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Dick Sauce (Animal Style)

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 10/7/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

(Note: This is the second review of this film. The first one was done by Don Houston, and you can check it out by clicking here.)

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Category: Gonzo/Blowjob




Cast: Belladonna/Kristina Rose/Lyla Storm/Andy San Dimas/Vicki Chase/Katie St. Ives/Sasha Sweet/Tori Lux/Nat Turner/Mark Wood/Mr. Pete

Director: Belladonna Entertainment (Aiden)

Extras: Behind the Scenes/Web

Release Date: 8/30/2011

Runtime: 172 Mins


Scene 1:

Belladonna/Kristina Rose/Nat Turner

Blowjob/Standing 69/Cunnilingus/Deepthroating/Cum Swapping/Facial (Low Volume)

The premiere scene in 'Dick Sauce (Animal Style)' begins with Belladonna and Kristina Rose fondling Nat Turner as the camera zooms in on the trio. Kristina sparks up a doobie before taking a hit, then blowing the smoke into Bella's mouth before the two share a kiss. Nat lays back as we begin the scene with the blowie. The girls take turns sucking Nat, whichever girl isn't doing the throating makes sure to catch all of the other ones drippings. Lots of spitswapping early on here makes for some fantastic stroke fodder. As we continue on there is also a lot of kissing that goes on between the three of them, but mainly between Kristina and Bella. There's a very hypnotic moment in the middle of the scene where Bella is beside Nat's cock as Kristina is sucking and throating it hard. Bella is whispers sweet nothings to her as she stares into Bella's eyes intensely. It's a lovely sequence of events. The scenes comes to a close after Bella nibbles Nat's balls and Kristina holds her mouth open wide to receive the cumshot, then as the sperm swapping goes on the screen fades to black. After all was said and done, this was a decent scene. I was expecting much more from it though.


Scene 2:

Lyla Storm/Rico Strong

Tease/Female Masturbation/Blowjob/Deepthroating/FaceFucking/Tit Fucking/Cum in Mouth (Medium Volume)

Next up we have Lyla Storm, who is laying on a couch as we see Rico Strong's cock standing at full attention next to her. Lyla is talking about how hungry she is as she stares at Rico's member, and ponders what she would like to do with it as she fondles herself. She takes off her leopard print bikini top to reveal her tits before shoving her fingers down her throat in a successful attempt at gagging herself. Lyla's playful attitude here is top notch, I'm loving what I'm seeing early on. As it now looks as though Lyla has made up her mind she leans up and places the cock into her hungry mouth. Some exquisite deepthroating here early on as Rico grabs her by her faux animal hood that she's wearing to better brace himself. Things get sloppier as the scene goes on and there are some sporadic moments of pretty hard facefucking that ensue as well. Lyla's oral efforts here are astounding and there seems to never be a dull moment in this scene. Her makeup is completely fucked midway through, and there are also some amazing pov shots where her spit and spunk riddled face stare up into the camera intently, creating some picturesque moments.The scene comes to a close after Lyla jerks and strokes Rico to completion as he squirts his boy batter into her mouth. Lyla then drools it out and plays with it in her fingers and mouth. Wonderful. I loved this scene. Lyla was amazing.


Scene 3:

Andy San Dimas/Mr. Pete

Tease/Footplay/Blowjob/FaceFucking/Cum in Mouth (Medium Volume)

The next scene begins with Andy San Dimas wearing a faux animal hood, and some jean shorts while she teases the camera. The tease includes foot fetish, spitting, and some nice gyrating from the beautiful Andy. There is absolutely no music playing in the background either, which I thought was actually pretty cool. The viewer is really able to capture a nice vibe as you can hear every movement Andy makes. This tease sesh continues on for a couple more minutes before Andy's cock enters the shot and she begins going to town on it. The bj is nice early on as Andy keeps it sloppy while smacking and popping loudly on the cock as she tests her throat. Some really fantastic moments again here as Andy begins to play with the spit strings that form from the dick drool that she continues creating. As the scene progresses Andy continues in a playful manner, and includes some dirty talk making for a truly fantastic throat party here. Before the finale of the scene Andy says, "I want you to slather me in dick sauce." Our friend Pete obliges and busts his nuts into her mouth as she smiles at the camera and the screen then fades to black. Another really nice scene performed here, I liked it.


