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Big Wet Asses 21

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/11/12

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And not to sound like a broken record, but once again Elegant Angel graces us with another amazing cover, with the lovely Charley Chase on the cover, showing us why she deserves to be in Big Wet Asses 21. A few noteable ladies for me in this movie, Charley Chase, because of my experience with her at AEE, and plus we get to see her first anal in this movie. We also have Holly Michaels who made my list, and then, last but not least, we have Remy LaCroix and Jessie Rogers, who I can thank the Elegant Angel podcast for introducing me to these lovely ladies. I am expecting lots of booty, covered in gallons of oil, and of course throw in some anal action too, in this newest installment in the AVN award winning series. We have William H behind the camera, and the first 8 minute montage that starts off the movie, should give you just a taste of what you are about to witness.

Charley Chase/Manuel Ferrara

It seems that our cover girl is first at bat. And we get some great tease footage, plenty of boobs to admire and then they break out the oil, and leaves her ass dripping wet. No big surprise in the quality of the tease footage, once again, they really do a great job of getting you all hot and bothered before the scene even starts. The fun begins with Manuel, and he is all over her, enjoying her tits and pussy. To say that Charley shows some great energy is an understatement, she is a sexual machine and I see her not slowing down at any point in this scene. Need some proof, watch her as she pulls off his shorts. With Manuel in the scene, we expect great things, and that gets intensifies with Charley's energy. He rips her stockings, and we see that she has a butt plug in her ass, just to get it somewhat ready for what he is intending to shove in her ass. She shows off her award nominated oral skills on his cock. He goes to work on her pussy, as she lets him know that he can do anything to her and where ever with his cock. She climbs on top and no messing around as he is soon deep inside her ass, and Charley doesn't want it to leave. These two are just amazing together, and she even makes sure and gives Manuel's ass a little lick, which he loves, and then sits on his face and smothers him with her ass. But aparently her ass isn't wet enough, so out comes more oil, and then he teases her by not letting her near his cock. So she bends over and teases him with her ass, and then begs and screams for his cock inside her. Even after all the hard and fast fucking from him, she is not showing any signs of slowing down. He pulls out and cums on her ass, but slides right back in, before this scene comes to an end.

Holly Michaels/Manuel

Yeah!! It's Holly time, it's always nice to see her in action, and this girl knows how to move and shake her body for the camera. Soon enough we have a big wet ass front and center of the camera. Manuel is up again, and he goes right to her pussy, fingering and then lets his mouth get a tatse of it. But he makes sure and gives her ass a little taste of what is it come. His magic fingers get her all nice and wet inside, and perhaps even cause a little squirting action. She is also another lady who has some energy in her work, and just take a look at her oral work, jerking him off, while also gagging and spitting on it, see that and try not to tell me she doens't enjoy her work. And she is also knows what he likes, so the balls and his ass, get some love from Holly too. She slides forward and ends up on his cock, as she shakes and grinds her hips on his cock, and then flips around and slides him inside her ass, while she goes wild on her pussy with her fingers. She bends over for the camera, as more oil is applied, and then jiggles it even more for the camera and him to enjoy.He shoves the bottle in her ass, and she gives out a few giggles as she squirts it out her ass. Now that she is plenty wet inside, he slides back in her ass and stays there until he cums on her face and mouth.

Jessie Rogers/Ramon Namor

After hearing Jessie on the EA podcast, it was nice to finally get a chance to see her in action, and before that we get a great look at her new boobs, before heading around to the booty, as the oil comes out. He continues to oil her booty, as she shakes it for him, and I agree with him, it's very nice. He slides her bikini to the side and slides right into her pussy, and she moves her pussy back and forth on it. He sits down and tells her to sit on his face, then she is off to give his cock some oral love too. He stands her up once again and guides her down on his cock, and into her ass. And with that she really gets vocal with her excitment. She doesn't quiet down until she shoves his cock back in her mouth for some ATM action. She shows that she is no slouch when it comes to her oral skills either, see the face fucking and deep throating. And as he lays down and she slides his cock back inside her ass, it seems that maybe things are a little too oily and slippery, but they continue on. He grabs her throat and boob during some great cowgirl action, and then he teases her ass until she begs for him to slide it back in. Even more oil is used as she shows off her gaping ass to the camera. I have to say that seeing her all oiled up and wet, not a bad look at all. Plenty of ATM in between some more anal fun, mostly reverse cowgirl, until he pulls out and blasts her face with cum.

