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10 British Teens (Best of Private 176)

Studio: Private » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 10/4/12

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Category: British/Compilation



Cast: Lolly Badcock/Renee Richards/Poppy Morgan/Leigh Logan/Kisha Kane/Estelle/Isabel Ice/Jemstone/Crystal Suzie Best



Extras: Trailers

Release Date: 9/14/2012




Scene 1:

Leigh Logan/Kisha Kane

Blowjob/Assplay/Cunnilingus/Spooning/Doggie/Anal/Gaping/Cowgirl/Facial (Medium Volume)

The first scene in '10 British Teens' begins without any introduction where Kisha Kane and Leigh Logan are groping each other beachfront as the waves crash behind them. They are joined by a man, and the action is already taking place as the scene opens. The blowjob comes about a minute in, and is a fairly nice one. Position jumps quickly here as Leigh Logan is the first to get fucked in a spoon style position as Kisha eats her out. Sand is everywhere here and although it seems slightly uncomfortable for the girls to be getting fucked with sand flying into their pussies, they carry on as if it's nothing. The scene moves forward with a pretty decent energy but I have to say that the sand is kind of grossing me out a little bit.  The moaning is plentiful between everyone, as overall this is a pretty loud scene. Things come to an end soon after dude pulls out of Leigh's pussy from the spoon position to bust a nut into Kisha's mouth. This scene was decent, but I have trouble believing that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as they appeared to, with all the sand in their pussies and whatnot.


Scene 2:


Dildo Play/Blowjob/Doggie/Spooning/Double Facial (High Volume)

The next scene begins dramatically as a soft piano plays in the background. The introduction shows some slow motion clips of the scene later to come. With the piano still playing in the background we see Estelle with fetish style ballerina heels on as two hunks stand behind her. The men lightly caress her before the camera cuts to Estelle jamming a dildo into her pussy rigorously as she is now wearing a different outfit. She kneels in front of a pillar as the two men from the introduction of the scene surround her. The men, dressed in bondage gear, have their cocks sticking out of their zippers and Estelle performs fellatio on each of them to begin the sex. The double blowjob is pretty short lived and quickly turns to Estelle getting fucked doggie style while sucking the other man off in front of her. Midway through the scene we revert back to the introduction before again going back to the sex. Estelle is now hanging from a sex swing as one man stands to the side of her while the other fucks her emphatically. The men switch up a little bit throughout as well, a thoughtful gesture to say the least. The scene ends with Estelle hanging from the sex swing as both of the men cum onto her face. One of the guys shot a humongous load but the lighting in the scene avoids the viewer from being able to see it all hit Estelle's face. Bummer. This scene was ok, but nothing special really.


Scene 3:

Isabel Ice

Tease/Blowjob/Facefucking/Doggie Anal/Gaping/Anal Beads/Pile Driver Anal/Rimming/Facial (High Volume)

The next scene begins with a nice tease from the gorgeous Isabel Ice. She walks up a staircase as some cheesy rock music plays in the background. The screen cuts after a short tease and we see her being groped by Skeeter Kerkove (a former porn director from the mid 2000's). Skeeter introduces her and does his normal schtick before then introducing Benjamin Bratt into the picture. The action starts very quickly afterwards with Isabel throating Ben's foot of all things. Hmmm. Anyways, the blowjob is quick to follow and is a pretty nice one with a lot of hard facefucking and some slight sloppiness. The sex starts in a doggie style anal as Isabel shares in some dirty talk with the home viewers. Isabel's ass is pointed high to the sky here as Benjamin throws his meatstick into her. The action continues in a very hardcore fashion and has some really nice moments scattered throughout. Ben whips out some anal beads in the coming moments and shoves them into Isabel's asshole while fucking her. The scene progresses very nicely and Isabel's 'dirty whore' attitude makes for some wonderful stroke fodder as she gets hammered in the ass. The action ends with Ben pulling out of Isabel's ass and shooting a cumwad onto her face and in her mouth. Isabel swallows the cum that made it into her mouth before smiling into the camera saying, "Ciao!" I liked this scene alot, it was very old school and had a nice hardcore vibe to it. My favorite thus far.


