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Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 9/28/12

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Category: Big Budget/Feature



Starring: Lily Carter/Lily Labeau

Featuring: Tiffany Doll/Proxy Paige/Liza Del Sierra/Sarah Shevon/Sparky Sin Claire/Manuel Ferrara/Tony Ribas/David Perry/Mick Blue/Ramon Nomar/Carlos Carrera/Xander Corvus/Alec Knight

Director: Graham Travis



 Wasteland is a powerful story of friendship, love, loss, and re-awakening. Anna, played by Lily Carter, is a small town girl from Tuscon, who has yet to relieve herself from the strains of what she considers to be the average everyday life. Anna finds herself wanting more than what life has given her thus far. With her grandmother on the brink of death, and her loneliness consuming her, Anna struggles to find meaning in her life. Her longtime best friend Jacky, who is played by Lily Labeau, has moved away to Los Angeles and the introduction of the movie is a reflection on their past as Anna is taking a bus trip to visit her. They haven't seen each other in five years and their friendship seems all but lost . 


 When Jacky meets up with Anna upon her arrival, the two spend the day together at the beach and have lunch together. It is during this lunch date that Anna appears to have a negative viewpoint on what her friend has become since their departure. She begins to realize that Jacky has a very materialistic view on life since her move, much to the juxtaposition of Anna, who needs more than just material luxuries in life to be happy. Anna wants substance and meaning, and it looks to have a shattering effect on her that her lifelong friend has seemingly strayed away from this.



As the evening draws closer, Jacky decides to take Anna to a bar, and the happenings at this bar seem to solidify Anna's previous thoughts about her best friend going about some rigorous life changes. Anna eventually parts ways with Jacky in the bar, and later finds her in the bathroom having an intense sexual encounter with an older man. When Anna glares over the stall to witness a first hand look at what's going on her reaction seems negative, but her emotions seem overwhelmed and confused. The night carries a couple other sexual escapades that the couple go through before going back to Jacky's apartment.


During their stay at Jacky's apartment, their are a variety of different things that occur, ranging from passionate sexual encounters, to arguments and reconciliations. Here, we see an in-depth view into each character; from Anna's innocence and vibrant take on life, to Jacky's pessimistic and sometimes dejected view on it. However, there are also moments when we get a glimpse into a darker side of Anna, where her confusion and unknowing of what lies in front of her seem to consume her.

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Later in the evening, after an argument between the two, Anna awakes as Jacky nudges her, and the two share in a passionate sexual rendezvous. During this encounter Anna mutters the words, "I wanna be like you." For me this was the turning point in the story, where Anna realizes that Jacky has passion, and the fact that it may be bent into a different direction from the norm didn't matter. It was passion, and Anna wanted this in her life.

The climax of the film comes when Anna and Jacky go to a sex club at the end of the night. In these moments Anna seems to surrender herself to a way of life that she previously had mixed opinions about. When the two enter the club, Jacky quickly goes her separate ways from Anna after saying, "Come find me." What transpires following this is what truly shapes the story, and ultimately becomes Anna's re-awakening.


Wasteland Sex Scene Review



Disc 2 has a plethora of options in the category of extras including interviews, deleted scenes, bonus sex scenes, and trailers.

Here are my in-depth reviews for the full sex scenes in the order that they appear on the second disc of this feature.


Lily Labeau/Manuel Ferrara

Blowjob/Doggie/Female Masturbation/Handjob/Facial (High Volume)

This scene takes place in the bar where Jacky had brought Anna. Anna walks into the bathroom and hears her friend and her new friend Manuel in the bathroom. She peers over the stall to find Anna sucking giving a blowjob to a stranger in the bar. The blowjob here is nice, with a relative amount of sloppiness, and soon after it the couple moves into a doggie style position where Jacky (Lily Labeau) is pressed up against the door of the stall. The intensity is nice here, and the once disgusted Anna (Lily Carter) seems to begin to take a liking at what she is seeing as she spies on her best friend. The action continues nicely, and the intensity shown here is wonderful as we move forward. As we near the end of this, we see Anna beginning to warily stimulate herself in the stall next to them. Anna looks on as Jacky looks into Manuel's eyes emphatically while sucking him off. After another doggie style fuck sesh, Manuel releases himself over Jacky's face. The sex here was great, there was a fantastic intensity, and a great chemistry between Lily and Manuel.


Lily Labeau/Lily Carter/Carlo Carerra

Blowjob/Female Masturbation/Cum in Mouth

This scene takes place on a desolate street as Jacky is sucking off another seemingly random person, but this time she wants to get Anna into the mix. Anna hesitantly approaches the couple and Jacky tells her to put her had on his cock. Here we see Anna's curiosity get the best of her as she grabs the cock and falls to her knees to begin a blowjob. Jacky croutches behind her and plays with her pussy as Anna spits on Jacky's hand to help. The blowjob here gets fucking awesome in a hurry as Anna creates some fantastic spit trails and drool to help. Jacky stays behind her and takes streams of drool that are falling out of Anna's mouth in her hand and puts them into her pussy. Soon after we hear the groans from the man, and then Lily shakes her head vigorously as the semen he just shot into her mouth splatters onto her dress and she drools it onto herself. Her eyes gaze up at the man dramatically as a spitstream drips from her mouth. Beautiful. I loved it, a simple blowjob, but still intense and wonderfully performed.


