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Madison Ivy

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/24/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Naughty America: Madison Ivy
Naughty America/Pure Play Media
Running Time: 2:31:00


Madison Ivy
Ramon Namor
Anthony Rosano
Mallory Rae Murphy
Dane Cross
Xander Corvus

Special Features:

Scene Selection
Photo Gallery

Technical Stats:

Audio: Linear PCM 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 1.5 Mbps

Video: (not full screen)  Mpeg-2 at around 3-4 Mbps

Two words that makes the world go around, Madison Ivy! She is stunningly gorgeous and fucks and sucks like a champ. This DVD is all about Madison Ivy and her amazing skills.

Overall Thoughts:

If you have paid attention to any of my blogs about my favorite girls or girls I want to see more of, there is one name that always seems to show up, and that is Madison Ivy. She’s got a body that begs for attention and her energy in her scenes, especially when it comes to her oral skills, is always well appreciated. So when the opportunity came up to review a movie just with scenes with her, I had to make sure I got to review it, and hopefully I won’t be disappointed by it. I can only hope that the folks at Porn Pros/Passion follow suit and release a movie with some of her scenes too.

Well this is a great collection of scenes, showcasing her body and skills when it comes to sex. You can’t help enjoying yourself as you watch that body and those eyes doing their thing. If you are not familiar with her work, this is a great way to get introduced to her, and make sure you become a fan of hers, like me.

It’s just too bad, that on the technical side of things, and special features, aren’t quite up to par, and will hurt the overall rating of this movie. It’s small stuff to complain about, but for those that care about it, like me, I feel the need to point it out.

But with some great scenes, this is still going to get a RECOMMENDED rating, just too bad, it could have gotten a much higher rating from me.

Madison/Anthony from My Sister’s Hot Friend (24:29)

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And it’s not long after she starts to turn on the heat, giving him that look and shoving his face in her tits, that he fully comes under the spell of Madison Ivy. She lays him down and pulls off an amazing maneuver as she slides down his body and ends up with his cock in her mouth, and get used to that head bobbing when it comes to her oral skills.  She slowly applies some spit before going back to work on his cock. She slides down her top and frees those amazing boobs, as he gives them a few licks. As she falls to her knees, we are given some very nice POV shots, just too bad I can’t watch this fill my whole TV and not just a rectangle in the middle. He dives in and gives her pussy a few licks, before sliding in for some missionary, as she gives him a few more glances with those eyes, begging him to keep fucking her. She slides off the rest of her clothes, as he picks her up and bends her over for some doggy, as she begs for a few ass smacks. He goes deep inside as her body gives a few shakes and shivers. He mounts her from above as the pussy pounding continues. He sits on the couch and she takes a seat on his cock and gives us some very nice energy and booty bouncing during some cowgirl.  And lucky for him, he gets a face full of her tits to enjoy.  She spreads her legs wide as she sits on his face and leans over for some more oral fun, talk about flexible. Back to some cowgirl as she once again shakes and shivers from excitement. He picks her up for some very nice standing cowgirl action.  She flips around and teases his cock a few times before letting him go back to fucking her pussy. She reaches down and rubs her pussy a little to add some love. Sort of enjoy the cowgirl more than the reverse. She spits on his cock and gives him a foot job, before it’s back to missionary, until he cums on her tits. She gives his cock a little more love before the scene ends.

Madison/Mallory/Christian from 2 Chicks at the Same Time (39:53)

Seems that his drunk texting is sending his cock pics to the wrong girl, and she lets them know about it. It’s a little awkward, but then she stops Madison before she leaves and tries to show her some love, kissing her and groping her boobs, as he looks on with a smile. She slides her top down and unleashes her boobs, and then takes a seta on the side of the couch as Madison starts to lick her pussy. The clothes continue to come off, and he can’t help himself as he watches his lady, suck and lick Madison’s pussy and then up to her boobs. Madison bends her over the side of the couch, slides off her panties and licks her pussy, as he has his cock out and ready for her mouth.  Both girls get some time with his cock, making sure every inch is being covered, as Madison gets the head bobbing going. She’s nice enough to let Madison get fucked first, as she rides his cock, once again some very nice energy during cowgirl. Mallory finally gets her turn with some missionary as Madison sits on her face.  And when Mallory and Christian change up to spoon, Madison takes a seat on his face for a bit. Madison bends over in front of him, and after a few licks of her ass, he is back in her pussy, as the girls kiss and then Madison dives into Mallory’s pussy. And she once again shows off that great body and energy during the doggy action. Mallory gets her turn for some doggy, and then as Madison bends over in front of her, she licks and fingers her pussy. Madison reaches back and shoves a few fingers in her ass. He shows off his strength as he bench presses Madison, then she takes a seat on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, which seems to be a little better in this scene. They double team his cock a bit, and then Madison is back on top. She climbs off and he gives Mallory a money shot in the mouth, and then shares it with Madison.

