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Suck Balls

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 10/7/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Blowjob/Gonzo


 Cast: Juelz Ventura/Lana Croft/Ashli Orion/Kelly Divine/Charley Chase/Bella Moretti/London Keyes/Jessica Bangkok/Phoenix Marie/Alanah Rae/Kristina Rose/Kaylynn/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko/Prince Yahshua


Director: Jonni Darkko


Extras: Trailers/Web

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Release Date: 11/19/2010


Click the 'play' button above to watch the trailer for 'Suck Balls'!



Scene 1:

Juelz Ventura/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Handjob/Ball Licking/Heavy Deepthroating/Facial (Massive Volume)

The premiere scene in the first volume of 'Suck Balls' begins with the beautiful Juelz Ventura sitting in front of us wearing a tiny black skirt and high heels as the camera pans up her magnificent body. Juelz is holding a razor and some shaving cream as she explains to us how no one likes hairy balls. Noted. She then proceeds in telling us that she'll be shaving our balls today, so she can lick them and suck them a little better. We then see her kneel down in front of a hard cock to then begin shaving and caressing the balls with the utmost care and regard. Before too long she has them cleaned up and shaved just the way she likes them, and so begins the ballsucking. We're in a pov format as Juelz starts doing her thing and being very attentive toward the camera which I find to be quite enlightening. Lots of spit and drool fill this scene early on as we get a super up-close view of Juelz's beautiful face in the midst of it. She continues on with mostly ball licking, a handjob, and the occasional throating of the cock to keep our attention; which she's doing very well. We get a different angle at various times throughout the scene as well, and Juelz never stops the dirty talk which is a great added bonus. The spit continues to flow like water here, and Juelz really lives up to her nickname "Droolz". The scene charges on for about 25 minutes before Juelz gets a massive cumload to the face to close things out. Outstanding. I guess that's what happens when you play with balls in such a way that Juelz did here. Nice scene.


Scene 2:

Lana Croft/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Ball Licking/Double Facial (Massive Volume)

Next we have Lana Croft who is already in blowjob form when the scene begins. Same format, as I'm guessing the entire film is, a pov one that switches angles every so often. Lana is giving some nice dirty talk here as she strokes the cock when doing so. The sloppy factor is nowhere near that of the first scene as of yet, but we're still in the early stages. As Lana focuses mainly on the balls here, her eyes stay locked on the camera while Winston jerks rigorously. Lana does give a couple of nice deepthroat efforts throughout the scene but she hasn't really gotten crazy with it as of yet. Next we see Lana on her knees, adding a little more sloppiness to this bj, but still nothing crazy. As we move forward Jonni steps onto set as the main cock and Lana gets a little deeper with him as her throat seems to have opened up a little bit. The scene ends with both Winston and Jonni separately jerking two monster loads of dick juice onto Lana's face. This scene was ok. The cumshots were huge, which is always a nice exclamation point on the end of a bj scene.


Scene 3:

Ashli Orion/Kelly Divine/Jonni Darkko/Prince Yahshua

Blowjob/Ball Licking/Standing 69/Spermswapping/Double Facial (High Volume)

In the third scene we start with Kelly Divine and Ashli Orion poolside, playing with a beach ball before their attention is quickly diverted to Prince Yahshua's cock in front of them. The girls do their thing, staying attentive mainly to the balls of course. The girls then switch positioning randomly as one sucks the cock while the other licks the balls. When the trio goes indoors we get a better view of the action as both girls are really going to town on Prince now. Jonni steps into view after, or at least his cock does, and Kelly and Ashli have now diverted their attention to him, but very soon after Kelly goes back to Prince. There is some decent sucking here but in my opinion the ball licking is a little overdone, I guess that's a necessity though, afterall the movie is named 'Suck Balls'. The girls were great and the energy was there but there is only so much ball licking one can take. Anyways, the scene comes near a close when Prince busts a nut onto Ashli's face and the girls share the load, so to speak. Then Jonni shoots a streamer that covers Ashli's face before Kelly then licks it off. This scene was ok. I wasn't blown away by any means though.


