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She's The One

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/13/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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She’s The One

Wicked Pictures (under their “Wicked Passions” line)

Genre: Feature, Romance

The Extras

Director/Producer/Writer/Editor: Bishop

Cast: Misty Stone, Alec Knight, Carolyn Reese, Ryan McLane, Kaylani Lei, Ritchie, Brooklyn Lee, Kris Slater, Lexi Belle, Xander Corvus
Non-sex roles: Charmane Star, Andy San Dimas, Gianna Taylor, David Jackson, Beth Bell, Dusty Stirrups, Juiceman, Riyanna Skie, Bella, Moriel Adimor, Weezie, Darien Jordan, Jasmine Jordan, Gabriel Alvarez, Jessica Lee, Steven Lieberman, Sachiko Ishida, Francesca Capasso, Michael Lofgren, Charles Rockford, Kamil Pawikowsk

Length: 150:19 minutes

Kirsten Price (in the bonus scene)

Date of Production: 3/2012

Extras: For many, the 10:45 minute bonus scene between Kirsten Price and Rocco Reed from Fate of Love (described below) will be the best extra. I always prefer title-specific extras so the 13:21 minute long Behind the Scenes feature was my favorite, the 7:57 minute long trivia game also a nice touch. There was also a photogallery, a promo for the Wicked Passions line, and a trailer for the movie.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: She’s The One was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Bishop for Wicked Pictures. While this was his first movie for the company, Bishop has an extensive history of making movies, most of them at West Coast Productions (“urban porn”). The technical aspects of the movie were very well done, the mood set by the lighting, the multiple cameras, the establishing shots, and a wide assortment of mainstream techniques enhancing the final product. There were enough extras to make certain scenes believable and while this one fit right in with other company efforts of late, Bishop added a number of touches some of the regular directors would do well to emulate. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital using a 256 Kbps bitrate, the blending of the crisp vocals and ambient noises with the musical score by Michael Ruiz added the all important atmosphere missing in so many other features (especially romance titles) although there were times when the music started and stopped abruptly that struck me as unpolished. In summation, the technical aspects were exceptionally well done in most cases despite some quirks.

Misty Stone

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Body of Review: Bishop has worked both sides of the camera for years now, my favorite movie of his as a director being an interesting title called “Ransom” made some time back. Otherwise, as a director, he capably puts together chemistry filled casts and finds a way to make them look their best, his latest venture being to shoot a movie for Wicked Pictures called She’s The One. Before I go further, it should be noted that this is not another urban porn flick (black on black or interracial), but a romantic outing with all the trimmings, my usual preference being one of his booty-centric fuck flicks. In this case, Bishop tried something relatively new by handling all the major behind the camera chores to provide a fun, enjoyable stroke flick that can be viewed individually or with a partner, my opting to see this with my girlfriend a wise decision (given my usual preference for gonzo or parodies). The love story is between a shy man (Xander Corvus) and a waitress (Lexi Belle) but branches out to showcase other couples displaying chemistry well enough that I hope he makes more in the line over time.

Carolyn Reese with Ryan

The back cover described the movie like this: “For the last several months, Ryan (Xander Corvus) has been coming into the diner where Rachel (Lexi Belle) works. Is it the food, or does he want something that's not on the menu? Their attraction is obvious to everyone. When Ryan finally steps up to ask Rachel out, he finds her in the arms of another man (Kris Slater) and backs off. Looks can be deceiving however, and the other man is actually Rachel's visiting brother who eventually teams up with Rachel's best friend (Brooklyn Lee) to help track Ryan down and make sure the pair have another chance at love...” The press release about the movie described it like this: “Writer/director Bishop has wrapped production on Wicked Pictures’ new romantic drama, “She’s the One.” The film, slated for a late April release through the studio’s Wicked Romance shingle, marks the first collaboration between the West Coast Productions shooter and the feature-driven studio. “One of the biggest highlights about working with Wicked is the fact that you’re creating a film for an audience that is looking for that product,” Bishop told XBIZ. “It feels great to tell a story when you know someone is going to be paying attention.” “She’s the One” follows the quiet romance that almost isn’t between Rachel (Lexi Belle) and Ryan (Xander Corvus), a waitress and diner patron who slowly teach each other to trust and take chances. Bishop describes the film as a “tear-jerker” with a “really romantic story.” He explained, “The guy goes to the diner every day because he has a crush on the waitress. She likes him too, but they’re both too shy to say anything. It’s one of those stories that remind us that we’ve got to seize those types of moments because we may never get them again.” "She's the One" costars Kaylani Lee, Misty Stone, Carolyn Reese, Brooklyn Lee, Alec Knight, Richie, Kris Slater and Ryan McLane. Andy San Dimas, Charmane Star and Gianna Taylor also star in non-sex roles. Bishop, whose notable credits include the 2007 all-black crime drama “Ransom” and last year’s interracial features “Babysitters Gang” and “Boooty Shop,” told XBIZ that he will continue to shoot features for West Coast, but hopes that “She’s the One” will be the first of many productions he’ll shoot for Wicked. “I’m a storyteller by nature,” he said. “I enjoy making films and telling stories. It's what I do best”” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Kaylani Lei with Ritchie

