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Studio: Private » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/21/12

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After a little break, mostly due to getting ready for Exxxotica and then preparing my article, which involved lots of uploading and resizing of photos, it's time to get back into review mode. And we are going to start off with a film from Private Gold and Magik View Entertainment, directed by the award winning Ettore Buchi. And this is part two of the series, and I didn't get to see the first one so let's hope for a recap so we know what's going on. I can say that going into the movie, there is one particular lady I am looking forward to seeing again, Honey Demon, who popped up earlier in a review and really impressed me, so hopefully she will have a great scene. Although taking a look at the cover, I think this should be a good one. I will try and keep the Love Boat references to a minimum, but I can't make any promises.

Technical Stuff:

Running Time: 2:03:05

Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 Kbps

Mpeg-2 at around 5-6 Mbps

Special Features:

4 trailers

3 Languages to choose from

Scene Selection

From the voice over, this seems to be more like a mix of Fantasy Island and Love Boat, and even some Blind Date thought bubbles (mostly just one scene). They are really going to make this hard for me, too many jokes, must resist. And we do get a brief recap of the previous film. I think the fact that I am assuming most of this girls are going to have a foreign accent, means I am going to be loving this one no matter what.

Honey Damon (Demon?)/Antonio Ross

Honey decides to visit the captain and it seems that Honey is not dressed to regulations, so he decides to help her out of that sexy red dress and then tells her to demonstrate the life preserver, but luckily for her, if she goes in, she’s sexy and will be saved first. He tells her to convince him not to fire her, so she gets down on her knees, slides off his pants and goes for his cock, which seems to need a little convincing at first too. But her skills are enough to get him at attention and ready. He bends her over and slides right into her pussy, as the pounding begins. They really seem to be flying through the positions in between some oral work by Honey. But when she screams for him to fuck her, that’s enough to keep you entertained. He slides inside her ass, while also fingering her pussy to make sure she is plenty satisfied. And he grabs on tight to her face and neck a little while he is fucking her ass. She bends over, with her ass up, as he counts her for some nice anal doggy action. He continues to spread open her ass, and then after some more ass to mouth, she is back on top for some reverse cowgirl action, followed by some pile driver on the floor, and ends with him cumming on her ass, and then shoves it inside her ass, as he dives in some more with his cock. I would say her job is safe, with extra skills like that. Decent scene from Honey, I think I enjoyed her previous scene more, but still worth checking out.

Angel Summers/Ian Scott

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Angel needs some help and she is not shy about asking for it, and it seems that the guys on the boat aren’t cutting it, so she thinks a member of the crew can satisfy her. Well if he has to, he doesn’t seem to be holding back in any way. They are right to some heavy kissing, as he finds out that she is part of the no panty philosophy and after some fingering, dives in with his mouth and tongue. And I have a suspicion he is doing a great job from the look on her face and the way she is grasping the sheets on the bed. He quickly takes off his pants and after she gets a look at the size of his cock, she knew she asked the right guy. She shows her appreciation by bobbing on his cock, going deep on it, licking every inch. He slides her on top and guides his cock inside her pussy and goes to town on it, as she shakes her ass for the camera. He even grabs on tight to her butt checks as she rides him, and speaks in French, ooh la la. She backs her booty to his face, as she bends over and tries to shove him deep inside her throat. She slides forwards and he takes this chance to slide inside her ass, as the reverse cowgirl continues. She bends over again and he is right back inside her ass, opening it nice and wide, as his balls slap against her pussy. He pulls out and she licks the taste off his cock, and then he slides back in for some spoon action. She really seems to love the cowgirl action and it shows in their energy in this position, and he seems to love her ass, giving it plenty of slaps and grabs. They really seem to want to show off the various cameras, but sometimes as they cut back and forth, it’s hard to stay focused on the action. He keeps his focus until he can’t take it anymore and cums in between her butt cheeks. But she doesn’t want it to end just yet, and he slides back in and she is back to showing off that energy in cowgirl, until she cums and leans over exhausted as well. I would have to say that this is highlight of the movie so far.

