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Rocco's Psycho Teens 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Jack Sesh » Review Date: 9/14/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Gonzo, Teen, Anal, Euro
Director:  Rocco Siffreddi
  • Aiza
  • Ferrara Gomez (as Ferrera Gomez)
  • Grace Noel (as Grase)
  • Henessy
  • Jessica Neight
  • Marry Dream (as Marry Dreams)
  • Nelly
  • Art
  • Markus Tynai
  • Michael Chapman
  • Rocco Siffredi
Length:  2 Hrs 40 Min
Extras:  Trailers, Photo Galleries,  Cast List, Filmographies, Biography of Rocco 
Audio/Video Quality:  Stereo/Widescreen
Overview:  Rocco fucks some young Euro ass 
Condoms:  None
Scene One:
In a black and white interlude Aiza and Marry Dream are walking around a park in St. Petersburg, Russia when they meet Rocco and Art.  Both girls have mediocre looks but might look better naked.  Marry is wearing fairy wings and Rocco goes on and on about how she is an angel and Aiza is the devil.  Suddenly the picture turns color like The Wizard of Oz (but with potentially more anal).  It begins to rain so everyone goes back to Rocco's house.  Marry joins Art and Rocco in the bedroom where she gets naked and the results are jusk OK.  She has very small yet attractive tits.  Her ass is a bit flat and her pussy has razor burn.  She sucks both guys and her oral technique is amateurish.  Eventually Rocco digs her pussy out from behind as Art fucks her face.  Art moves into position behind her while she sucks Rocco and her fresh young body looks great getting spit-roasted.  Marry allows Art's dick in her dumper and has no problem taking him balls-deep.  Rocco of course also wants to sample her shitter and she has a little more trouble taking Rocco's more sizable beef stick in her back door.  Art gets back in her butt and really goes to town until he pulls out to reveal some impressive gapes.  This scene is turning out much better than the intro would suggest.  
Marry and Aiza have a gape-off.
Marry has gone from seemingly inexperienced teen to brazen ass whore in only about twenty minutes.  Rocco convinces Marry to go show her gaping hole to Aiza who then comes in the room but seems reluctant to submit her holes to Rocco and Art.  Well too bad because she's already in this movie and she should have done her homework.  Marry sits on the bed and diddles herself while Aiza sucks Art's cock.  There's an awkward edit and suddenly Aiza is spreading her gaping pooper as Rocco fucks it while Art buttfucks Marry face-down-ass-up on the floor.  Marry joins Aiza on the couch for a gape-off.  She piggybacks Aiza and Rocco gets behind them and moves his meat from gape to gape in a glorious buffet of blown-out buttholes.  Both girls go ass-to-mouth like perfect little whores.  Marry raises the stakes when she gets on the couch to take repeated double anal reamings from the guys.  Art dumps his babies in Marry's mouth to swallow but Rocco wants to give her one more face down ass fuck on the floor.  He sodomizes her until he can't take it anymore and finally squirts a load on her face and in her mouth.
Scene Two:
Rocco and Michael Chapman are driving through the countryside when they come up behind Czech girls Ferrara Gomez and Jessica Neight riding their bikes in the road.  The girls are young and pretty and Michael has Rocco stop the car so he can get out and offer them money for their underwear.  The girls decline and so Michael reluctantly gets back in the car and he and Rocco drives off.  They only live up the road though so when Ferrara and Jessica ride by the house they decide to take Michael up on his offer.  The give him some pressed hams against the window and Michael lures them inside with ice cream which he soon has the girls sucking off his cock.  Michael enjoys both of their oral skills in multiple positions.  The girls switch of either riding Michael's face or sucking his cock.  Jessica is the first girl to put her pussy on Michael's big black boner.  She does an OK job but she doesn't quite have the skills to take it all the way.  Jessica does have a cute little ass though and it looks good bouncing with Michael's meat between her thighs.  
Michael, Jessica and Ferrara form a human centipede.