Scene 4:

Charley Chase/Winston Burbank/Prince Yahshua

Blowjob/Ball Licking/Double Facial (Massive Volume)

Next up in the ball sucking frenzy is Charley Chase. The scene starts as she's laying on a tanning chair outside as a cock pursues her. Charley of course accepts the challenge. Again, lots of ball licking to begin the action along with some light facefucking. The bj then moves indoors where Charley sucks a different cock this time. We continue on until the first cumshot happens which the camera entirely misses for some reason, and the second cumshot which is another humungous one that covers Charley's gorgeous face wonderfully. This scene was again, just ok for me. The second cumshot was again a huge one, which was a lifesaver for it.


Scene 5:

Bella Moretti/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Ball Licking/Double Facial (High Volume)

In the fifth scene we see Bella Moretti looking fabulous and telling us what's to come. Bella is wearing black stockings, high heels, and some leopard print undergarments with her tits fully exposed. The cock soon enters view and Bella begins ball munching accordingly as well as giving a magnificent bj to boot. I'm loving this scene early on, Bella is wonderful here and Winston can barely take it as she nibbles his balls and sucks his cock. This is definitely a slower paced scene and a little more sensual than the others, but by no means is that a bad thing. Bella's teasing behaviors can really drive you crazy if you watch this scene closely. The first round ends with Winston firing off another mega-nut but unfortunately Bella dodges alot of it and only receives a small amount on her face. Jonni is up next and she works a little faster with him. After lots more ball licking and some cocksucking mixed in, Jonni blasts off and hits Bella square in the eye. BAM! This was a better scene than the previous two, I liked Bella's teasing tendencies.


----------------------------Disc 2------------------------------

----------------------------Disc 2------------------------------

Scene 6:

London Keyes/Jessica Bangkok/Prince Yahshua/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Ball Licking/Sucking/Tit Fucking/Spermswapping/Double Facial (High Volume)

The sixth scene starts with London Keyes and Jessica Bangkok literally sucking balls, ping pong balls from the looks of it. They pass the balls to and from each others mouths while moaning like they haven't had cock in a decade. With their tits fully exposed they spit the balls into the camera lens before saying, "We want your balls in our mouth." Game on. London and Jessica each take a separate cock and start the ball sucking. The early focus is on Jessica as she adds some nice spits to Jonni's balls as she sucks them. Jessica is running away with it early on as she is a sloppy mess before things even really get started. The girls switch partners as London is now getting into the mix nicely and trying her best to keep up. Some spit swapping then takes place between the girls and this is fixing up to be the sloppiest scene so far by a landslide. As the scene goes on there seems to be a lot more cocksucking than the previous scenes, but the main attention is still at the balls. Prince is the first to shoot his load and does so on London's face as Jessica sits aside and cleans the excess spunk off of his knob. The girls swap sperm for a bit before Jessica swallows it up and they move on to the next load. The girls then give Jonni a ball sucking before he gushes a load out into London's waiting mouth. More spermswapping ensues and the screen fades to black. A nice scene, but I liked the last one better.


Scene 7:

Phoenix Marie/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Ball Sucking/Cum In Mouth/Swallow

Next in line is Phoenix Marie. She's showing us her deepthroating techniques with a dildo, but later explains that it's not a deepthroating movie, and pulls out some huge toy balls to now show us her ball sucking talents. After this introduction of sorts, the scene begins with Phoenix leaning behind her to access Jonni's dick. More ball licking fills this scene as Phoenix shares in some dirty talk with the camera. Later in the scene, Phoenix turns around to show off her ass a little bit as she begins in some grinding on Jonni's cock. The blowjob/balljob continues on for a while, and this seems to be another scene that I'm just not sure about. Phoenix is great, but the scene is just so long and the cumshot is unfortunately poorly done. Every other scene had a good one, but this one was an in-mouth shot that we couldn't see. Boo.

