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My Wife's Hot Friend 15

Studio: Naughty America » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 10/27/12

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The Movie:

This recent release from Naughty America, My Wife’s Hot Friend 15, cashes in on the fact that, well, sometimes our wives have hot friends. There’s not much more to it than that. Guys like hot chicks and porno companies are well aware of this, so it’s sort of a common sense thing that this line would exist. So with that out of the way, here’s how it all goes down…

Chapter 1 – Madison Fox: So dude comes out to find Madison, his wife’s hot friend, asleep on the couch in the living room. He reaches under the blanket she’s sleeping with to find the remote and inadvertently gets a handful of tit. Of course, soon enough she wakes up and once she does, he’s already interested and given the fact that there’s a dildo on the couch beside her, it’s safe to assume that she is too. She’s pretty into toys – hands one to him to use on her, which he does, and then uses one on herself for a bit too, a bit of a show off she is. From there he eats her nicely groomed shaved box and then pulls his dick out of his pajama pants for a lengthy but skillfully performed blowjob from this buxom blonde beauty. From there she rides him cowgirl style for a few before getting down in front of him on all fours for some doggy style action. They spoon fuck and she plays with her clit while that happens, and then they go at it missionary style, her hand still firmly entrenched down there, until he pulls out and blows a load into her mouth as she drops to her knees and plays with his balls.

Chapter 2 – Brenda Black: This lucky guy drives Brenda home and sees her to the door. She lets him in and they talk for far too long, you’ll hit the fast forward button. Eventually they get to the couch where she takes his pants down and gives him head, her nice long black hair hiding just enough of the action in some shots to provide some nice teasing, but really, very little is left to the imagination outside of those few angles. After the oral warm up she gets naked and spreads her legs on the couch so he can return the favor. He laps away at her bald beaver and then slips it in, missionary style. She climbs up on top and ride him like a cowgirl, and then she gets down on all fours so that he can fuck her from behind – she’s got a better ass than you’d think such a thin girl would, so high fives all around for that. She sits on his face for a few minutes and then rides him reverse cowgirl style, the camera getting in pretty close there, and then blows him before they spoon fuck. She drops to her knees and he jerks off onto her face and into her mouth to end the scene.

Chapter 3 – Paige Turnah: Do you think Paige Turnah is her real name? I bet it is. Regardless, this attractive brunette winds up in the kitchen with some guy who we will assume is married to her friend. They yap for a few minutes and have some coffee and then she grinds her delightfully big ass into his crotch. He pulls up her shirt and plays with her nice, big, natural tits and shows off a nice tattoo on the side of her torso. She drops to her knees and sucks him off for awhile and plays with his balls until it’s his turn to work it a bit, as she gets on a stool and spreads her legs so that he can fuck shaved pussy while she rubs her clit. She blows him again, once more playing with his nuts, and then rides him reverse cowgirl when he lies back on the floor. Those tiles look cold, but she keeps him warm. She sits on his face for a few and then rides him cowgirl style, her plump ass bouncing to and fro as a plump ass is apt to do in such a situation. From there they spoon fuck on the floor and then go at it doggy style for a couple of minutes until he’s ready to blow, which he does as she drops to her knees and opens her mouth as he strokes off a fairly sizable load.

Chapter 4 - Gaia: Aside from the fact that her fake tits are obviously just that, this Asian lady is pretty foxy so it’s hard to blame married guy #4 for relaxing on the couch with her. They talk for a few, but the conversational topics don’t matter. Soon enough, he’s playing with those sandbags kissing her neck. This seems to do the trick as before you can say lickity split she’s buck naked with her legs spread and his tongue up her holiest of holes, that star tattoo on her pelvis calling to him like a lighthouse to a ship on a dark foggy evening. No, seriously. At any rate, she goes down on him after that, somehow managing to swallow his member down to his nuts, looking like her face is going to explode but daringly going for it anyway like the true champion of oral sex that she obviously is. She rides him reverse cowgirl style, then titty fucks him a bit, before riding him cowgirl style and showing off her admittedly nicely shaped behind. They spoon fuck and then do that thing where he holds her in the air and she bounces on his dong, before she gets on her back with her legs up to let him all the way in. She blows him again and then lets him fuck her from behind while she’s down on all fours, culminating, just like the other three scenes thus far, with her down on her knees and him stroking off onto her pretty face (and, it must be said, doing a very admirable job of covering it in manchowder).

Chapter 5 – Aleska Nicole: For reasons that don’t exist outside of the realm of adult movies, this curvy cutie with auburn hair is all dressed up in her slutty finest hanging out by herself in a dining room. Oh wait, now we know why she’s all slutty – her friend’s husband has shown up with gifts for her. They wander around the house and soon wind up in the bedroom where she climbs on top of him when he sits down. She sucks his cock through his jeans and then realizes that this isn’t as effective as actually taking his pants down, so she does that next and gobbles him down to the short and curlies, really going for it. This is an A+ blowjob right here, ladies, pay close attention. He spreads her legs and eats her box afterwards, fair is fair after all, after which he slips in his dong and fucks her missionary style for a few. She blows him again, she’s good like that, and then rides him cowgirl style, before once again sucking his dick. From there they go at it reverse cowgirl style and then doggy style, at which point she’s clever enough to slip a finger up her own ass for a minute or two. From there, yeah, you know how it ends – she gets on her knees and he blows his load right down her throat. She only spills a little bit on the couch, but is at least considerate enough to clean that up, ending the scene and the feature as a whole.



This film looks like it was shot on video and sadly, parts of it are a little over lit and the whole thing is non-anamorphic. While the clarity is ok when the lights are up and at a distance, there are some scenes where once the penetration starts things get a bit too washed out, making things a little tricky to make out. Other than that, this looks ok, but this is an issue at times and needs to be mentioned. Aside from that, this is an average looking disc non-anamorphic, not much better or worse than the thousands of other titles out there on the market.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 was shot in English and that's how it hits DVD. The dialogue that opens each of the five scenes is pretty clear, and there aren't any problems with hiss or distortion. Once the fucking starts there isn't much said but the few times that dialogue is exchanged there weren't any problems understanding what was said.


Aside from chapter selection and a weblink, this disc contains only a still gallery and trailers for two unrelated Naughty America DVD releases.

Final Thoughts:

My Wife’s Hot Friend 15 is pretty repetitive and not in the least bit original but it does what it does well. If you don’t mind some fake tits here and there the girls are at least all quite attractive and show a fair bit of what would seem to be legitimate enthusiasm. The A/V standards are up to Naughty America’s decidedly mediocre quality (enough with the non-anamorphic transfers already!) and the extras are lame but the feature itself is worth a look. Rent it.

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