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American Cocksucking Sluts

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 10/11/12

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Category: Blowjob/Gonzo/POV




Cast: Mike Adriano/Juelz Ventura/Brooklyn Lee/Dana Dearmond/Francesca Le/Gracie Glam/Lizz Tayler/Dani Jensen/Ashlynn Leigh/Lexi Belle/Allie Haze/Breanna Benson/Kagney Linn Karter/Kelly Divine/Ashli Orion/Sea J Raw/Sara Shevon/Vicki Chase/Cassandra Cruz/Charley Chase/Chanel Preston

Priya Rai (Bonus Scene)


Director: Mike Adriano

Extras: Photo Galleries/Trailers/Web

Release Date: 5/8/2011

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Scene 1:

Brooklyn Lee/Juelz Ventura/Mike Adriano

Tease/Female Masturbation/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/SpitPlay/FaceFucking/Rimming/Facial (Medium Volume)

The premiere scene in the first volume of 'American Cocksucking Sluts' begins as Brooklyn Lee and Juelz Ventura sit on a couch in front of the camera gagging themselves with dildo's as they drool into a huge bowl that lies in between them. Mike Adriano stands behind the camera and gawks while the girls tease with their tits, asses, and mouths. Wonderful. Mike steps onto set after about 8 minutes or so, and begins munching on Brooklyn Lee's asshole. I can already tell in the early stages that this fil is shaping up to be something special. So much so, that its actually VERY hard to explain every perfect little detail that Brooklyn and Juelz are doing to make this scene so fantastic early on. You'll just have to trust me. The girls already have spit all over the place before a cock even enters the scene. Finally, Mike's cock enters view and the girls feast accordingly. Woww. We're viewing in a pov format now and Brooklyn and Juelz's energy and intensity is fucking awesome. Soon after the early stages of the bj the girls each hang their head off of the end of the couch as Mike takes turns fucking each face. The spit is flowing HARD here. Both girls carelessly drooling dick juice and spit into their eyes and all over their faces like true pro's. As we move forward the bowl of spit is filling up pretty quickly before Juelz lifts it up to take a monster gulp of it, only then to spit it back onto Mike's dick while Brooklyn continues throating him incessantly. Camera views switch throughout the scene, from under shots, to pov, to standard view, and some nice closeups as well. Near the end of the scene, the camera focuses on the girls only as they blow spit/cum bubbles in front of us. The scene ends with Mike busting his goo into both of their waiting mouths before they spit and drool the cum over the lens while kissing and licking it. Mike made a comment at the end of this scene, saying that this one will be a hard one to top. I wholeheartedly agree. This is without a doubt one of the best bj scenes I have ever had the privilege of watching. Juelz and Brooklyn were incredible.


Scene 2:

Gracie Glam/Lizz Tayler/Mike Adriano

Tease/Cunnilingus/Ass Eating/Tit Fucking/Footjob/Rimming/Cum in Mouth/SpermSwapping

Next up are Gracie Glam and Lizz Tayler. Mike shares some conversation with the girls before the blowjob, citing how similar the girls look in appearance, they agree with him and tell him alot of people tell them they look like sisters. After they flaunt their bodies a little for the camera Mike enters view and starts sucking each of their nipples followed by a short muff munching sesh. The bj begins in an upward view as the camera sits below Gracie and Lizz while they each take turns sucking while the other kisses him. As the scene progresses we continue to see some fantastic dick sucking action, the sloppy factor is far less than the previous scene but each girl is giving her absolute best to throat all of Mike's hog while the other sucks his balls. We pause for a moment midway through as the girls hold up their spit plate to show how much has accumulated before licking it up and spitting it back out. The scene goes on nicely and even has some footjob action as it does. Near the end of the scene we see the view change from color to black and white as Gracie is deep throating Mike and a large amount of liquid seeps from her mouth. Mike praises her for it, and Gracie smiles and laughs as she gave her very best efforts to take every inch. It all comes to an end with Mike cumming inside of Gracie's mouth, then Lizz grabs a slurpy straw and sucks the cum out. Another great scene here. Lizz and Gracie were both great, and even though the sloppiness didn't compare to the first scene, this was still a good watch.