Scene 8:

Alanah Rae/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Ball Sucking/Dildo Play/Double Facial (Massive Volume)

Alanah Rae appears in our view in the eighth scene. Alanah is scouring a golf course when she walks up to Winston Burbank to ask if he has seen any balls. It appears that Alanah is in great need of them so Winston tells her to follow him and he'll help her out. The two go to a nearby house where the bj then follows. When it begins Alanah slowly undresses in front of the camera, she's looking amazing here and with her monster tits fully exposed, she begins in the cock-and-ball sucking action. Alanah creates some nice spit strings as the scene goes on but the overall sloppy factor is fairly low. However, another massive pasting of the face develops in the late stages of the scene. After Winston empties his balls, Jonni comes out of the woodwork for Alanah to do the same to him. Now, as Alanah plays with her vibrator on her pussy she begins blowing Jonni. Jonni empties another jizzbomb across her face and the scene ends. I liked it, but how you don't tit fuck Alanah Rae in a blowjob movie is beyond me. I was a little bummed about that.


Scene 9:

Kristina Rose/Jonni Darkko

Tease/Blowjob/Ball Sucking/Attempted Facial (High volume)

Well, we're almost to the end of the line here as Kristina Rose is the next scene. The scene starts with a light tease session, which is a bit outside of the norm from the rest of the movie, but is definitely a nice change of pace. Kristina is in exercise attire and is doing some stretching when the scene opens up. She later begins some dirty talk and before you know it, she's on the giving end of a ball sucking blowjob. This scene is pretty nice, and after the intro it carries on in the exact format that the other scenes in the film have done. It ends with another faulty cumshot as Jonni stays laying down when he shoots it, so none of it gets her face. Not one of the better scenes unfortunately, but it did have Kristina Rose in it, so there's that.


Scene 10: *Scene To Remember*

Kaylynn/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Ball Sucking/Cum on Tits (High Volume)/Facial (High Volume)

Finally, we're at the finish line in the 10th scene of 'Suck Balls'. Kaylynn appears, and is looking fucking incredible. She's dressed in the sluttiest softball player uniform that I have perhaps ever seen. The scene starts with Kaylynn staring into the camera for some intense and awesome dirty talk. She talks directly to the viewer here in a pov format, and her beauty is literally hypnotizing. After the intro we move forward as Kaylynn is presented with a cock. The blowjob and ball sucking is very slow moving, much like the Bella Moretti scene earlier in the film. Kaylynn's eyes stay locked on the camera for most of the scene here and Winston seems to be having a tough time holding back as he pulls away from Kaylynn many times throughout this segment. Jonni appears next in the scene as it seems that Winston has left the room for some time to gather his thoughts. As the scene progresses I'm realizing that this is definitely the most captivating scene in the film. Kaylynn is amazing here, her confidence and cockiness mixed together makes for a lethal combo. The finale begins with Kaylynn on her knees in front of us as the first load paints her tits and goes into her mouth. The next one is squirted into her open mouth and them drooled out onto her tits. This scene was fantastic. Best scene bar none. Kaylynn was fabulous.



This film is pretty much everything it claims to be, there's more ball sucking done here than perhaps any porn movie I've ever watched. So, as far as originality in a bj movie goes this ranks up there with one of the most creative that I've seen. Aside from some understandably shaky camerawork at various moments throughout, I'd recommend this one to all you blowjob fans out there. I'd especially recommend it to all the huge cumshot fans, as there is one in nearly every scene. Kaylynn's scene was definitely my favorite, but there were some other really nice scenes as well. So, if you like watching pretty girls get pasted with giant cumloads, check it out!


Scene To Remember - Kaylynn/Jonni Darkko/Winston Burbank


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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