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Crack Addict 8

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/18/12

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Category: Anal/Gonzo



Director: Mick Blue


Cast: Ashley Fires/Adel Sunshine/Jenna Lovely/Leony Aprill/Lucy Bell

Extras: Photo Gallery/Trailers/Cumshot Recap/BTS (featuring Ashley Fires)

Release Date:5/24/2012


Runtime: 2 hrs 32 mins



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Scene 1:

Adel Sunshine/Mick Blue

Dildo Play/Anal/Spooning/Reverse Cowgirl/Blowjob/Cowgirl/Missionary/Doggie/Cum on Ass (Medium Volume)

The premiere scene in 'Crack Addict 8' begins with Adel Sunshine giving us an outdoor tease sesh in an area that looks like you should probably keep your doors locked and your windows rolled up. There's train tracks, abandon warehouses and graffiti riddled buildings lining the background as Adel prances around merrily. The tease sequence was decent and is followed by some indoor dildo action as Adel yelps at the top of her lungs throughout the entire thing, which I understand, is a natural reaction for many girls, but when it's overdone it's quite obvious, and I'm starting to believe this is. Mick steps into the picture soon afterwards and helps Adel get her dildo as deep as possible into her fully stretched hole. The sex starts with anal, and is in a spoon position. I am 20 minutes through and Adel has not stopped moaning incessantly, so remember to keep your volume down if you've got neighbors. Anyways, the blowjob finally begins after the reverse cowgirl anal and Adel does some decent work with it as Mick fingers her pussy when she does so. Thee sex continues again afterwards with Mick fucking her pussy, this time as she rides him cowgirl style. The scene carries on with a lot more anal, and constant loud moaning. It goes on and on and on. And on. Finally, we come to a close with Mick releasing his fluids onto Adel's butt cheeks after coming out of a spooning anal position. This scene was sub par for me. I'm really not sure why they chose to carry it on for 40 minutes, or make it a first scene for that matter, but I suppose that's why I'm a reviewer and they're the porno makers. The sex here actually seemed good for them and it seemed like they had a good chemistry, but for some reason it just didn't translate to film in the way that I personally would have liked. This scene was not great for me, in fact it was pretty bad.

Click here for a sample gallery and trailer from this scene courtesy of Data18.com!


Scene 2: (Scene to Remember)

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Ashley Fires/Mick Blue

Tease/Female Masturbation/Dildo Play/Doggie/Anal/Gaping/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/FaceFucking/Spooning Anal/ATM/Facial (Medium Volume)

The second scene begins with the incredible Ashley Fires performing another tease session for us. She's wearing stockings, fully decked with a garter belt and a white bra with black polka dots to top it off. I'm not going to lie, Ashley was %100 the reason that I chose to review this film, and I'm betting just about anyone that buys or rent this film feels the same way. Everyone knows that Ashley is pretty much my fave performer right now, but I'm going to do my very best to review this scene honestly regardless of that. Onward. The tease is somewhat slow moving, set to the sounds of some terribly cheesy elevator music, but I digress. There's a close up of Ashley's face in the middle that is fucking epic. The tease is great, she spits on her tits early on, which was fantastic, and her expressions are enough to make you whimper. The music cuts as we get a close up view of her playing with herself before taking off her panties and putting them in her mouth, have I mentioned that I love this girl yet? I think I have. Anyways, we move on with some anal dildo play as Ashley fingers her pussy simultaneously during. Mick steps onto set shortly after to help Ashley with her dildo as she holds her asshole gaped open asking if he likes her dirty fuckhole. Mick doesn't provide her with an answer, but I found myself answering, "Yesss" when I was watching this part. The sex starts in a doggie position as Mick continues dildoing her asshole while doing so. Seconds later the anal begins and Ashley is taking it like the champion that she is. The blowjob then starts with Ashley on all fours on the couch while gasping to take every inch of Mick down her throat, the camera focuses on her nicely during this and Ashley's energy is unmistakabley genuine as she stares into the camera seductively. The sex continues after and bounces from anal to vaginal sporadically during. Ashley is fucking amazing thus far and there is absolutely no denying it. Her actions, expressions, and overall attitude are unequivocally top notch. There are a couple of times throughout the scene where Mick pulls his dick out of her ass and Ashley holds open her hungry mouth to take a hard facefucking, I loved it so very much. The scene comes to a close with Mick releasing his juices over Ashley's wanting face, before she sucks his excess cum out of her hair and gives a couple final throatfucks. This scene was great, Ashley is a force to be reckoned with in all aspects of porn, and the fact that I would drink her bathwater probably helps alot as well.

Click here for a sample gallery and trailer from this scene courtesy of data18.com!


