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Shot At Home's Amateur POV Vol. 2

Studio: Other » Review by Jack Sesh » Review Date: 9/19/12

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre:  Amateur, POV 
1 Hr 40 min  
Audio/Video Quality:  
Mostly unattractive girls get fucked out of focus 
Scene One:
As the scene opens we seen Summer outside by the jacuzzi.  She disrobes to reveal a decent body in a purple bikini but her face looks a bit fugly.  There is no sound which is annoying.  She gets in the jacuzzi but nothing happens.  cut to the interior of the hotel room or whatever.  Summer takes of her bikini bottoms and gets on the bed, giving us a nice shot of her round ass.  The fun stops again soon though as the camera lingers on an extreme closeup her bald meaty pussy. She gets on all fours to diddle herself giving another good view of her booty, which is a good thing because her face didn't get any prettier once they moved inside.  
Summer shows us her best side.

The look on her face also expresses that she's not really into it which is one of the biggest turnoffs there is.  Scott's dick finally makes an appearance and Summer sucks it hungrily while he fingerblasts her.  Summer seems to relax and enjoy herself more when she lies on her back so Scott can bone her.  There is way too many genital closeups for my taste.  Summer takes the camera and films them in the mirror and it's the best shot of the scene.  Scott blows his load and gives us another gross closeup of Summer's pussy, this time leaking his jizz.
Scene Two:
Still no sound in this scene.  Lisa is a cute-ish Asian wearing a cheesy fetish police uniform. Her body looks decent.  She flashes us a little ass and titty before diving mouth first onto Craig's limp cock.  She sucks him hard and quickly jumps up on his boner.  Her tits are small but well shaped and proportioned.  She gives him an active ride and seems to be at least moderately into it.  She finally takes the costume off so we can get a good shot of her body.  Craig tries to fuck her from behind but it doesn't seem to work for some reason and the camera goes out of focus for way too long.  
All this scene needed was a paper bag.

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LIsa gets on her back for a fuck and it works a little better this time.  Again too much genital closeup and the camera won't stay in focus.  Craig could use some serious manscaping as well as camera lessons.  They bust out the lube so that Craig can get in her butt.  Craig doesn't get in much further than the head but Lisa seems to enjoy it, especially when she starts flicking her bean.  He bangs away at her back door until he pulls out just in time to spray a decent load on her tits and belly.
Scene Three:
Tracy is a small-chested blonde wearing a pink halter top and panties.  she's not that pretty in the face but her body looks aiight.  She pulls Chad's underpants off and gives him some slow sensual head.  She uses her hands well and doesn't neglect the balls.  Tracy takes off her panties to reveal a bald beev.  She turns around so we can check out her ass while she rides Chad's cock.  She looks back over her shoulder and makes some good eye contact and I'd like to know what dirty talk she's saying but I never will because THERE'S NO FUCKING SOUND.  
Tracy shows Chad where to put his dick.

Tracy really works Chad's dick, making this by far the best performance on the disc so far.  She may not be pretty but at least she knows how to fuck.  she turns around and gives Chad an HJ before getting on her back to take a deep dicking.  Too much closeup again but it doesn't last that long.  Chad pulls out so Tracy can jack him off but very little jizz comes out.  She diddle's her twat to finish herself off.  Suddenly she shows a long string of jizz on her leg so I don't know if he came in her pussy and it squirted out or what the fuck happened.

Scene Four:
Kimber is a super hot blonde getting fucked on her back as the scene starts.  Brett is pounding her mound and She seems to like it.  She takes the camera to give us a POV from her perspective.  When Brett takes the camera back which is a good thing because I'd like to see more of Kimber's face while she gets fucked and less of her pierced clit.  Finally Brett zooms out and we get a good look of Kimber's whole body as she gets fucked.  She's still wearing a pink camisole and she should really get naked.  Quick edit and Kinber is bouncing on Brett's cock as her fucks her from behind.  
Kimber finally makes this disc spankable.

