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Kayden's Greatest Hits

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/4/12

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Kayden’s Greatest Hits

Adam & Eve

Genre: Compilation, Kayden Kross

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Director: Varied By Scene

Cast: Kayden Kross, Bree Olson, Steven St. Croix, Charles Dera, Nick Manning, Dani Jensen, Derrick Pierce, Marcus London, Rocco Reed, Justine Joli, Claire Adams, Erik Everhard, Tommy Gunn, Barrett Blade, Master Liam, Sadie West, James Deen, Violet Marcell, Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Diana Doll, Danny Mountain

Length: 304:31 minutes

Date of Production: 2012 (compilation only, the scenes came from Kayden’s contract days at Adam & Eve several years back)

Extras: There was a photogallery and a trailer.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Kayden’s Greatest Hits by Adam & Eve was overly compressed (let’s face it, over five hours on a single disc will do that) and the lighting varied greatly depending on each scene. The technical aspects also included some heavy editing when individual scenes were compared to their originals but overall it gave a decent selection of Kayden Kross’s work for the company. The sound was on the hollow side and if you are a true fan of the leading lady, pick up the individual scenes on their original movies.

Body of Review: Adam & Eve has been making a lot of compilations lately, a fact of life at many of their competitors too thanks to hard economic times. While I prefer having fewer scenes but all of them intact, the company went with a different approach in Kayden’s Greatest Hits. The single disc movie lasted over five hours and looked it a whole lot of times, the fact being that hotty Kayden Kross, one of my favorite performers that writes for Xcritic, has a beautiful face and figure well worth exploring. There were 16 scenes here and no listing on the DVD case or disc, a few of the following scene descriptions that every once in awhile take a guess (believe it or not, I had not seen each of them and far too many of my peers around the world reviewing do not include screen captures). Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Bree & Kayden: Kayden Kross, Bree Olson: Definitely the hottest scene of the movie is getting to watch Bree and Kayden go at each other. The scene starts out with both girls in their pajamas on a bed and they both look so incredible. They passionately kiss and take each others tops off before Kayden finally peels off Bree's panties to revel her beautiful cunt. Kayden fingers / eats out Bree and they both enjoy what they are doing. Bree moans and moves in ways that you just know she loves what is being done to her. Kayden playfully giggles as she finger bangs Bree to a near orgasm. Kayden then introduces what must be a 8- 9 inch fat dildo which she rams inside of Bree who thoroughly enjoys the toy being used to fuck her. Both girls playfully talk and I really love that as both have such cute voices that it added much to the scene for me. After getting her workout Bree tells Kayden "your turn," and pulls down on Kaydens PJ's to reveal Kayden's cute little bald pussy. Bree lays her down on the bed and begins to eat out Kayden's beautiful cunt. I love the reaction we get from Kayden while getting eaten out... the visuals as well as her vocal expressions left me really turned on watching this. Bree goes from eating Kayden to finger banging her which of course Kayden seems to love. Some kissing occurs here before Bree goes back to finger fucking Kayden to a screaming orgasm which was really hot, cute, and sexy. To wrap things up Kayden gets Bree on all fours on the bed and drills her wet pussy with the dildo as hard and as fast as she can. Bree just keeps moaning "keep going your gonna make me cum," and she finally does. Before the girls finish off the scene Bree gives Kaydens cunt one last fucking with a purple dildo while Kayden rubs her Clit to yet another very loud and vocal orgasm. The girls kiss and wrap things up. (review by the Horny Housewife)

Scene Two: Kayden Exposed: Kayden Kross, Steven St. Croix: The amazing Kayden Kross returns for her second appearance. This time she is with Steven St. Croix. The scene changes from black and white to color at times. When the action begins, I really like how she orally treats his dick. It's somewhat sensual. Then, she rides him the cowgirl way. Steven even lifts her up and shoves his dick inside her. Later on, her blowjob is very good. When he plays with her beauty spot, she screams loudly. I also like their kissing moment. I enjoy their chemistry. They have done scenes together in the past. Their playfulness shows that they really enjoy each other's company. He sucks her asshole and pussy before he fucks her in missionary fashion. When Steven shoves his dick inside her during his mission, she screams. By seeing her painful facial expressions, people should realize that Lady Kayden is a superstar who is willing to go through all of the hardship for her craft. Mr. St. Croix shows a playful manner, while he teases her sexy legs. When he does it, she smiles in her usual sexy manner. However, it does not take long for Kayden to lose that smile and begin to feel the pain again. Then, he face fucks her. He shoves his cock all the way in her mouth. This action chokes Kayden. She has difficulty breathing. Then, the spooning fuck occurs. Her face shows pain when he shoves his powerful tool inside her. During the fucking, her shrills really hit you in your stomach. The close-up of them kissing is nice. During her doggie screw, Kayden's face looks much worn out, but still is very pretty. Her body looks limped. This is a painful performance by Lady Kayden. She deserves our respect and admiration. Then, he shoots his load on her beautiful body. Her mascara is running down the side of her face. Her scene is remarkable and very professional. (review by George the Apache Warrior)

