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Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/30/12

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If you have been following my reviews and post on Xcritic, you know I posted a list of girls who I was hoping to see more of this year, see the list here. And if you notice who the first girl is, the lovely Dani Daniels, it's no surprise that I am looking forward to checking out this movie. What even makes it better, if you scroll down, you will see that Holly Michaels is on that list too, so the thought of those two together, and a huge smile is on my face. After seeing her and talking to her in Vegas at AEE, I fell a little more in love with her, and have been a fan ever since. Her career is taking off, and if there is a G/G scene in a movie, the odds are that she will be in it. When you combine Dani with Mason and Elegant Angel (who are great at showcasing a girl), awesome is not a great enough word to describe it. If you really want to get a little more insight into this movie, I would suggest checking out the Elegant Angel podcast with these two, as they give you a little BTS of the movie, you can check that out here. Enough gushing, let's get to the movie.

Dani Daniels/Georgia Jones

It's been awhile since I have seen Georgia in action, miss the old dys of her and Faye together in action. But who can think of the past when Dani is walking around in a trench coat type jacket, what are the odds that she is naked under there. Georgia teases us with her body and eyes, and then Dani opens up to reveal the lack of clothes under her jacket, score!! Georgia wastes no time exploring Dani's naked body as they heat things up with some kissing. Dani lays Georgia down and softly kisses and licks her tits then slowly heads south to her pussy, teasing her along the way. It's amazing that the soft and slow stuff can be just as sexy as the fast and hard action, more emotion with the soft and slow between the ladies. Dani ends up back on top as Georgia reaches around and teases her pussy with her fingers. Although Dani seems to be in charge, Georgia has a moment of being in charge, as she lays Dani back and dives in, giving her pussy a nice licking and fingering combo. But as she gets all hot and bothered, Dani returns the favor with some finger action on her pussy. They lock together for some very hot grinding action, and it seems that there isn't a dry pussy in this scene, from the sounds we are hearing. If you are familiar with Dani, you know her love of licking ass while fingering a pussy, well it sounds like Georgia is a fan of it too, from the moans coming from her. Another example of why soft and slow is hot, just watch Georgia as she starts on Dani's mouth and slowly makes her way to her legs. It's ok if you need to stop and take a break, I understand. And even the girl have a hard time keeping their breath as they get into some hot tongue action on each other, and I think Dani's tongue work is another reason why her scenes are so hot, such great energy in what she is doing.

Short break for a brief interview with Dani, getting a little insight into her work and philosophy about her job.

Dani/Holly Michaels

As I stated earlier, putting these two ladies together in the same scene, it's like someone is answering my wishes, thank you whoever you are. It's sexy bikini time, and these girls have bodies that belong in, and out of bikinis. I would suggest checking out the podcast I linked to early to get the back story and how much these two wanted to work together. As they help each other with their tops, the kissing begins, and after they reach the fountain, off come their bottoms. And with the magic of movies, they end up inside on the couch, as the kissing continues. Should be no surprise that these two ladies can't keep their hands off each other. And be prepared for lots of hip grinding, and it's some pretty intense action, as Holly shows off some great energy, that is just one of the many reasons I enjoy seeing her in action. Dani lays Holly down and begins to lick her up and down and then hits the magic spot and drives Holly wild. It's not too long into this scene, that you get the sense these ladies are really into each other. Holly admires Dani's body as she starts from her legs and gets ever so close to her pussy, driving her wild, before going in and showing off her techniques which doesn't matter if she uses her tongue or fingers. If you aren't enjoying this, there is no hope for you. Holly bends over and shows off her assets to us and Dani, and then takes on seat on Dani's face, which is another thing that Dani enjoys, but we can all agree with that statement with Holly on your face. And Mason does a great job of showcasing Holly's booty as she wiggles and grinds on Dani's tongue. They go back to some more hot grinding action, and both Dani and Holly really decide to speed things up and give each other some time to catch their breath before going back to grinding their hips together. This is a scene that I don't want to end, but if it doesn't end soon, I don't think this guy's heart and body are going to last.

Another interview follows, time to catch your breath, while you learn a little more about what her turn ons are and talks about her artistic side. Sexy, beautiful and artistic, she keeps getting better in my book.

