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Babysitter Diaries 8

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 8/16/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Babysitter Diaries 8

Reality Junkies/Mile High Studio

Directed by Bobby Manila

Written by Sunny Boyd

Date of Production: Feb/Mar 2012

Running Time: 2:30:13



Lizz Tayler

Maddy O'Reily

Jada Stevens

Tanner Mayes

Molly Bennet

Erik Everhard

Johnny Sins

Nacho Vidal

Mr. Pete

Toni Ribas


Special Features:

Slide Show/Gallery

Cumshot: 5:04

Solos/Striptease: 18:01

Behind the Scenes Footage: 15:11, interviews and stuff


Technical Specs:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video:Mpeg-2 at around 3-6 (seems to be higher during sex)


Overall Thoughts:

 When it comes to reviewing these compilations for the various web sites, you are always concerned about a few things: the quality of the cast (usually one or two great scenes, along with some rather blah scenes), the lack of special features, and usually the lack of quality of the audio and video.

Well I can say that pretty early on, I was not worried about any of those things. We started off with two great scenes with Maddy and Lizz, and even though we hit a little speed bump after that, we end on two scenes that had some moments of good. When it comes to the special features, we get plenty to enjoy, with about 50 minutes of special features, highlighted by some striptease footage, which let's you enjoy these lovely ladies even more. And even though the audio/video wasn't amazing, still seemed to be better than we are used to.

And since I had no reason to be worried for this release, I give this a RECOMMENDED rating. After working up a sweat watching the first two scenes, still plenty of good here and there for the rest of the movie to keep you up and at attention.

Scene Two:Lizz/Erik

"Lizz fakes an emergency while babysitting which ends her boss's date, but she'll finish it up on her own"

 It's easy to see that these two want each other, and he wants her out of her clothes just as quick. After some boob love, he dives in and offers her pussy some attention. I was wondering if he was going to come up for air after awhile. She's no slouch when it comes to the oral either, bobbing and gagging on his cock, keeping it nice and wet. He teases her as she begs for his cock, so he slides inside her pussy and grabs on tight to her boobs as the fucking starts. She has a bad case of the shakes, which means a job well done by Erik. And when you have a nice booty, the camera likes to focus on it whenever it can. They both seem that they are on the verge of cumming at numerous points in this scene, and much like the previous scene, they also seem like they could go on forever. And speaking of forever, I am guessing he likes the taste of her pussy, spends of lot of time licking and sucking it. Some very nice reverse cowgirl as the legs are flying everywhere, great energy indeed. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock, then back to some doggy, with her face down, ass up (that's the way we like to fuck-2 Live Crew).They end with some missionary and then she jerks him off in her mouth, and she makes sure she gets every last drop. Another solid scene, rather impressed so far. For some reason I stop following her on Twitter, and after this, I have fixed that problem. I am sorry for leaving.

Scene Three:Molly/Johnny

"Molly is working for a corrupt politician, and she decides to try a little corruption with him herself"

She wants to see his "political platform", if you know what I mean. And he seems to have a firm stance on her boobs, grabbing on tight. Some great foreplay to start off. And as she falls to her knees and begins to gag on his cock, we see her gag refelx is not able to handle all of him. He is back to her boobs, as he heads south and makes his way to her pussy, giving it a nice tongue lash/finger bang. She presents her ass, as he slides deep inside her pussy, and she gives out a few shrieks when he really goes deep. This is a decent scene, seems to be missing a little from the previous scene. Although it could be all the loud screaming from Molly that could be throwing me off a little. They must not be too worried about waking the baby. They continue with some cowgirl, some tongue in her ass, and some very loud screaming and moaning during some spoon. Scene ends as he cums on her face.


Scene Four:Tanner/Toni

"Tanner's a med student who babysits on the side. When her boss comes hone injured, she'll put her expertise to practice"

Just going to say it is weird seeing Toni not fucking on a ship, after watching/reviewing two movies of people getting fucked all over a ship. He has a sprained ankle and she decides a hand up his shorts, playing and teasing his cock, is the proper nursing technique, sounds good to me. There is some very strong and hot forepay to start off this scene. She bends over and teases his cock with her pierced tongue, while arching her back and booty for the camera. He reaches over and slides his hand up her shorts, making sure she is ok too, how nice. She gives him a little strip tease, and he dives in her pussy. She has a few piercings around her pussy and stomach. He continues to tease, as he slides his cock near her pussy, asking her if she wants it, spoilers, she does. I can see that he is going to be a little rough with her, starting off as he wraps his shirt around her neck. He works her pussy over nicely with the finger/cock combo making sure she is enjoying the sex. Much like the other scenes with Toni, he tries to work his magic fingers to get her to squirt, I think I did end up seeing a few drops. Seems to loose a little heat and momentum during the cowgirl, just seem to be on a different page from each other, and that awkwardness shows up during some doggy too. Some finger teasing in her ass, but nothing any bigger for the rest of the scene, although she talks about it a lot. These two like sharing spit throughout this scene. After some rather rough doggy, he mounts her on the floor and things seem to be moving back in the right direction. And for the feet fans, they has some foot kissing,licking, and a footjob for you to enjoy. He ends up cumming inside her pussy and then they make sure you can see it drip out of her pussy, as it comes to an end. Overall a good scene, some rough parts, but enjoyable either way.


Scene One:Maddy/Nacho

"Maddy gets locked out of the house while babysitting, so she shows the locksmith how grateful she is for his help"

We start off with a slight audio issue during some of the dialogue, but is fixed pretty quick, whew. She made my list of why this year was so great, and I would hope by the time you finish watching this scene, you will agree with me. She likes her sex on the rough side, and with that, it looks like a perfect pairing with Nacho. They start off all nice and soft at first with some kissing, but then pushes her down, as she grabs onto his cock with both hands. Plenty of deep throating as the dominating of Maddy continues. She shows off her booty to the camera, and then he slides his cock in between her legs and teases her pussy, and then throws her on the couch and attacks her puffy pussy with mouth and fingers. And from the sounds it is making, I would say she is really excited and wet insider her pussy. Turns up the heat as she begs for his cock, and leads into some great doggy, filled with ass slaps. Also some great chemistry and energy between these two, feels like these two could go at it for hours. Her pussy is not going to be the only thing bright red by the end of this scene. She tries to fight it, but he works his magic fingers and gets her to squirt. There is a brief few moments where it gets a little too rough for my taste. I am starting to really enjoy the flat doggy stuff, and this just shows why. I can say that this is a great way to start off. Has a few moments of where it has the Elegant Angel look a little, just not as bright white as EA has in it's movies.


Scene Five:Jada/Mr Pete

"Jada needs some help from her friend who babysits, but the man of the house is the one who really helps her"

After starting the scene seeing Marie, I was a little sad inside to see her leave so quickly. She leaves and luckily for Jada, Mr Pete shows up and they get right to work. Off comes her bra, and she gets him deep inside her mouth, with some face fucking, leaving his cock very wet and covered in spit. And we know he likes big butts, so she bends over and gives her ass a few bounces before he slides inside her pussy. He sits back and let's her back that booty on his cock, showing some great energy. And if you are like Pete and like the big booty girls, you are going to enjoy the cowgirl action, as she grinds and bounces on his cock. Seems like another good pairing with this two, as they seem to work well with each other, during some spoon action. She gets his cock nice and wet again before he slides back in her pussy. I think there was some foot love from Pete, but it happens off camera, as it seems to be focused on the rest of her, during some missionary. He gives her a few drops of cum as they finish up.

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