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Follow Me 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/24/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Big Butt/Gonzo/POV


Dirtector: Nacho Vidal

Cast: Carol Vega/Chanel Preston/Natalia Zeta/Jessie Rogers/Susi Gala

Release Date: 6/15/2012

Runtime: 131 Minutes

Extras: Photo Galleries/Trailers/Web

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Scene 1:

Carol Vega/Nacho Vidal

Blowjob/Doggie/Missionary/Cum on Ass (Medium Volume)

The first scene in 'Follow Me 2' begins with the impromptu banging of Carol Vega by Nacho. In the pretext of the scene we see this disclaimer: This scene was not planned and entirely unscripted. I was showing my friend how to work the camera. When Carol Vega walked in, I just had to have her.

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This unscripted scene begins as Nacho said, with him explaining the camera to his friend. He calls Carol into the room and she walks in unattentively. She lifts up her skirt as she texts on her phone and we hear some intro music play briefly, or perhaps it was just Nacho's radio in the background, kind of hard to tell. Anyways, she shuts the door behind her and Nacho is sounding like a rabid beast behind the camera. Down goes Carol for the bj and so we begin. Carol is taking it deep from the start and we are viewing this in a pov format as her head is smashed up against the wall behind her. The sex begins a short time after where Nacho takes her doggie style over the table. This is another brief position that interludes with Carol getting more comfortable and taking some of her clothing off before they really get down to business. The action continues in a missionary position again on the table. I really love Carol and Nacho's chemistry, this is the second scene I've reviewed with these two together and they both have been great each time. We move on in a relatively softer format than I'm used to in Nacho's movies but still a great encounter nonetheless. It's all filmed in pov as I'm guessing Nacho's friend is outside waiting to learn how to use the camera still. It ends quickly after about 20 minutes or so with Nacho laying a jizz pile all over Carol's backside. A nice scene to begin this film.


Scene 2:

Chanel Preston/Nacho Vidal

Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Spooning/Face Smacking/Facial (Medium Volume)

Our next scene begins with Chanel Preston waking down what looks to be a hotel hallway and looking fucking incredible while she does it. She's wearing a fishnet style short skirt and red heels as this short tease session goes on. She gives the camera some sultry looks before we see her sitting on the couch as Nacho shares some words with her, this girl is stunning to say the very least (as if you didn't already know). She takes off her top layer to then reveal a bathing suit style top and bottom that she's rocking underneath. Nacho then walks out from behind the camera to frisk her. The action begins with Nacho munching some muff before he strips off his bottoms to receive a blowjob. With her tits now fully exposed Chanel struggles to take all of Nacho's member down her throat while gasping in between her attempts. There's a really nice moment after this where the two stare into each others eyes as Nacho jostles his hand in her pussy. The sex begins in a doggie style position where Chanel is trying to hold her ground as Nacho pummels her from the back. They stay in this position for a while and even after they come out go directly back into it, even harder as Nacho gives a couple of choice smacks to Chanel's face when doing so. Nacho then flips her upward to continue fucking her but now in a reverse cowgirl position. The scene carries on strong and Chanel's pouty looks that she gives to Nacho at various times throughout are amazingly cock stiffening. During the spoon style fucking the camera gets a really nice shot of Chanel's picturesque body laying in wait, it is magnificent. The scene comes to a close with Chanel going to her knees to receive a nice cum facial from Nacho as she stares up at him longingly before looking into the camera and saying playfully, "Next girl." annnnnndd scene. I loved it. This was a simple scene,  nothing more than two great stars with fantastic chemistry fucking each other. If you can't appreciate that, then you just don't like porn.


Scene 3:

Natalia Zeta/Nacho Vidal

Blowjob/Ass Eating/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Anal/Gaping/
Doggie Anal/Facial (Medium Volume)

The next scene begins abruptly with Natalia Zeta already naked on her knees in front of Nacho and his camera. She shares some choice words with him in Spanish, but I'm no translator so I'm really not sure what they're saying. Anyways, Natalia gets down to business as she chews her bubble gum in between sucks, a nice added touch I thought. Natalia is super playful and teasy as this continues and I'm liking what I'm seeing early on in this scene. Lots of spitting from Natalia also takes place as she gives a couple nice deepthroats to Nacho in between. The fucking starts again in a doggie style variety over top of the bed in front of them as Natalia moans while sticking her ass out perfectly for the camera. Wow, this is a great sequence of events here that takes place, most of them involve the ability of Natalia's ass to raise to the sky as Nacho reams her from the back. The anal then starts in soon after this and carries on in several different positions. The scene moves on and the fucking stays well energized before Nacho pulls out of a doggie style anal to shoot his ball batter all over Natalia's face. I enjoyed this scene thoroughly, Natalia even lost an earring during the anal, a surefire sign of a good scene.


