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Mike John's Anal Overload

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/27/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Mike John’s Anal Overload

Jules Jordan Video/Mike John Productions

Genre: Anal, Compilation

Director: Mike John

Cast: Riley Evans, Erik Everhard, Hannah West, Steve Holmes, Jynx Maze, Tim Von Swine, Emma Heart, Sean Michaels, Angelica Raven, Steven French, Claire Dames, Holly Fox, James Deen, Chayse Evans, Velicity Von, Jennifer White

Length: 363:45 minutes (193:08 minutes & 170:37 minutes)

Date of Production: 10/4/2012

Extras: There was a group of six trailers, a popshot recap, a photogallery, websites, a cast list too, but no BTS feature this time (preferring to give more sex instead with ten full scenes).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Mike John’s Anal Overload was presented in a clear 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen (with a single scene shot in full frame-the ninth scene with Velicity Von) as credited to director Mike John (the lack of BTS and amount of talking from Tim Von Swine making me think he was the director in at least some of the scenes, Mike heard in others, until I figured out this was a compilation) for Jules Jordan Video. The lighting was consistently solid and the grain limited, the visual aspects of the production as pleasing as either director has come up with in awhile. The editing was decent too and all visual elements combined to make this a fine looking production. There was not a company watermark constantly showing this time, a boon to fans who care about such things passionately. The aural aspects of the movie were also as good as expected, the ladies easily heard and limited background noise not distracting from the heat of the sexual trysts.

Body of Review: Mike John is one of the best directors of porn, his work at Jules Jordan Video, often surpassing that of his peers in a number of ways. His latest movie comes out early next year is a compilation called Mike John’s Anal Overload, the double disc set of TEN full blown anal scenes starring some very appealing babes going all out. I had the impression that Tim Von Swine was again the creative master behind some of the production but regardless of the credit going where due, this was a very sweet selection of released scenes well worth taking a break from the yearly voting to promote. With top tier ladies such as Jynx Maze, Emma Heart, Jennifer White, and others all lined up to offer a collective 6+ hours of strokable anal action, I hope all of Mike’s fans pick up a copy when it comes out next year. Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that obviously no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Boobaholics Anonymous 4: Riley Evans, the sexy blond seen on the middle of the left side on the front cover, started off by spreading her legs for studly Erik Everhard could gobble her gash. I prefer the scenes beginning with tease but she definitely seemed attuned to the guy, his finger slowly entering her tight asshole as he increased the number of fingers to prepare her for the advertised anal action. The chemistry between them was not the kind you see at lesser companies, the two here driven to get each other off as he moved from giving her head to porking her snatch as she rejoiced in his thickness. This led to an active hummer, Riley slobbing his knob in healthy fashion while giving some titty fucking pleasure along the way. Her eye contact was superior and she did some taste testing, the couple back to actively riding each other vaginally before they introduced anal to the picture. Of interest was that she put his pecker into her ass, Erik plowing her back door with increasing speed to her satisfaction. While she was not the most active of the ladies during the anal penetration portion of the scene, Riley embracing the combination of pleasure and pain before Erik plastered her open mouth with his genetic juice. My first take on the scene awhile back was this: “Riley Evans, the only blond on the front cover (lower left hand corner), was up next in a scene already underway as the blond, blue-eyed hotty gave herself to the oral ministrations of studly Erik Everhard. He went down on her and started exploring her perfect pucker, slowly guiding two fingers into her ass as he chowed down on her pussy. Rather than loud fake moans, she appeared to be realistically into the action with Erik increasing the amount of digits into her behind as she rubbed her clitoris. Upon feeding it to her with some ATM, he began boning her with some intermittent oral, the vaginal plowing not caught on video nearly as well as the way her tits shook in pleasure, the blowjob coming after that. He throatfucked her hard and she savored the experience much as he had done, some POV footage captured before they went back to some active vaginal riding. This worked well enough for her that she again opened up her ass but this time to his cock, Riley slowing way down as they kissed, the dick pounding her backside more than she could comfortably handle. The screwing eventually led to her receiving a mouthful of semen, feeling her breasts up as she basked in the afterglow. Whew!”

