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All Star Anal Sluts 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/1/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

All-Star Anal Sluts 2

Evil Angel

Genre: Anal, Compilation, Evil Anal (except one scene)

Director: Manuel Ferrara

Cast: Chayse Evans, Manuel Ferrara, Melissa Lauren, Jandi Lin, Ricki White, Renae Cruz, Chanel Preston, Steve Holmes, Mick Blue, Angel Dark, Kristina Rose, Katie St. Ives, Asa Akira

Length: 371:38 minutes (180:09 minutes & 191:29 minutes)

Date of Production: 2012

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Extras: The first disc had a cast list and a company website trailer but that was it. The second disc had the second part of the movie, a cumshot recap from all the scenes, photogalleries for all the scenes, filmographies, and trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: All-Star Anal Sluts 2 was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel. I cross checked some of the scenes and they appeared to look the same as their original presentations in the Evil Anal and Phat Bottom Girls series, the bitrate varying more than average but the lighting, the camera composition, and the fluidity of the edits all impressing me as solid scene handling. The scenes came mostly from the Evil Anal series in volumes 5 through 13, my own appreciation for them when they came out evidenced by the comments listed below when I wrote them up individually over recent years. The stereo audio was as clear as ever, a few cases of the vocals being on the low side or muffled notwithstanding, this was a very generous helping of nine scenes well worth stroking to for some time to come, the aural and visual components certainly helping boost the final compilation above other efforts by lesser companies.

Body of Review: Manuel Ferrara is one of the premium male performers in the industry these days, his directorial works all showing that and more as he cultivates the best of ladies in his works for Evil Angel. His latest release is a compilation of scenes called All-Star Anal Sluts 2, the majority of the nine scenes coming from the well received “Evil Anal” series with one scene coming from “Phat Bottom Girls 4”. As expected, the double disc set lasted over six hours and each scene seemed complete when compared to the original release, this being an upgrade from the previous volume in the series that provided non-anamorphic widescreen on some of the scenes that looked better in their original state. Knowing the show had such babes as Kristina Rose, Chanel Preston, Asa Akira, and many others (ten women in nine scenes), I found this to be an excellent collection of scenes fans should adore if they have not picked up the original movies these came from.

The company website described the double disc movie like this: “Director Manuel Ferrara loves the dramatic intimacy of raunchy, taboo fucking and the forbidden nature of ass play. For the double-disc release "All-Star Anal Sluts 2," the director has compiled nine of his favorite backdoor adventures, mostly from his long-running "Evil Anal" series. In these nasty but irresistible vignettes, 10 stunning women go beyond their comfort zones to enter the big leagues of booty banging. Gorgeous, athletic Chayse Evans loosens her rear pucker using an assortment of phallic toys, then takes Manuel's huge cock up her fine, supple ass until he administers a messy cum facial. Stunning Latina Renae Cruz is a personal maid to big-assed super-bitch Ricki White. After the voluptuous domme has viciously abused young Renae, Manuel gives both mistress and servant a lewd session of ass-to-mouth debauchery. Decadent, wealthy beauty Chanel Preston picks up a pair of homeless men and takes them home for a shower, shave ... and a three-way rectal rampage, which pays Chanel a creamy dividend of hot jism. Petite cutie Kristina Rose reams her sphincter with some anal toys, then joins the director and takes a sensuous ride on his enormous, rosebud-stretching shaft. And there's intensely slutty action with luscious, all-natural Katie St. Ives; passionate American-Asian sex fiend Asa Akira; busty, smoking seductress Angel Dark; stacked French slut Melissa Lauren; and brilliantly tattooed Chinese fetish queen Jandi Lin. The girls of "All-Star Anal Sluts 2" are at the top and especially the bottom of their game!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Evil Anal 10: Chayse Evans, Manuel Ferrara: Chayse Evans, is the lean brunette bent over on the lower left corner of the front cover, her tattoos looking unfinished but exotic and her ass looking ripe for the plundering by studly Manuel Ferrara. She spent a lot of time teasing in the living room as he ogled her, spreading her ass cheeks far apart to give him a view of what he'd be tearing into momentarily. She seemed turned on by the prospect and diddled herself as he began thumbing her perfect pucker and wanting to be ready for him, she used several toys to stretch herself further for his cock to fit. That led to her aggressively slobbing his knob, keeping eye contact with him as she licked his balls and seductively handled his pecker. Manuel reciprocated by going down on her and this led to the couple boning like horny teenagers, the active ride getting her off at least twice. The vaginal led to the anal and after several positions of satisfaction, he jerked off into her mouth.

