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Asian Fuck Faces 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 12/7/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Category: Asian/Blowjob/Gonzo




Cast: Jessica Bangkok/Krissie Dee/Marika Hase/Dana Vespoli/Mia Lelani/Mia Rider/Cindy Starfall/Gaia/Gia Grace/Lana Violet

Also Starring: Jonni Darkko/Marco Banderas/Eric John/Alex Gonz/Billy Glide/Chris Charming/Jessy Jones/Jonni Fender/Julius Ceazher/Will Powers/Winston Burbank

Director: Jonni Darkko


Extras: Photo Gallery/Trailers

Release date: 11/20/2012

Runtime: 329 Mins

 Click the play button above to view the trailer for 'Asian Fuck Faces 2'!




Scene 1:

Jessica Bangkok

Marco Banderas/Chris Charming/Eric John/Alex Gonz/Will Powers/Billy Glide

Tease/Blowjob/FaceFucking/Tit Fucking/Heavy DeepThroating/Cunnilingus/Cumplay/Bukkake Style Facial (Massive Volume)

The premiere scene in 'Asian Fuck Faces 2' begins with one of Darkko's go-to blowjob babes, the one and only Jessica Bangkok. I do a lot ranting and raving about how Jessica is one of the most underrated girls in porn, and trust me, I'm not stopping anytime soon from the looks of this scene. As always, Jessica starts out the scene looking fantastic and does some serious dirty talk into the camera while teasing hard. The tease goes on for a bit and next thing we know Jessica is surrounded by dicks. Jessica gets straight down to business here, spitting, throating, and blowing like the superstar that she is. She trades men frequently here as no cock is left behind in the early moments of this melee of dicksucking. As we continue forward Jessica works up a ton of spit, and the 'sloppy factor' is rising quickly. The dirty talk continues through all of the action and she even throws in some titty fucks to keep the viewer on his/her toes as the scene carries on. By midway through Jessica's eye makeup is a beautiful mess, and the slobber flows down her tits like a fountain. Her energy seems to only get stronger in these moments and her dominant attitude is extremely strokeworthy as she tells all of the men where to go, and what to do while she chokes on their dicks. Later, each guy takes turns facefucking Jessica as she hangs her head over the couch, accepting every hard thrust these dudes dish out. The scene nears it's ends when Jessica is holding a silver platter and each of the guys blows his batter into her mouth, onto her face, and wherever else. Her constant interaction with the camera here is perfect; She then plays with all of the cum on the platter, pouring it into her mouth, then spitting it back out, over and over before ultimately swallowing it up. This scene was fantastic. Jessica was simply amazing, and if you don't already love her, well watch this scene and I think that will change.

Check out a photo gallery and trailer from this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com/Data18!


Scene 2:

Dana Vespoli/Alex Gonz

Blowjob/Dildo Play/Heavy DeepThroating/FaceFucking/Cum In Mouth (Medium Volume)

Next up is Dana Vespoli, and the scene starts abruptly as she sucks on Alex Gonz's dick while dildoing herself. The deepthroats begin almost immediately, and the sloppiness is heavy already in these early moments. As we move forward Dana's playful ways are fantastic, she gives lots of camera interaction, and her face is an absolute fucking mess with makeup running every which way, I am loving it. Her energy continues to be perfectly on-point through the entire scene. It all ends wonderfully with Dana on her knees as she first climaxes herself with her vibrator while continuing to suck Alex's dick; then Alex shoots his wad into her mouth as she drools it out and teases into the camera a little more. Fucking awesome. Loved this scene.


Scene 3:

Marika Hase

Chris Charming/Marco Banderas/Will Powers/Alex Gonz/Johnny Fender

 Tease/Dildo Play/BlowBang/Heavy Deepthroating/FaceFucking/Cunnilingus/Swallow/Bukkake Style Facial (Masive Volume)

When the third scene in the film begins we see the gorgeous Marika Hase, who teases very slowly and sensually in front of the camera, as some soft music plays in the background. Her breasts are exposed and she stares intently into the camera. The tease is pretty short lived and follows with a group of men hoisting her up as they rub a vibrator over her pussy. The guys jam some fingers up inside her as well and it becomes very apparent that MariKa is a screamer, or maybe the word 'whiney' would fit better here, nonetheless it's hot....so whatever. The dicksucking begins afterwards and it looks to be another no holds barred effort as Marika is jamming every dick in a one foot radius down her throat wantingly. Marika is definitely a more submissive cocksucker here than the previous scenes making for a very nice change of pace to the film. Sloppiness is again at a high during this scene and she's giving a valiant effort in throating even the largest cocks as we move forward. The scene progresses nicely and contains some great deepthroating and hard facefucking as it does. The guys then take their turns churning out some dick juice over Marika's face as she holds her hand under her chin trying to catch every drop in the process. Some of the loads seem to catch her off-guard a bit, but her attentiveness to the matter at hand never waivers. At the end, she cleans off her face and gulps much of the excess down before smiling into the camera for a nice goodbye. This was a good scene, Marika's attitude was great.