This is the first strokable moment on the disc so far.  She gives great eye contact over her shoulder and she can really work a dick.  There's some low-angle camera work in nightvision that goes on too long where we see Craig's blue dick go into Kimber's blue pierced pussy.  There's some confusion briefly where you can't tell what's going on but then Craig gets behind Kimber again and gives her pussy a good pounding.  He even puts her arm behind her back for a little taste of the rough stuff.  To finish the scene Kimber throats Craigs meat until he jerks a small load onto her face.
Scene Five:
Jizelle is in the kitchen making coffee and wearing a tie dyed dress.  She's a cute young brunette and doesn't hesitate to pull up her dress to show off her pantiless ass.  She flashes her small pierced boobs as well and they are more depressing.  She drops to her knees to suck Josh's cock.  She has a perfect no-handed method and she can suck a mean dick.  Seriously this girl should go pro.  I rarely jack off to blowjobs but this is highly spankable content.  Her eye contact is amazing.  She sucks his hairy balls too and she's a saint because he has a huge nasty man-bush.  The blowjob goes on for several minutes and I have no complaints.  Jizelle is clearly a cock-starved fuck slut and I am enjoying every minute of this.
Jizelle sucks and fucks like a pro.

 She finally takes off her dress and gets up on the counter so she can get fucked.  Again too much closeup of Josh's bush and Jizell's thick clit.  She bends over the counter and Josh gives her a nice deep dicking.  Good eye contact from Jizelle over her shoulder and I wish we could get some more of it.  She takes Josh's cock long and hard and the lack of sound here really hurts the scene.  Josh FINALLY puts the camera on the tripod and we get a nice wide shot of him pounding Jizelle's pussy from behind.  The fucks her hard for quite a while before dumping a big load of his kids all over the small of her back.
Scene Six:
Lastly we have Brenda and Colin.  Brenda sucks Colin's cock lying on a cheesy zebra print blanket beneath gun and sword racks.  Clearly there is a real white-trash vibe to this scene and Brenda's looks reflect that.  She is a dumpy ginger and looks less than thrilled to be on camera.  She sucks cock for a few seconds before getting a pube in her mouth which seems to ruin her already tepid mood.  She arranges some pillows so Colin can be comfortable as she rides him backwards.  
Would you stick your dick in this?  Colin did.

She bounces on his boner slow and uninspired.  This is a scene that I'm sure greatly benefits from the lack of sound, as I can imagine how unsexy her grunts and moans bust be.  She sucks his dick again and then gets on her back so he can drill her.  Her body is doughy and nasty and her face looks a little fetal-alcohol-syndromey.  Either that or she was huffing glue.  This is one of the few times where a closeup on the genitals is preferable to seeing the rest of the girl.  This is Really.  Bad.  Porno.  He gives it to her until she drops and pumps his cum into her mouth and she gags.
Final Thoughs:
I don't like amateur porn and this disc sums up why.  If I wanted to watch ugly people fuck badly I would just watch myself fuck.  Also these "directors" need to learn how the fucking camera works.  Porn (for me) is about fantasy and professionalism.  I don't want to watch amateur sports either.  I want to watch PROFESSIONAL sports.  The bar for female looks and fuck ability (and fuckability!) on this disc started pretty low with Summer and Scott. It was gradually raised through Tracy and Chad's mediocre scene where at least there was a bit of butt sex.  Tracy is a butterface but at least she can work a dick.  Kinber is a hot little slut and I could definately jack my dick to her scene.  The high point is Jizelle sucking Josh's cock long and slow before getting long deep dicking.  She could teach porn pros a thing or two about blowjob technique and the scene was greatly improved with the use of the tripod.  Then just when things were looking good the whole thing crashs and burns in to a flaming dumpster of shit with Brenda and Colin's scene.  Her body is like a condom full of oatmeal and she had all the sex appeal of a dead catfish.  Their scene couldn't end fast enough.  If you like amateur content then Shot At Home's Amateurs POV Vol. 2 has two scenes that are better than most but even Jizelle's scene isn't enough to warrant much replay so I suggest you Skip It.                                       

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