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Neighbor Affair Vol. 15

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/24/12

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Well it's once again time to watch another compilation DVD from one of the web's biggest sites for your daily dose of porn, Naughty America, with Neighbor Affair 15. We have the lovely London Keyes on the cover, showing off her assets to the camera and luring you into checking out this title. I am a little concerned for the simple reason I am not familiar with the rest of the cast of ladies, but that doesn't mean I've never been surprised by an unknown lady before, so we shall see how this one turns out.

Well it's safe to say that luckily for Naughty America, they did include London in this movie, cause other than a few decent moments with Carina, this was going to get a skip it rating. But London had a good scene and I really enjoyed Corina's oral skills on Jack, but there are a few things to weigh in before I give my final judgement. All we get for special features is a photo gallery, and when the video and audio quality are nothing to brag about, not even Dolby Digital and we don't even get full screen scenes, I believe I have to give this a SKIP IT rating.

 Kaci Starr and John Strong

Seems that Kaci has once again locked herself out of the house, and luckily her nice neighbor is willing to keep her company. And by company, I mean some quality time on the couch. He seems to notice that he is seeing lots of her lately, and I think he figures out why. She is trying to be play all shy and stuff, but rubbing his leg and going in for a kiss, I think shy is out the door at this moment. After some more foreplay, she slides her top down and he gives her nipples a nice suck and kiss, while she continues to rub his crotch. And as she pulls out his cock, she wastes no time seeing how far she can shove it in her mouth. She is determined to make sure every inch is nice and wet as she continues. And I am going to say that she really seems to like giving oral, as I am not sure if she is going to stop, although she does mention her pussy, which should be ready for his dripping wet cock. They lay down on the couch and he slides up inside her pussy as they start off with some spoon action, and I think her pussy is just as wet as her mouth is. And for fans of bush, she has a little patch of hair just for you. I will say that she sort of looks like Summer Glau, so if they ever decide to do a Firefly parody or Sarah Conner Chronicles, she needs to be in it. She sucks the tastes of her pussy off his cock, once again, making it sure it is nice and wet, before she climbs back on for some reverse cowgirl action. She bends over with her ass in the air, and he slides a finger in her ass, while he continues to pound her pussy and that doesn’t stop with some flat doggy action, which was rather nice. He spreads her legs wide and eventually gives her his neighborly love, after some more oral of course, all over her mouth and face.

Caroline Pierce and Jack Lawrence

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She returns a dish and it seems that she notices that he has been spying on her. She heads off to his bedroom and checks out the view of her house from his room. He plays stupid and she doesn’t seem to care, as she often leaves the blinds open for him. She lays on the charm and a few kisses, and opens his shirt, and they help each other out of their clothes. She takes off her bra and then bends over right in front of him and it seems that Mr Happy is ready and she wants to see it, and is very impressed with what she sees. She grabs on tight and works over the tip of his cock with her mouth. It seems that both are getting their fantasies coming true. It seems that his big cock likes to tickle the back of her throat as she tries to deep throat him. For those paying attention, she has pierced nipples and pussy, and for him, he is loving her ass, licking and teasing, with his tongue and fingers. He lays down on the bed, and she hops on for some reverse cowgirl action, giving out some moans of excitement as he fills her pussy. It also seems like a few moans of pain as she continues to ride him. I can say that this rather a vanilla scene, and hopefully something will change that soon, the missionary, as he keeps pulling out and in, isn’t helping. A little spark of hope as she bends over and backs onto his cock, but I can say that with a booty like that, it should be shaking all over the place, but unfortunately it’s not. And I think it may be him, I think I remember having the same issues with a previous scene he was in. And more proof, she ask for it hard, and yet he hasn’t even got past 1st gear in this scene. He gives her a few drops of her face and she even asks if that is it. Burn!!