Scene 4:

Jessie Rogers/Nacho Vidal

Cunnilingus/Doggie/Blowjob/Cowgirl/Missionary/Choking/Face Slapping/Spooning/Facial (Medium Volume)

The next scene begins with the gorgeous Jessie Rogers standing naked wearing only leg warmers and heels on a balcony as Nacho walks up to her and gropes her intensely. The sex begins very soon after as Nacho takes her from the back in a doggie style ramming. Jessie gives out some heavy high pitched moans as she spits on her hand several times before rubbing her pussy with it. Jessie's fabulous ass is showcased several times through this introduction to the scene and I am liking what I'm seeing. When the blowjob starts in Jessie spits out her gum and does her best to take everything Nacho dishes out. The blowjob gets relatively sloppy and Jessie's expressions are adorable in the most perverted of ways. After the blowie Nacho walks her inside by her hair where Jessie lays ass up on the couch in wait. The atmosphere is pretty lowlit here but just enough to catch the vibe, nothing is missed or neglected in doing this. The action stays in the doggie position for quite a while before we move to Jessie jumping on Nacho for some cowgirl action. Nacho then continues in tossing her to the floor for some rough missionary fucking full of face slaps and spit action. There are a lot of quick position changes in this scene as it goes on, and Jessie takes every one of them like a pro. Her submissive behavior here makes this scene what it is, and the dribbles of pussy juice that run down her leg are telling me that she is really into all of it. Some of the positions that these two get in during this scene have yet to be named, and the looks of utter satisfaction on Jessie's face throughout it are lovely. The scene ends with Nacho pulling out to finish himself off on Jessie's pussy and stomach before she licks some off of her. Before the screen fades to black we see Jessie walk into the bathroom where she teases the camera with her ass over the bathroom counter top, she then makes out with herself in the mirror. Wow is all I can say. Great energy, great intensity. GREAT SCENE.


Scene 5:

Susi Gala/Nacho Vidal

Tease/Blowjob/Doggie/Cunnilingus/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Spooning/Facial (Medium Volume)

The final scene in 'Follow Me 2' begins with the stunningly beautiful Susi Gala sitting on a stool with her ass sticking out as Nacho breathes heavy from behind the camera. She teases in front of the mirror as Nacho gropes her at various times throughout. Susi grabs Nacho's member soon after this and falls to her knees to begin the blowjob. The blowjob is nice but lacks a little in the sloppy category, however I'm not complaining. After a fairly short bj the camera cuts to Susi sitting on all fours on top of her bed while Nacho eats her out. The sex starts then in a doggie position, and we then hear a phone ring in the background. At first I though nothing of it, but Nacho then grabs the phone and hands it to her the while he's still fucking her. I can't make this stuff up. Anyways, she says some words in Spanish to the party on the other end of the line and the scene continues on without missing a beat. The sex moves through several positions and Susi's perfect body is showcased pretty nicely for this scene being shot mainly in a pov format. The scene comes to an end after Susi jerks and sucks Nacho to completion before he releases his load in her mouth and on her face. Scene. I liked it, not the best in the film but Susi Gala is a beauty, and I will definitely look for more from her after watching this.


This film had some great scenes in it, and some great intesnity in those scenes. I would definitely recommend it to those who appreciate a nice backside, and a pretty face, because every girl in this movie was really hot. Jessie's scene was probably the most intense scene, and the 'bedroom bangings' of Carol Vega and Susi Gala were good scenes but those scenes were a little shorter than the ones in the middle of the movie. When all is said and done, I'd check this one out, Nacho has put another solid group of scenes together, so look for this one at your local store, I think you'll be happy you did.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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