Jessica never really gets comfortable in the scene and Michael's facial expressions don't help.  The guy looks like a troll and his maniacal grimaces make me expect him to start repeating "my... PRECIOUS!!" like Gollum at any minute.  When Ferrara gets on top for a ride she fares a little better than Jessica who mainwhile is whatching all the action while flicking her bean.  There's some nice action as Ferrara rides Micahel's meat while Jessica laps at his ball sack like a thirsty fuck puppy.  Jessica rims Ferrara while Ferrara laps the head of Michael's wang as he holds her ass open for Jessica.  The teamwork at this point is what makes the scene work.  Jessica and Michael both get a taste of deep ass as everyone forms a human centipede with Jessica reaping the benefits of being the center link.  Finally Michael fucks Ferrara's ass when she gets face-down-ass-up and Jessica handles the intermittent ass-to-mouth duties.  To bring the scene home Michael eats Jessica's ass while beating his meat and pumps a thick load into her open mouth.
Scene Three:
Rocco meets Hennesy and Grase at the waterfront parkway.  Hennesy is a young brunette hotty but Grase has an unfortunate  downsy look.  Rocco gets Grase to flash the camera revealing tiny tits and a firm round ass. Things get awkward when Nelly approaches Rocco and wants his key or something.  Perhaps he renting a room from her?  Who knows.  Then they meet Russian Sailor Markus Tynai and inviting him back to the apartment for a fuck later.  When Rocco and the girls get home he gives their bodies more thorough inspections.  Grase has a tight young body in spite of her butterface.  Hennesy has and INCREDIBLE body with perky perfect tits and a high-and-tight ass.  I can't wait for Markus to go to town on her holes.  The girls eat each others'pussy and assholes and their bodies look amazing.  Rocco gets in on the action too by fingerblasting both girls in the dumper.  Hennesy is the first girl to swallow Rocco's cock and gives it an enthusiasic suck before Grase also gets in on the action.  They don't get the chance to finish him off before lucky bastard Markus gets there.  
Hennesy ASS-umes the position.
He sucks face with Grase while Hennesy can't wait to get her lips around his fat boner.  Markus fucks both their faces and gives their salads a good tossing.  He humps Henessy first from behind in a hot standing doggy position before transitioning to an even hotter full nelson fuck.  Grase takes it up the butt first in a hot anal doggy fuck while Henessy intermittently goes ass to mouth and rims Grase's gape.  He wrecks her rectum and Grase takes it deep and hard with no complaints.  Next up is Henessy and she gets face-down-ass-up also as Markus jackhammers her pristine pooper.  Grase is there to provide some variety in the form of an ass-to-mouth face fuck.  Hennesy's asshole gets the same deep dick treatment as Grase's and she seems to love it even more.  It's time for Markus to get back in Grase's anus now in an anal squat fuck on the couch while Henessy eats his asshole from underneath.  Hennesy goes ankles-to-Jesus so Markus can get back in her asshole until his drains his nuts all over her face.
Scene Four:
In a continuation of the previous scene, Nelly enters and asks a jizz-soaked Hennesy where Rocco is.  Hennesy kisses her on the mouth which doesn't disturb Nelly as much as it should. After Hennesy and Grase share some sticky soul kisses, Nelly finds Rocco in the bedroom.  Rocco offers her the key she seems to want but he is clearly horny from filming the previous scene.  She barely has time to react before Rocco is ripping of her panties and eating her ass.  Nelly is a cute Russian girl and her body is fresh and natural with a plump round ass.  
Nelly serves up her asshole as a snack for Rocco.
Rocco eats her ass like a starving African child before she throats his meat deeply.  Rocco serves Nelly up a rough pounding fuck over the bedframe and it it's H-O-T.  Nelly will be lucky if she ever gets fucked this hard again in her life, much less her career.  Rocco gives her asshole another furious rimming before fucking her face and smothering her with his asshole.  He dicks her deep on her back in the pussy and pooper as his sucks her dirty foot (eww).  Rocco sprays his goop all over her face to end this short but satisfying scene.
Final Thoughts:
Rocco was in fine form here as both talent and director.  This movie delivers on many levels, especially the level where pretty young girls get fucked hard and put away wet.  The first scene started out slowly and without much promise but turned into a Rocco-level power ass fuck.  Scene two had it's issues but is ultimately strokeable and has some replay value.  Scene three was the centerpiece of the disc and really had some great footage of fuckable babes getting the ass reaming of their young lives.  And scene four was just a cherry on top of the sloppy anal sundae.  Only tree full length scenes and a short fourth left me wanting and some of the girls fell short in the looks department but over all this disc is replayable so I give Rocco's Psycho Teens 2 a rating of Recommended.

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