly as it begins, the scene comes to an end with Imani struggling to fit a second load of cum in her mouth.

Scene 5 –Misty Stone: (4/5) The extremely popular Misty Stone makes her appearance in scene five. She talks dirty for a while and is looking incredibly fine wearing blue heels and blue panties. She doesn’t have a top on so we get to see her nice round breasts from the get-go. As some of us already know, Misty is a freak in the sack, so in this scene we see the starlet up to her old tricks. There’s plenty of sucking, slurping, gagging and spitting to be had, which makes things incredibly easy to enjoy and fully appreciate. I love Misty Stone. As she continues to blow her partner, we cut to a POV shot and, finally, the starlet gets a pop shot to the face, with cum coating both her eyes and temporarily sealing them tighter than Fort Knox.

Scene 6 –Jada Fire: (4/5) Anyone who hasn’t heard of Jada Fire is most definitely in need of some immediate education. This big-breasted beauty is an adult film veteran who’s seen her fair share over the years. So, it’s only fair to say that in this particular vignette we witness Jada giving it her all. She seems to pull out all of the stops and her fans will not be disappointed with this offering. The blowjob begins deliberately slow to reel us in, and then, Ms. Fire grabs the shaft by both hands and delivers an amazing and doubly sloppy BJ that turns into a handy pretty quickly. How about that for variety? After several more jerks, the guy looks like he’s about to lose it. He needs to stop several times for fear of cumming too early and this gives Jada free license to playfully tease him. Before long he busts his nuggets allover her pretty face and the scene comes to a finish.

Scene 7 –Bella Moretti: (4/5) Bella is very appealing and looks almost too classy for a porno, but whatever, she’s here to give head and we find early on that this black slut is more than capable. She starts by getting on her knees and wrapping her ruby red lips around a sizeable shaft for what turns out to be a sensual turned sloppy blowjob. We cut to some POV shots, and we’re able to take in and appreciate all of Bella’s wonderful features. She really is a good-looking cutie. Another round of POV shooting unfolds as the scene reaches its midway point and it’s here that the young Bella starts paying closer attention to her partner’s balls, which she tongue bathes quite nicely. Next, she’s back to sucking dick while in the ‘69’ position with her partner. We watch as she gags, and strokes both the cock and balls sitting just below her chin. The oral fucking continues and lastly, we have Bella naked and on her knees while her partner starts to furiously masturbate, and then he dumps buckets of sperm sauce allover Bella’s beautiful pie hole.

Final Summation: Wow. Black Fuck Faces gives it to you raw and raunchy with knockout performances teeming with unrelenting sexuality and the kind of energy you’re quick to take notice of. The girls assembled on this disc are all very attractive and we’ve even got some heavy hitters featured like the beautiful Misty Stone and the vivacious Jada Fire who’s made quite a name for herself since first getting her start in the business over 12 years ago. The bottom line is that if you’re into hot black chicks and enjoy blowjob movies, than this film is definitely for you. However, please bear in mind that there is no intercourse of any kind involved with this production and is strictly a BJ affair. Regardless, the flick is shot and edited so nicely that you won’t soon be bored with the three hours of action you get with this Evil Angel release. Having said that, I’m proud to give this film the coveted XCritic Pick rating, but I suppose your personal level of enjoyment depends on how you feel about blowjob film releases. 


Charles Bukkake

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