Scene Three: Bree’s Slumber Party: Kayden Kross, Charles Dera: Kayden and Charles take charge in the second scene. The gang tells a scary story at Bree's party and people end up murdered. Kayden survives and runs away to fuck Charles. It's decent fucking, but it lacks the punch that Kayden usually brings to the table. It's not a major disappointment, it just felt disjointed. But, that's usually the way these things roll. (review by Guy Incognito)

Scene Four: Kayden’s Frisky Business: Kayden Kross, Nick Manning: Kayden Kross, wearing a hint of lingerie, was up next as she greedily eyed the pecker of Nick Manning, his top knot reminding me how silly hair styles come back to haunt us. She teased him and provided some good eye contact, throating him as best she could before he gobbled her gash a little. There was clearly some contextual elements edited out this time, Nick then porking her pussy as she passively cried out in pain on the maroon couch. She was better on top of him in cowgirl but she did not get much of that before other penetrative positions dominated the scene. I though she looked best in doggy but that is largely a result of a fantastic ass, her pretty face also favored before Nick’s load of genetic juice landed on her crotch.

Scene Five: Swing Time: Kayden Kross, Dani Jensen, Derrick Pierce, Marcus London: Dani Jensen and her hubby Marcus London hook up with Kayden Kross and Derrick Pierce. The married couples kiss. Derrick eats his wife while Dani sucks on her hubby's tool. Next, Lady Kayden sucks her man's cock. The scene looks good with the ladies giving head. The intensity level increases when the fuck scenes begin. Kayden is doggied by Derrick while Dani is missionaried by her husband. The scene shifts to more blowjob action by the two women. Their oral work is very sensual. Then, the women kiss. Next, they switch partners. They apply their cocksucking talents on their friend's spouse. Afterwards, Kagney and Dani climb onto their new partner's cocks for the cowgirl screws. The energy level is great. Next, the ladies are on their backs as they continue to get fucked over in a rapid fashion. Kayden and Dani look amazing. Then, Marcus jacks off on Kayden's tummy. Soon, Derrick deposits his man juice on Dani's breasts. (review by George the Apache Warrior)

Scene Six: Krossing The Bar: Kayden Kross, Rocco Reed: Sexy blonde cover girl Kayden Kross is up next, getting it on with Rocco behind closed doors in the office. They take their lawyer clothes off and get down to business and taking one look at Kayden lets you know why as she's built for speed. She teases him a bit and once he's ready gives him a nice, healthy blowjob. They make out and he plays with her tits before going down on her and after the oral and foreplay, they go at it missionary, doggy, cowgirl and reverse with some nice pussy to mouth action in between. He pulls out and squirts it across her perfect tits to finish the scene. (review by the Mooninite)

Scene Seven: Perfect Secretary: Training Day: Kayden Kross, Justine Joli, Claire Adams: Justine Joli, Kayden Kross, and Claire Adams, were up last in a prolonged lesbian scene where the BDSM motif was the focal point. Their fetish attire did not last long, Kayden strapped to the table via some buckled gloves and her friends using her vulnerability to their advantage. Justine ate her but there was no reciprocation, a suction device applied to Kayden's clitoris and some flogging rounding out the various fetish acts going on. Most of the sex acts took place between Justine and Kayden though, Justine even riding a generic red strap on dildo attached to Kayden's hips.

Scene Eight: Surrender of O: Kayden Kross, Erik Everhard: Kayden Kross, an attractive blond blogger here at Xcritic, was up next as she took care of studly Erik Everhard, the man shaving her crotch before allowing her feet access to his cock for some foot fetish action. He freed her to eat her and she soon reciprocated with a decent blowjob, her over the top acting a bit more than I cared for despite her good looks. Bree joined them a little for some flogging but left when Erik started porking her pussy in doggy style, the limited penetration ending up with him rubbing out a small wad of population pudding to her face.

