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Babysitter Vol. 6, The

Studio: Sweet Sinner » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/2/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Next up, we have the next installment in the Babysitter series from Sweet Sinner, and once again we have Nica Noelle behind the camera and supplying the story. And with Sweet Sinner, we expect to see some great foreplay and build up as the sex begins, and they seem to do a great job of getting some great pairings in their movies.

Before we get to the movie, with a run time of 2:16:29, let's talk about some special features, mostly consisting of a 8:02 BTS which features some post sex interviews with the cast. We also get a 5:00 trailer reel highlighting a few other titles from Sweet Sinner. We are offered a Dolby Digital 2 Channel audio at 48 kHz and 192 kbps, with the video giving us a Mpeg-2, with a range of 5-7 Mbps.

A few spotlight ladies for me in this movie: Riley Reid (3 scenes) and Skin Diamond (1 scene)

Angell Summers/Rocco Reed

Family emergency has come up and Angell needs to go be with her family, so she has hired a babysitter to help out while she is gone. But they get one more last session in before she has to leave, can't leave him without a little something to remember her by. Some nice foreplay with some kissing, as they slowly help each other out of their clothes. He teases her inner thigh before finally making his way to her pussy. She lays him down on the bed, and swallows him whole, then slides forward and inserts his cock inside her pussy. There is some nice cowgirl action, as the camera moves in to show off her booty. Follows that up with some spoon action, as the kissing and embracing continues between these two. She seems to enjoy the cowgirl as she once again turns up the energy on top of him. We end with some missionary as he pulls out and cums on her pussy.

Riley Reid (solo)

It's finally time to meet the babysitter, Rocco meet Riley. Good luck with that one, what wife? Can already sense some trouble is coming his way. And her friend Skin, is no help, as she warns her to be careful and then swoons over Evan when he stops by. Peeking in on a girl as she showers, naughty naughty Rocco. Just proves that dirty girls like to keep clean too, and soapy. Riley gets some quality time with the showerhead. After the shower she is surprised to see Rocco, but he wants to buy her dinner for all the help she has been, which puts a huge smile on Riley's face. As the sexual tension is building, we just need to see who is going to make the first move.

Riley/Evan Stone

Evan once again stops by to check on things, and the next thing you know they are sitting down for some wine and small talk. It seems she has some daddy issues and confesses her love for older men, and that means Evan is in like Flint. She starts twirling her hair and gives him a few glances with her eyes and then leans in for a kiss. And he is weak against her sweet and innocent side, which is quickly leaning towards the naught and horny side. And having her sit on his lap and grinding his crotch, really gets the temperature rising. And that heat rises as he lays her down and she wraps her legs around him. If you need to take a moment before you continue, I understand. He dives in and shows her a pussy or thing or two with his tongue and fingers. He slides her panties to her knees, and slides inside her. And at first we don't see the action, due to clothes and stuff, but my god, it's still freaking hot action. The clothes finally come off and we can see all the fun now, and these two are having so much fun they are knocking books off the bookcase. This is a fine example of why I was mad that I was late to the Riley party, cause she has been consistently amazing in her scenes. And you need a little more proof, watch her ride him like a champ in some great cowgirl action. There is more dry humping, as she gives her some nice wet oral action in between the grinding, and ends up back on top once again. He gives her some hard and deep thrusts and then rewards her with a nice money shot on her stomach. Easily the highlight of the movie for me, let's see how the rest of the movie goes now.

Skin Diamond/Evan

It seems that both Rocco and Evan have Riley on her mind, she's got a way of really taking over your mind. She calls Skin and lets her know where Evan will be and maybe she can help keep his mind off her. I have a feeling that Skin will make sure she has her body on his mind. She turns on the charm at the bar, and they don't stick around too long and end up in the bedroom. Evan is on top, licking and kissing all over her sexy tatted up body. And as the clothes start to come off, we get an even better look at her body. He is able to get her to cum, by using his oral skills, and then she climbs on top for some 69 action, as she swallows him whole. Some side saddle action doesn't seem to work out too well, so she climbs on for some cowgirl action. The way he mounts and plows her, I am guessing he really like missionary, as the energy turns up. She rolls over and stick her ass in the air, and he is quickly right back to slapping her pussy with his balls, as the fucking continues. Good scene, just seems to be missing a little of what made the previous one so great. She begs and pleads for his cum, which he drops all over her stomach.


Riley is set on making the move on Rocco, and that sexy, tight, and purple dress, should do the trick. Throw in some candles, wine and a hot and horny chick, and he doesn't stand a chance. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, and she moves in for a kiss, and he doesn't seem to try and stop her. She climbs on his lap and grinds her hips on his crotch, and the foreplay leaves him putty in her hands, well except for one area of course. They move into the bedroom, he lifts up her dress, kissing all over, and after sliding off her panties, licks away at her pussy. This is more of a soft and gentle scene than the one with Evan, and some of that means a little less heat between our couple. But there is some nice cowgirl action, as she grinds back and forth while riding him. We get some decent doggy action, followed by some spoon action, which ends with him pulling out and cumming on her pussy.

I would have to say that the Riley and Evan scene is one that you will remember and revisit many a times, and is also the main reason why I am giving his a RECOMMENDED rating. But I would say that you will also enjoy Skin's scene and the Riley/Rocco scene wasn't too bad either. If you are a fan of the Sweet Sinner and Nica Noelle combo, I would say that they once again bring you another solid release.

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