 Click here for a photo gallery and trailer from this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com/Data18!


Scene 4:

Mia Lelani/Chris Charming/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko


Tease/Blowjob/Facefucking/CumPlay/Heavy DeepThroating

Facial #1: Cum in Mouth (High Volume) Facial #2: (Medium Volume) Facial #3: (High Volume)

The dirty talk is immediate here, as Mia Lelani shares in some nasty conversation with the home viewers while playing with her parts. The dicksucking of course comes next and we begin with a one-on-one session as Mia strokes and chokes on a hog. The sloppiness gets going in a hurry here and Mia's smudged lipstick smears over the cock in front of her before she quickly accepts her first load, via mouth. She plays with the load a bit, spitting it onto the platter in her hands as she stares intently into the camera. Lots and lots of cumplay follows here, before Mia is presented with her next cock. Her lipstick was re-applied here only to again be smudged and rubbed all over the cock in front of her. OUTSTANDING. Mia's energy here is fantastic, tons of drool and spit in this scene as she does her very best to jam Chris Charming's entire meatpole into her throat. Mia is on all fours now, on top of a glass table as we view from underneath watching the juices drip like waterfalls over the table. Mia takes a couple breaks in between the throating to slurp up the juices before going back up to suck some more. The cumshot is next, as Chris shoots a nice one into Mia's mouth, before she spits it onto the table and plays with it for a while. After a few moments, Mia says she wants more, and Mr Darkko himself then steps in to fulfill her needs. More deepthroat-dick-dunking ensues here before Jonni fires off another load for Mia as her head hangs over the sofa. More cumplay follows as Mia's face is a complete and utter mess when the screen then fades to black. Great scene, Mia was fantastic and nasty in all of the very best ways.

 Click here for a photo gallery and trailer from this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com/Data18!


Scene 5:

Krissie Dee

Billy Glide/Chris Charming/Marco Banderas/Alex Gonz/Will Powers/Jonni Darkko

BlowBang/Heavy DeepThroating/FaceFucking/Cunnilingus/Bukkake Style Facial(Massive Volume)

Next up is Krissie Dee, who fills us in on the scene to follow a little bit as she gives some tease into the camera in the early moments here. The screen fades shortly after this introduction and we now see Krissie surrounded by cocks. Krissie is adoringly submissive in these early moments as she jumps from dick to dick energetically. The blowbang continues here as Krissie stays on point, sucking and throating all the cocks that encompass her wonderfully. Krissie is simply magnificent here as the scene moves forward, she handles everything perfectly. Her efforts are incredible, just when it looks like she's had all that she can take she picks herself up and does it all over again, and again, and again. The facefucking here is without a doubt the best in the film, Krissie's attitude and expressions are priceless and the guys DO NOT take it easy on her by any means. Krissie gives each of the guys their separate turn in the later stages of the scene before all of them pump out their juices onto her pretty face. Krissie then gives Mr. Darkko himself a run, and he laces her face with a gigantic cumshot that nearly takes Krissie to the ground. Wow. As the scene ends we see a little bit of candid talk between Joni and Krissie, which was a really nice touch. Krissie is a sweet girl, and this scene was awesome.

Click here for a photo gallery and trailer from this scene courtesy of EvilAngel.com/Data18!



 Disc 2

Disc 2



Scene 6:

Mia Rider/Lana Violet

Billy Glide/Chris Charming/Marco Banderas/Eric John/Alex Gonz

Blowbang/Heavy Deepthroating/FaceFucking/Spit-In-Mouth/SpermSwap/In-Mouth Cumshot/Bukkake Style Facial (Massive Volume)

