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Brazzers Presents The Parodies 2

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/3/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Brazzers Presents: The Parodies Vol 2
Brazzers Entertainment
Date of Production: 8/15/12
Running Time: 3hrs and 39 mins


Sunny Lane
Ann Marie Rios
Briana Blair
Lexi Belle
Gracie Glam
Madison Ivy
Gia Dimarco
Zoe Voss
Jenna Presley
Juelz Ventura
Andy San Dimas
Keiran Lee
Johnny Sinns
Lexington Steele
Chris Johnson

Special Features:

Cumshot Recap: 18:37
Photo Gallery
Trailers: 4
Web Access

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 2-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

With the parody craze starting to slow down a bit, I can say that I am looking forward to this, as we get little bits of movies and stuff, and not a full movie, which should be better in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind parodies, if they are done right, which sometimes happens.

Well I can say that this one was pretty great. Was it the cast of beautiful ladies? Was is the fact that much of it, had one guy getting to enjoy multiple ladies? Or was it the effort they put into these parodies, to make them very enjoyable? I can say that is was all of those that made it a great movie. If you are into video games, TV shows (old and new), movies (both classic and newer), this is a must own for you. Brazzers put in the extra effort in these scenes and it should be rewarded for it, with a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating.

Katsuni/Kieran “Sex Fighter 2”

Katsuni and Kieran compete in a single tournament to determine the champion of sex fighting. Will it be Katsuni, an experienced fighter who has mastered the biggest cocks in all the land, or Keiran, a streetwise sex fighter, undefeated in pussy pounding?

Attention Video Game Nerds!! Prepare to have your mind blown with this upcoming scene. It’s Street Fighter like you’ve never seen before. Great detail in the menus and stuff. He pulls off a reversal and gets her on her knees and she can’t help pulling out his cock and stroking it, but she’s not given any combo points. She still deserves a high score for her oral work. She adds some spit as the oral jerk fest continues. And she knows how to FINISH HIM!! She takes a seat on his face, as she continues to jerk him off. He dives into her pussy, sporting a little patch of hair above her pussy, and delivers a KO. Onto round two, he gets behind her and strips off her clothes and as she bends over, slides into her pussy.  She pulls off a reversal and takes a seat on his cock for some reverse cowgirl, as she hops and grinds on his cock. Let’s just say that they continue to fight, I mean fuck, in various positions as the fight continues. And I am sure the only thing that matters is that she looks amazing and she is really playing the part well. Some nice heat and energy from these two, just make this even more exciting. You’ll want to grab your joystick a few times during this match. He ends with a nice cumshot on her face for the final knockout.

Sunny/Briana/Ann Marie/Chris/Johnny “Johnny’s Angels” (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

With two of Angel’s in Cocknito’s possession and a diabolical plan to take over Brazzopolis, all hope seems lost. Thankfully, Sunny and Briana know exactly how to buy enough time for Ann Marie to save them. Just another day for Johnny and his angels.

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You know I really miss seeing Briana Blair, I wonder what ever happened to her. Anyway, it seems a few of the girls have been captured, but they just want to suck on his cock while they are handcuffed to the table. Some very nice double teaming from these two lovely ladies. And they don’t forget about his balls either, showing them some love, give them a few licks and sucks. It seems that it’s not so bad being the bad guy at this moment. And give it up for great teamwork. And when Briana begins to beg and moan for his cum, you are pretty much putty in her hands, not literally. He cums in Sunny’s mouth , and Briana is able to get a few drops too, as they kiss and share. But Ann Marie comes in and saves the girls, as they have outsmarted the bad guy once again. And after a successful mission, it’s time to celebrate back at HQ. They are horny and it seems that they can’t even wait for him to show up, as Sunny and Ann get things started and then invite Briana into the fun, as the clothes start to come off. Plenty of sucking and groping from the girls, as they end up naked pretty quick. The girls bend over for Sunny and she can’t keep her hands off them. Johnny finally joins and think they deserve his cock for a job well done. And Sunny and Ann do a very nice job of showing their appreciation. And once again, it’s all about teamwork as they show his cock some love. They bend Briana over, giving us a great view, as he slides into her pussy for some doggy action. But have no fear, everyone is sure to keep everyone involved in this party, with some fingers and tongues in the girls pussies. He can’t show any favoritism, as he moves onto Ann and her pussy, for some missionary action, with a little help from Sunny. She finally gets her turn, as he lays on the desk and she hops that booty on his cock, while Ann sits on his face. It’s good to be the boss too apparently. Ann and Briana get his cock nice and wet before he slides back inside Sunny. Briana takes a seat on his face, while Ann adds a little tongue action to Sunny’s pussy while she gets fucked. Even though I was excited to see Briana, all the girls are making a good impression on me in this scene. Ann gets a little finger teasing in her ass, as she rides him. She begs and pleads for his cock back inside her, while Briana is giving it some oral attention. They are all very playful and just seem to enjoy fucking each other. Some nice double decker action as he goes in between Sunny and Ann, while Briana plays with herself. And as it switches to POV they are back to showing their oral love, waiting for his cum. 3 ladies begging for your cum..boom goes the dynamite..and I’m spent. Ann seems to have the main attention, but she shares with the rest of the girls. Just this end session is making this any early runner for spotlight scene of this movie. He finally gives his cum to Sunny in her mouth and then they all give his cock some more love as they swap the cum in each other’s mouths.

