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Lesbian Slumber Party: The Kissing Game

Studio: Girl Candy Films » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/25/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Written and directed by Nica Noelle, Lesbian Slumber Party – The Kissing Game works quite well if you’re in the right mood for it. The emphasis here is on real passion, real kissing and a nice, slow pace rather than super hard bumping and grinding, fake orgasms, gay for pay type porn. These girls like what they’re doing, they like who they’re doing it with and they like having it done and you get the impression that the sex is very real, very passionate and as such, it seems much hotter than average. There’s not much of a plot here, just that a few hot chicks get together for a sleep over and then break off into groups for some high quality fucking. Here’s a look at how it all goes down…

Scene One: Dani Daniels, Sovereign Syre So the action gets started with all attendees more or less gathered around in a circle watching Dani and Sovereign start to kiss and rub one another up. They take their time here, keeping their clothes on for a while as their tongues dart in an out of one another’s mouth, lots of nice foreplay here. From here they head to a private room where the kissing continues and they hit the bed, clothes coming off slowly but surely. They eventually get naked and rub each other and then head south, each girl going down on the other and using their fingers here and there were needed. Lots of really soft, slow, sensual pussy eating, lots of tongue kissing, some nice tit play and lots of nipple affection too. They go at it like you’d think two lesbians who were really comfortable with one another would, there’s no rush here, no need for fake orgasms to happen five seconds in – it’s quite well done and very sexy to watch.

Scene Two: Ela Darling, Sinn Sage The next scene gives us a bit of blonde on brunette action as Ela and Sinn show off for the group and then head to a different bedroom than the one that was used in the first scene. This one follows a similar path, the girls take their time here, flirting with one another and concentrating on the foreplay to set the mood and make sure they’re both ready to go before getting down to the dirty fun you know is coming. Lots of ridiculously passionate and sexy tongue kissing gets things under way and as the clothes come off and the fingers start to wander, each of the two ladies gets right into the zone. There’s a lot of licking here, not just tongue kissing and pussy licking but hand licking, some leg worship, tongue baths, good stuff like that – and again, the languid pacing gives you the impression that these two impossibly sexy ladies are doing this not for the money (even if they are) but because they want to. The highlight of the scene happens towards the end where they rub their pussies on each other, pussy to pussy, nice and close up, showing lots of detail. Very sexy stuff, nicely shot, just a very stroke worthy scene that has lots of replay value too.

Scene Three: April O'Neil, Magdalene St. Michaels This third scene has a kitten-cougar thing going on with the older Magdalene taking charge and being the aggressor with the younger Ms. O’Neil. They head to the bedroom and kiss a lot, again, taking their time and going nice and slow. They undress each other at a good pace and once they’re naked take some time exploring one another’s bodies. April goes down first but once she’s done, she lets her new friend respond in kind. These two are going to make sure that they put the other person’s needs first and each lady gets a chance to get off. It follows the same pattern the first two scenes have set up, the only thing really setting this one apart is the age difference – but it’s a well performed and believable scene with both of these lovely ladies doing a very fine job in front of the camera. You don’t get the impression they’re faking it, which always makes a sense like this so much hotter.

Scene Four: Lacie James, Samantha Ryan, Skin Diamond We finish the movie off with a nice three way, two white girls and a nice looking darker skinned lady just to spice things up. There’s no surprises here – the three spend lots of quality time kissing and stroking and tonguing each other to get the mood right and ensure each of the three participants is wet enough for the main event. Lots of kissing and then they move on to some titty play, giving some nipples some nice rubbing and kissing, the camera doing a good job of capturing them as they harden. The girls take turns eating one another out and going down on each other, lots of rubbing and fingers hitting the right buttons as they go about their business, with some great pussy rubbing and pussy on thigh rubbing standing out as rather sexy, given that the scene concentrates on it enough that you’ll notice, which isn’t something you see every day. They slow it down and bring the scene and the feature to a nice finish with some more sexy kissing, ensuring that the whole ‘The Kissing Game’ subtitle is a completely appropriate one.



Lesbian Slumber Party is a shot on digital video production which looks pretty clean presented here in a very strong and stable 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. There is some mild shimmer in a couple of spots but no noticeable mpeg compression evident anywhere. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on (the camera work is very good here), and overall the movie looks great showing very nice detail and color.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue, of which there is generally only a little bit during the sex scenes during the foreplay – there’s too much kissing for there to be talk! -comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The background music is fine, levels are nicely balanced, everything sounds clean and clear and all in all the disc sounds very good.


The only extra on the disc, aside from menu and chapter selection, is a behind the scenes featurettes that includes some casual interviews with the ladies who performed in front of the camera on this release. None of the conversations are particularly deep, but the girls look good and that counts for something. A few trailers for other Girl Candy Films releases are also included.

Final Thoughts:

Lesbian Slumber Party – The Kissing Game is definitely something that fans of serious girl on girl action will enjoy. Don’t expect loads of yelling and screaming and fake climaxing, instead just sit back and enjoy the show, let it go at its own pace and appreciate the legitimacy of the seriously sexy scenes that director Noelle has captured with this release. The movie looks good, sounds good and contains one okay extra worth checking out – but it’s the quality of the coupling that makes this one highly recommended.

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