Scene 4:


Blowjob/Doggie/Missionary/Cum on tits (High Volume)

The next scene is again set on a beach, as Jemstone makes out with a guy while the waves crash in the background. They kiss for awhile before Jemstone falls to her knees to perform some oral favors for her beach buddy. The blowjob is pretty nice here but for whatever reason the camera zooms out to about 50 feet away in the midst of it. After this long distance bj, we get to see some doggie style fucking, as Jemstone braces herself on a nearby rock while her partner fucks her. Then, for some ungodly reason the camera cuts to an ocean view. We don't see any fucking here, it's just a serene view of the beach. Why, you ask? I have no fucking clue. Anyways, the scene moves on, and when the camera is close enough to actually capture the sex it is fairly nice, and Jemstone is definitely beautiful here. The scene ends after Jemstone's fuck buddy pulls out of her from the missionary to shoot a pretty nice cumshot over her body that even hits her face a little bit. This scene was not great. I really liked how playful Jemstone was toward the camera, but the pointless ocean views through the middle of the scene were asinine. What exactly they were trying to get across by doing that, I have no idea.


Scene 5:


Blowjob/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Cunnilingus/Doggie Anal/Facial (Medium Volume)

Uh oh, we're on the beach again for this scene. The action is already in progress as the scene begins and starts with Crystal straddling her boytoy while he fingers her pussy and feeds it to her. Crystal's pussy is soaking wet here, and the bj starts in pretty soon after this pussy fingering fiasco. Both of them are moaning incessantly, and it's a bit annoying but I digress. When the cocksucking starts things get a little better as Crystal accepts a facefucking from her commandant. However, it's a pretty short session and the sex starts in soon after in a reverse cowgirl position. The sex is pretty fair, and the anal sets in after the couple go through some other positions. This is probably the second most hardcore scene thus far as we see some gaping from Crystal as well. The scene ends after some final facefucking that ultimately leads to a facial given to Crystal. This scene was ok, I can't really say much more than that.


Scene 6:

Renee Richards

Blowjob/Cunnilingus/69/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Cum on Tits (Medium Volume)

The next scene begins as Renee Richards sits on a bed with a woman filming her as the two share in some conversation. Renee grabs a dildo from the nightstand as her camerawoman barks orders at her while filming. The view switches from in and out of the woman holding the camera's view to the camera behind her's view. Its a bit hard to explain, but I think you get it. A man then steps onto set, Renee pulls his pants down to reveal a flaccid cock which is later hardened by Renee through her bj technique. The camerawoman stands behind the man and helps things along as he receives his blowjob. This dude seems pretty bored as they then switch into a 69 position. The action in this scene seems very forced to me so far, as they switch into a doggie style position to begin the sex. After some sub-par sex Renee gets her tits came on and the scene fades to black. I wasn't a fan of this scene, pretty much everything was bad.


Scene 7:

Poppy Morgan

Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Facefucking/Missionary/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/69/Facial (Medium Volume)

Next we begin as Poppy Morgan is laying out in the sun as a man approaches her and the action begins seconds later with some cunnilingus. Poppy has some nice expressions as her partner uses his fingers and tongue to stimulate her accordingly. This goes on for a while before Poppy goes in for some facefucking action. She sucks and sucks for a while, and even smacks the cock as it sits at full sail in front of her face, ouch. The sex starts in missionary and moves to doggie soon after, Poppy has a nice energy here that seems to carry the scene and make it more worth watching as we move forward. When the anal sets in Poppy seems to be enjoying herself thoroughly as her boytoy rails her nicely. The scene ends as Poppy is the recipient of a decent sized facial as she laps up the excess jizz from her pal. This scene was okay. Again, I'm not much for outdoor scenes but Poppy made this scene worth a watch.


Scene 8:

Lolly Badcock/Suzie Best

Tease/Female Masturbation/Cunnilingus/Dildo Play/Dildo Anal

The final scene in '10 British Teens' begins dramatically as Lolly Badcock walks down a set of stairs where Suzie Best stands at the bottom. During the introduction of the scene we see brief flashes of what's to come. There are also some nice ass shots of the girls here as well. Lolly teases Suzie for awhile before finally ripping of her stockings to begin in the fingering of her asshole. After this segment the girls switch spots as Suzie goes down on Lolly for some muff munching action. During this, Lolly adds a nice touch as she finger her own asshole while barking out orders to Suzie. The dildo play begins next with Suzie jamming a monster sized toy into Lolly's asshole while Lolly continues to be the main facilitator. Before too long, both of the girls have their own dildo's and are shoving them into their own holes rigorously. The scene goes on for a while with much of the same, and never really gets to a high point. It all comes to an end after the dildo jamming commences with the two sharing a final kiss before the credits roll. Another substandard scene here. Nothing special at all.



 I can honestly see no reason to tell you that you should check out this movie. There was just so much crap to sift through that it isn't even worth it. I thought it was cool to check out an old Skeeter scene, but it's not like it was anything that special anyways. I can't say that ALL the action in this movie was terrible, but I can confidently say that most of it is. If you see this one at your local porn shop, kindly glance at the boxcover and move along. Trust me on this one.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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