Scene Two: Elastic Assholes 7: Hannah West, the cutie with nice booty spotted on the middle of the bottom cover in blue lingerie, was the last scene of the first disc, the gal on a chair during a windy but sunny day as she lubed up an anal toy orally. Her ass looked especially good bent over the chair and the visuals were clear enough that I could see the fine hairs on her body moving with the wind, her smile as she spoke to Mike evident of her appreciation of her sexuality. From the yard she moved onto a bed inside the house, continuing to masturbate with the toy as she waited for orally inclined Steve Holmes to take over, the gal showing visible signs of liking all he was doing while their personal chemistry built up to new heights. She blew him seductively in return and they began boning vaginally, a few positions later turning to anal with her slowing down as a result. The positive side of things was that she looked good no matter how actively or passively she rode his rod, her all natural body and tiny pussy having a difficult time with her girth. The scene finished up with Hannah jerking him off during her ending blowjob, Steve holding her head to ensure she received all he had to offer. This was far from her best scene but it showed how much potential she has nonetheless.

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Scene Three: Jerk Off Material 6: Jynx Maze, the amazingly sexy Latina featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she crawled over to reclining Tim Von Swine. The look in her eyes was playful, Jynx soon inhaling his cock with a focused blowjob that made great use of her hands too. She kept her eye contact solid and teased him as she saw fit, nibbling his nuts before sitting on his rod to actively ride in various positions. There was taste testing and she showed how her appreciation for husky guys could give her additional appeal (as a husky guy myself, I know I like it when she shows a lot of love to a guy that might not fit “model” standards). While doing an active doggy, she asked him to thumb her ass, the couple moving to anal and her doing ample oral taste testing, the pair not sticking with anal alone, Tim relishing his chance to tap all three of her wonderful holes in a chemistry filled tryst. He rewarded her with a thick facial glazing of spunk too, Jynx keeping her eyes as open as possible while cleaning his rod off orally. My earlier take on the scene was this, this version losing the blowbang and tease from before: “Jynx Maze, the beautiful hotty featured on the lower left hand corner of the cover, was up last but was certainly a major reason why this fuck flick worked so well, the lady teasing in her cover outfit by the pool. Once again, Tim gave her a better boning than many of the pretty boys in the industry usually do, her oral work leading to an active anal where he showed that cock size is not the primary thing needed to please a lady. I liked that she was the one to put the pecker inside of her ass in most cases, less enthused about the amount of ATM as she orally cleaned him off, but truly appreciated the chemistry and passion displayed by the lady. It ended when he tossed off a sizable amount of splooge to her face and mouth, Jynx sucking him clean of his own brand of “hog sauce” to end the movie on a decided high point.”

Scene Four: Elastic Assholes 7: Emma Heart, the blond bombshell with the heart shaped ass seen on the upper left hand corner, was up next as she lounged out by the pool on a sunny day in her skimpy outfit. The red string up her ass looking yummy and she shook her ass cheeks really well as Mike encouraged her, the fetching babe looking better every time I see her. She was paired up with gentle Sean Michaels this time, the man admiring her at the pool while he was woefully over dressed by comparison, his hands grasping her wonderful cheeks and helping her oil up by the shaded area next to the house before they went into the living room. The look on her face throughout the scene showed she had no issues doing interracial, her IR card stamped long ago as being a first class performer in the genre. Sean took his time savoring her sweet body and vocally describing his experience as he warmed her up, Emma focusing her oral efforts on the top few inches of his lengthy pecker but enjoying it all the same. Emma was an active vaginal ride and soon showed she could hold her own during anal too, Sean taking his time to insure she was getting the most out of the experience which paid off soon enough for the viewer (as well as him). He bust a modest load of splooge into and around her mouth as she knelt before him in the end, Emma sucking him clean and swallowing to earn a special place in my lustful heart, her eye contact and facial expressions showing she was indeed a fan of her partner. I described it like this awhile back: “Emma Heart, the curvy blond seen on the middle of the right hand side of the cover, was up last and she looked so much like Bree Olson here that doing them together might constitute a dream come true regarding hotty twins. She was wearing a red bikini that left little to the imagination, the thong riding her ass crack much like I wish my tongue could do in real life. The tease by the pool was hot too as she rubbed herself and otherwise jiggled her ample sample before moving indoors to work with Sean Michaels, the man oiling her up first to enhance her look. They went into the living room where he stripped her naked, feeling her up as if savoring a prize he was about to take. The two did some oral on each other and appeared to have some personal chemistry too, her puffy pussy lips drawing some attention. She was a very active vaginal rider and seemed at home with a cock in her ass once she learned to accommodate his size, her pouty little moans saying volumes as the pair bumped uglies. There was some additional oral here and he jerked off to her mouth for swallowing, the lovely little babe a delight the entire time. Whew!”