Scene Nine: Rawhide 2: Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn: Kayden Kross, hardly dressed in her western ware, was up last in bed with built Tommy Gunn, in a romantic interlude showing both of them having some fun as part of the plot. It was heavily edited and showed most of the footage close up, their sex noises truncated in favor of the music as she wrapped her lovely lips around his bone to blow him and he reciprocated at greater length. The two bumped uglies vaginally and she screamed too much but I could see her appeal all the same. The scene finished up quickly with a crotch pop of splooge he jerked off himself.

Scene Ten: Kayden Unbound: Kayden Kross, Barrett Blade, Master Liam: Kayden Kross is crawling behind Master Liam with a chain and collar connected to her neck. Soon, she is on her feet and the man straps her arms on a post. Her chain is removed from her neck by now. Then, he whips her briefly on her torso. Moments later, he loosens her. Then, Barrett Blade walks towards her and the action begins momentarily. The woman takes out his cock and sucks it with good excitement and pleasure. It's at this point when the scene is no longer boring. Their performance becomes more exciting as soon as he fucks her doggie style. It really picks up steam with their missionary moments. At the end, he cums on her. Overall, it recuperates nicely. (review by George the Apache Warrior)

Scene Eleven: Kiss Me Deadly: Kayden Kross, Sadie West: This next scene is a G/g scene which needed a lot of work. Sadie was more of the sexual aggressor with Kayden. There was something missing in the chemistry between them. It was more of a hardcore fucking between two girls and didn’t rise to the occasion. (review by Ravyn C.)

Scene Twelve: Kayden’s College Tails: Kayden Kross, James Deen: James Deen is the first of Kayden's friends to tell his "tail." Dressed in a preppy suit and tie, James confesses that he loves girls and, especially, their boobs. He even admits to wanting to play with four boobs at a time. Who'd disagree? As he continues to weave his "tail" of lust, he tells us about this girl--Kayden Kross--that goes crazy for guys with foreign accents. So, as you might expect, he feigns a French accent, captures the girl, and has five star sex with her! When James hooks up with Kayden, she asks, "Are you really French?" "Of course I'm French," he replies. "Why do you think I have this outrageous accent?" "I love outrageous accents," coos Kayden as she leans in to kiss James' lucky mouth. Within seconds, assertive Kayden pounces on James and pins him to the couch under her insatiable body. Instantly buttons fly as they rip off each her top so that he can feast on her delectable nipples. Absolutely superb foreplay continues when James bares the rest of Kayden's body and then attacks her flesh with his hands and tongue. At Kayden's insistence, he even sharply spanks her pretty ass cheeks. And, he kisses his way down her chest and belly to her pussy where he gives her absolutely outstanding cunnilingus that makes her repeatedly cum like a volcano (he does a nice job of finger-fucking her pussy, too). After Kayden cums twice, it's her turn to give James oral sex. And, what an off-the-charts deep-throat-intensive blowjob it is! Whew...I thought she might just suck his soul out of his penis! And, she does a damned nice job stroking his rod with his hands, too. When it's time to move on to sex, Kayden literally jumps atop James in cowgirl, lowers her pussy down around his cock, and fucks him like a wild woman using feral, frenzied, and very erotic moves. Wow! What energy! Meanwhile, she screams ecstatically as untold pleasure courses through her fabulous flesh. After a few minutes, James lifts Kayden and sets her atop the couch in missionary so that he can fuck her with redline-speed strokes while she shouts for joy and uses her fingers to stroke her happy clit. "Oh God, I'm gonna fuckin' cum!" she screams as a tidal wave of pleasure overcomes her. Even as she's climaxing, James continues to pound her relentlessly as he rolls her over on her side for more unbelievable orgasm-inducing action. As the scene continues to unfold James and Kayden "manhandle" each other into numerous pleasure-inducing positions--including on-her-side, spoon, reverse cowgirl, side-saddle cowgirl, two more bouts of reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie and another round of missionary--as Kayden's pleasure engine continues to reward her with orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Believe me...you'll seldom see a couple more into each other than Kayden and James in this scene! To finish up this awesome scene, James fucks the shit out of Kayden's vagina in missionary until he's ready to pop. At the last second, he pulls out and, as Kayden shouts, "I want it everywhere!" he sprays her breasts and chest with numerous ejaculations of high-powered cum. After his spasms recede, she sucks him dry as the scene comes to an end. (review by Dr. Jay)

