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Rocco's World

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 9/25/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Euro/Foreign/Gonzo




Cast: Delilah Strong/Tiffany Doll/Angel Rivas/Ferrara Gomez/Nataly Gold/Lindsay/Dulsineya/Mila Yul/Linda J/Amanda/Lucie/Lisa/Rocco Siffredi/Steve Holmes/Frenk Torelli/Crisitan Devil/Markus


Director: Rocco Siffredi

Extras: Extra Sex/Photo Galleries/Trailers/Web

Runtime: 2 hrs 57 mins

Release Date: 9/12/2012


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Scene 1:

Dulsineya/Lindsay/Milla/Linda/Nataly Gold/Amanda/Krokodil/Rocco/Markus

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Ass Eating/Blowjob/Footplay/Assplay/Cunnilingus/Heavy Deepthroating/Anal/Doggie Anal/ATM/Rimming/Cowgirl Anal/Missionary Anal/Pile Driver Anal/Spooning Anal/Gaping/Cum Swapping/Facials (three in total)

In the premiere scene in 'Rocco's World' we begin in an outdoor setting. There are five beautiful girls taking pictures of themselves with tourist mannerisms, as they stand in front of a large boat that sits in the ocean behind them. Rocco and Omar Galanti are pals who've seemed to stumble across this, as they look on in amazement. As they look on, we see Markus walk up to the girls in an admiral uniform, and the girls flock to him. As Rocco and Omar stare on from a distance they express their curiousity about how to get one of these uniforms. So Omar approaches Markus and his pal about purchasing one. The guys agree to get them one and while Markus has run off to find one Omar goes up to the girls and they seem a little befuddled by his actions. We move on and Rocco comes onto set in his admiral uniform asking the girls if they would like to be in the italian marina.

It appears that the guys are all in on the rouse now, and the girls are buying into it hard. We move to an indoor setting where Rocco takes Lucie into a room alone with him and he begins a short interview with her to see if she has what it takes to join the marina. The action starts in quickly here and before we know it Rocco is eating her asshole. There is also a short blowjob that follows with some decent deepthroating. After about 15 minutes, Rocco tells her that she has a job and sends her on her way. Next, Markus walks in Lindsay to Rocco's makeshift office for another interview. Rocco takes off Lindsay's clothes as she is a little thrown off by his methods, but still goes along. Rocco tells her that he has to get her measurements and this is the best way to do that. Lindsay is still unsure, but Rocco assures her that this is standard procedure as he eats her ass and gropes her accordingly. Another bj begins after where Lindsay gives a couple nice deepthroats before Rocco again tells her that she is part of the crew of the Italian marina. This goes on with all 5 of the girls and I must say that Rocco's antics are pretty funny at some points throughout. All the girls pass the test with flying colors and sit in wait in the other room until Rocco finishes his preliminary interviews. The final interview is given to Lindsay and the blowjob given by her is amazing. Super sloppy with some serious deepthroats and some anal sets in afterwards. Rocco eggs Lindsay on throughout this entire segment and tells her that she has earned the vice admiral award for being the best of all the candidates.

A sixth girl walks in unexpectedly and Rocco does the same interview with her as the others. When Rocco has finished his encounters with all of the girls he walks out to the other room where Markus, Krokodil, and all of the other girls have prepared a cake for him. The cake is mangled and spread all over everyone's body before the group sex scene finally begins. This is a fuckfest and to try to explain the entire scene would be pretty impossible, but I will say that there is some great action through all of it.

I have yet to see any vaginal sex in this melee of ass and pussy, but I suppose it's possible that I missed something. Nearing the end of the scene, Markus is the first to blow his load over Mira and another girl, then Krokodil does the same to two other girls. Now everyone has a seat on the couch as Rocco and his new vice admiral go at it hard in front of them. Rocco jams his entire hand down her  throat in epic fashion as he shoots his load onto her face and in her mouth. Everyone watches in aww as he does this and all I have to say is wow. Lindsay is definitely admiral material.