-------------------Disc 2------------------

------------------Disc 2------------------

Scene 4:

Vicki Chase/Mark Wood

Tease/Blowjob/Reverse Cowgirl/Female Masturbation/Cunnilingus/Footplay/Heavy Deepthroating/FaceFucking/Facial (High Volume)

The first scene on the second disc begins with Vicki Chase starting things off. She is crawling on all fours as the scene opens and is licking her hands as a cat would do when cleaning itself. Mark Wood sits on the couch as she crawls up to him and explains to him how much she loves manmeat, using those exact words. She jerks Mark for a bit as the two share in some heavy petting early on. Vicki continues teasing and the camera gets some great ass footage during this. There's also a lot of dry humping action here early on and Vicki seems ready to go. Before the bj starts there is also some short intercourse that takes place in the reverse cowgirl position, this being the first of any actual sex in the film. The sex is short lived and follows with some other sensual acts such as footplay and some handjob action. We're definitely at a slower pace here than any of the other scenes in the film, but the action is still genuine and overall great thus far. When the blowjob begins fully, there are some awesome close deepthroat shots of Vicki, and she even gets some 'dick sauce' on Aidens camera midway through while choking and pushing the cock as deep into her throat as she can. Some harder action takes place as the scene goes on and Vicki's talents are shining wonderfully here. I also love Vicki's interaction with the camera during these late moments in the scene as Mark is facefucking her. The scene comes to an end after Mark releases his sauce into Vicki's hungry mouth as she holds it wide open to accept her reward. She then plays with the cum for awhile before the screen fades. Another great scene here.


Scene 5:

Katie St Ives/Mr. Pete

Tease/Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Cum in Mouth (Medium Volume)

Next up is Katie St. Ives. The camera sits outside of a room as she teases while sticking only certain parts of her body through the doorway. Katie is wearing a faux animal hood which is the ongoing theme here, as well as some tight underwear with a bunny tail stuck on her ass. Katie teases hard here as she finally walks out of the doorway and begins playing with herself and strutting down the hallway. Her body is fantastic. We then see a masked Mr. Pete step onto set as he's wearing a huge wolf head or something to that effect. The bj sets in right away and Katie is giggling and sucking like the pro that she is. The blowjob gets fairly sloppy but so far we're nowhere near what the other scenes were, it's early though. We continue on with some dry humping, and kissing between these two before Katie goes back to her knees to continue the bj. Katie's playful demeanor is nice as we move forward with some tit fucking to help things along. We come to a close as Mr. Pete shoots his load into Katie's mouth. This scene was ok, but so far probably my least favorite in the film. Although Katie is ridiculously gorgeous, the scene just never got to the point that I would have liked it to.


Scene 6:  *Scene To Remember*

Tori Lux/Sasha Sweet/Mark Wood

Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Facefucking/Heavy Deepthroating/Facial (High Volume)

The final scene in 'Dick Sauce (Animal Style)' begins with Tori Lux and Sasha Sweet acting like kittens as the lay on a couch and grope each other playfully. Sasha has her tits fully exposed here making for some awesome stroke fodder as Tori soon spreads her legs so her kitty pal can get a view of the goods. After this encounter we see Mark Wood step onto set as he spanks Sasha's ass before unsheathing his sausage. The girls stay in character here as they giggle and snicker wantingly toward Mark's cock. The facefucking sets in early here as Sasha tests her throating abilities. Tori than gets in on the action and does the same. I'm loving the energy here, whichever girl isn't involved, makes sure to make her presence known by either pushing the other girls head onto his cock, licking the balls, or whatever else you can imagine. There's a nice moment where Mark jams his meat whistle down Tori's throat and you can see Sasha in the background staring in awe, it's quite lovely. The scene moves forward and Sasha seems to be the submissive to Tori's dominant for most of it, but they do switch roles at times. I found myself watching Sasha Sweet through much of this scene as her whimsical yet cock hungry attitude was just super. That's not to say that Tori isn't great here as well, because she certainly is. We move on, and after both of the girls have had a thorough throating, Mark shoots a healthy load that mostly hits Tori, and some excess getting on Sasha. This scene was great. I loved it. This is without a doubt the best scene in the film. Tori and Sasha stayed in character the entire time and their enthusiasm was borderline perfection. Another great scene in this nice collection! Bravo!



My final thoughts on this film were overall pretty great. I regret having to say this, but the Kristina/Bella scene may have actually been the worst in the film. I thought everything besides that scene and the Katie St Ives scene was great. Tori and Sasha shined in this film, as did Lyla Storm and Vicki Chase. I would highly recommend this film for those scenes in particular. Another noteworthy point is the BTS here, which includes a lot of thorough candid talk between Aiden and the girls, as well as all of the performers in each and every scene. If you're a fan of the sloppy blowjob I would pick this one up. Some really great stuff here.


Scene To Remember - Tori/Sasha/Mark


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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