Dani/Skin Diamond

She got to pick the girls for this movie, let's just say she has great taste in ladies. They are wearing some sexy dominatrix outfits, and all I can say is, yes master!! There is a moment as they showcase Skin in between two huge paintings in the background, and with the music and camera work, this just gives another example of why Elegant Angel is at the top of the game, artistic and sexy at the same time, a plus in my book. Dani likes what she sees and joins her, as the kissing and the hand exploration begins. They throw in that little break in between to let your heart get back to it's normal pace, but it's going to be rapidly rising soon, as we are in for another scorcher of a scene. Dani gets a little rough as she bites Skin's nipples, which she likes, and then once again lets her tongue go to work on her pussy. It's not long before she is deep in Skin's ass, giving it a nice work over with her tongue, followed by some pussy grinding. Skin also has a dominate side as she throws her down and does such a great job with her pussy, that Dani is struggling to catch her breath. It sounds like she is really enjoying it, as Skin fingers her pussy. Dani bends over with her ass in the air, just inviting and waiting for Skin to fall in, and she can't resist it too long, as she goes to town on her. They may trade places, but the magic continues. There may not be a single penis in this movie, but as a guy, I think we can watch and learn a few things in this movie. But if you can't concentrate that is undertandable too, they turn up the heat as they wrap their legs around each other and exhange a few more kisses.  That didn't quite do it, how about Dani sitting her lovely booty on Skin's face, and watching Skin and her magical tongue enjoy her pussy. They share a few more kisses and compliments as the scene comes to an end.

Another break to lower your heart rate, she talks about what is sexy to her, and hearing her talk about masturbating, what she likes to do a lot, may not help that heart rate slow down just yet. She considers herself a tomboy, but she's a sexy one either way.

Dani/Veronica Avluv

Some pre-sex interviews as they share their first times, both with older ladies, and it also seems that they have been waiting to work with each other, so there should be plenty of sexual frustration released by these ladies. Veronica is determined to show her a few things in this scene. And right away you can tell that she is going to have her way with Dani, and I think Dani will enjoy it just as much. From the very start Veronica can't keep her hands off Dani, and seems to cover every inch of her body with her tongue. And that means a little something for you foot fans out there, as Veronica starts at her feet and makes her way to her pussy and then covers her other leg, before staying put inside her. Dani can't keep still, and grasps onto the sheets as Veronica is showing off her oral skills for the camera. Veronica slides off her panties and Dani heads towards the promised land, getting ready to show off her oral skills, which we have been witnessing pretty much the whole movie already. Questioning if Dani is doing a great job, watch Veronica's toes as they curl up, there's your answer. And if you need more proof, how about a little squirting from Veronica. Now that we have some natural lube, it's time to lock hips together and get some scissoring action going. Veronica at numerours times during this scene is determined to get Dani to squirt, and even with licking her ass, while fingering her pussy, she's get her pretty excited and wet, but no squirting this time. Dani gets a nice hold on Veronica's ass during some 69 action and then bends her over and initiates her special technique on her ass and pussy. To say that seeing Dani's lovely booty sitting on Veronica's face is a great thing, is an understatement. We get a nice mix of playfullness and sexy from both ladies in this scene. Speaking of sexy, I dare you to not get turned on even more as Veronica licks and sucks Dani's fingers. After all the excitement, they huddle together embracing each other and exhange a few more kisses as the final scene comes to an end.

We get one more interview before the credits roll. You can tell she put her heart and soul into this movie, and she hopes that we enjoy it, well Dani, yes we did, we REALLY enjoyed it. And before the screen fades to black we get one more shot of that great smile of hers.

We get a solid 3 hours of seeing Dani in action, and I just hope that if weren't a fan before, I hope you have fallen under her spell after watching this. We also get a nice 25 minute BTS with some interviews and stories with the girls, and 6 trailers showcasing other titles in the Club 59 series.A photo gallery and web site info, wrap up the special features. I would have loved to see this on Bluray, but the nice thing is that Elegant Angel knows how to give you both solid audio and video quality, even when the numbers don't always show it.

As I put this movie in my PS3 it was already a XCRITIC PICK to start off with, and as I took it out of my PS3, it still deserved that rating. Like I said earlier, Dani, Mason, Elegant Angel combined in one project, you know it's going to be good.

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