Scene 3:

Dani Jensen/Ashlynn Leigh/Lexi Belle/Mike Adriano

Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/SpitPlay/Dildo Play/FaceFucking/Rimming/SpermSwapping/Facial (Medium Volume)

The next scene starts with three cuties sitting on the couch in front of the camera. Lexi Belle, Ashlynn Leigh, and Dani Jensen all playfully teasing the camera as each of them begin groping one another. Each of the girls grabs a dildo that is conveniently place next to them before they take turns tongue fucking each other in the butt. They talk to the camera a lot here as well, and the horny level is off the charts. The bj finally begins with Lexi in the middle while the other girls each suck on ball at her side. Ashlynn then grabs a large measuring cup to catch the spit that falls, as each of the other girls take turns. The sloppiness turns up a notch after Ashlynn pours the contents of the measuring cup over Mike's cock, and  it falls over her face as she waits under him. Some facefucking follows and the girls are getting very sloppy as it does. Another fantastic moment is when Lexi and Ashlynn take turns throating the cock as Dani rims Mike's asshole; How he can withstand that, I will never know. Dani's big eyes are mesmerizing as she stares into the camera at times and each of the girls share a great energy that really seems to radiate toward the others. The scenes final moments are fucking incredible, with each girl going all out in every facet. It ends with Mike shooting his ball batter into Lee's mouth, before Ashlynn and Dani jump in to begin some spermswapping. This scene was awesome. Tons of rimming, tons of spit, and tons of energy. Another scene where so many little things made it so very great. Three thumbs up on this one.


Scene 4:

Allie Haze/Breanne Benson/Kagney Linn Karter/Mike Adriano

Dildo Deepthroating/Blowjob/

For the fourth scene we start out with Kagney Linn, Allie Haze, and Breanne Benson sharing in some pre-blowjob conversation with Mike. Kagney sits in the middle and pretty much steals the attention of every viewer with her huge tits bursting beautifully out of her tight pink top as they all talk about how much they love sucking cock. Afterwards, each girl grabs a dildo to measure their throating potential, as we notice that Allie definitely gets the deepest. They strip to follow, and the cocksucking sluts then do their thing. Onward! Kagney is first at the helm and begins slowly getting as deep as she can, before the other babes chime in. Like the scenes before this one, they have a giant bowl to catch all the sloppy seconds that they create during the bj. The girls mostly take turns here, and whichever girls aren't doing the sucking are staring in awe at their friends attempts to take the cock fully into their throat, making for a wonderful viewing. Some very valiant attempts are made throughout this segment and I even found myself pausing the tape at certain epic moments of camera interaction from Kagney. Great stuff here. As the scene moves forward the spit trails become plentiful and each girl gets a fair amount of cock to show their talents. Much like the first scene the cock juice drips onto the camera lens at various times throughout this scene giving the viewer a front row seat to the action at hand. The cumshot happens after Allie is sucking Mike and he blows it on her face as Kagney stares wonderfully in the background. The gals share the load for awhile, and thank Mike before the screen then fades to black. Another great scene, I'm having trouble keeping track of my favorites here but add this one to the list.

Scene 5:

Francesca Le/Dana Dearmond/Mike Adriano

Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Dildo Deepthroating/Blowjob/Rimming/Heavy Deepthroating/

The fifth scene starts out with the two beauties Dana Dearmond & Francesca Le. Francesca is fondling Dana as Mike stays behind the camera and talks a little bit with the two ladies. Francesca pulls down Dana's unmentionables to indulge in some tongue fucking of the asshole, before Dana does the same to her shortly after. The scene then moves indoors where Francesca is munching on Dana's rug to get things going, followed by some Lady and the Tramp-ish double ended dildo deepthroating. Mike steps onto set soon after and the bj follows immediately after. Eyes are watering and spit is flowing like a river before you can bat an eyelash here. Each girl is fucking amazing here and it looks as though these two have the deepest throats yet in the movie. Both of them slobber, spit, and rim like this is the last dick left on earth and I'm loving every filth filled moment of this slurp fest. [This is the type of scene that I just can not get enough of. Two horny babes trying to out do each other, we're all the winners here folks.] Dana's interaction with the camera is unmistakably perfect. This is also by far the best deepthroating done yet in the movie. Again, the camera switches to black and white during Dana's time in the spotlight, and she oozes out some gag juice into the bucket below them. I didn't think the Brooklyn/Juelz scene could possibly be topped, but Dana and Francesca are definitely giving them a run for their money here. I love the look on Dana's face at various times through the scene, just begging Mike to give her a challenge, and he does just that. So many great moments in this scene, too many to document really. It comes to an end with Mike shooting his gunk into Dana's mouth before Francesca slurps it out with a straw. They play with the cum for a little while longer before the screen fades. Fucking WOW. That is all I have to say about that.


Scene 6:

Kelly Divine/Ashli Orion/Sea J Raw/Sara Shevon/Mike Adriano

Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Rimming/FaceFucking/Cumsnorting (Medium Volume)

Next up in the cocksucking cartel is the fourway team of Ashli Orion, Kelly Divine, Sea J Raw, and Sara Shevon. The girls playfully tease a little bit before getting naked to show us the goods. Kelly Divine claps her ass wonderfully during this and the other girls try to do the same, but to no avail. The tease includes some titty and pussy play among other things, and follows with the girls going indoors to begin in the cocksucking festivities. Kelly is first to suck and quickly shares with the other girls as they partake in the action. All of the girls are sharing very well and Sea J Raw gives a super deepthroat in the early goings. Some seriously awesome stuff going on here, Kelly seems to be taking the role of narrator here as she constantly explains all of the action as we see it happening. It's quite stimulating as well, she continuously reminds Mike that he can't cum yet as her face is slathered in spit and pre-cum. It's hard to keep track of all the action here as every girl is giving their utmost attention to the cock at the center of them. The sloppiness probably ranks higher than any scene yet, and that is saying a lot. As the scene forges on Sea J definitely hogs Mike's cock more than any of the other girls, showing off her deep throat as they cheer her on. The scene ends after Mike shoots his load onto a plate and all the girls snort it up through tiny straws. Another great scene. The re-watchablility of it ranks super high. Tons of action takes place throughout, too much to capture in just one viewing in my opinion.