Scene Two: Evil Anal 7: Melissa Lauren, Manuel Ferrara: Melissa Lauren, a brunette with very pretty eyes, was up next as she swam in the lap pool while wearing nothing, soon moving inside where she met Manuel Ferrara. Her body was glistening with water, Melissa taking time to admire her curvy form in a mirror before masturbating in the bathtub using the jet nozzle. While I was not a fan of her implants (she never needed them as far as I was concerned), she seemed to be truly getting off during the solo tease portion of the scene, peeping Manuel finding her in action to get him ready to go. She warmed up her ass with a large anal plug, talking dirty as she readied herself for a backdoor jamboree, the glass toy larger than his rod by a lot (and she did taste test both fresh out of her butt). Melissa's blowjob made it clear she really liked Manuel and the two kissed at great length, his newfound beard scratching her favorably from the look on her face. He ate her asshole and diddled her a little too but it was the penetrative sex that both of them craved the most, their efforts focused almost exclusively on anal and anal tricks (like face sitting and rimming) once her ass was opened up by the guy. There were some minor attempts at rough sex too, both of them hitting each other primarily, but the intense desire seen in her eyes was a lot of fun for me, ending when she received his facial of genetic juice, a healthy load to say the least as it glazed her whole head. Yum!

Scene Three: Evil Anal 5: Jandi Lin, Manuel Ferrara: Jandi Lin, the Asian with the expansive tattoos as seen featured on the front cover of the two disc set, was up first as she teased and interviewed outside by the fountain for Manuel Ferrara. Unlike scenes where this section would last a few minutes, there was a lot of footage here, the gal masturbating before eventually taking his cock in her mouth around the 17 minute mark so if you hate this kind of thing, you are now on notice that it was indicative of each scene of the movie. Manuel wanted a lot more from her too so they went inside where he cranked up the choking (again), Jandi appearing to like his hands wrapped around her throat, until he began boning her in the yellow tinted room. His dick was so fat that she had trouble riding it actively, matters made worse during the anal portion of the penetrative acts. Manuel continued to screw her in a number of positions though, pussy, ass, and mouth while giving her some head from time to time before unleashing his load of ball batter on her face.

Scene Four: Evil Anal 6: Ricki White, Renae Cruz, Manuel Ferrara: Ricki White, a curvy smoker enjoying a cancer stick as she lounged around the shaded area of the porch, was up next with servant Renae "J-Ho" Cruz, both ladies wearing slutty outfits (Renae with the upper hand as a French Maid) and the element of role playing establishing Ricki as the bitchy boss. Ricki threw her drink on Renae and soon had her eating her crotch, Renae not showing a lot of love for Ricki's pussy at first. Renae showed more affinity for sucking ass and when the door bell rang, opened it up to find Manuel Ferrara, he liked what he saw and took advantage of some quality time with Renae, her protestations about being late disregarded as mere trivia. The blowjob and other oral tricks were really well done, as was the fucking, the eventual turning of tables on Ricki when all three of them made it together in the kitchen. The gals sucked Manuel clean and ate each other as desired, Manuel showing a firm hand with Ricki as he spanked her from time to time. The anal and vaginal plowing was not always truly active but given the manner in which the trio played, it was still delightfully decadent; showing lots of chemistry and energy. Ricki took the facial in the end and withheld it from Renae, this being the best scene of the show as far as I was concerned. Whew!

Scene Five: Evil Anal 13: Chanel Preston, Steve Holmes, Mick Blue: Chanel Preston, a curvy delight gaining quite a following on Xcritic of late, was up next as a rich chick slumming before picking up hobos Mick Blue and Steve Holmes in her limousine, the guys more than willing to take her up on her offer. She had them cleaned up and tended to them in the bathroom, the gal decked out in classic black lingerie as she savored the moments she brought the scruffy looking fellows back into a reasonable state of being. Sexually, once the men were presentable, she offered them all three of her holes to service, the gal dropping to her knees to savage them orally before they took her pussy and ass as she willed it. The penetrative sex included some anal and DP work, Chanel doing a lot of taste testing along the way as she gave in to her desires. While it was a shame that Manuel was not present here to get some loving too, the men gave her some oral pleasure too, the red living room couch getting quite a workout as the scene progressed. The scene then ended as it began with Chanel on her knees slobbing their knobs until they drained them on her face with a dousing of population pudding.