Lily Labeau/Lily Carter


This scene takes place in Jacky's apartment, and is the first encounter of a few that Jacky and Anna have there. The sex again, begins in a pretty intense fashion. Jacky is performing some oral on Anna for a while before the two slightly switch positions with Jacky being still as the main facilitator of what's happening. Later on, Anna is at the helm, as she jams her hands into Jacky's pussy rigorously. The sex moves forward nicely with the girls sharing many deeply intimate moment throughout, and even though there isn't a variety of positioning, the sex still carries on very genuinely. It ends with the two sharing one final passionate kiss.


Lily Labeau/Lily Carter


The next scene begins exactly like the last where the girls are lying in Jacky's bed before they begin in some heavy petting. The sex is again fantastically performed here and the realness of it is something that just cannot be put onto paper. I'm not much for lesbian scenes honestly, but one can't deny the quality of the sex of through last two scenes regardless of what they prefer. Great sex is great sex, and these scenes were performed extremely well.


Lily Labeau/Xander Corvus

Female Masturbation/Doggie/Blowjob/Spooning/Reverse Cowgirl/Facial (Medium Volume)

This scene takes place during a campout that Anna and Jacky are partaking in. Eric, played by Xander Corvus was hitting on Anna all night long, but when Anna wouldn't step up to the plate, Jacky did. She takes him into a vacant house and Anna finds them again, but just stays outside the window watching them. The sex begins in a doggie style position where Jacky tells Eric to fuck her hard to start things off. Positioning stays here for a while before Jacky goes down on Eric for awhile afterwards. The bj isn't crazy sloppy, but Lily Labeau's energy is again top notch here. The scene continues on as Anna stats outside of the window and begins playing with herself before long. Later in the scene Anna is shown outside of the window covering her mouth as she brings herself to full orgasm twice while watching Eric and Jacky. The sex ends with Jacky receiving a facial from Eric before the screen fades to black.


*The next group of scenes follow Jacky and Anna's entrance into the club. Anna is with a dancer (Liza Del Sierra) on a guided tour of sorts, through the under belly of the club. This is what happens in those areas.


Sparky Sin Claire/Proxy Paige

Cunnilingus/Ass Eating/Dildo Play/Anal Dildo Play

Here Sparky Sin Claire is wearing rubber gloves and starts poking and prodding at Proxy Paige's asshole as Anna and her tour guide look on. Sparky Sin Claire is definitely in charge through the early stages but the two switch roles before too long with Proxy being the dominant force. Before too long Anna and her tour guide enter the delapidated room to start a little action of their own, but they stay separate from Proxy and Sparky. There are some pretty sizeable dildo's used  throughout this scene as well. The scene continues on nicely and a kiss is shared between Proxy and Sparky before the screen fades to black. This was a pretty nice scene to setup what follows.


Lily Carter/Liza Del Sierra

Cunnilingus/Choking/Female Masturbation/Squirting/Ass Eating/Facesitting

The next scene begins almost directly after the last one in the feature. Liza drags Anna off into a separate room in the dark club and begins performing oral on her, among a variant of other things. The scene charges on for about 20 minutes and again carries a pretty nice energy that peaks wonderfully toward the end of it. This scene ends with Anna and her new friend sharing in another last passionate kiss before the camera cuts, and Anna walks to find Jacky.


Lily Labeau/Lily Carter/Ramon Nomar/Mick Blue/David Perry/Toni Ribas

Doggie/Blowjob/Anal/Squirting/Reverse Cowgirl/Choking/Heavy Deepthroats/DP/Facials (Massive Volume)

*The next scene is the climax of the film, when Anna truly let's herself go. She walks into another dark room where there is a crowd of masked men standing around Jacky, as she is getting fucked by two men in the center of the crowd. Two men grab Anna, and without too much hesitation, she accepts the invitation.

The full sex scene actually begins before the moment where Anna enters the room. Jacky is getting fucked wonderfully here, and when she goes to her knees for the blowjob it is EPIC. Her energy never waivers, and her intensity is absolutely incredible. Anna has now entered the room and the scene picks up from where it is introduced in the feature. The sex has some very strong moments here, and in this climactic scene Lily Carter's symbolism of her character's opening up is monumental. It's fucking incredible. The movie really comes to a head in this scene, and I can't seem to take my eyes off of Lily Carter's character here. Midway through she takes a DP, and is being manhandled hard, letting go of all her inhibitions, and just accepting. [To sit here and describe the sex acts here would not do this film justice. I can't write words telling you over and over how genuine this scene is, you have to see it for yourself. A scene like this, that is so dramatically performed by the stars is something you just don't often see in your average everyday porn.]The scene closes with all of the men cumming on the girls faces as they center themselves in the middle of the action. The girls share a kiss before the screen fades to black. I will tell you again, this scene was fantastic, there's no getting around that fact. As far as climactic porn scenes in feature films this ranks up there with some of the best I've ever watched.



 When all is said and done, there is no doubt in my mind that this film will make you think. Whether it's for better of for worse, I'm not sure that it matters. The striking reality of this film is brilliant, and whatever conclusion you draw when the final credits roll are certain to be powerful. I felt that the final scene, as well as it's prelude were remarkably captured. With such powerful characters, and such an emotionally investing storyline you just can't deny the huge amount of effort that was put into the making of this film. It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that Lily Carter and Lily Labeau's performances in this film will be recognized, not only for their intense sexual performances, but for their ability to bring the characters of Anna and Jacky to life in a realistic and authentic way. If you are looking for something deeper than a typical porn movie I implore you to purchase this movie. It will stay with you for one reason or another.


Click here to watch the full trailer of Wasteland






i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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