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Cum Cravers #3

Studio: Other » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/21/12

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Category: Blowjob/Gonzo/POV


Cast: Anita Blue/Allura Bond/Shay/Estelle Lawrence/Devyn Gotti/Tina Marsolis

Release Date: 7/23/2012

Special Features: Photo Gallery



Scene 1:

Allura Bond

Short Interview/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Gagging/FaceFucking/Facial (Medium Volume)

The first scene in 'Cum Cravers #3' begins with Allura Bond getting interviewed, the director doing the questioning also mentions that this is for the website '1000 Facials' which is a little fun fact for anyone wanting to check these scenes out without renting or buying the DVD. Anyways, the interview is brief and the action starts soon after with Allura initiating the blowjob. She's deepthroating from the start and things get pretty sloppy in a hurry here. This blowjob is full of deepthroats actually, and as it goes on Allura keeps it magnificently messy with lots of gagging and choking. We continue on with much of the same, however I'm definitely entertained by Allura's continuous efforts to throat the cock, as she gasps and gags repeatedly. Toward the middle she hangs her head off of the couch upside down while being facefucked repeatedly. Lots and lots of slobber and drool fill this scene before Allura receives a facial as she hangs upside down. This scene was decent, although by the time the cumshot came, Allura looked like she had enough. Pretty good scene I guess.

 Scene 2:


Interview/Blowjob/Facial (Medium Volume)

The next scene begins with Shay walking in a bedroom as she gets a short interview by our cameraman before kneeling for the blowjob festivities. It begins pretty slow, with ball licking and a pretty standard-issue bj. She later whips her shirt off, but this bj has nowhere near the energy or enthusiasm that the last scene did. Toward the middle of the scene Shay does pick it up a little bit, but the effort just doesn't seem to be cutting it for me, and there's really no deepthroating at all. We carry on with much of the same before Shay gets an average sized facial to cap it off. This scene seemed to go on forever and just wasn't very good. Keep the remote handy here, there will be a lot of fast forwarding.


Scene 3:

Estelle Lawrence

Short Interview/Blowjob/Handjob/Tit Fucking/Female Masturbation/Deepthroating Facial (Massive Volume)

The next scene starts again with a brief interview of Estelle Lawrence. Estelle takes her clothing off during this, leaving her in only knee high boots as her co-star fiddles with her vagina at times throughout. The bj starts about 6 minutes in and is again starting off pretty slow. Estelle gives a couple of decent deepthroats here but is struggling early on as her co-star holds her head steady. She lays flat on the bed later to get a proper facefucking before getting tit fucked a little bit as well in the process. The scene moves on and Estelle does give some nice deepthroating efforts throughout, but the energy definitely lacks. It all comes to an end with Estelle getting a monster cumshot to the face that goes into her hair while some even flies over her head. This scene was pretty good. It was better than the last, and the facial probably had a lot to do with it.

Scene 4:

Devyn Gotti

Short Interview/Blowjob/Facial (Medium Volume)

We begin again in an interview format as Devyn Gotti talks about where she's from and a couple other things before the camera cuts abruptly to the heavy petting. Devyn is on all fours leaning on the couch when the blowjob starts. Again, it's a very slow beginning, without much deepthroating or energy at all. We continue on as our pal getting the bj coaches our director on what shots to get and how to properly film the blowjob. Then, out of nowhere, not even 10 minutes through the scene, the cumshot happens. It was a little surprising and the facial was pretty subpar. This scene was not good. Didn't like it. I've never seen a good 10 to 12 minute porn scene in my life and this was no exception.


Scene 5:

Tina Marsolis

Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/FaceFucking/Facial (Medium Volume)

Next, we cut straight to the chase with Tina Marsolis giving a blowjob as the scene opens. The deepthroating starts early on and Tina is getting after it pretty nicely. This is definitely the sloppiest scene since the first one in the film as Tina pulls away from the cock at various times to show us the stream of spit from mouth to cock. Tina almost never looks at the camera but just to reiterate, this blowy is still and far and away the best one since the first scene. We move on switching positions to a pov style viewing where Tina really keeps getting after it well. Tina never talks or makes much of an effort to show any sort of personality throughout the scene, but she definitely makes it apparent to the viewer that she really enjoys sucking dick which is a nice touch. We carry on with Tina keeping it sloppy but never taking her shirt off in the entire scene. The only nudity here is the cock, but it's still better than the last couple scenes by a landslide. It all comes to an end when Tina gets a decent sized facial. When all was said and done, this was an okay scene, better than most in the film but still nothing to write home about.

Scene 6:

Anita Blue

Blowjob/Deepthroating/Tit Fucking/Facial (Medium Volume)

The final scene in 'Cum Cravers #3' begins in a dark room with the gorgeous and spunky Anita Blue. They talk a little bit about the Paris Hilton porn and our cameraman playfully asks her if she could do a better job than Paris did in her porno. Anita says she definitely can and we begin the bj soon afterwards. The camera stays lowlit in an effort to apparently look like the Paris Hilton porn. I have no idea why someone would want to recreate that movie because it was pretty horrible in my opinion. Anyways, Anita really gets after it in a hurry, throating and spitting on the cock as she gives her best efforts to take it all the way down. They move through various blowjob positions throughout the scene and although there are some nice parts, the energy does seem to lack a little bit as it moves on. We come to a close with Anita being the recipient of a mediocre cumshot to the face. This scene was ok, but along with the rest of this movie, it was not great. 



After watching this film, I would not recommend it. Even if you're a die hard blowjob movie fan, I'd still tell you to keep your mits off of this one. The energy lacks hard in most of the scenes, and even the best scenes in the film are still not that great at all. Aside from one good cumshot, and two ALMOST decent scenes, there was nothing in this movie that stood out whatsoever. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not buy this fucking movie.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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