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Live Sex Show

Studio: TROUBLE Films » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 7/24/12

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Fetish, Fisting, Lesbian, Couples

Director: Courtney Trouble

Cast: Kimberly Cline, Jolene Parton, Peter Devies, April Flores, The Matador, Tina Horn, Roger Wood, Jiz Lee, Nina Hartley, Courtney Trouble

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were good.

Length: 1 hour

Condoms: Yes


Overview: Queer porn sensation Courtney Trouble, the girl with the cute innocent face, has released what may be one of the most controversial adult titles in recent years. But no matter how you judge it yourself, you must admit that Courtney is a pioneer and courageous to release a title that few would dare release or even film. In the spirit of Queer porn, Live Sex Show is a rebelious independent porn film that will at the very least show you that what may be considered too taboo can also be done tastefully and artistically.


Scene 1 Kimberly Cline

Kimberly, a sexy looking nerdy chick, opens the show with an arousing striptease in front of a live audience. Just a quick note, each scene takes place in front of the same audience, so they give off a unique energy to the performers, who use it to their advantage in their own way. In Kimberly’s case, she appears to really get off as her hot masturbation session gets off on a great note. Spreading her legs as the roar of clapping dies down, Kimberly rubs one out rather furiously, looking at the audience who are in complete silence but nonetheless into Kimberly’s short but titilating pussy rubdown. As she squirts just a bit of pussy juice signaling the end of her show, Kimberly lets out a big toothy smile and thanks the crown before walking away satisfied.


Scene 2 Jolene Parton, Peter Devies

Jole and Peter appear to be genuine lovers as evident by the sensual lovemaking session they perform for the audience. Lots of kissing, making out, touching, all the things you’d do when you just want to take it a bit slow. Jolene is enjoying her lover’s tongue as it buries itself deep in her fire-crotch, her nude body expose and we get really terrific camera angles of her body squirming the more Peter eats her out. He lays on top of her and begins to pound her in mish, her legs up in the air as he takes control. In doggy Peter once again takes control as Jolene just enjoys his cock penetrating her vag. As she rides his cock we get nice shots of her ass followed by great shots of her completely nude body. Jolene does not look anything like your average porn girl but those of you who have read my reviews know I love girls who look like your everyday, girls on the street. Jolene is a sweet tasty redhead who I’d definitely check out and couldn’t help but for a minute, wish I were Peter as he is given one hell of a BJ courtesy of Jolene to end the scene.


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Scene 3 April Flores, The Matador

The Muse, April Flores begins this scene with a quicky masturbation show, her well rounded curves covered in a sexy one piece lingerie piece. April partially removes her one piece as soon as The Matador arrives and quickly sucks him off, her big curvy ass getting plenty of attention especially when she begins to ride Mat in reverse cowgirl. She removes herself then sucks off her juices, getting on all four before laying down flat on her back to get pounded in mish. Mat then eats away at April, with April begging him to go faster and “more, please.” After a little finger play and more oral, Mat dumps a hot load on April in which the audience cheers and roars.


Scene 4 Tina Horn, Roger Wood

Roger begins by stripping away pieces of Tina’s clothes, one by one, then spanking her rather lightly to a particular beat. He then takes out a bullwhip and continues slapping away at her ass for several minutes. By this time Tina is mostly nude, her ass just sticking up in the air in front of the audience. He positions her on her knees and puts on a strap-on which Tina sucks off. Obviously, Roger is a trans man (transexual female), and begins to pound away at Tina in mish. He picks her up, slaps her butt and then kisses Tina passionately, then fucks her doggystyle, really pounding away at her until Tina cums hard. Roger keeps banging Tina hard not letting up until Tina is completely worn out. Tina screams in orgasmic ecstacy the more he pounds her, leaving her out of breath but still not showing any signs of letting up. In mish he makes a final go at it, kissing her gently but never losing his rhythm as his plastic cock digs even deeper in her, Tina just getting lost in the massive pounding her lover gives to her.


Scene 5 Jiz Lee, Nina Hartley

This scene is noted for having not just the legendary Nina Hartley, but also for including fisting, something rarely, rarely seen in mainstream porn if ever. Jizz and Nina waste no time going there. They share a deep tongue kiss and after Jizz exposes her pussy to the audience, Nina begins the fisting process. Wearing latex gloves, using liberal amounts of lube and working Jizz’ pussy, Nina easily glides her entire hand inside of Jizz who is clearly turned on by it. She rubs her clit as Nina digs in as deep as she can. Nina hands Jizz a Hitachi and the sensation of having Nina’s hand in her pussy and the vibration of the Hitachi add to Jizz’ enjoyment. Even the audience gets in on it as Nina sort of describes to the audience what’s happening but mostly keeping her focus on Jizz who is clearyl getting off. Choking her little fuck toy, Nina continues to dig in deeper and deeper, and as their eyes lock Nina and Jizz lock lips once again. Keeping the audience entertained, Nina still manages to fully concentrate on the fisting, which by this point Jizz has already cummed multiple times. Once it’s Nina’s turn to get serviced by Jizz, Nina begins by telling a humurous story of why she got into porn. After the audience laughs, Jizz begins the process of getting Nina all worked up. Jizz works the Hitachi nicely around Nina’s clit, getting her off almost immediately. Once Nina explodes, the two share a deep long tongue kiss that gets the audience to applaud at the end.


Scene 6 Courtney Trouble Gang Bang

It’s Courtney’s turn to give the audience a show so she invites most the females from the show to join her on stage to gang up on her. Courtney is a sexy chubby curvy gal with lots of spunk and nicely submits to Nina who admires her pussy. Jizz kisses her feet while April deep tongue kisses her and Tina fucking Courtney’s face with a strap-on. Totally under the ladies control, Nina and Jizz work her pussy the other three ladies hold her down. It takes no time at all to get Courtney to pop who is clearly enjoying being the center of attention. The camera tries to get a shot of Courtney’s facial reaction but is unable to as the ladies try desperately to hold her down. Meanwhile, Nina and Jizz continue to work her pussy until she squirts a huge load of pussy juice towards the audience.


Summary: I’ve watched a lot of porn films over the past 20 years but this was a truly unique experience. I wouldn’t exactly put this on for my jerk off enjoyment however, there is plenty of replay value here. It is an excellent art film first and foremost and while having sex in front of an audience is not new at all, this is clearly one of the best “live sex show” adult movies ever filmed. This is the nature of Queer porn, a genre that is not too well known outside it’s fanbase but a genre I feel could definitely find an audience outside it’s market. It takes a lot of courage to film such a taboo scene such as fisting but Nina and Jizz show that fisting can be a mutually beautiful, natural sex act. Tina and Roger definitely show how a real if not the “normal” lesbian couple get it on, displaying one of the freshest, hottest girl/girl sex scenes I’ve seen in a long time. Kimberly and Jolene show that even the most average looking girl can have very high sexual appeal. Of course April is impressive as always and Courtney is a cute BBW with the sexual appetite of a tiger who can easily handle herself sexually with some top name talent. I’m definitely impressed with the quality of the production, the uniqueness and the balls it took to release such a DVD. It is definitely one of the most unique releases of the past year and a DVD worthy of your time to check out. With a one hour time limit, it packs a lot punch in that time frame. It easily earns itself an XCritic Pick!

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