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Tight Ass Teens Vol. 1

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Leya Falcon » Review Date: 11/18/12

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Anal, Teen


Bud Fox


Alexa Blue, April Haze, Darian Lee, Lucy Roberts, Mandinka,


77 Minutes

Date of Production:

September 2012


The extras aren't much on here, there is a photo gallery with some nice eye candy and an option where you can choose which scene and which position you want to view but other than that there isn't much to offer in terms of extras on this disc, it seems to be purely for jacking off to.



Audio/Video Quality:

The video quality was alright, the camera angles were not the greatest in many of the positions and there were a lot of hard cuts. I can't really say too much on the audio besides the fact that the music was really distracting and the fact that nobody said much of anything there wasn't all too much to hear.

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With me starting butt sex on film soon I thought maybe I should do some research so doing a review on Tight Ass Teens I would be killing two birds with one stone in watching some butt sex (that I do not watch a lot of) and seeing what they do on film that I like or dislike and incorporating that into my own performances. I like the box cover because it is kind of interesting, there is a girl face down, ass up with a cock up her sphincter and another girl with her head leaning on the ass looking shocked, it just is kind of interesting looking. The pictures of the 'tight ass teens' on the back cover are obviously tattoo-less and very young looking, a couple of them are so young looking it slightly disturbs me but I have some high hopes for this film as it does look to have a variety of fun butt sex positions so lets get this review started.


Scene One:


Lucy Roberts and Mandika are seen being teeny boppers on the bed, probably having a sleepover when some guy in overalls (not sure who this guy is) comes in and starts playing with them a little while some cheesy porn music plays in the background and it quickly fades out and the foreplay starts. The language is not English, I am not really sure what it is but the girls start sucking cock together and are seemingly enjoying it and one is quickly bent over and the ass licking and pussy play from the other girl and guy begins. The girl that's bent over is butt fucked for a minute until you see her ass start to gape and the guy switches his cock to the other girls mouth for a quickie blow job before sticking it back into the ass hole.I am hearing what seems to be dirty talk but I do not understand the language so for all I know he could be saying "I am going to knit you a sweater!" Anyways, the girl that hasn't had her ass fucked yet gets on top of the other in doggy and gets her pussy hole penetrated by cock and some hard finger fucking while the girl on the bottom is just rubbing her pussy. The positions then switch and we see the same girl getting pussy fucked, then the other one underneath the guys legs and they both start doing some sort of male foot worship, and the one not getting fucked gives the guy a rim job. We see some girl on top action with simultaneous ball licking then they switch spots and I finally hear in English, with a heavy accent "ride my dick!" So the girl puts her pussy on his dick and rides him pretty hard until it is time for a shared blow job break where he ejaculates into their mouths then chokes, smacks and kisses them. A little bit strange, a lot of noise, not a lot of talk, its a short scene coming in at around 15 minutes but it did turn me on, maybe because I like odd things??


Scene Two:

Alexa Blue is the next up as this guy that looks like the same guy from the last scene only with hair and stubble comes in and presents a pink toy and the girl sucks it, gets it between her tits then puts it down to get her pussy eaten, this is all with some cheesy porno music in the background and then it suddenly stops as soon as he starts ass licking. There is some ass play with fingers and the same toy from the beginning and then a hard cut into a blow job as she lies back in spread eagle and gets her pussy played with, her blow job skills aren't great but its jackable. The first position is some pussy and ass fucking in spoon, this guy seems to enjoy choking a lot. This girl must get butt fucked a lot because when his cock came out her ass hole was gaping pretty big, he then fucked her ass some more with the toy before pounding it again with his cock and then her doing some ass-to-mouth and sucking it again. The girl then gets back on top and rides his cock with it in her pussy as he does some light ass smacking before lying her back down in missionary with her legs up and fucking her gaping ass hole then a blow job break, some doggy style ass and pussy fucking with more emphasis on the gaping until he cums in her mouth and all over her face and she sucks it all out to the last drop. Not any dirty talk in this scene but I am guessing it is because they are foreign, I still could've used some more moaning from the girl.


Scene Three:

Again we see a teen on a bed, Dorian Lee that is walked in on by the same dude from the earlier scenes and they start making out with the same cheesy porno music playing again until it abruptly moves to a hard cut and the music is turned down a bit and then suddenly stops while the girl is seen sucking cock, this one is kind of POV style as she has great eye contact with the camera and then they switch to a missionary position in which the camera angle is no longer POV, you don't see too much in this position as you can tell they are having a hard time opening up to the camera so then it fades out and in to a cowgirl pussy fuck and this girl is rather quiet so far, not much in terms of moaning. She is then bent over and tell the guy "no" when he tries to enter her exit hole saying how it is not a good idea, he then fingers her ass and then fucks it, in which she is finally starting to moan and shows off a huge gape. I kind of liked how he took her and stood her up against the closet mirror door and fucked her ass there as she spread her cheeks, who doesn't love a good fuck in front of a mirror? She is then again on the bed lying on her stomach as the guy squats over her fucking her ass until he flips her over then makes her ride his cock in reverse cowgirl and regular cowgirl, some more doggy and a huge gape is shown that he shoots his load into, giving it a couple more pumps before an ending kiss. A pretty quiet scene but the fucking by the mirror and the cumming into the gaping hole turned me on a lot!

Scene Four:

Schoolgirl April Haze is on the bed with cheesy porno music playing when she is creeped in on by this creepy guy thats fucking all of these girls (surprise!) . The foreplay starts out rough, like I like it with some fingering and face fucking and blow job and I can't help but point out the picture of this creepy ass zebra hanging on the wall staring down at these people and their freakiness! The girl appears to be getting finger fucked underneath her panties as she gets some hard ass smacking and the hard cut goes into doggy, in which again you do not see much because they are not opening up to the camera. Missionary is a better position because now we can see her pussy get fucked as she lets out some nice moans (still no dirty talk, I think this really is all foreign performers.) April then gets on top and lets him pound her pussy while she is above him until he switches to her asshole and he lifts her up revealing her gape and continues pounding hard and you can hear how hard he is fucking it because you get the smacking noise. She is also ass fucked while lying on her stomach on the bed then turned around to get pussy fucked again and then her ass again, they finish up with some ball licking and a facial cum shot.


Although this film was foreign and did not have much dirty talk I did enjoy it as each scene was fairly short and to the point, nothing really drawn out so my attention span was not challenged at all. I did pick up a few things on here for when I start butt-sex that I would like to try such as the gaping and being stood up by a mirror and pounded, I saw which positions for anal are hard to open up in and hope to not make the same mistakes. The girls were cute, the guy was a little creepy but fucked well, I would've probably enjoyed this more if there were more talk and it was all English phrases but the moans were nice. I think there were a bit of continuity problems and would've appreciated smoother transitions and less distracting music. I will rate this as 'Leya Likes' because I did like it and probably will watch it again when I am getting fucked in the ass, I would say this is best suited for the horny single male and not very couples friendly unless if you are one half of a freaky couple. Any woman watching this would probably like the fact that there is also vaginal sex in this but would probably think of the issues of being hygeinic because as any gyno in America would tell you, you NEVER go from ass to pussy because, well, it just causes female problems.

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