Scene Six: Evil Anal 12: Angel Dark, Manuel Ferrara: Angel Dark, the incredibly sexy brunette featured on the front cover, was up next as the last scene of the first disc, earning her role thanks to a prolonged session of screwing with studly Manuel Ferrara. The outdoor tease looked sweet and her perfect ass glistened in the sunlight, her black attire suiting her as she smoked a cigarette and ever so slowly masturbated. She looked great in the pool and was soon in the living room, Manuel eating her before she heatedly reciprocated. His tongue concentrated on her asshole and she loved the way he ate her ass, Manuel soon drilling her ass as he diddled her clitoris to her moaning. She was an active rider and the slow, seductive screwing took place in all three of her holes, Angel cleaning him off orally from time to time. Her blowjob finished him off and she got him off by jerking his load out during the ending hummer, continuing to suck him off with chemistry as she maintained eye contact.

Scene Seven: Phat Bottom Girls 4: Kristina Rose, Manuel Ferrara: Kristina Rose, the cute brunette seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she pranced around the house in some tight fitting workout clothing, her laced up leggings and white leotard enhanced by her curvy body shape. This was a scene made special by the lengthy tease session, Kristina soon anally masturbating with a glass anal plug to ready her for some work with favored sex buddy Manuel Ferrara, his lips locked to her ass as soon as she allowed it. She sat on his face while seated on the red couch, Manuel going further to satisfy her oral needs which led to various active anal penetration positions and plenty of taste testing. They have long been a sexual item in their pairings and this was no different, some choking and rough stuff draining him of his splooge when he couldn’t hold out any more and gave her face his nut.

Scene Eight: Evil Anal 12: Katie St. Ives, Manuel Ferrara: Katie St. Ives, a fetching young lady with a sexy body, was up last with workaholic Manuel Ferrara. She was bored and tried to get his attention via flashing her colorful panties under her skirt, further trying to get his interest in the gym by wearing bright blue booty shorts and a crop top as she worked out on the elliptical walker. This went on by the pool as well, Katie oiling up and going half naked but it was to no avail until she began outright masturbating on the couch in front of him while using a large toy, the anal action being what drew his interest after all was said and done. He assisted her with the toy and ate her out, Katie aggressively slobbing his knob before he stuffed blue anal balls into her ass. From there, the action focused on anal as he plowed her hard, Katie getting into it really well before he unleashed his load of spunk all over her lovely face, their chemistry obvious from the first moment they were going at it.

Scene Nine: Evil Anal 13: Asa Akira, Manuel Ferrara: Asa Akira, the buoyant Asian hotty seen on the right side of center on the front cover, was up first as a kidnap victim to be returned to her family by bad boy Manuel Ferrara. Tied up in red tape and a skimpy outfit, Asa struggled against her bonds even at the ransom drop off point, her white shirt and blue jean shorts looking good on her. She made a deal with Manuel to stop at his place, giving the infamous “I’ll do anything” speech which led to all sorts of oral, vaginal, and anal action that she provided so well. For his part, he generated enough chemistry with her that each penetration was full of replay value, Asa throwing herself into the role with some aggressive riding, sucking, and receipt of Manuel’s attentions, the emphasis on anal tricks expected given the title. She tossed his salad and he used toys on her too, the flexible gal showing a hunger for his roughness (hair pulling, choking, general rough handling) that ended in a healthy wad of genetic juice landing on her face.

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Summary: All-Star Anal Sluts 2 by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel was an impressive collection of scenes from the Evil Anal series (8 of them) and Phat Bottom Girls 4 (one scene) that I personally approved of when reviewing them over recent years. While I would have liked having something new to this compilation or even Manuel reminiscing on highlights to tie the scenes together, his personal chemistry with the ladies in all cases, the technical aspects showcasing the trysts, and the casting of some perfectly awesome fuck bunnies made this worth a rating of Highly Recommended or better. In short, All-Star Anal Sluts 2 was a superb selection of scenes that were handpicked by Manuel himself as some of his favorite works with anal sluts, my own tastes varying slightly but this being the way double disc compilations should be handled (if no new material will be added) so give it a look if you have not been fortunate enough to get in on the related series, your satisfaction is certain if you enjoy heated sluts doing anal while getting off.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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