Scene One: Misty Stone, a fetching young lady with light black skin and a great ass, was up first with Alec Knight, both of them making preparations to enjoy a tryst in front of a fireplace. She had on a pink nighty and panties, he was in a tank top and plaid pajamas, and they kissed to start the special moment. He laid out some flower pedals and pillows for her, gingerly helping her disrobe as he orally worked his way down her body, Misty appreciating the effort. She teased his pecker through his pants but waited until after the vaginal penetration positions began to really slob his knob. I have long liked her frizzy mane of hair but the way she wore it here was a nice change of pace, the all natural gal doing a fine job of making it look like she was into the action. It ended when they finished up the doggy style boning and he unleashed his genetic juice on her ass and back, the pop shot probably contrary to the usual tenants of “romance” porn given the comments of my GF regarding she liked it a whole lot up until then. The pair kissed afterwards and cuddled, some light caresses sealing the deal.

Brooklyn Lee with Kris

Scene Two: Carolyn Reese, an attractive blond that has been in porn for several years now, was up next as she appreciated the romantic efforts of Ryan McLane, some candlelight, spirits, and kind words warming her up nicely. They kissed and caressed some more, the light music helping as he took his time exciting her orally. She blew him briefly but wanted him inside her pussy, some active riding as they kissed looking interesting (except when the camera cropped her head off). They banged and he tossed off to her ass once removing the rubber (another point raised was when did he put it on, missing an opportunity according to my GF), the wad of population pudding flying freely across the back of her body before the ending kiss.

Lexi Belle with Xander

Scene Three: Kaylani Lei, an exotic hotty with a body built for speed over comfort, was up next kissing Ritchie in the kitchen, the gal leading him to the plush blue couch where they made out like teenagers on a first date. She climbed all over him and he felt her up, some face sitting by the lady leading to him gobbling her gash, her moans more realistic than usual as she enjoyed his embrace. Her tan dress hiked up (and down) to her waist and she pulled off his pants to blow him, her polished moves leading to a 69 where both warmed up each other. Kaylani was an active rider and the tryst ended when he rubbed out a nut of spunk to her abdomen, the couple kissing before the scene cut away.

Scene Four: Brooklyn Lee, the reigning Starlet of the Year, was up next in the bedroom with Kris Slater, her yellow shirt and blue jean skirt not lasting long as he removed them to gain greater access to her body. Brooklyn sported lengthy dark hair here, her perky boobs responding well to his mouth and hands. He gave her a series of light kisses all over too, her shaven snatch dripping with excitement when he went down on her, even more when he fingered her to orgasm. The vaginal penetration was active and she did blow him a bit, her curvy ass looking great as she pumped up and down on his condom coated rod before the ending round of splooge was sent packing to her stomach.

Scene Five: Lexi Belle, the sexy babe featured on the front cover, was up last in the bedroom as she made out with Xander Corvus, her wedding dress slowly falling to the floor as he orally worked her up a bit. His own attire fell down quickly too, the tempo of the action a bit faster though not nearly as fast as wedding nights have been explained to me. He ate her pussy and took his time doing it, spreading her legs as her thong was pulled to the side. Lexi grunted a lot and gave him some head, moving onto his cock to ride as they consummated their relationship. They did a few more positions and he jerked off his ball batter to her lower abdomen, very little said between them in a surprise turn of events.

Bonus Scene: Fate of Love: In a touching scene, Kirsten Price and Rocco Reed make love in bed. Tears have already developed in my eyes before the lovemaking activity begins. The tone of this scene is very romantic and personal. My body temperature rises and I begin to sweat underneath my shirt. Their tender kisses are so sexy. Kirsten's soft vocal comments enhance the incredible connection that they have for each other during his oral massage of her sensitive love spot. This highly erotic performance continues as Kirsten briefly licks her man's body. Moreover, the slow camera panning action of her body is super hot. Next, the woman's oral massage of his manhood is quite stimulating. The cowgirl ride becomes very energetic and passionate. Couples are going to love this scene. I love the genuineness of it. Their eye contact enhances the personal connection between the pair. Finally, he cums on her butt. (review by George the Apache Warrior)

Summary: She’s The One by director Bishop for Wicked Pictures had a number of romantic elements that should suit fans of the genre, the director once again proving just how versatile he can be staying behind the camera. The pairings were good and many of the technical elements were better handled than I thought they would be, the story and acting coming close to what I wanted from the show. The ladies included Lexi Belle, Brooklyn Lee, Kaylani Lei, Misty Stone, and Carolyn Reese so I was happy with them, a few of the standard porn elements such as the overdone ejaculations weakening the overall romance appeal per the expert watching it with me so we rated it as Recommended. In short, She’s The One was entertaining and had ample story for those preferring some connection between the characters before they boned, director Bishop capably telling the story of two lovers that almost lost each other.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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