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Teen Sex Dolls

Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/22/12

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Teen Sex Dolls

Skow Digital/Exile Distribution

Genre: All Sex

Director: B. Skow

Cast: Adrianna Luna, Toni Ribas, Ella Milano, Ralph Long, Britney Young, Julius Ceazher, Molly Bennett, Evan Stone, Sabrina Taylor, Jerry, Jessie Andrews, Tommy Pistol

Length: 399:56 minutes!

Date of Production: 4/29/2012

Extras: Each woman had her own separate section, all of them having a photogallery and many having a Behind the Scenes feature. Ella had a 59 second BTS, Britney had a better 11:24 minute BTS, Britney lasting 5:25 minutes, and Jessie lasting 14:54 minutes. It would have been nice to see Sabrina and Adrianna given some BTS love as well but given the scenes incorporate lengthy interviews, I can’t be too tough on them.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Teen Sex Dolls was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director B. Skow for Skow Digital. The lighting was ample in the house scenes as well as those shot out back, a few times too much light entering into the picture for the equipment to handle adequately. There were also some moments of color tint but some will appreciate that no company watermark was displayed here. In all, it was a fair attempt at shooting what was billed as Skow’s first independent work, though it was not a “feature” in any sense of the word no matter what the front cover says. The audio was straightforward too, the vocals on the ladies on the low side though I could hear the director in all cases. The second portion of each scene stripped the vocals out in favor of a musical score, my opinion on the aural portion of the movie was that much more work is needed to make it work. Of note in the technical department is that the disc was segmented into separate “scenes” as listed below, no opening or closing credits provided, no extras section for everything each of the discs had (listing them under the individual performer), and it looked on the rough side at times compared to much of Skow’s works of the last seven years; no wonder this was sent to me just recently though released in June.

Body of Review: B. Skow has been one of my favorite directors for years now, his features at Vivid often providing superior amounts of sex compared to their previous staffers while providing a lot of technical expertise too. Now that he has split from them, he started up Skow Digital with the intentions of gaining more creative control and offering “harder” sex than he was allowed under the couples friendly Vivid. If that was his intention, he did not seem able to make it so with his first attempt at bat, the movie Teen Sex Dollsadvertising itself as a feature though it largely copied the format of his Brand New Faces series (which I have long adored by the way). The double disc title followed a strict formula of giving a lengthy interview, then a solo scene (which the first portion already had), and then pairing the ladies up with a male partner. If that isn’t exactly what BNF has provided, by all means go watch all but the latest volume and tell me what differences it had (short of the pledge that it was a first scene). That said, Skow did manage to assemble a decent collection of ladies including Adrianna Luna, Jessie Andrews, and Molly Bennett, many of the others looking extremely young and having limited credits to their name according to the IAFD. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

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Scene One: Adrianna Luna, a fetching and exotic young lady, was up first in an interview that lasted 14:52 minutes, the director getting acquainted with her before a 15:58 minute solo masturbation scene took place. She used a colorful toy to get off with and then proceeded to take on Toni Ribas for 35:05 minutes; the house setting looking a bit plain but keeping the attention on her as it should be. She lay back on a black leather couch and Toni rubbed her snatch while kissing her, the man gobbling her gash before she sucked his cock in earnest while at her knees. Adrianna provided solid eye contact and used some hand to gland friction to enhance the moment, the gal actively riding him in various positions with taste testing though they were not as polished as I have seen of late (either of them). He did seem to get her all juicy at one point and she took the facial of genetic juice well enough, Adrianna licking some of the spew from her face before giving him some post coital head.

Scene Two: Ella Milano, a lean gal built for speed over comfort, was up next on a living room set in some eclectic clothing, her loose top hiding her perky boobs and her pink booty shorts lasting longer during the 16:26 minute long interview. She began to masturbate as the director talked to her, the dedicated solo masturbation clip following at 16:05 minutes. She was in the back yard where she slowly stripped down, applying a black & white vibrator to her pussy to get juiced up before the following sex with Ralph Long took place for 31:01 minutes. She was on the couch at this point, Ralph leaning down to gobble her gash as her legs spread wide to grant him greater access, her pornish moaning leading to her kneeling down to slob his knob. She gave a fairly playful blowjob though as in the other scenes, the scene was a performance rather than any display of chemistry filled fucking. Ralph had a semi erect cock when he began plowing her shaven snatch, her efforts eventually amplified when she sucked him clean and jumped on him in some cowgirl positions. That was when she excelled, her active romp showing some true effort that was strokable, Ralph eventually pulling out to completely glaze her torso with population pudding with some left over for the face.

Scene Three: Britney Young, a youthful looking blond with some welcome extra flesh, was up next on a couch, the 21 year old coming across as slightly nervous during her 16:13 minute interview. I thought her big tits looked great and her labia were the pinkest I have seen in awhile, the newcomer giving the impression that she was enjoying herself so far as this was towards the beginning of her short career. She began masturbating on the old person couch (this time it was a red one with golden patterns) but her 14:02 minute solo scene started her anew as she sat in a replica phone booth to sit down and use a vibrator on her pussy. She did have a hugely noticeable wine spot on her left thigh that I found distracting but I had no doubt that she was getting off, this preliminary warm up leading to an interracial tryst with Julius Ceazher. This was largely a reset as she was naked but back on the couch again, Julius crawling up to kiss her before she blew him in the 33:04 minute long tryst. I liked how her tits moved while she serviced him, her enthusiasm for getting him hard more than most seasoned veterans would have provided. Once she began working him to the limit he became hard though, Britney using her hand to gland action to bring him around (the gal looking like she needed help as she began looking at the camera instead of Julius) and some active vaginal riding leading to him gobbling her gash briefly. He kept on his sunglasses which made him look indifferent, the gal never smiling again and his attitude clearly noticeable. The lack of chemistry was noticed and he eventually withdrew to give her mouth and neck a wad of spunk to think about, her smile finally coming back when he left.