Scene Thirteen: The 8th Day: Kayden Kross, Violet Marcell, Evan Stone: Kayden Kross, looking every bit as fresh as when she stepped out of her stasis chamber, was up last on the bed with a cleaned up Violet Marcell, and the mighty Evan Stone since the Prince could not perform (a side effect of his longevity, no doubt). Violet tossed Kayden to the bed and started orally working her over when Evan joined in to hold her down, Kayden using loudness again to convey her appreciation for the head she was getting. That was when Evan fed her some cock and she was just as enthusiastic as in the first scene to blow a guy, not taking his full length into her mouth but at least willing to lick his balls to make up for it. I especially appreciated Violet stepping up to the plate to compensate for Kayden's inability to handle the massive pecker, the two ladies slobbing his knob as the Prince watched from the shadowy background. I also appreciated how Kayden finally came through to ride actively when on top of him, part of me knowing she had it in her (long before she had it in her, if you catch my drift), nearly as solid a performer as Violet this time. For her part, Violet generated a decent amount of chemistry with her partners, not relying on Kayden's performance to suffice for the ending scene but really getting into the action as she impaled herself on his meaty member. She truly enjoyed both sexes here and took the mouth pop though Kayden just did not seem willing to share it. Still, it was a solid ending scene and I hope to see more of Violet in the future.

Scene Fourteen: Cheerleaders Academy: Kayden Kross, Randy Spears: Kayden Kross, up last in her cheerleader outfit, showed what her prior experience stripping could do to elevate the heat a notch in the living room. It was fun and far superior a warm up to the previous scenes, Randy Spears portraying the financial guru she was set to consult to get her dream off the ground. They sat on the couch and talked it over, Kayden playing the mercenary and climbing into his lap to gyrate on his pole while he sucked her nipples. She pulled out his pecker and blew him too, both of them going down on the other before the usual vaginal positions ensued. Kayden looked great but was less filling her, whatever minor appeal she had far outstripped by better works released since this was shot. The cautious hummer was okay but it was hardly enough to merit a lot of replay value, the gal loud during the penetration positions but still too passive for my tastes most of the time. The scene ended when he tossed off some spunk to her snatch, Kayden rubbing it into her skin as Randy tried to recover.

Scene Fifteen: Tyler’s Wood: Kayden Kross, Diana Doll: The films starts with an recap of that night and followed by a news conference, which a reporter (Auroa Snow) asks how did this all start, and on that note, cue the flashback. We see Tyler on his phone as his wife (Kross) and another lady (Doll) are making out on the bed. He's not really interested in the ladies. He leaves, so the ladies decide to have fun without him. Kayden starts off as the dominant one in this scene before she lets the other girl have her way with her. And judging from all of the body shakes, I really think she is enjoying it. This was a great scene between the two ladies, no toys involved, just a lot of finger and tongue play. (review by Sean DPS)

Scene Sixteen: Headmaster 3: Kayden Kross, Danny Mountain: Kayden returns for another steamy sex scene. She is in a meeting with the headmaster. He is concerned because she is the top student that she might have social issues. She tells him that she recently met a nice guy (who she ended up fucking). The headmaster is called away and the scene cuts to Kayden's last sexual encounter. The dude goes down on her and then she sucks him off. Like her first scene there's a lot of excitement during the oral exchanges with lots of energy. The sex continues with the same levels. The dude fucks her hard and she looks great from all angles. The action ends with a vaginal creampie. (review by Rob Randell)

Summary: Kayden’s Greatest Hits by Adam & Eve was a compilation cutting too many corners for my tastes, the lack of a second disc to help boost the quality of the visuals (5 hours+ on a single disc is just too much!) but it was value priced. If you enjoy Kayden Kross and are just now finding out about her, this is an okay way to see much of her work for Adam & Eve, her recent days of Digital Playground offering a decidedly different take on her finer qualities so look at this as a borderline Rent It. In short, Kayden’s Greatest Hits had 16 scenes of Kayden Kross from her contract days at Adam & Eve, the technical matters and extras on the weak side but the young lady as fetching as ever as far as I’m concerned.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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