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Asphyxia Heels The World

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Charles Bukkake » Review Date: 7/24/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All Sex, Fetish, Plot 

Director: Joanna Angel

Cast: Asphyxia, Krissie Dee, Arabell Raphael, Dee, Twix, Danny Wylde, Tommy Pistol, Brian Street Team, Mr. Pete

Length: 2 hrs. 56 mins.

Release Year: 2012

Extras: Behind The Scenes, Photo Gallery, Trailers, Website Information

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD: $22.99

Overview: Burning Angel girl, Asphyxia, stars in this comedy romp where the sexy protagonist squares off against a foot fetishist shoe shop owner played by Danny Wylde. Wylde’s goal is to eliminate the sale of high heels throughout the city proper in order to further his insidious flip flop agenda. Asphyxia, the new hiree, loves her stilettos and simply cannot live in a city where they are inexplicably banned. As a result of their competing interests, Asphyxia and Wylde square off in a drag out fight that will determine whether the future of the Midwest is destined for heels.  

Scene 1 –Krissie Dee and Danny Wylde: (4/5) The feature starts with the interior of a small town shoe store. Inside, shop keeper Danny Wylde, along with his cute employee, Krissie Dee, discuss the new hiree played by Asphyxia. Wylde puts down Asphyxia because she’s a city girl, but Krissie insists that he give her a chance. Asphyxia shows up wearing leather, stockings and black stilettos and begins to talk to Danny about her new position. It’s here that Asphyxia learns that Danny’s place is the only shoe store that exists within a three hundred mile radius and that the store’s policy is to refrain from selling high heels. She’s shocked and after expressing her disdain over the policy, the owner shuts her up and forces her to do inventory. Danny challenges Asphyxia to a contest to see who can do paperwork the fastest and Asphyxia prevails. Naturally, Danny becomes angry and sends his new employee away. Afterwards, when he and Krissie are alone, he tells her that high heels are unnatural and that women shouldn’t wear them. He expresses his love for feet, drops to his knees and then he tells Krissie something like, “Seeing your feet everyday puts a smile on my face.” And then he begins to play with her toes. Krissie reacts by taking off her flip flops and giving Danny a vigorous foot job. Next she ditches her top and starts giving head. As she’s sucking dick, her partner starts thrusting and slaps her ass a few times. Krissie then hikes up her denim skirt and Danny haves at her pussy. He fucks her for some time while she’s lying on her back and then gives it to her doggy style. Finally, after a hard round of anal, Danny pulls out and cums on Krissie’s feet.

Scene 2 –Asphyxia: (3/5) We cut to Asphyxia’s apartment, where the dark-haired brunette arranges her collection of heels before laying back in her bed. She’s wearing a black top with a pink bow, hose with garters and nothing else, safe for a pair of open-toe heels. Asphyxia begins to play with herself and inserts her digits deep into her wet pussy while she massages her clit with her free hand. She really goes wild. This is a short solo scene where Asphyxia basically masturbates until she climaxes. It’s a hot little vignette and for a solo masturbation sequence, it definitely does the trick—especially if you’re into the leading lady. After Asphyxia orgasms, she says the following in a somewhat snarky tone, “Fuck these hicks, I’m gonna heal/ heel the world!” And then the scene fades to black.

Scene 3 –Arabelle Raphael and Mr. Pete: (3/5) Asphyxia shows up at her job and tells her boss that she’s got a few ideas that would really help to drive business at the store, but Danny Wylde isn’t hearing any of that. He says that his business is doing just fine, but his feisty employee hates the fact that they haven’t been doing much in the way of sales during the week that she’s been with them. And that Danny should put in for new orders and take advantage of the approaching Black Friday sales day. He dismisses all of this as nonsense and tells Asphyxia to just do her job. Moments later Mr. Pete wanders in with Arabelle and attempts to buy her some new shoes, but she’s sick of flip flops and is looking for something sexier to wear. Asphyxia takes the couple to the backroom and starts showing them heels from her own personal stash. Arabelle ends up buying an orange number and it isn’t long before the helpful store clerk leaves the two alone. Arabelle has a very large rack, and she’s quick to let those puppies sing. As she teases Mr. Pete, he sticks his hand down his pants and fondles himself. Before long Arabelle is blowing Pete and then she stands up to arch her back, prompting her partner to give it to her hard and from behind. Next, the starlet sits back on a desk, spreads her legs and Pete sticks it in her ass. Why not? The two bump uglies on the floor and then the stud shoots his load into one of Arabelle’s newly purchased orange heels. The buxom brunette grabs it and then proceeds to suck out all of the baby batter. Not too shabby.

