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Evil Angels: Kristina Rose

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/1/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Evil Angels: Kristina Rose

Evil Angel

Genre: Compilation, Kristina Rose, Evil Angel scenes

Director: Varied By Scene

Cast: Kristina Rose, Rocco Siffredi, Kirra Lynn, Manuel Ferrara, Andy San Dimas, Vin Deacon, Franceska Jaimes, Nacho Vidal, Jonni Darkko, Sophie Dee, Kelly Divine, James Deen

Length: 406:40 minutes (208:18 minutes & 198:22 minutes)

Date of Production: 2012 (compilation itself, not the scenes)

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Extras: There was a cast list and company website trailer on the first disc. The second disc repeated the cast list and added some trailers, filmographies, and websites.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Evil Angels: Kristina Rose was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by nine directors at Evil Angel, the compilation picking some of Kristina Rose’s best scenes out of the many she has done for them (over 50 if I remember correctly). I would have appreciate the Buttman’s Stretch Class 2 scene to be kept together rather than split up into three sections but otherwise, the other eight scenes showed a diverse selection of action starring the young hotty, only Belladonna’s scene of her with James Deen in Manhandled 4 looking on the really weak side with regard to technical aspects. I checked a handful of them to scenes I had previously reviewed and they appeared to be the same and uncut (except the aforementioned Stretch Class 2 matter), this presumably being a test case for a larger selection of future compilations spotlighting individual performers. The aural elements were also on the basic side, the vocals easily heard in most cases and the diversity of experiences not harming the compilation as a whole.

Body of Review: Evil Angel has long been one of the premiere gonzo production houses in the porn industry for fans wanting the very best in raw energy, chemistry, and excellent casting so it makes sense that when they decided to try a new form of compilation, they would select one of their favorite babes as a test case. The release is called Evil Angels: Kristina Roseand anyone that is unaware of Kristina’s allure as a booty babe for the last several years must have certainly been hiding under a rock given she is one of the most popular gonzo ladies around (her feature work showing some excellent potential as well). As Kristina is widely known for being among the most outspoken ladies unwilling to take any shit, it is not always easy to get to know her like some of her peers but as a critic that has found tremendous strokability and replay value in her past works, I think the company made a wise choice starting off this new series with her showcase, double disc set.


The company website described the double disc compilation like this: “From Evil Angel Video comes a new kind of compilation: "Evil Angels: Kristina Rose" is a double-disc tailored for fans of the stunning titular minx and her outrageous antics. For those who don't know, Kristina is a gorgeous, petite American Latina who's won countless hearts and hard-ons through her obvious love of sex and her joy in performing all types of lewd acts, from sensuous tease to insane hard-core fucking to kinky SM. Nine of the top directors in adult entertainment have contributed favorite Kristina scenes to this special collection, each focusing a distinctive style of erotic attention on the sultry little lady with the all-natural body, radiant smile and hungry, flexible rosebud. The result is an amazing variety of styles and approaches - you get nearly seven hours of pure, uncut Kristina Rose with scenes from "Buttman's Stretch Class 2," Rocco Siffredi's "Rocco Ravishes L.A.," the late John Leslie's "Don't Make Me Beg," Joey Silvera's "Strap Attack 12," Nacho Vidal's "Nacho vs. Franceska Jaimes," Manuel Ferrara's "Raw 2," Jonni Darkko's "Throat Fucks 3," Jay Sin's "Pretty Sloppy 3" and Belladonna's "Manhandled 4." Along the way, our sassy slut enjoys raunchy fun with girlfriends Kirra Lynne, Andy San Dimas, Franceska Jaimes, Sophie Dee and Kelly Divine. The girl of honor displays incredible sexual range, seducing us through her love of sphincter-gaping toys, asshole-pounding threesomes, lesbian butt play, strap-on domination and straight-ahead, orgasmic fucking. "Evil Angels: Kristina Rose" takes you deep inside one of the sexiest performers of all time.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Buttman’s Stretch Class 2: Kristina Rose was put through the paces by John “Buttman” Stagliano as she paraded around in various lingerie or naked, a bunch of tease and toys used in this very lengthy scene split into several parts for this compilation. It was extremely strokable and had great replay value for fans of ass play and Kristina Rose.