Remy LaCroix/Manuel

Fresh after watching her other Elegant Angel movie, it is nice to once again see her again, and let's say she looks pretty awesome in that rainbow bikini. But we are all about the booty in this film, as she slides her bikini off and on that round booty, as it gets nice and wet. And Manuel, that lucky bastard is back again, she has changed into a pink bikini and he already has his hand down her bikini, rubbing and teasing her pussy. And from the sounds, I am guessing he is hitting all the right spots in her pussy. But enough of the finger action, he dives in and engulfs her pussy, then lays her on her side to get a nice look at her ass. Want more, he bends her over and continues to lick her ass. She doesn't want him to feel left out, so she grabs onto his cock, slowly strokes it, then shoves it deep in her mouth. She climbs on top and slowly slides his cock in her pussy, but they speed things up pretty quickly. If you have seen her in action before, you know she loves giving oral, and she gets a nice dose of Manuel down her throat, and even hits his favorite spots, his balls and ass. The pussy workout continues in some hard and deep spoon action, then slowly slides his cock in her ass, where reverse cowgirl seems to be the favorite position. But without even pulling out, he bends her over, oils her up for some great doggy action. This is pretty much just a continueation of their great scene from her movie. The anal attack continues until he cums inside it and the camera moves in to see it drip out.

Brooklyn Lee/Manuel

And we are going to end with AVN's Best New Starlet, as she shakes and teases in a pink bikini that pretty much is off the whole time, so that means there is no problem checking out her body. She teases her ass to the camera as she slides her bikini up and down, as the oil begins to flow once again, and they are determined to really make this big ass, soaking wet. Guess who's back once again, they should have called this Manuel vs the Big Wet Asses. Anyhow, he is making sure he pussy is going to be nice and wet as he fingers it and then pushes her down to let his mouth do some magic. Brooklyn seems to like the rough stuff, so there is plenty of ass slapping as they get going. She also can't wait to get a shot at his cock as she leans over and bobs her head on it, while he shoves a few fingers in her ass. He lays back and she hits his magic spots, while he continues to pound her ass with his feet. And when she gets back to his cock, she treats it like it the only thing in the world and doesn't want to let go of it, very nice indeed. He slides beside her and goes to work on her pussy in some spoon action, and then it's time for the anal fun to begin. He continues with the rough stuff as he grabs on tight to her throat, and then she sits down on his cock for some short pussy action and then guides him back inside her ass. And boy he turns things up to 11, as he pounds her ass. Some great heat and chemistry between these two, and she pretty much just lets him do whatever he wants to her. The ass slapping continues with some more deep and hard doggy action, and he gives her a few moments to catch her breath before going back to work. and if I haven't mentioned this before, she gets quite vocal in this scene and that just seems to keep Manuel going even harder. I am not going out on a limb by saying I think she is more of the kind of girl that likes things hard and rough when it comes to her sex. Need a little more proof, how about the deep face fucking followed by him grabbing her hair and bending her over the side of the couch and slides right back into her ass, I rest my case. We get another lady who after getting some oil shoved in her ass, bends over and lets it squirt out for the camea. But enough of the water show, it's time to get back to her ass, as they share some glances in some spoon action. And the fun continues as she is bent over once again, spreading her ass, and he continues to mix the soft and gentle, with the hard and dirty. She sucks on his balls as he jerks himself off and then blasts her mouth, almost chokes to death and then cleans off his cock.

And for me I can say that it didn't take long to see why this series has won a few AVN awards and always seems to get a solid rating from us here at Xcritic. They are able to mix a great cast of ladies, some great tease and music to get you started and then move onto some amazing sex scenes, and William H does a great job of capturing it all on camera, making sure you see plenty of the action. This is also another example of showing off Manuel and his ability to bring out the best in the ladies he works with. I will have to say that even though I didn't mention Brooklyn in the beginning of this review, I did that because not having seen much of her work, I couldn't say if I was a fan or not going in. I was one of the people who was a little surprised she won Best New Starlet, but this was a great way for me to see why she was nominated, I will have to see more of her work before I make my final judgement, wow that sounds so serious.

Before we get to the final judgement on this movie, let's talk some technical and special features. The movie clocks in at 2:40:17, and we are given a Dolby Digital 2 Channel audio at 48 kHz and 256 kbps, and once again, hopefully the Bluray will have a bump up to 5.1. Video quality comes in at Mpeg-2 around 4-6 Mbps, with no issues at all, everything looks crisp and clear,and all of the action. Special features are highlighted by a 6:18 BTS segment, cumshot recap (4:06) and 5 trailers. And if I have to make one small complaint, would have loved to see more special features, perhaps a longer BTS or maybe a bonus scene. 45-60 minutes of special features gets a high rating on my scale. But even with that small complaint, this still deserves our highest rating, so congrats to everyone at Elegant Angel, William H and of course the crew, I give this movie a XCRITIC PICK. And this is the 3rd one in a row for them from me, that should tell you a little something about the quality of work they put out, no matter the genre.

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