Scene Four: Molly Bennett, the extremely cute blond seen on the left side of the front cover, was up next as the first scene on the second disc. She claimed to be 18 years old and five months, the Southern Californian looking stereotypically sexy and giving some candid responses to the director’s questions while she sat on the large white couch. She wore her cover attire, the back of her panties providing a great view of her ass cheeks thanks to the thong nature of the cut. Molly seemed energetic to a fault here, doing as Skow asked of her which included some masturbation action in the 14:37 minute session. The second section lasted 19:57 minutes and showed Molly in the back yard with her clothing back on, the gal posing while lame music played and the camera caught her from various angles as she teased. She used a small wand vibrator to masturbate with this second time, the appearance of her faking it standing out in my mind no matter how hot she looked on the edge of the water fountain. This transitioned into the sex portion where she was back on the couch and waiting for Evan Stone to go down on her, his toying attitude adding some life to the gal’s day. He fingered her pussy and teased her, pounding away at her pussy before either of them gave the other head. After a few positions of vaginal penetration, Molly did blow him but she only put a few inches into her mouth and seemed to be holding back. The best looking position for her was the doggy and her most active ride came towards the end with the cowgirl variations but it was again hampered by a lack of chemistry. The bulk of the 34:44 minute screwing session was straightforward fucking, a lot of porn moaning provided before she took his facial of splooge with an open mouth and some post coital head.

Scene Five: Sabrina Taylor, the cute brunette seen on the right side of the front cover, was up next as she sat on a porn set bed with her cover outfit on. The interview lasted 18:37 minutes, her large tits a selling point but for me it was her slight resemblance to mainstream actress Jessica Alba (not so much on the cover), her cameltoe drawing the attention of Skow as he gave her instructions as to what he wanted of her. This gave way to an 16:56 minute solo masturbation sequence where she began by wearing a bold striped shirt and sheer white panties, the gal spending more time stripping and less getting off with her hand until it was time to engage with Jerry for 34:44 minutes on the bed. He ate her shaven pussy and fingered her, Sabrina sucking him with some degree of skill as he reached over to continue warming her up with his fingers. It was a slow hummer and she did not throat him by any means, some kissing leading to them vaginally fucking in a number of positions. Sabrina was a passive rider at first but she put a little more effort into the action once she was warmed up. There was additional oral and a titty fuck along the way but the chemistry levels were minimal and it ended when she took his wealth of ball batter all along her torso.

Scene Six: Jessie Andrews, the biggest name gal of the movie thanks to a handful of major releases in recent times, was up last on the bed in some colorfully striped panties and a pink short, her coy attitude intriguing Skow during the 18:15 minute interview. Her hairy snatch a marked contrast to the others by this point in time. The dedicated solo masturbation scene in the back yard lasted 18:04 minutes, starting off very slowly as she stood still in a flower patterned top and white panties, a small green & white pocket rocket vibrator exciting her nearly to the point of orgasm. Jessie tasted herself and was soon thrust together with Tommy Pistol on the bed, Jessie diddling herself when he walked over to kiss her. The kissing led to them pawing each other, her all natural body appealing to him as his heavily tattooed body seemed to liven her up a little. They rubbed each other’s crotches but he was more interested in tasting her juices, his beard as heavy as I believe I have ever seen it. The aggressive finger fucking of Jessie by Tommy led to her showing an aptitude for oral herself, not her best work by any means but worth looking at all the same. They then did some vaginal penetration scenes with taste testing, Tommy rimming her toward the end before one last burst of boning led him to jerk off his semen to her open mouth, though she did not swallow in the 31:16 minute long tryst.

Summary: Teen Sex Dolls by director B. Skow for Skow Digital may not have displayed the kind of departure from his days at Vivid he claimed would happen and the front cover claims that this was a feature may have been a case of a marketing department out of touch with the product but as it followed an established, award winning formula (the difference being that the ladies were not in their first scenes), I find it difficult to be harsh on the product. I have been a supporter of Skow’s works since he began helming his own movies some seven years ago and championed him time and again at awards time, the technical matters less important to me here than the fact that most of the performers showed no chemistry with one another and a few too many seemed to be going through the motions. There was a lot of fuck for the buck if you consider the lengthy interviews and solo scenes as part of the greater whole though so I feel it is reasonable to split the difference and rate this one as a Rent It unless you are an adoring fanboy of the cast, all of them that I am acquainted with giving much better scenes elsewhere. In short, Teen Sex Dolls had adequate extras (photogalleries and some limited BTS material) and some issues with the technical side of things, some of the mopes just not up to the task and the ladies providing unpolished performances. The middle portion of each scene looks like it was shot first and then placed in between the other parts too, my expectations raised by a fellow reviewer elsewhere who clearly had blinders on when checking this derivative version of Skow’s Brand New Faces series (using established performers instead of ladies in their first works). The good news is that I was promised Skow’s second title was much better and more original, a title called “Model House Invasion” so I will see about checking that one out before declaring this experiment as a disaster.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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