Lexi/Gracie/Johnny “Cock Swan”

Many of the ballerinas aspire for the lead role, yet nobody wants it more than Gracie. But it seems like Lexi, a newly arrived ballerina from the west coast has beat her to it. Now Gracie must prove to Johnny that she is the right choice for the role over Lexi.

It’s time for Gracie and Lexi to get their black swan on. And Johnny plays the director, who is trying to unleash Gracie’s sexual side. He starts her off with some finger play in her pussy, and then pulls out his cock and wants her to unleash her black swan side. Seems his cock is loosening her up, as she wraps her mouth around it. He unleashes in her mouth. But that’s not the end of the story. Gracie catches Lexi and Johnny having some fun, and can’t seem to keep her hands off her body, fingering her pussy. But he wants to combine these two ladies into one, so he lays Gracie down on the table and leans Lexi in for a kiss, not putting up much of a fight. They pull of Gracie’s tights as Lexi dives in, licking and kissing her pussy. The girls end up on their knees and they can’t wait to get their mouth around his cock again. Once again, two lovely ladies fighting over his cock, not a bad place to be in. He takes a seat on the chair as Lexi slides on his cock, while fingering Gracie’s pussy. Gracie gets her turn to dance on his cock, as Lexi and Johnny grab onto her ass. She dives in face first into Lexi’s ass while she gets fucked. They continue to dance, making sure no one is left unattended too. They may have hated each other, but these ladies can’t seem to keep their hands off each other now. He gives Gracie his money shot in the mouth, then she shares it with Lexi.

Madison/Gia/Zoe/Kieran “ A Clockwork Whore Part 2”

We last left Madison and her trumpet of tarts fucking each other senseless at the Korva bar. Now they are off to venture out into the night for a little of the old ultra-sex. They stumble upon a writer’s house who just happens to have a big cock.

Another sexy cast of ladies are about to terrorize a quaint couple on a peaceful night. Although terrorize is not the word I would use. Not sure many would put up a fight against these ladies. And Madison sings about a huge cock, as she teases and plays with his cock through his pants. They bust open his pants, as Gia and Madison continue to lick and tease his cock. I have talked about Madison oral skills in my previous review, and let’s just say it continues to shine in this one. But Gia is no slouch either. As Madison gets behind Gia and dives into her ass, Zoe gets her first crack at his cock. I think we have another possible contender for Spotlight Scene in this one.  They lay him down as Gia sits on his face and Zoe and Madison continue to work over his cock. Madison sits on his face and he dives his tongue in her ass. Zoe sits on his cock and takes him deep inside her. They beg for him to fuck her harder, which he does, but I imagine it’s hard to concentrate when you have a sexy ass sitting on your face. It’s Gia’s turn as she hops on his cock for some very energetic cowgirl fun. Zoe shoves a finger in Gia’s ass while she continues to get fucked. Madison finally gets her turn and keeps the energy going as she hops on his cock. Poor guy. He bends Gia over for some doggy action, as she is working over Madison’s pussy. Madison ends up on her back, legs spread wide, just waiting for his cock inside her pussy. They all apply some spit as they triple team his cock, then he lifts up Zoe on his cock for some standing action, as Madison and Gia 69 each other. He sets Zoe on top of the girls as the fucking continues. It’s back to triple teaming his cock, sucking and jerking him off until he bursts in Madison and Gia’s mouth, but they end up sharing with everyone as they kiss and swap his cum.