Scene Two: Rocco Ravishes L.A.: Kristina Rose, Rocco Siffredi: Kristina Rose, dressed in black booty shorts and a skimpy but colorful top, was up next as she met Rocco Siffredi on the back yard porch area near the pool. They discussed his reputation for being naughty his denials fueling her desire to work with him. She claimed to be more than just a great ass, her shorts proclaiming this idea as she set out to prove it to him. Rocco stuffed his face in her ass crack and satisfied her, moving to gobble her gash and otherwise excite her as she knelt down to slob his knob aggressively. The throating led to their continuing to orally pleasure each other on the couch inside the house, some 69 and face sitting as well as anal fingering resulting in some active vaginal and anal penetrative positions. He roughed her up with some slapping and hair pulling, some taste testing by both of them leading to his wealth of population pudding beat off to her open mouth and face, their pronounced chemistry working for me in terms of replay value and strokability.

Scene Three: Don’t Make Me Beg: Kristina Rose, Kirra Lynn, Manuel Ferrara: Kristina Rose was dressed in her pink underwear next as Kirra Lynne blew Manual Ferrara, Kristina’s mesh pantyhose offering a great look at her ass as she masturbated while peeping on them nearby. Kristina wanted to join them and she soon did, only after she had to repeatedly beg to jump in having seen how well her peers did each other in the tub as well as the shower. Kristina rimmed Kirra as Kirra blew Manuel, the man slowly allowing his brunette buddy to slob his knob as deeply as she could go. He tapped both of them from there, fucking pussy and ass like he owned it though Kristina showing yet again her devotion to his sexual ministrations. Kirra assisted nearly as much as Kristina did too, Kirra taking it in the ass and Kristina more than happy to stick with vaginal before she jerked him off all over Kirra’s face and she sucked him dry of genetic juice.

Scene Four: Buttman’s Stretch Class 2: Kristina Rose was put through the paces by John “Buttman” Stagliano as she paraded around in various lingerie or naked, a bunch of tease and toys used in this very lengthy scene split into several parts for this compilation. It was extremely strokable and had great replay value for fans of ass play and Kristina Rose.

Scene Five: Strap Attack 12: Kristina Rose, Andy San Dimas, Vin Deacon: Kristina Rose, one of the sexiest ladies in the industry these days, was up next teaching the wonderful ways of female domination to lovely Andy San Dimas, both of them soon targeting Vin Deacon as the one most deserving of their dominatrix fantasies. Andy was interviewed up front since she was a first time Femdom queen, her revelations amusing to say the least. As far as the actual sex was concerned, the boilerplate formula was used regarding tease, caresses, and some oral that led to Vin being on the firing line. He was blown by Andy and she spread for him, both ladies coming back to reward him as they saw fit, Kristina showing her the ropes. They both rimmed and fingered him before taking turns with his mouth and ass, their cocks hammering away at his mouth and ass like crazy. This kept up until he came, the gals slurping up his ball batter to share but not with him.

Scene Six: Nacho Vs. Franceska Jaimes: Kristina Rose, Franceska Jaimes, Nacho Vidal: Kristina Rose was next up naked as she tried various toys to prepare her for the cock of Nacho Vidal and the dripping wet pussy of Franceska Jaimes (Nacho’s long love). The two ladies wore minimal lingerie, showcasing their sweet asses and other body parts in a show that had some minor technical issues (the resolution was not as sharp as some other scenes). They did a photoshoot that included some lesbian play, the pile of awesome sex toys exciting them nearly as much as Nacho himself did. The ladies did some lesbian anal with toys and Nacho verbally encouraged them, the licking, sucking, and fingering as sexy as the strap on dildo use that followed. This warmed them up for some quality time with Nacho himself, his turgid member soon pounding the ladies rapidly as they serviced him and their lady partner orally. Both ladies gave a lot here and the scene benefitted, each lady doing a technical DP and anal before Nacho handfed them his splooge for them to orally share with each other as he backed off to give them some room.

Scene Seven: Buttman’s Stretch Class 2: Kristina Rose was put through the paces by John “Buttman” Stagliano as she paraded around in various lingerie or naked, a bunch of tease and toys used in this very lengthy scene split into several parts for this compilation. It was extremely strokable and had great replay value for fans of ass play and Kristina Rose.

