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Clipped Chicks

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 7/25/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Anal/Fetish/Euro

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Director:Omar Galanti


 Cast: Marry Dream/Daikiri/Ilona Fox/Dominica Lito/Grace Young/Omar Galanti/Marcus Serge/Rocket

Release Date: 6/15/2012

Runtime: 199 Mins

 Special Features: Photo Galleries/Trailers/Web

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Scene 1:

Marry Dream/Omar/Rocket/Serge

Cunnilingus/Dildo Play/Blowjob/Face Spitting/Anal/Missionary/DP/Double Anal/Rimming Cowgirl Anal/Squirting/Gaping/Ass Eating/Triple Facial (Massive Volume)

The premiere scene in Omar Galanti's 'Clipped Chicks' begins with the beautiful Marry Dream center stage in a pov format while Omar gives a makeshift interview to her about the kind of sex that she likes. She tells Omar she likes anal, and a variety of other things as well. Not too long after Omar whips out the clothespins and gives them to Marry one by one while she clips each one to a different part of her nipples,as well as her nether regions and mouth. Omar pervs from behind the camera during this,getting some super close up shots of Marry as they share in some deep sexual conversation. The "clipping" goes on for a bit before Marry lays on the couch fully clipped while Omar dildos her and then provides some oral stimulation. After a hot minute, Marry drops to her knees in front of the couch while Omar feeds her his member. The bj here is a great one, all the great factors of a good bj as usual with Omar. Things get sloppy in a hurry here and not too long afterwards Omars cohorts Rocket and Serge enter the scene. It's a full on facefucking as the guys circle Marry and each of them take their turn on her as she throats each cock as it comes her way. After the blowbang Omar sets up a stool and the anal begins. One guy in back, while the other takes the mouth, and the other waits his turn. Marry is really taking a reaming here from both ends, and she is loving every minute of it, as am I. The scene charges on as Marry takes everything that the guys throw her way, including double anal, DP's and all kinds of other fun stuff. The scene comes to a close after Marry drops to her knees surrounded by the guys, and each of them shoot their jizz over her entire face. Marry was great here, she is a mangled mess by the end of the scene and her enjoyment and energy throughout the entire scene is utterly magnificent. You go girl! Great scene to begin this movie. I loved it.

Check out some sample pics of this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com!

Check out the trailer for this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com!


Scene 2:


 Dildo Play/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Anal/Doggie Anal


  Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl Anal/Gaping/Facial (High Volume)

The second scene starts with Daikiri sitting in a bedroom setting where Omar walks in and tells her to wash the clothes before exiting the room. Looks like Daikiri has other things on her mind as she looks around playfully and pulls out some dildos from behind the pillow on her bed. She sticks one to the mirror in front of her and begins sucking it as she plays with herself. Daikiri looks great here, dressed in a tiny jean skirt with a tight pink top and polka dot high heels. She talks to herself a little bit and continues playing with her dildos and masturbating before Omar re-enters the room startled at what he finds. He settles in pretty quickly as it seems apparent that Daikiri is in need of some hardcore sex. The bj starts and Omar coaxes her as she does her very best to take all of him in her mouth. This scene starts a little slow for an Omar scene with a lot of oral stimulation provided, as well as some ass fingering, and the use of a suction pump on her pussy taking up much of the beginning minutes. The sex begins in a missionary style position on the bed as Daikiri squeals in ecstasy much of the time. Omar then pulls out the clothespins and begins some clipping on her nipples and pussy before performing some more oral on her. The anal then starts in a spoon style fucking and Omar is really giving it to her here. Daikiri starts clipping Omar's cock after this and follows it up with a blowjob where she licks Omar like a lollipop. The scene continues on and gains some energy through the middle but is nowhere near as intense as the first scene. It all ends with Daikiri pulling out a monster size lollipop as Omar shoots his goo over top of it as most of it gets on her face as well. Daikiri licks the lollipop and smiles at the camera before it fades to black after a couple minutes. Pretty good scene.

Check out some sample pics of this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com!

Check out the trailer for this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com!