Jenna/Johnny “69”

Jenna Bauer has to find the cock that threatens to kill thousands of Americans. To make sure that his cock will work in the bomb, Jenna Bauer needs to get him extra hard and give him the most hardcore interrogation ever.

Jenna must use her skills to prevent a bomb from going off. Perhaps her big boobs and booty can solve the problem. She pulls out his cock and begins to swallow it, we shall see who blows first, his cock or the bomb. She slides off her jacket and he gets a brief face full of her tits, before she is back sucking and licking his cock, in some POV action. She sets him free and he is back to enjoying those tits of hers, as she gets naked, and ends up getting titty fucked. She offers it some more oral attention before she climbs that big booty on his cock, and goes for a ride. She flips around and continues to bounce on him, although it seems they are trying to find a spot for a bit, before it’s back to action. He leads her over to a beam, leans her up against it as the fucking continues, as she begs and moans for more. He offers some tongue play before sliding back inside her pussy. Some nice hair pulling as he continues with some doggy, as we watch from above. He gives her a pretty big money shot in the mouth and on her face, as she gives it a few more licks.

Juelz/Andy/Lexington  “Game of Dick”

Juelz is a porn star, but is she a porn legend? A porn star must master their craft before they can truly join the elite. Can she master the solo scene? The girl on girl? The big dick? She’ll have to play the game of dick to find out.

To become a legend, you must prove yourself, and lucky for us, Juelz is about to prove her worth in the biz. She climbs out of her yellow suit, and begins to strip and tease herself, as her bra comes off. She applies some spit to her fingers, as she begins to play and tease her pierced pussy for the camera. She turns around and gives her pussy both hands of fun. Now that she is ready it’s time to show Andy why she deserves top billing. The clock is on and she needs to please her. He grabs on tight and gets the rough play going, as she licks her neck, and plays with her boobs. Got to say, I love the red hair look on Andy, I loves me some red heads, fake or natural. Juelz dives into her pussy, giving it a good lashing with her tongue. She slides a few fingers inside her, finger banging her pussy. She lays on top and kisses her, as Andy gets her out of her clothes, teases her a little before sitting on her face, as she is back to paying with her pussy, finger and tongue style. She really gets her motor running  with some intense finger banging, getting about 3 fingers in her pussy. They rub their pussies together, as Juelz adds in some fingers to really getting her excited. Andy pulls out the dildo nun chucks , and Juelz shoves it in her pussy, while also pleasing herself with the other one. It’s onto the next challenge, and she seems confident she will pass. It’s onto Lexington and his big dick. She falls to her knees and is ready to prove she can take his big dick. She’s going to get it nice and wet, as is expected when it comes to Juelz. She strips out of her clothes as she tries to tackle his cock in her mouth. He stands her up and slides down her panties, just enough, so we can slide his cock deep inside her pussy. I’ve been a fan of Julez for awhile, so she didn’t need to prove anything to me, but for those that aren’t fans before, I hope this is enough to make you a fan of hers. Amazing body, those tattoos, and those gazing eyes of hers, are enough to make you fall in love with her. Back to some oral love and more spit, before he slides back inside her, going deep once again. Some very nice tongue work on his cock, and then the pussy penetrating continues in some missionary. She teases his cock some more before taking a seat on his giant sword for some cowgirl fun, having no problem taking him inside her. She spins around, and continues the pace as she rides him, bouncing and grinding on him. She lets him take control as she begs for him to fuck her hard and deep, yeah he’s got that covered and then some. She offers his balls some love, before it’s back to riding him, teasing his cock, before sliding it inside her. Some very nice dirty talk as she is bent over with her ass up, taking his dick like a champ. And for her finishing move, she is back on top, for more reverse cowgirl action, begging and pleading for his cum. He stands up and she is back to gagging on his cock, as he cums in mouth and on the side of her face.

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