Scene Eight: Raw 2: Kristina Rose, Manuel Ferrara: Kristina Rose, a sexy little Latina sleeping in bed, was awaken to the camera of Manuel Ferrara, the gal freshly showered and ready to do everything she could to please him. The lack of makeup actually worked for better than she admits in public, her solo action revealing a little pubic bush before she interviewed herself on camera (now all made up). This was a cute touch and Kristina admitted what I have long said (and others disagreed with) that he had ruined her for other men, their scenes together rarely short of spectacular thanks to the way they fit so perfectly. There was a lot of travelogue footage here of Kristina going about her day, the gal praising their scene from Evil Anal 8, providing a story about why she had not seen it before this moment (her camera shy bladder making it tough to piss on the toilet). Kristina waited impatiently for him to arrive so she watched the scene, getting herself off on the fond memories on the couch, pissing much easier the second time she tried. She masturbated with the Hitachi and Manuel arrived, some interview footage securing his ego until the end of time. Sexually, the couch and bed provided the main settings for their tryst, the oral and vaginal activities as complete as any of the previous scene and providing just as much chemistry. Kristina was an active partner here too, doing anal as easily as some gals do vaginal boning, some cuddle time showing their personal connection all the more. The touching moments aside, she ended it for him by jerking him off with one hand while rubbing his balls with the other, her abdomen displaying how long it had been since he unleashed his seed.

Scene Nine: Throat Fucks 3: Kristina Rose, Jonni Darkko: Kristina slipped out of her form fitting panties to grab her perfect ass, her pink fishnet top revealing a nice look at her all natural tits. She was overly made up and frisky here, teasing Jonni Darkko as his pecker grew in his black pants. Kristina toyed with him by grabbing and rubbing him at first, whispering sweet nothings as she eventually whipped out his rod to start slowly licking, the sucking and other oral tricks enough to nearly launch my own load prematurely. It was a messy hummer with plenty of hand to gland friction applied, her ball tonguing enhancing it like her devotion to detail and passion for pecker. The resulting wad of spew landed all over her mouth and face, Kristina savoring the liquid lunch before the scene faded away.

Scene Ten: Pretty Sloppy 3: Kristina Rose, Sophie Dee, Kelly Divine: Kelly Divine, Kristina Rose, and Sophie Dee were the lead act this time according to the way they were showcased on the front cover. Each of them has an ass to die for and the theme of the scene was food fetish fun, Kristina taking the leading role even though there would be no genetic juice, population pudding, or spunk to play with. The ladies wore aprons but little else, the food starting out with honey but including a lot more by the time they were through prodding each other in the pussy and ass, all sorts of sprinkles applied to eat. They rubbed an assortment of confections on one another too, a large pink dildo the primary sex toy for the anal work (some beads going in second, along with a large lollipop). Kristina favored a bumpy blue dildo but again, each gal was completely serviced by the other too, the energy and enthusiasm quite high.

Scene Eleven: Manhandled 4: Kristina Rose, James Deen: Kristina Rose, a popular anal princess, was up next in a dark room with James Deen, the decision to light the scene with a flashlight striking me as questionable. She teased him as he took some naughty pictures, Kristina showing herself as he pushed her limits further with each passing moment. He ate her and had her choke on his pecker, grabbing her neck at times for some breath play but the emphasis on rough stuff did not mean there was any lack of more oral and vaginal penetration. Like the previous scene, the couple were working up a sheen of sweat and going at it nonstop, the passion and enthusiasm also elevating the overall score of the fuck flick. I hated the use of the flashlight to capture the tryst even if it added a degree of mystery to the action, increasing right up to the end when he gave her a facial of spunk for her efforts.

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Summary: Evil Angels: Kristina Rose by the directors of Evil Angel had no new material to speak of and Kristina Rose was not brought in to provide any scene introductions or new bonus material but for those who find her as sexually charged as I have over the years, this double disc set lasting almost 7 hours (of some of her best works) will easily be worth a rating of Highly Recommended. There was a willingness to show the leading starlet in a plethora of situations, from her dominating others to lengthy selections of tease material from the leader of the company to some lesbian action, and more. The extras were on the light side but the technical values were generally very well done, the devotion to keep the material as good looking as it was originally certainly appreciated. In short, Evil Angels: Kristina Rose will hopefully be the beginning of a wonderfully appealing showcase compilation series, Kristina Rose herself having enough solid stroke material to commission at least a couple more volumes in the series though I would suggest a number of others that would benefit from the treatment here as well. Give this one a look if you are only now finding out about the sexual whirlwind known as Kristina Rose, her shapely ass well worth getting to know much, much better.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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