Scene 3:

Ilona Fox/Omar/Marcus

Tease/Blowjob/Dildo Play/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Anal
Facefucking/Rimming/Doggie Anal/Gaping/Double Anal/Double Facial (High Volume)

The third scene starts with Ilona Fox standing in front of a window as Omar films. He pans up and down her body many times while she teases the camera. Ilona is looking wonderful here, dressed in tiny jean shorts and a leopard print bikini top, with pink stockings and high heels. The two converse a little bit before Ilona lowers her top and Omar begins "clipping" her nipples as she stares into the camera seductively. The bj starts shortly after in a pov format as Ilona stares up at the camera. Wonderful. The bj gets extra sloppy before she leans back on the couch and Omar continues clipping her. Ilona now has clothespins all over her body and Omar starts in with some dildo action from behind the camera. We move on with some cunnilingus and some more clipping before the sex begins in a missionary style romp while Ilona keeps her buttplug inserted throughout. Then the buttplug comes out and the shit hits the fan so to speak. The sex gets harder and harder here, and the dildoing continues through all of it. Ilona is fantastic here accepting every sadistic and depraved thing that Omar throws her way. She goes to the ground after and really does a number on Omar with her mouth, smacking his cock every once in a while to keep him in check. That a' girl! A brief intermission follows where Ilona smokes a cigarette on a stool while Omar eats her asshole. She has him in the palm of her hand here and that's not something you see too much of in Omar movies. After some more hard and heavy anal, in walks Marcus out of nowhere! Wow. Marcus quickly jams his dick up her asshole while Omar kisses her and pushes her head down on him. There is nonstop great action in this scene. It's outstanding to say the least. It all ends with Omar and Marcus shooting two mega loads over Ilona's face as she takes them both like the perfect slut that she is. This scene was fantastic, my favorite thus far without a doubt. BRAVO Omar!

Check out some sample pics of this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com!

Check out the trailer for this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com!


Scene 4: (Scene To Remember)

Dominica Lito/Grace Young/Omar

Tease/Dildo Play/Blowjob/FaceFucking/Cunnilingus/FootPlay/Missionary Anal/Strap-On Fucking/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Rimming/Squirting/Facial (High Volume)

The final scene in 'Clipped Chicks' begins as Omar pans over a table of dildos toward cute teen girl Grace Young. She teases the camera for a little while as Omar asks her what age she is. She replies that she is 19 and Omar seems ecstatic. The blowjob begins pretty early on with Omar asking to see how she sucks cock. Grace shows him, and we start in a pov format before Grace stands up to tease the camera a little more. She's wearing tight pink hot pants, a tight pink top with black stripes, pink heels, and a pink ribbon in her hair to really accentuate the 'teen' look. She lays on the bed and Omar starts in with the clothespins, clipping her nether regions and moving up her body. Then Omar pushes a dildo in her asshole before she goes back to her knees for some more blowjob fun, and it's a facefucking for the ages. Sloppy factor is off the charts and I'm officially a Grace Young fan at this point. The fucking starts in an anal missionary style right off the bat, and Grace is taking it like a pro. In between the action she goes back to her knees for more some more mouth fucking and it is epic to say the least, Grace may be small but she gives a bj like an amazon....does that make sense? You get it. Anyways, out walks Dominica soon after equipped with a strap on dildo. She face fucks Grace while Omar fucks her ass. It's stupendous! Omar runs the show throughout this scene and these two are at his every beck and call. After the strap-on play Dominica goes underneath Omar for some rimjob action, and Grace blows him while drooling his juices onto Dominica's face and tits. This scene is excellent so far. Grace is so incredibly submissive throughout this scene, and she never waivers from that. She gets tossed around like a ragdoll the entire time while Omar and Dominica have their way with her, and she is simply loving it. Great stuff. That is not to say that Dominica doesn't get her share of pounding as well, because she certainly has some nice moments as well. Near the end Omar gets Dominica to squirt over top of Grace's face before finishing them off with a monster facial. This scene was fucking awesome, if you like messy porn with loads of spit, and tons of hardcore action like me, then this is the scene for you!

Check out some sample pics from this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com!

Check out the trailer for this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com!



I always love reviewing Omar's movies, and this one was no exception. Once again, he's proved why he belongs with Evil Angel, and why he is one of the very best in the business at doing what he does.  The sex in this movie was intense once again, the girls were outstanding once again, and the overall movie was fantastic.....once again. If you're a fan of rough sex and submissive girls, then I believe you will like this movie.

The second scene in the film was the only slight downfall in the film. I will not say it was bad by any means, but every other scene in the movie destroyed it as far as intensity goes. That being said, I would recommend this film to friends who enjoy Omar's work, as well as anyone who appreciates hardcore sex in it's truest form, with no gimmicks. Check this one out!


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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