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Scene 4 –Asphyxia and Dee: (3/5) Danny, Krissie and Asphyxia gather around the front of the store and Dan creepily waxes moronic about how his grandmother was a perfect six shoe size and that all girls should aspire to be as great as she was. Asphyxia pulls Krissie aside and tells her that she’s about to transform the town and that the only thing her Asian coworker needs to do is keep the boss busy while her plans come to fruition. And that’s when Asphyxia also tells her friend that she’s been selling heels under the radar and generating enough business where Wylde will have no choice but to take notice and let her throw her Black Friday sale. While Krissie gets Wylde to prattle on about his foot lust, Asphyxia conducts a sale with Dee, who claims that she needs new footwear to give her a boost in height and to impress a certain math teacher she’s interested in. As the scene progresses you’re made to feel that Asphyxia is running a dangerous underground retail operation, and when Dee gets snippy, Asphyxia makes her don a new pair of spikey heels. The girls start to compare footwear and apparently this gets ‘em horny enough to make out. Dee pulls down Asphyxia’s top and starts to lick on her nipples, and then turns around and has Asphyxia inspect her ass. Dee gets her pussy licked from behind and then she gets naked. It isn’t long before Asphyxia follows suit and gets worked over by Dee. Finger blast ahoy! Not bad for a girl/ girl scene.

Scene 5 –Twix and Tommy Pistol: (4/5) After her sex scene with Dee, Asphyxia makes an attempt to sneak past her boss with a bag of heels only to be caught by him. He grabs the bag and dumps its contents on the floor. Wylde then becomes very irate and tells Asphyxia that he’s going to report her to the townspeople. Then we get a nighttime shot where we’re introduced to the always hilarious Tommy Pistol and Twix, who play two small town hicks bent on literally burning all the high heels they can find. Later, Tommy attempt to win Twix’s affection by playing her a ridiculous rendition of “Cumbayá” on his acoustic guitar. This prompts Twix to yell, “Why don’t you just fuck me?!” So, he does. The two start by locking lips, Tommy removes his partner’s top and within seconds he pulls down his pants and lets Twix blow him. Then he lays Twix down on some blankets and they bang like bunnies. The scene ends after the starlet rides her partner cowgirl and Tommy works up the nerve to stick his dick in her mouth and blow a load allover her pretty face.

Scene 6 –Asphyxia and Brian Street Team: (3/5) In the midst of all the chaos Asphyxia finally gets her way and the shoe store is heavily stocked with a variety of heels and such. I should mention that the movie disc being reviewed was damaged, so I had to skip over a fair amount of material. So, how the plot of the movie took this particular turn is anyone’s guess. Anyway, Brian Street Team walks into the newly transformed shop and tells Asphyxia that he’s looking for a pair of heels. When he admits that he doesn’t have a wife or a girlfriend and that the shoes are for him, Asphyxia seems confused. That’s when Brian tells her that the heels aren’t for his feet and that they’re for his cock instead. This is kind of a clunky way to ask for a footjob, but Asphyxia gets the message and she makes with dropping to her knees and sucking Street Team’s cock. During the blowjob, Brian comically tries on heels with his penis. Next the two fuck doggy style before Asphyxia rides Brian reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with Street Team pulling his dick out of his partner’s pussy and cumming on her snatch. Danny and Krissie show up and find the naked couple wriggling on the ground and this comes as a shock to pretty much everyone involved. After the awkwardness fades, Danny tells Asphyxia that he’s given in and wants to buy Krissie a pair of heels. The movie ends with the four of them dancing to some music and Wylde exclaiming that he’ll never let his love for feet get in the way of his love for money.

Final Summation: It’s not everyday that I choose to review a plot-based porno flick, but the Burning Angel studio usually always delivers on the funny, and while the dialogue can get a little clunky and stiff at times, the quality of the sex in this feature more than makes up for it. If you like watching alt-girl porn, have an interest in women’s toes and enjoy a little story with your sex scenes, I’d say Asphyxia Heels The World is worth giving a shot. The production value is definitely there, the leading lady is gorgeous and the supporting cast really does a great job with moving the film forward. I definitely recommend this movie. 


Charles Bukkake

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