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Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled

Studio: Vivid » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/9/12

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Allie Haze’s Been Blackmaled
Vivid Entertainment
Directed by Kimberly Kane
Running Time: 2:29:25


Allie Haze
Kimberly Kane
Dana DeArmond
Nyomi Banxxx
Skin Diamond
Jon Jon
Julius Ceazher
Mr Marcus
Lexington Steele

Special Features:

Chapter Search
Cum Shot Recap: 1:14 reel
Photo Gallery
Bonus Scene: Asphyxia and Skin from Kimberly Kane’s Been Blackmaled, 15:28 runtime
Previews-4 trailers

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 256 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Allie Haze is filled with dark fantasies and Kimberly Kane loves that! So, she paired Allie wit the biggest, blackest actors in porn in this Technicolor orgy of interracial eroticism. While masturbating, Allie unknowingly flips through channels on her TV and gets sucked into the scenarios on her screen, no matter how perverse or extreme! Porn is the ultimate reality entertainment and you are now watching Allie Haze’s Been Blackmaled!

Overall Thoughts:

Every once in awhile there will come a time, when more than one reviewer will get their hands on a title to review. And what that means is you can a better idea if a movie is good or not, worth your time or money. And this is one of those movies, fellow reviewer, Don Houston already gave his thoughts, and gave it a Recommended rating. Let’s see how it stacks up for me. I am pretty sure we gave this cover a shout out as a cover we crave, and I can say that I second that statement. The lovely Allie Haze graces the cover and there are plenty of hands all over her, just a taste of what we are going to see in this movie. And I think this was one of the last movies for her time with Vivid, so what kind of final act will we get.

Well this one definitely had some potential for me, but seemed to be all over the board for me. I liked some parts and wasn’t really into others. Some rough edits, that seemed to jump all over the place, and I can kind of see how that adds to the overall visual style we get from the little sections between the scenes. If you are an Allie Haze fan, you most likely have already bought or watched this, due to the promise of her first interracial experience. But I am sad to say that this one, is a RENT IT for me. Like I said it had some moments and it’s always nice to see Allie in a movie, but like I pointed out in the review, it seemed she showed a little more energy than some of her partners in the movie.


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Well we are getting things going on a great start, as she is wearing an outfit leaving little to the imagination, crawling all over the bed, as there are two hard cocks, just waiting for some attention. And she is more than willing to give them plenty of attention with her mouth. But they are not going to forget about her either, as Julius bends her over and plays with her pussy as she jerks Jon off. Julius slides in for some doggy action, as he grabs onto that booty. Plenty of booty clapping and gagging as they have her surround by cock. And for fans of the natural look, she’s got a little patch just above her pussy. Some very nice energy and enthusiasm as she begs for a cock in her mouth, while her pussy gets stuffed. What was the Chasing Amy reference, finger cuffs? Will need to keep an eye on this, or I guess an ear, something a little off about the audio, I think? They lean her up against the window and once again spend some quality time pounding and slapping that booty, while fucking her. Rough, edit and we are back on the bed already? Sexy that she is still wearing those knee high boots, little weird he’s got his sneakers and socks still on. They continue with some spoon and then back to some doggy, and my god, really get a look at how big that booty is, more than a handful, Sir Mix A Lot would be proud. They wrap the curtains around her face, but realize she can’t have a cock in her mouth that way. Back to the bed, for some reverse cowgirl action, and I am starting to think all of this quick editing is ruining some of the pace of the scene, doesn’t feel natural. They continue to have their way with her and then ends up with Jon jerking off on her ass, and then she jerks Julius off until he leaves a few drops in her mouth. I have to say it started off pretty amazing, but lost a little as it went on.


