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MOFOS: Pervs On Patrol 8

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/20/12

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: Amateur/POV/Voyeur



Cast: Missy Martinez/Chanel White/Stefania Mafra/Jasmine/Kari Sweets/Sasha Pain


Extras: Photo Gallery/Trailers/Web

Runtime: 2 Hrs 58 Mins





Scene 1:

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Missy Martinez/Chanel White

Blowjob/Doggie/Cunnilingus/Missionary/69/Cum On Ass/Facial (High Volume)

The first scene in 'Pervs on Patrol #8' stars Chanel White and Missy Martinez. The girls are laying out on a topless beach and the camera catches them in a voyeuristic way as we see them applying oil to each other and caressing each others parts haphazardly on a bright sunshiney day. After minutes (seems like hours) the cameraman walks up to the girls and talks about how he's doing a school project and that's why he's filming. The girls aren't phased in the least bit by the camera, and as they share in some conversation the wind is blowing so hard into the microphone that it's tough to makeout their exact words. Anyways, the girls ask him if he wants to party, and the action begins as they make out with each other. They take out our lucky cameraman's cock and the bj begins, right on the beach. Missy is the first to handle the bj and Chanel soon joins in as they suck and kiss each other a bit in the process. The wind is still gusting as though they're in the middle of a hurricane, and it gets a little annoying at times, but I digress. The bj is fairly nice and completely shot in pov format as Chanel and Missy continue on. The sex begins in a doggie style position as it's hard to tell exactly who's taking the pounding until Chanel is shown in front of them. Mostly closeups seem to fill this scene early on as Missy munches Chanel's muff while she sits in front of them. Chanel is next up as our cameraman bangs her in a missionary style while Missy sits on her face. The scene seems to be getting better as it goes on but again, we're literally only seeing exactly as the guy fucking them does. The scene ends with our cameraman pulling out to shoot his sauce on Chanel's ass as some also gets on Missy's mouth. This scene wasn't so great, it had some decent moments but all in all it was pretty bleh.


Scene 2:

Stefania Mafra

Tease/Blowjob/Missionary/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie/Cum On Ass (Low Volume)

The next scene starts again in a voyeuristic way again as Stefania Mafra is getting some money out of the ATM machine while we spy on her. She then goes into a carwash where the camera creeps on her ass and other various lady parts as she scrubs and soaps her car as well as herself. Stefania's ass looks fantastic as it peeks out of her tight denim skirt and she seems to be getting into all the right positions, it's almost as if she knows she's being filmed! Anyways, this tease-ish segment continues on for quite some time and finishes with Stefania walking over to our peeping pal, who she apparently knows in some way or another. She talks with him for awhile and he talks her into coming back to his house with her. When they get back to his place Stefania flirts it up a little bit and they talk for a while about a girl he used to date that Stefania is not very fond of. The bj starts soonafter with Stefania sitting with her legs crossed on the couch as our cameraman stands in front of her. The blowjob is nice but very short as the two quickly move into the sex. Stefania is gorgeous and the as the sex begins seems very into it which is quite nice as well. The scene moves forward and features a variety of positions as Stefania is quite vocal throughout most of it as well. I like her intensity in this scene and it really made me wish that the entire thing wasn't filmed in a pov format. The scene ends with our buddy pulling out of her to pump his dick sauce over her backside as she shakes and jiggles. This scene was pretty good, but again, alot of good action was missed because of the pov thing.


Scene 3:


Blowjob/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Missionary/Cum on Tits (Medium Volume)

Next up is Jasmine who appears to be tending a garden as we peer at her from behind a tree creepily. Our cameraman walks up to her and the two get reacquainted as they have apparently met before. Jasmine looks pretty hot here as her tight pink shirt accentuates her nipples very well. The camera guy squirts some water on her, to which she doesn't reply too kindly but lightens up a bit as she pulls her shirt up to show him her breasts. After some begging Jasmine decides to let our cameraman fondle her a little bit and before too long she's on her knees in the garden sucking dick. The bj is decent I suppose but lacks any sort of real chemistry or energy in my opinion. The sex is soon to follow with Jasmine bouncing on our peeper as she gives out some unconvincing moans. It continues on much the same and never really picks up or has any certain noteworthy moments. The scene ends as bad as it began with our buddy finishing himself onto a nearly lifeless Jasmine who is obviously begging for this all to end. This scene was horrible. Aside from Jasmine being easy on the eyes, there is absolutely no reason to watch it. Complete boner killer.


Scene 4:

Sasha Pain

Blowjob/Cowgirl/Doggie/Missionary/Facial (Low Volume)

The next scene begins with our cameraman and his buddy walking through a suburban neighborhood and recognize one house with an open door. They split up for some reason and the wielder of the camera walks into the house where we see Sasha Pain getting dressed. Another vouyer segment here as he continues watching her for awhile before she notices him and is a little upset that some weird dude came in her house holding a camera. Hmm, what a prude. Anyways, Sasha warms up to him quickly and asks him if he wants to see her boobs, and nearly seconds later we see her sucking his dick, ya know, everyday type of stuff. The blowjob is pretty standard, as it continues in a very non-porn type of way. The sex starts in a cowgirl style with Sasha gyrating on our cameraman as he lies still. As the scene goes on it seems to be another snoozefest that mainly involves porno people having very standard sex. Like the kind that some average Joe would have with his girlfriend, not the kind people really want to see when they're watching porn.This scene drags, I quickly find myself waiting for it to end, and it finally does with Sasha being the recipient of a crappy facial. This scene was bad, not like good bad, like bad bad.


Scene 5:

Kari Sweets

Blowjob/Missionary/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie/Cowgirl/Cum in Mouth (Low Volume)

The final scene in 'Pervs on Patrol #8' begins as we're peeping on Kari Sweets as she lays out by the pool smoking a cigarette. After a bit our peeping tom shows himself to her and introduces himself. Kari is apparently the new foreign exchange student according to our cameraman and is very cordial to him as he encounters her. He rubs some oil on her back early on when one thing leads to another and bam! Blowjob. The bj begins well as Kari goes after with alot more life than the girls in the previous scenes did. Kari's body is magnificent and we get a nice glimpse of it when the couple go inside of the house to continue pursuing their sexual endeavors. The sex starts in a missionary position as Kari dittles herself while the cameraman fucks her. It stays here for quite some time and the energy seems to die as fast as it begins, more lifeless moaning, and uninspired sex in this scene as it seems to be the motto for this entire DVD. I must say however, there's a couple nice moments during the reverse cowgirl where we get some fantastic glances of Kari's ass and asshole while she pounces on her new buddy. The scene ends with the cameraman busting his nuts inside of Kari's mouth as she spits it out onto her body. This scene was not great. Again.



I can see no reason to tell you that you should watch this movie. The entire thing is shot POV style, but it's really not filmed that well. At all. I understand that they're attempting to show "amateurs" in action, but jesus, couldn't the sex at least LOOK good? From the pisspoor camera angles, to the lifeless sex scattered throughout most of the movie it's apparent that Brazzers/MOFO's "Quantity over quality" attitude shines in this film. It's just a bunch of crap. Don't waste your time.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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