Carina Roman and Jack Lawrence

Well I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that Carina looks amazing in that dress and seems to have a rocking body underneath it. The bad news, is that Jack is back once again. And my god she has an accent too, god please don’t kill this for me. He is running for president of the residential area, and she has a few issues. She wants to see what he is willing to do to show how willing he is to help her. And she goes in and lets him know exactly how he can take care of her needs. And her needs are in all decked out in some red lingerie, which looks amazing on as off. He slides off her panties and dives in her ass, as she bends over and then turns around and guides him into her pussy. So didn’t realize this before, but he has his tongue pierced in this scene. He licks and fingers her pussy, are she says he is getting to the core of his needs. But she wants to see what he is working with, and likes his “platform” as she does some amazing tongue work on his cock. There is a part of me that is really enjoying this and there is also a part that is ready to be disappointed soon, let’s hope I am wrong. But she is so right with her oral work that is for sure. He wants to stuff her ballot box, and she spreads her legs wide and he slides in and yeah, it’s him. So basically I am now going to be on the hunt for more of her scenes, without him, not going to let him ruin this for me. They stay with missionary for awhile and she really puts more effort than he does, but he doesn’t seem to be follow her example. Somebody call Manuel and get him in this scene. She begs and pleads for him to fuck her hard, but I bet you can guess how well that turns out. Luckily he pulls out and she goes back to showing off her oral skills as she deep throats and gags on him, and then bends over as he slides in her pussy and teases her ass with his finger. He gives her a few drips on the side of her face and she gives him one more oral tease.

Angelica Raven and Johnny Castle

She doesn’t need sugar, she needs a little something more to finish her pasta. He seems a little wore out from the party and she asks about the hot blonde who left his room early in the morning.  Or the brunette a half hour later, it seems his bedroom is a very busy place. But it seems that she wants to be one of those girls too, and he knows it. And he starts off with a nice handful of her tits, and then send her to knees as she plays with his crotch through his Calvin Klein underwear, Marky Mark would be so impressed. She gets his cock nice and wet and then squished it between her boobs, before back in her mouth. She bends over and after some finger and tongue, play he slides in for some doggy action, already way more energy in this scene than the previous ones. She is also a fan of the sloppy Bjs and he seems to really like shoving his face in her ass. He lays her down and continues with some flat doggy, as he grabs on tight to her ass and she’s got plenty to grab onto. And we get a nice view of it, as she hops on his cock for some great cowgirl action, now that’s what you call enthusiasm. He gets a face full of her tits as she rides him too, best of both worlds for him. The reverse cowgirl gets off to a rough start, but they find their groove. They both spend some time with her boobs in some spoon action, as they each get a mouthful. She seems to be wearing him out, so she gives him a little break as she works his cock, licking and sucking all over. Back to some missionary and we end with his cock disappearing in between her tits, and him finger banging her until she cums. But he is still waiting for his moment, and as he pulls out and cums in her mouth and on her face.

London Keyes and Johnny Castle.

And it seems we are going to end with our cover girl, London, and let’s see how this ends. It’s been a rough one so far at times. I am about ready to give this a bad rating, so maybe we can go from a SKIP to a RENT, no pressure London. It seems that she is here to see who the new guy on the street is. He has some plans for the place and gives her the tour, although it’s hard to think about handles and fridges with London showing off for us. London wants to see the bedrooms and asks if there is a lady in his life. There is none, but she is willing to give it a try. And who can say no when she is already grabbing at your crotch. After a little issue with his pants, she is right to work on his cock, sucking and jerking him off, spitting and gagging on it, you know the works. She slides off her bra and squeezes her tits together for some titty fucking before letting her mouth do the work. She slides off her shorts and sticks out her ass, as he grabs on tight, gives it a few smacks as he dives right in with his face and tongue. Throw in some finger action while he licks her ass and he is in booty heaven. But let’s put a little something bigger in her pussy, as he slides in for some great doggy action. She begs and pleads for him to keep going, as they really get some use out of that chair, as she arches her back and sticks out her booty for him. And if he keeps slapping it, it’s going to be rather red by the end of the scene. They finally move from the chair and make their way to the counter for some nice 69 action, as they both seem to have plenty in their mouth.  She slides forward and climbs on for some reverse cowgirl action, as she grabs onto the ceiling. As she hops on his cock, he is determined to make sure her ass is bright red, as he keeps slapping her ass, till she slides off and works his cock and balls some more. The heat seems to build as she climbs back on for some great cowgirl, really showing off her curves for the camera and Johnny. She ends up back on the chair, as he slides a few fingers and his tongue in her pussy, making it nice and wet inside, from the sound. They slow a little as he is back to some missionary action, and she begins to lick her lips in anticipation of the nice surprise she is about to get. He gives her a money shot in the mouth and she lets it drip all over and then licks it all up for the camera.


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