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Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 42

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 10/7/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: Zoey Holloway, Dana Dearmond, Keira Kelly, Christie Nelson, Randy Moore, Bree Daniels

Length: 108 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: A nice looking photo gallery is provided. The female cast of Lesbian Seductions 42 is introduced. The promos and trailers give the viewer a very good sample of this studio's titles. The promos are Protect, GF Films Promo, Freedom, Imperfect Angels, Pin-Up Girls, and Road Queen.  The trailers are Cheer Squad Sleepovers 3, Poor Little Shyla, Perfect Fit, Lesbian House Hunters 7, Lesbian Sex 7, and Mother Daughter Exchange Club 25. Website information round out this section.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition with Sony XDCAM cameras. This DVD is presented in 16:9 widescreen format.

Overview: Lesbian Seductions 42 is the forty-second installment to this well-liked series that has a good amount of deception in their storylines. It's not a surprise to see actor-performers Dana Dearmond, Zoey Holloway, and Bree Daniels in this series since they are very good in being deceptive sirens who can give out hot fucking performances.        

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Scene One: Dana Dearmond is onto Keira Kelly's lies and deceptions. The woman notices that the young student musician becomes turned on as she constantly comes onto her on the bed. In the meantime, I especially enjoyed seeing Keira's body squirm and jerk often while Dana feels her nipples and pussy. After they kiss, Dana places her focus on sucking Keira's sensitive nipples and softly rubbing her vaginal plaything. Keira body jerks a whole lot. It is a huge turn-on. Later, Keira sucks Dana's breasts with much passion and enthusiasm. This higher paced tone transfers to the oral massage that Keira receives from the woman. As the women remove more clothing, Keira's smily face looks hot. She is very turned on in being with Dana. Some humping activity occurs as Dana fingerfucks the student. Later, Keira straddles the woman's groin with a very hot and energetic rhythm during the cowgirl moments. Her butt looks very cute. Afterwards, she is sucking on Dana's vaginal juice machine with solid attention. The viewer continues to enjoy their fun scene as Dana sits on her face while she rubs Keira's pussy with her foot. Their 69 moments are the most heated as Keira sucks and Dana fingerfucks each other's passion fruits. Later on, Dana puts on a strap-on dildo while Keira rubs her pussy with good anticipation. When the fucking action starts, Dana gives the student an incredible workout. As a matter of fact, both women give incredible fucking action on one another. It's a very high energy and riveting performance.          
Scene Two: Zoey Holloway does a swell job in touching Christie Nelson's face during their conversation on the couch. Her soft voice makes the scene very soothing. When she kisses her, they end up heading to Christie's room. Once on the bed, Zoey continues to make the talented student very comfortable with her soft touches and gentle voice. Her incredible eye contact is a major factor of making Christie feel more comfortable with this situation. The heat level rises significantly. The very slow pace by Zoey is incredible. I really enjoy watching Zoey rub Christie's pussy through her panties. When Christie removes her heels, Zoey kisses her and sucks her titties. The steaminess of their performance heats up. Moments later, the woman kisses her stomach and puts a lot of attention on her panties and pussy. She also rubs Christie's breasts. Suddenly, Christie's panties are off and Zoey rubs her bare beauty spot. Her rubbing delivery becomes more passionate when they resume their kissing activity. I enjoyed seeing Christie squirm underneath her. Afterwards, Christie's dress is removed and the student is humping the woman's upper leg. Both of them have great eye contact. The humping activity becomes faster. Next, the girl licks Zoey's upper leg and moves her way up to her warm passion fruit. Later, both of their naked bodies are eye candy stimuli as well as gorgeous beings when Zoey lays on top of her back. Then, Zoey applies a nice looking oral massage on the student's honeycomb. The pace picks up when Zoey rubs her clit with much effort. A very well-paced tribbing action follows when Zoey applies it. Afterwards, Christie has a big smile on her face as she humps the woman.
Scene Three: Bree Daniels confides to Randy Moore about her liking girls. They continue the personal conversation in the bedroom. A very comforting Randy caresses Bree's neck. They eventually kiss. Randy does a good job in pleasuring the woman with her hands and lips. She looks very sexy in her red skirt and tight white shirt. The sex siren's body continues to be amazing eye candy as she lays on top of the girl. There are good shots of Bree's pussy as Randy rubs it. Later, there are very good shots of Randy's pussy when Bree sucks on it. Some good fingerfucking action by Randy occurs afterwards and then, a nice looking tribbing session. Then, Randy is laying on her stomach as Bree fingerfucks her from behind. They end up kissing and snuggling. There is also some nice pussy rubbing and fingerfucking moments by the ladies.
Scene Four:
Keira Kelly and Zoey Holloway head upstairs to the bedroom. Zoey has a strange feeling that Randy and Bree had sex. Suddenly, she asks Keira about her time with Dana. The chemistry between Zoey and the girl is cute and sort of playful. Eventually, Keira tells her the truth. They kiss moments later. As their kissing session progresses, Keira caresses the woman's breasts and then, sucks them. Later, Zoey lays right on top of the talented student musician and grinds their hips together. The tone of the scene feels more exciting when Zoey orally pleasures the girl's pussy. Keira's body jerks and shakes often. The energy level heightens significantly when Keira tribs the woman with much passion. I really enjoyed seeing her eat Zoey's pussy with a lot of effort and desire. Afterwards, the tone of the pussy eating action slows down momentarily when Zoey gets to pleasure Keira's sex spot. However, it gains in energy when she rubs it with much passion. Some hot looking humping action by Keira follows as she is on top of the woman.   

Final Thoughts: Dana Dearmond and Zoey Holloway are in A+ form. Dana is so good as the "in your face" sex siren who always gets what she wants. In contrast, Zoey is the kinder and sweeter persona who seduces her sexual object in a soothing and "melt one's heart" approach. It's not a surprise that they have the best performances in this film. Zoey's scene with Christie Nelson is amazing. I highly recommend this production. 

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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