Kristy Lust/Neeo (waiter)/James Brossman

Kristy, wearing a pretty nice pink bikini,  is not too happy with the service and she wants to speak to the captain. James comes in and tries to solve the problem. He tries to figure out a way to make it better for her. It seems that maybe she is interested in having some fun with the guys, and he tells Neeo to beg on his knees and finds his way to her tits. They make a nice sandwich as she has both of their cocks out and in her hands as they kiss. She falls to her knees and introduces them to the inside of her mouth. They both seem to almost fight for their chance in her mouth, and she doesn’t seem to disappoint. They stand her up and slide off her bottom, bend her over, as the captain gets his cock inside her pussy. Neeo finally gets his chance with her pussy, as she continues to swallow and suck James’s cock. This started off pretty hot as they got started, but that heat seems to be gone as it continues, which is a shame, it had some potential. But for those interested, there is some anal action, and I am guessing we will most likely have a DP before too long. And just like that, they are both inside her, filling her holes, but still a rather blah scene, I’m sad to say. They continue to make sure this customer is satisfied until they cum in her mouth and on her face.

Laura Crystal/Mick Blue

Laura seems lost and asks for some help from Mick, but he tries to convince her to stay outside and enjoy the view, and that quickly turns into some hot kissing  as she can barely keep her dress on. He spins her around as she grinds up against him, as he gets a nice handful of her tits. He slides off her panties and she takes a seat on his lap, as he gets a nice mouthful of her tits, while playing with her pussy. She kneels down and swallows his cock, while giving some attention to his balls. He leans her up against the wall and dives into her ass and then slides his cock into her pussy for some nice doggy action. This scene is a very nice improvement over the previous one. And we can all agree that she has a nice ass, and Mick can’t seem to get enough of it either, as he takes a bite. I give them props for doing the best they can with positions considering the stuff around them. Seems to be loosing a little as they continue, but we get a few instances here and there that at least make it worth watching, thanks to some decent oral work by Laura. Some nice cowgirl and missionary follow, and he leans her up against the railing for some more doggy, as he reaches around and grabs on tight to her boobs. He jerks off in her mouth, as she licks and swallows his cock, making sure to get every last drop.

Blanche/Jay Dee

Blanche is naked and it seems that she has been waiting for Jay, and as she starts to play with her pussy, he kneels down and offer some licking and sucking assistance to her pussy. The voice over lady seems to be enjoying this scene more than me, is she watching the same scene as me? After some finger banging, she unleashes his cock from his pants and begins to bob and gag on it. She leans up against the chair as he slides inside her pussy for some doggy action, and she really seems to get vocal. I can say that she seems to have some great energy, but it also seems at times that she is trying too hard, although maybe not so much, considering she is squirting a little. It seems that Jay gives her a few thrusts and she has to take a break. Luckily it seems that her screaming with excitement seems to drown out the sounds of the engine, or at least I think that is what it is. I will say that he is pretty much tossing her around, making sure to fuck her in as many positions as he can, with what little furniture there is to work with. He tries to slip inside her ass, but it seems she isn’t having that, just yet. It seems that there is no end to her squirting as she lets out numerous squirts throughout the scene. Not liking the constant starting and stopping that goes along with it. I will say she doesn’t seem to want to let go of his cock, even when he tries to walk away, so you gotta love and appreciate that. After some cowgirl she goes back to showing her oral appreciation and then he is back inside her for some spoon action until he pulls out and shoots a nice load on her pussy, but he is not done, as he slides right back inside and causes her to squirt a few more times.  I would say that overall an above average scene.

Well even though it seemed that this one had some potential, I am sad to say that it didn't live up to it. I will say that there are some decent scenes, with the Angel and Ian one being the highlight. I would say that it's worth a RENT IT rating, adding in all the factors. Some decent moments here and there, but not enough to warrant adding this one to collection, with out at least renting it first.

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