Seems someone has Skin all tied up and crying in front of a camera, seems that Dana has gone a little fan boy crazy. Dana walks her spiked heels over to Skin, as we get a glimpse of her outfit. So we are trying to figure out why we are turned on and scared at the same time. We like em a little crazy. But Dana is here to make Skin feel more comfortable, as she kisses her and takes the tape off her mouth. So if you are fan of the femdom stuff, this should be just what the doctor ordered. She shoves her hand down her throat and then plays with her boobs and pussy, as they watch themselves in the camera. She lays Skin down on her knees, and admires the butt, giving it a few shakes and slaps. Must be someone’s birthday. She tries to run away, but Dana is not done with her just quite yet. As she slides off her panties and dives into her pink pussy. Some finger play and slapping continue, and then Skin seems to be enjoying it a little, and putting up less of a fight. Dana pulls out a rubber gun and some oral play starts as they both give it a nice tongue and mouth workout.  Starting to lose me a little at this point. After getting it nice and wet, it’s time to have some play with Skin’s pussy with the gun, as she shoves it inside her pussy. But Skin wants to return the pleasure, as she squeezes and sucks on her tits, like a baby starving for food. She begs for her pussy and after sliding off her panties and sucking on her heels, finally makes her way to her pussy, as Dana teases her before letting her have fun. And it seems that Dana is happy with her oral work. They begin to play with each other, some gagging and spitting, as Dana straps on a dildo, as Skin fingers her wet pussy. She pins Skin up against the end of the bed, and slides inside her pussy for some doggy action.


Allie has a body that is meant to be in a dress, although I am sure she will be out of it fairly soon, which is also a good thing. She gets on a elevator with Marcus and Nyomi and all kinds of crazy begins, and she screams she would do anything to make it stop. And just like that, with a snap, the dress is off, and it seems that she is in control of her sex, as she can’t help herself as she falls to her knees and begins to suck and gag on his cock. But Nyomi is there to show her how to suck a dick, as Allie looks on with amazement. She continues to get taught in the art of oral, and she seems to be a quick learner, as she bobs and gags on his cock. But enough oral, how about he gets some time with her pussy, as she sucks on Nyomi’s boobs. Allie begs and pleads for him to fuck her harder, and Nyomi does her best to help, but it seems he’s not going to go any faster. He lays on the floor and waits for Nyomi to sit her big booty on his cock, while she tells Allie to slap her ass. Once again, it seems these girls are a little too much for him. They leave the elevator and get a nice train going, as he fucks her from behind, as she is face deep in Nyomi’s ass and pussy. Nyomi offers more oral before she is back on top for some reverse cowgirl action, and it seems with a little helpful hand from Allie, seems to get her to cum. But it’s soon back to our star, as she rides he for a bit and then moves onto some missionary until he leaves a few blast of cums on her face.


Sex bandits on the loose, that can’t be good, or can it? They break into a house and seem to catch the owner and tie him up. They are hot and horny and they are going to make him watch. It’s not long before her boobs are out and she is grinding up against her man. She teases and plays with his crotch, before she slides off his shorts and shows off the big cock to their hostage. She gets face fucked and then bobs on his cock, getting it nice and wet, showing some great energy during the oral. She lays on the dinner table, and after he rips her stockings, dives into her pussy, once again, another girl with the natural look. She spreads her legs wide as he slides inside her, as the moans and screams begin. She flips over, with her ass out, as he slides back in for some doggy action. But after a little oral session, she is back on the table, as he slides into her ass and the juices just drip on the nice antique table. After they are done with the table, they head up the stairs, with a little fun along the way. More anal at the top of the stairs. But it’s time to add some glaze to the furniture as he jerks off and leaves a pool of cum, she licks up a little, but they want to leave some evidence behind.

Allie/Lexington (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

Allie is at home and enjoying some personal time with a favorite toy until she gets interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s her over zealous boyfriend, but she changes the channel and he is quickly replaced by Lexington, and Allie is a happy girl. They head right to the bedroom, as they kiss and play with each other, slightly teasing each other. But as he opens his pants, she grabs on with both hands, as she does her best to shove that big cock down her throat. Very nice view from the behind as her ass is trying to escape her jeans. He helps her out of them and after adding some spit and lube, slowly slides inside her pussy for some doggy action. And as she opens up for him, he goes deeper and she grabs on tight to the bed sheets and whatever else she can get her hands on. She shoves him down on the bed, and offer some more oral, before climbing on his cock, hopping that booty on his cock. She begs for him to slap her ass, but he seems to enjoy the handful of booty in his hand instead. She ends up on her back and he seems to finally speed things up to a pace she has been begging for this whole movie. Seems to be some very nice chemistry between these two and is making this a stand out scene for me for the movie. She gives him some more oral attention, sucking and swallowing him, along with some soft teasing licks. But just like that we are back to the action, for some doggy, as he looks like he is about to burst at any second. He eventually does and lets out a few blasts of cum, as she gives his cock a few last licks.

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