The scene ends shortly afterwards as Rocco tells everyone that when he is not on the boat, Lindsay is the boss. I loved this scene, lots and lots of action, and very re-watchable action at that. There was a ton of sex happening in every corner of view,well done.


Scene 2:

Angel Rivas/Ferrara Gomez/Tiffany Doll/Rick Angel/Frenk Torelli

 Facesitting/Femdom/Strap-On Play/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Anal/Cunnilingus/Face Spitting/Dildo Play/Doggie/Missionary/Facial (Medium Volume)

The next scene begins with Rocco running next to Ferrara Gomez who is riding her bike, the camera quickly cuts to indoors where Angel Rivas and Tiffany Doll are teasing Rick Angel and Frenk Torelli. There's some facesitting and a bit of femdom as Angel beats up on one of her men. Angel demands him to eat her pussy and when he goes in for some muff he's a bit surprised at what he finds. Angel pulls out her strap on dildo and smacks him on the face with it a couple times before ordering him to strip. He takes out his cock and Angel strokes it simultaneously as she strokes her strap-on. Again, the camera cuts to outdoors where Ferrara Gomez tells Rocco that she is going inside. Ferrara walks in to see Angel fucking with Frenk. Angel sees her and the focus is now mainly on Ferrara as the guys and Tiffany Doll watch the action. Ferrara starts sucking Angel's strap-on and Tiffany quickly joins in soon after. Ferrara then goes to the couch to suck some real cock as Angel bends Tiffany over the couch and begins some strap-on anal fucking. Lots of hands in mouths early on here make for some decently sloppy action. The two couples continue the action on separate ends of the couch and the dildo action between Angel and Tiffany heats up quickly. Angel is really tearing her up here. Angel has taken off her strap-on now but continues jamming huge dildos into Tiffany's mouth, ass, and pussy making for some great stroke fodder. The sex heats up in all facets soon after as there's now two guys involved. Angel and Tiffany get fucked while Ferrara sits off to the side and plays with herself during this segment. Angel continues being the main facilitator of the action commanding everyone in perfect femdom fashion. Next we have the girls line up to receive their facials while Angel continues coaching and gives a few final deepthroats to the guys before sharing a kiss with the girls as the screen fades to black. Again, i was pleased with this scene. I thought the use of femdom in it was a nice added touch as well.

Scene 3:

Delilah Strong/Cristian Devil/Steve Holmes

Tease/FoodPlay/Assplay/Milk Squirting/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Smothering/Doggie Cunnilingus/Anal/Missionary Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/ATM/Cowgirl Anal/Double Facial (High Volume)

The next scene begins with Delilah Strong in a maid outfit strutting around a house before she encounters Steve Holmes and Cristian Devil. Steve says that he wants to take his friend out for lunch but Cristian insists that he wants to cook for them. So Delilah leads Christian into the kitchen as Steve yells, "Don't fuck up my kitchen man!" Oh no, I have a feeling his kitchen is going to get fucked up. Anyways, we're now in the kitchen where Cristian starts to make an omelette for them but is quickly sidetracked by Delilah's fantastic ass. He lays her on the countertop with her ass up and begins breaking eggs with her butt cheeks. Uh oh, Steve is not going to like this. His kitchen is getting pretty dirty. We move on with some more bizarre cooking technique by Cristian, and Delilah seems to be taking a liking to it, even though she's spent all day cleaning the very kitchen that they're making a mess in.. During this, Cristian shoves pickles and eggs into her ass as Delilah giggles and laughs playfully. She puts some milk into her ass and squirts it onto Cristian's face before things get a little more heated and the bj begins. It's a pretty nice bj and Cristian breaks an egg over her head in the middle of it making for some super sloppy fun. Steve then walks onto set bewildered at what he's witnessing. "You guys are fucking up my kitchen!!!" he says angered. Delilah is covered in egg (no pun intended) and Cristian tries to tell him that it's no big deal. Steve then sends Delilah on her way and the screen cuts to later in the day where Cristian apologizes for his earlier actions. During this, Delilah walks out wearing a different outfit and Steve begins groping her. Cristian doesn't understand what's going on, but it turns out that Steve played a trick on him. Enough plotline description, let's get to the sex. The action begins with Delilah smothering Christian with her ass while she makes out with Steve. A nice double bj ensues afterwards where Delilah gets pretty sloppy before taking some doggie style sex from Christian. The anal sets in soon after with Steve railing Delilah while she sucks off Cristian. Delilah's intensity is fantastic as the guys take turns reaming her holes emphatically. Steve is the first to shoot his load as he does so over Delilah's wanting face before Cristian bends her over for some more anal. Christian then follows suit and releases his load over her face before Steve shoots yet another load over her face! Wow. Great scene, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Delilah's energy here. So far, this is my favorite scene in the film.


