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Spermswap In Europe

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 6/25/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: All Sex/HD/Foreign/CumSwapping/Group Sex





Cast: Roxy Rockat/Ivy/Britney/Eleanor/Lucy Lane/Sharon Da Vale/Celia Jones/Cindy/Karmen/Krystal Anne/Angelline/Jaqueline



Extras: Photo Gallery/Trailers



Release Date: 6/4/2012


Click Here for Trailer and Sample Pics of 'SpermSwap In Europe' from JulesJordan.com!



 Scene 1:

Ivy/Roxy Rockat/Nick Lang/Frank Gun

Tease/Interview/Blowjob/FaceFucking/Missionary/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Spooning/Cum in Mouth/SpermSwap/Swallow (High Volume)

The premiere scene in 'Spermswap in Europe' begins with two euro hotties known as Ivy and Roxy Rockat. After some nice walk behind footage and a small interview session with director Raul Christian, Nick Lang & Frank Gun walk down the steps and start in on some heavy petting. Roxy starts in on the first blowjob as Ivy seems a bit more timid to get started, but catches on eventually. The girls are dressed wonderfully. Ivy wears a black top with a short black skirt and black & silver heels while Roxy wears the same style outfit with booty shorts in a plaid color, and all black heels. When things get going a little stronger the girls take a seat on the steps while Nick and Frank grab their respected partner and partake in a side-by-side throat fucking that is filmed fantastically. As the scene progresses Roxy really starts taking the scene over, and Ivy is great but still seems a bit shy while Roxy eye fucks the camera at every open opportunity. There's actually one point during a double reverse cowgirl where Raul grabs his megaphone and yells into Ivy's face, "WAKE UP!" I won't say that it was uncalled for but I'll definitely say I felt a little bad for her here. After this, Frank really starts railing her on the couch in a spoon position and Ivy begins to liven up a bit, not much though. On the other side of the spectrum Roxy is really putting on a show, taking any cock that comes her way with exuberance and excitement while Ivy just kind of lays there and takes it. At the scenes end Roxy and Ivy sit side by side and prepare for the spermswapping festivities. Frank and his pal Nick bust their nuts into Ivy's mouth before she shows off the loads for a couple seconds in her open throat and spits it into Roxy's mouth. Roxy swallows, smiles, and boom. Scene. I liked this scene with the exception of Ivy's shyness or whatever her problem was. I felt that it could have been a little better, but Roxy was great.

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Scene 2:

Britney/Eleanor/Nick Lang

Tease/Dildo Play/Cunnilingus/
Blowjob/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie/Missionary/Cum in Mouth/SpermSwap (Medium Volume)

The next scene starts with two ravishing Hungarian babes by the names of Eleanor and Britney, although if I wasn't mistaken Britney said that her name was something else when Raul asked her, but whatever. What's in a name anyways? The two girls stand along side of each other dressed in slutty attire that any perv will approve of while Raul asks them a couple questions about their backgrounds, etc.

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Raul takes a couple grabs during the intro, a definite perk to his directorial duties, and soon after the girls begin in a little hand dittling with each other while staring into the camera seductively, great stuff. After this Raul whips out a corn-on-the-cob vibrating dildo, spits on Britney's pussy from behind the camera and starts teasing her with it before jamming it in full throttle. Eleanor sits next to Britney during this and kisses her and feels her up while sharing some smiling looks to Raul and the camera. This segment goes on for a while before Eleanor takes a try with it, then the girls walk hand in hand up the steps where Nick is conveniently stroking his cock naked on the lazy boy. Right place, right time I guess. Raul can't keep his hands off of these girls and I DO NOT blame him one bit. Eleanor's come hither looks mixed with Britney's nasty expressions make for a great combo. The blowjob starts after some cunnilingus and each girl makes sure to keep busy while the other is sucking, these two make a great team! The bj isn't crazy sloppy but aside from that it's a great one. The sex starts with Britney jumping on for a cowgirl ride while Eleanor sits to the side spanking her ass, and mouth fucking Nick every at every open opportunity. Eleanor's tits are mesmerizing, I can't say enough about this babes overall look, energy, and ability to captivate the viewer. Even when she's not getting fucked, she's staring intently at the sex as it goes on and chiming in on the action at the perfect time. I don't want to leave Britney out though, her nastiness is fucking epic, and her passion in this scene makes it what it is. The scene ends with Nick churning his juice into Eleanor's beautiful mouth before she spits it slowly into Britney's like a momma bird feeding her young. This was ten-fold better than the first scene. Outstanding stuff.