The first scene on the second disc of 'Asian Fuck Faces 2' begins as we see the gorgeous Mia Rider laying on a couch topless, wearing only stockings, heels, and panties. She explains to us how much she loves cock and cum before Lana Violet then appears. Lana is our domme presence in the scene, as soon as she steps onto set the girls share some kisses immediately followed by Lana grabbing Mia's neck, and telling her how much cock she's getting today. The guys step onto set soon after and Lana holds her by the ponytail and shoves her face into whatever dick is nearest to her. Lana continues this wonderfully, as there is a lot of dirty talk and deepthroats given. The girls go their separate ways in the moments that follow, but Lana continues to be the dominant presence here, grabbing Mia at times throughout to make sure she's doing her job. Sloppiness picks up nicely as we move forward, and each of the girls give their absolute best efforts in satisfying all of the dicks in their presence. The facefucking and deepthroating are at a maximum level here as the scene progresses, I'm loving the overall energy that is taking place. Lana's "I'll take whatever you give me" attitude, mixed with Mia's subservient ways are an awesome mix. By the time the scene nears its end the girls are a sloppy mess, and that's BEFORE the cumshots. It also looks as though Alex Gonz is getting some doggie style action from Mia in the late moments, but it's not shown as the focus is all on cocksucking. The cumshots take place when Mia is in the center of the circle as the main target while Lana holds her head up to receive all of the loads. Many loads later Mia is a cum riddled mess, and Lana licks all of the jizz off of her face before the girls then swap sperm for us. Just when one may think it's over, once again Jonni himself steps onto set to give the girls one last blast in the form of an in-mouth cumload to Mia. Wonderful scene here, loved it all.


Scene 7:

Cindy Starfall/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Facial (Massive Volume)

Next up is Cindy Starfall, who appears topless on a bed wearing stockings, heels, and panties. She begins with some dirty talk before the bj begins in a pov style viewing. Cindy gets sloppy in a hurry here, and before you can bat an eyelash she's drooling all over the cock like a trooper. Lots of spitplay fills these early moments as Jonni pulls away at times to show her playing with the spit strands that flow out of her mouth. Cindy then brings out a small bowl, which is used to catch all of the excess drool that flows from her mouth. In the coming moments, Jonni then pours the contents of the bowl into her mouth before giving some more facefucks as she drools much of it out. After Cindy's face is already a sloppy mess Jonni then busts a massive nut that encompasses her entire head to close out the scene. Great scene. A nice one on one to balance out the blowbangs.


Scene 8: (Scene to Remember)

Gaia/Jonni Darkko/Winston Burbank

Tease/Dildo Play/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/FaceFucking

Facial #1: (High Volume) Facial #2: (Massive Volume)

Next we see Gaia, who is again topless, in stocking and panties. Hmmm, I'm sensing a pattern here. Anyways, the scene starts with some dirty talk from the beautiful Gaia as she begins working herself with a vibrator. Soon after, Gaia begins to devour a cock that lies next to her on the couch. Mostly facefucking here as the blowing starts out, and I'm having a hard time taking my eyes off of Gaia's perfect breasts through much of it. Great camera interaction from Gaia here also helps in making this scene have the makings of a strong one. Things get sloppier as we move forward and Gaia is going seriously deep here, giving out some heavy gags. Gaia later receives a nice sized cumload to the face as she continues sucking and smiling into the camera. Gaia is now ready for the next dick and the action continues as she never misses a beat. The deepthroating here is almost constant, and Gaia is simply fantastic through all of it. After more deepthroats and cock choking she finally receives her next jizzload which is a massive one. With her face covered, she spits into the camera lens, and the scene ends. Wow, loved it, Gaia was amazing here, and she only got better as the scene went on. This was one of my favorites in the film.


Scene 9:

Gia Grace/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko


Facial #1 (Massive Volume)
Facial #2 (High Volume)

The final scene in 'Asian Fuck Faces 2' begins as we see the gorgeous Gia Grace teasing the camera a bit before "go time". The blowjob begins in a pov format again, as it's a one-on-one encounter for the time being. Gia is absolutely stunning here as she stares into the camera seductively while mixing in some light deepthroats. We move forward with more of the same but Gia is simply spellbinding throughout. Gia later gets a monster cumload to the head before she moves on to the the next task at hand, which is another cock. This bj gets much sloppier and is more along the hardcore lines than the last. One final load is later spread across Gia's face to cap off another great scene in this film. Well done. Loved it.



Another solid gold effort in this double disc 5+ hour Asian facial frenzy from blowjob king Jonni Darkko. His work never ceases to amaze me quite honestly. I try and try to think of a scene in this film that I wasn't impressed with, but I just can't. If you're a blowjob fan and you have yet to realize that Darkko is the go-to guy for this type of content then I imagine you must be living under a rock or something, because nearly every one of these scenes as well as many others I've watched from him are borderline perfection. Huge cumshots everywhere, messy girls with great energy, there just aren't many words I could say to properly explain how great his stuff is. So, if you're into hot Asian girls giving messy blowjobs, and then getting blasted with multiple cumshots to top it all off, then buy this movie. You will love it, over and over again.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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