Madison/Ramon from Naughty Athletics (26:44)

Lucky for Ramon, he’s going to be training Madison and not Johnny. Although in that outfit I am guessing not much working out is going to happen, well maybe in a different way today. Seems he is putting on the moves pretty quick, and she jumps on him and lets him know she is interested in. He plays with her pussy, and then pulls out his cock and let’s her ride his cock, as she begins her workout. He sets her down and she leans up against the ropes, and he is licking her ass and pussy. It’s time for her to move on to her oral workout, as the head bobbing begins, I really think she deserves a nomination for her oral skills, lots of energy. He slides his cock in between her tits, as she keeps it nice and wet with some spit. He lays on the floor and she climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action, as she lets those boobs bounce for the camera. She begs for him to keep going, doing her harder and harder. She spins around and turns up the pace, as she continues to bounce on his cock. They both slap her ass, and then he reaches back and gives her a little finger bang action in her ass. And lucky for us, the camera has moved in nice and tight on her ass during the action. We get to gaze at her ass, and he gets a face full of her tits, we are both winners. The sweats start to show as they continue with some spoon. He pins her up against the ropes for some more doggy action and then pulls out, as she begs for his cum. He gives the side of her face a nice money shot, and she gives his cock last licks.

Madison/Dane from My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend (34:10)

She has cleaned his place and he’s a little mad about it. He’s really busy and doesn’t have time for it, and finds out that she has thrown out the underwear left behind by the girls he’s had over. He puts the moves on her and she holds off for a few seconds, but then let’s the kissing begin. He’s throws her down on the couch and pulls down her dress and gets some time with her tits, as she reaches down and grabs onto his crotch. She takes control as she pushes him back and continues to tease his cock, until his pants are off, and she is swallowing his cock. She arches that body just right as she works over his cock, making sure he is going to be extra hard for her pussy. She keeps it nice and wet with some spit and love. He bends her over, slides off her panties and dives in, giving her ass and pussy a nice tongue workout. She returns the favor with some more oral love, licking and teasing, before taking  a seat on his face, as she leans over and gets face fucked. She guides his cock in her pussy as she sits on for some cowgirl fun, and if you have learned anything so far, you are going to enjoy this position. Am I right? She bends over with her ass out, just waiting for him to slide into her pussy, as they continue with some doggy action. He pulls out and she sucks the taste off his cock, and then he slides up beside her for some spoon action, as he gives her pussy a nice pounding. She climbs back on top again for some reverse cowgirl action, as you can get hypnotized if you stare at those tits too long, luckily she climbs off quick and is back to licking and teasing his cock. But she ends up back on his cock shortly after that. She leans back and gives him a few kisses as he grabs onto her boobs. He slides in between her huge tracks of land, and then end up back in some missionary. She gets a case of the shakes and shivers as he continues to fuck her pussy. She begs for his cum, and he pulls out and sprays her down with his money shot and she gives hic cock a few more licks.

Madison/Xander from Naughty Office (24:52) (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

It seems that nobody wants to buy their junk that is pilling up. But times are tough, but Madison is here to make his day with quite a deal, and by deal, I mean her body and some sexy time. She throws him on the desk and opens his pants and teases his cock through his underwear, and then unleashes it and enters it in her mouth. Talk about boosting the moral at work. As we are about to wrap up this movie, I really wish I was fully enjoying this on every inch of my TV and not just the middle. She sucks and licks on his balls, as she continues to jerk him off. She hikes up her dress, slides off her panties and takes a seat on his face, as she continues to suck and swallow his cock. She lays on her back and present herself, begging for him to be inside her. He gets a handful of her tits as he continues to penetrate her pussy. She offers his cock some more spit and attention before she begs for him back inside her. She bends over the table as he slides inside her pussy. She is back to oral fun, as she slides off her dress, gives a little spit on his cock and then climbs on for some cowgirl fun, once again giving her a case of the shakes and shivers. Back to missionary, as he gets a few hand full of her tits and then pulls out and bust a money shot down her body.

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