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Scene 3:

Lucy Lane/Sharon Da Vale/Nick Lang/Frank Gun

Tease/Ass Licking/Blowjob/Face Fucking/Missionary/Spooning/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie/Cum in Mouth/SpermSwap (High Volume)

The third scene begins with Lucy Lane and Sharon Da Vale holding hands while much like the previous scenes, Raul gropes the girls from behind the camera while they provide some heavy teasing. Filled with giggles and smiles this tease sequence is a very nice one. These two look extra horny from the get-go and do not hesitate to shed their clothes early on. Lucy tongues Sharon's ass at one point early on as well as sticking a finger inside and taking a thorough lick afterwards. Tons of assplay in this tease making for a great one. Sharon even gives Raul a little bite on his cock through his pants in the midst of it all. The girls then mosey into the house where they continue with their tease before Nick and Frank arrive to get the party started properly. The girls each take a cock and suck them accordingly. There's some serious face fucking that takes place here and these babes administer most of it by themselves. This scene has nice intensity early on, Sharon and Lucy lie with their backs to each other while Nick and Frank bang them at both ends of the couch, great positioning here. As the scene forges on Sharon and Lucy are yelping and moaning like they haven't been banged in ages, it's a sight to see! The scene comes to a close after the guys finish themselves into Sharon's mouth, she shows it off too the camera, then drools it into Lucy's wanting mouth as her head hangs off of the couch and she doesn't miss a drop. Great scene. LIKE!

Check out a sample Gallery of this Scene at SpermSwap.com!


Scene 4:

Celia Jones/Cindy/Nick Lang

Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Doggie/Cum In Mouth/SpermSwap (Medium Volume)

The forth scene in 'Spermswap in Europe' begins much like the others, with Celia Jones and Cindy answering a couple candid questions from Raul while he gives them a couple ass and boob grabs. After some light play and lesbianic shenanigans the cock enters the room. The intro was pretty slow and both of the girls seem fairly unenthused compared to the last scene, but we'll see how it goes. The bj starts nicely and the energy definitely picks up a bit. Celia has nice eye contact with the camera and does some great deepthroating before they begin the sex in a reverse cowgirl position while Cindy coaxes them. Raul also lends a helping hand to the girls at various times and this scene seems to be picking up nicely. The scene ends fairly abruptly the same way as the others did. Celia is the receiver of Nick's load, and Cindy accepts the spermswap before swallowing it up. Decent scene, it seemed to have been cut short but I still found it to be okay.

Click Here For A Sample Gallery of this scene at DefineBabe/SpermSwap.com!


Scene 5:

Carmen/Krystal Anne/Frank Gun/Nick Lang

Tease/Ass Eating/Blowjob/Doggie/Missionary/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/DP/Cum In Mouth/SpermSwap (High Volume)

Scene 5 starts again with a brief interview followed by some nice tease. The girls are dressed in tiny skirts with high heeled boots and matching panties, as well as tight tops. Very nice. They play with each other for awhile as they stare into the camera and give some lusty moans throughout. Carmen gives a very hesitant tongue fuck to Krystal's asshole while Raul gives his assistance from behind the camera. Afterwards, the girls undress in a hurry while constantly being reminded by Raul to keep it "sexy and slow." Then, Frank and Nick enter the screen, or parts of them at least. Carmen is getting pretty sloppy with Nick while Krystal tries to keep up by doing the same to Frank. This goes on for a bit and is a pretty nice segment. It all leads to the sex which starts with Krystal taking it doggie style on one end of the couch while Carmen gets it missionary from Nick on the opposite end. Carmen is really getting after it here,and shows a lot of great energy while Krystal attempts to keep up with her but has a rough time doing so. As we move forward, this scene kind of takes a bit of a dive. It began pretty well, but aside from the extra loud moaning going on, it just doesn't seem to have the energy that I would have liked to have seen. Toward the end of the scene Krystal takes a DP from the guys while Carmen is nowhere to be found. The scene ends with Carmen's wide open cum catcher receiving both loads and then spitting them into Krystal's for the swallow. Ok scene, I guess.


Scene 6:

Angelline/Jaqueline/Nick Lang

Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/FaceFucking/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Cum in Mouth/SpermSwap (High Volume)

Again, we begin the final scene the same way with Raul asking a couple questions while the girls grope each other and answer them accordingly. The girls look great here and Jaqueline makes a lot of nice eye contact with the camera. She seems to be the kind of girl that can really take a scene from good to great, but it's still early. We shall see. The guys arrive after the tease and the girls immediately get to work on them. The BJ's are nice, but not too sloppy on the scale if that's what you're looking for. After the guys take turns face mashing the girls as their heads hang over the front of the couch the sex begins in a double cowgirl. As the scene progresses it all seems well and good but nothing spectacular really. After the same positions as the 5 previous scenes, the same beginning, middle, and end, it just all seems a little lackluster. At the end of the scene Jaqueline does the cum catching while Angelline takes the swap, and does the swallow. This scene was just okay for me. I liked the girls, but after 5 scenes of the same exact scenario, same exact positioning, same exact set, I think I was just done with it.

 Click here for a sample clip and gallery of this scene!


I thought this flick was pretty good aside from the redundance. I understand that it's a SpermSwap porn and they're all going to end in relatively the same manner, but every single scene is filmed the same way, with the same positions, in talmost the exact same place. But that being said, many of the girls were fantastic in this film, I really liked the Eleanor and Britney scene, and the energy in the Lucy Lane/Sharon Da Vale scene stands in a category all it's own. I have been a fan of Raul Christian's for a while and find many of the Spermswap scenes to be great, but for me, this collection seemed to have some bad seeds in it. However, I would still recommend this film, I feel that there was definitely more good in it than bad, I'd give it a look.

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i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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