------------------------------Disc 2----------------------------------

------------------------------Disc 2-----------------------------------



Scene 7:

Vicki Chase/Charley Chase/Cassandra Cruz

Ass Eating/Tease/Blowjob/Rimming/

The first scene on the second disc starts out much like the others as we see Vicki Chase, Cassandra Cruz, and Charley Chase sitting on a couch while Mike pokes, prods, and talks with them. Some tease begins as each girl separately strips for the camera, sticking their assholes out and teasing us wonderfully. Mike takes turns eating each of the girls assholes afterwards and the bj action follows. The girls are presented with their measuring cup as it begins and the slop fest is underway. Each of the babes give a thorough throating in the first round of the dicksucking parade. Tons of spit, rimming, dirty talk, and hard throating are making for another awesome scene here. The scene closes out with Mike busting his jizz over a plate as the girls hold their mouths open. Vicki grabs a straw and snort the cum, Cassandra licks it up, and Charley slurps it through a straw. Again, I really, really liked this scene. Another slimy cocksucking masterpiece!

Scene 8:

Chanel Preston/Mike Adriano

Tease/Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/69/Cum In Mouth/Cumplay

The final scene in 'American Cocksucking Sluts' is the first  one on one scene in the film, and stars the beautiful Chanel Preston. I literally said fuck when I saw her. She looks goddamn amazing here. Mike steps in early after she lays some spit on her nipples to reap the benefits. After sucking her tits for a short time Chanel bends over and he pulls her pants down to proceed in the trademark 'Mike Adriano eating of the ass'. After this Chanel strips out of her pants and spreads her legs as Mike quickly dives in for a taste. I'm usually not into watching dudes eat pussy, but Chanel's expressions and attitude here are so fucking awesome here, I can't take my eyes off of her. The bj begins afterwards where Chanel fights to take Mike's entire hog the distance. The scene moves forward and after she's drooled a fair amount into her bowl, she holds it up over her mouth to drink the excess droppings. Chanel's expressions and intensity during this tiny little bj scene are better than most girls in full sex scenes, it's really outstanding on all levels. After she jams Mike's dick down her throat a plethora of times, the scene comes near a close with Mike cumming inside of her mouth. Chanel then spits it onto her drool plate and plays with it in her mouth for a little bit before giving Mike one last deepthroat. Great scene. Chanel Preston. Do I have to say more?


Bonus Scene:

Priya Rai/Mike Adriano

Tease/Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Facial (High Volume)

The bonus scene begins as Priya Rai talks with Mike while he scans the camera up and down her body to show the home viewer exactly what he's working with. As the introduction to the scene moves forward Priya begins spitting on her tits, or at least attempting to do so. For some odd reason she seems to be having trouble spitting, and it becomes blatantly obvious that in between camera takes she's filling her mouth with water and then spitting it onto herself. Hmmm. Ok. Anyways, She whips her tits out before too long and after some more light tease the bj starts. The blowjob is pretty nice but the awkward spitting that follows is again, a little offputting. Some tit fucking follows and Priya looks awesome during these moments, but it does begin to drag a little bit. Once the tit fucking comes to an end Priya kneels down to suck Mike's dick before accepting a pretty large sized facial. This scene was ok. I wasn't too impressed but it was a bonus scene afterall. My final thoughts were this; Priya is beautiful, but she can't spit.



After watching this film and reviewing it, I really don't see any way that I could possibly NOT give this an XCritic pick. This one will stay in my collection for years to come. The scenes were energetic, and pure filth, just the way I love them. Usually I have a hard time picking a favorite scene when it comes to reviewing movies, but in this one, I had a rough time finding one that I didn't like! Juelz and Brooklyn's scene at the beginning of the film pretty much sets the absolute standard for blowjob scenes. If you want to see a great blowjob scene watch this one, then everything else just kind of seems ok. The other scenes in the film didn't beat it, but that's not to imply that they weren't close, because they certainly were. With a thorough photo gallery from each scene, a bonus scene, and a double disc 4 hour sloppy throatfucking festival, you just can't go wrong. If you're a fan of sloppy blowjob movies, and you do not own this movie, then you must be living under a rock or something. This one ranks up with one of the best I have seen. No joke. Get it, Buy it, Watch it.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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