Scene 4:


Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Doggie/Ass Eating/Facesitting/Female Masturbation/Anal Missionary/Facial (Medium Volume)

The final scene in 'Rocco's World' begins with a nice walkshot of Lucie as she walks up to Rocco and begins asking about her t-shirt of all things, hmmm. Ok. Anyways, Rocco sits her on his lap and begins licking her nipples among other things before he asks her if she will give him a little blowjob before they go upstairs to meet Lucie's friend. Lucie concurs and the bj starts in. Some nice deepthroats are given by Lucie early on as Rocco coaches her a little bit throughout. The spit trails that Lucie creates are fantastic and Rocco rubs his cock over her face to make for an extra messy bj. Lucie keeps telling Rocco that it's too big, but Rocco apparently has faith in Lucie to take him all the way down, which she eventually does after some struggling. Some doggie style sex begins after, and is interrupted as we hear a fake siren and Lucie tells Rocco that the police are here. Rocco and Lucie then scamper away from the window and walk into the other room where Lucie's friend Lisa is waiting. Lisa is dressed wonderfully in tight white shorts, black heels, and a tank top as she ravages Rocco directly upon his entrance. Lucie is a little jealous of them as she sits off to the side when the next bj begins. Lucie strips in the background as Lisa sucks off Rocco sensually. Lisa then stands up and bends over putting her perfect ass in Rocco's face as he begins feasting while she pushes it out as far as possible. Lucie still sits behind them masturbating as they continue in the pervy pre-sex foreplay. The sex here begins in a doggie style position again and Lisa's perfect body is showcased wonderfully. The anal sets in after and continues for awhile before the screen cuts and Rocco starts in on Lucie now while Lisa sits off in the corner. Lucie lays flat on the bed as Rocco pummels her from behind. Lisa then steps into the action to lend a helping hand and before we know it Rocco has taken her to the side and starts fucking her in a missionary position. Rocco then shoots his load over her face as Lucie looks on, and the screen then fades to black. Another great scene in this film.



After all is said and done with this film, I found it to be quite pleasing. The first scene was fantastic and a definite re-watch for anyone who enjoys group sex/gangbang material. There was a nice added touch of different styles of sex throughout the film as well. Rocco has stated in his desciption of this film that it is NOT a fetish film, and that the entire concept of the film was to show fun. I agree with that statement, and although the plotlines were a little hard to follow at times, I appreciate how the film was captured overall. Sometimes, silly plotlines can really make a sex scene fizzle out, but I have always believed that Rocco is one of the absolute best at doing this type of scene. All of the scenes had a short story to go with them, and I found it to add to the character of the film well. Another noteworthy detail is the 'Extra sex' feature on the DVD which includes an amazing blowjob given to Rocco by Tiffany Doll, as well as some assfucking. It also contains a nice blowjob from Angel Rivas. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who appreciates Rocco movies, check it out!


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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