Scene 3:

Jenna Lovely/Mick Blue

Tease/Dildo Play/Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Spooning/Cowgirl/Missionary Anal/Gaping/FootPlay/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Doggie/Cum on Stomach (Medium Volume)

The third scene begins again with a tease session involving Jenna Lovely, followed by some dildo play as we get a pov upshot view of Jenna doing the deed. She moves through some various positions during the dildo play and doesn't neglect her asshole one bit. This scene, unlike the others begins with a blowjob that is seemingly pretty short, and moves to our first cunnilingus of the entire film. It's a short rug munching sesh and the sex begins soon afterwards in a spoon style fucking as Mick really pounds her nicely. The sex carries on well, and the energy is pretty nice too. The anal comes in later in a missionary style as Jenna stimulates herself during much of this. The scene comes to a close after Mick pulls out of Jenna from the missionary position and releases his load over her stomach before she laps it up with her fingers. This scene was good, better than the first scene but nowhere near the second.

Click here for a sample gallery and trailer from this scene courtesy of Data18.com!


Scene 4:

Leony Aprill/Neeo

Public Tease/Female Masturbation/Dildo Play/Doggie/Anal/Blowjob/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Cum in Mouth (Medium Volume)

The next scene begins with another tease sequence featuring Leony Aprill that takes place next to a busy highway, yes you read that right. Hot girl in fishnets heels and lingerie standing next to a highway dancing around and strutting her stuff, I hope there were no accidents that day. The tease is nice but Leony looks a tad hesitant during it, understandably so. I'm digging this girls style though, and she seems to warm up as it moves on which is a redeeming factor as well. Her tits are out before long and she's masturbating herself as she stares into the camera, great stuff. We cut to indoors where Leony is on the couch with her naked ass facing us as she fingers it, before jamming a dildo into it and sucking it. Neeo then walks onto set and gives a helping hand to our starlet before some doggie style sex to initiate the action. The ass fucking starts in after, as Neeo gives it to her nicely before she turns around to engulf his cock done her throat as best she can. The blowjob is pretty nice here but I have yet to see a super sloppy one in the film which has me a bit riddled, but I suppose I'll live. We move forward with more anal, and the scene comes to a premature close with Neeo cumming in Leony's mouth before she spits most of it onto her tits and stomach. I liked Leony's energy but this scene didn't really have much time to get good, so I'll have to say that it was just okay for me.

Click here for a sample gallery and trailer from this scene courtesy of Data18.com!


Scene 5:

Lucy Bell/Will

Tease/Female Masturbation/Dildo Play/Blowjob/Doggie/Cowgirl/Doggie Anal/Spooning Anal/Facial (Medium Volume)

The final scene starts with another outdoor tease sesh from the naturally beautiful Lucy Bell. She stands in front of a vacant pond and shakes her money maker as the camera follows her. The tease is much like the previous scenes and goes on for about 6 minutes or so before we cut to the couch where Lucy is sucking on a dildo while staring into the camera. Lucy is completely nude from first sight and moves straight to the two hole after a little vag play. The dildo action is pretty sub-par in my opinion, and is followed by Lucy's friend 'Will' joining her on the couch as they start in on some heavy petting. The bj begins soon after, and Lucy sits on all fours on the couch whole giving Will a pretty standard blowie to say the most. This scene is dragging already and its barely started. The sex begins in a doggie style manner, and moved through the rigor. It does seems to be gaining some steam during the cowgirl action, as Lucy pounces on Will's meat like a pogo stick here. There are some blowjobs in between the position changes but every one of them seems forced or coached in some form. The anal comes in about halfway through the scene and Lucy is squealing at the top of her lungs during most of it. It all comes to an end after Will shoots his ball batter over top of Lucy's face while some sprays onto her tits as well. This scene wasn't good. This file ended just as it began, with a bad scene. Boo.

Click here for a sample gallery and trailer from this scene courtesy of Data18.com!



I'll start by saying that there were a couple of high points in this film, but unfortunately not enough for me to recommend it. As I scour the scenes that I've watched and reviewed, I struggle to think of memorable moments in any other scenes aside from Ashley's. There's no sidestepping the fact that this film overall is just not that great. The behind the scenes was short and sweet featuring a little candid convo between the cameraman, Mick, and Ashley. I saw this and really hated the fact that I had to give this a bad review because Mick seems like a really good guy, but there's just no getting around it. Some of the scenes just didn't reach the point that I would have liked them to. So I'll say this, if you're at the porn shop and notice this one for rent, I would give it a look just for the fact that Ashley's scene is fantastic, and who knows, maybe you'll like the others too? Probably not though.


* Scene to Remember*

Ashley Fires/Mick Blue




i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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