Scene Five: Boobaholics Anonymous 6: Angelica Raven, a curvy brunette wearing a metallic blue bikini out by the pool, was up next as Tim shot her doing Steven French. He kept her nervousness to a minimum, the tease including all the usual titty play and bending over, the natural sunlight enhancing her natural curves to the point where I had the distinctive impression he wanted to sample the goods right then and there. Once properly oiled up, there was a quick edit to show her on the living room couch, Angelica lubing up an anal plug to ready herself for the advertised action. The plug slid in easily and Steve was more than happy to jump in to rim her as he assisted using the toy on her perfect pucker, the guy going straight to anal without any head though they stepped back to include that action as well. The tryst was not as chemistry filled as most of the other scenes here but she did appear to start losing herself a few times in the scene to the pleasurable feelings taking place, the gal including a late titty fuck before one last tap of the well led to her taking a big wad of baby batter to her mug. I saw it like this previously: “Angelica Raven, the thick brunette seen on the lower left hand corner, was up next wearing a metallic blue bikini out by the pool on the sunny day. I like fluffy sized gals so she was okay in my book, her snaggletooth dentition giving her that second-tier stripper look when she opened her mouth. The tease went topless by the pool and she followed the instructions to shake her tits, dropping her bottom to provide a sweet view of her great ass with the oil coming into play as well. She went inside the house to the couch and started preparing her ass for anal play by using an anal plug, Tim coaxing her along the way. That was when hairy Steve French joined her to rim the gal, slowly stuffing his cock inside her ass before she could do any oral on him. She was largely passive during any anal antics, his size a bit much for her to handle, the oral and vaginal far more appealing to both her and I when they finally came into play. The lack of chemistry weakened the scene too but fans of facials will appreciate that she took such a huge wad of genetic juice to her mug, the semen oozing down her face as she laughed about it.”

Scene Six: Jerk Off Material 1: Claire Dames, a friendly brunette with smoking curves, was up next displaying her “really, really great attitude” to director Mike as she hiked her skirt to reveal her ample sample of an ass and big boobs in the living room. Her playfulness has long been a reason why I hold her to be a superior performer, her beige top and colorful panties offering slight resistance to display of passion where she masturbated for the man. This led to Sean Michaels walking over to diddle her crotch while they kissed, her shaven snatch the perfect match to his already extended rod which she sucked like she could throat him any time she chose. Claire was cock crazy during her oral exhibition and penetrative portion of the scene, both her pussy and ass welcoming his turgid member as hard as he could push it into her, the gal pushing back to drive him as deeply as possible to her increasingly wet response. The scene ended all too soon for me (and Claire from the looks of her face) around the 38 minute mark of the second disc, his ball batter seasoning her face and chest to her liking. My first take on the scene was: “Claire Dames, the curvy brunette featured on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was up first as she teased in the living room while wearing a tiny white top and short blue jean skirt (her sweet ass munching her thong really well). Claire teased the camera in a polished manner, always smiling and coming across as that was the only place she wanted to be, her clothing slowly taken off as she proved how she "only want to be naked." As she diddled herself, Sean Michaels came into the picture to rub her the right way, his huge dick poking through his pants in such a way that her eyes lit up at the thought of wrapping her lips around it. Her active blowjob including bouncing so her titties would go all over the place, her deep throat abilities impressive as she left streamers all over the place. This led to a nice titty fuck and Sean fucking her doggy style, her legs trembling as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. The active vaginal penetration was fun but her anal proved to be even better after a short period of getting used to his girth inside of her. I loved watching her ass cheeks ripple as she rode him, his hands helping her pump on the rod ever faster as she tried to keep up with him. She then took his load of semen to her face as he jerked off to her tongue, Claire giving some post coital head before swallowing his wad of spew.”

Scene Seven: Elastic Assholes 8: Holly Fox, a bubbly blond sticking her ass out for Mike to shoot by the pool on a perfectly sunny day, was up next in her blue jean skirt and patterned top. She was just about to take a break from shooting and he was unfamiliar with her body of work, the gal laughing as she gave good reason for the director to solicit her return as soon as possible, the masturbation and tease resulting in her moving to the living room where she met James Deen. He immediately started going down on her as she was positioned in doggy, his tongue working her pussy and ass with some help from his fingers. He continued his persistent attack on her ass with his lubed up fingers, replacing them with his cock as he tapped into her pussy and ass, Holly finding the physical contact quite enjoyable as she vocally expressed her appreciation for his work ethic. They moved around the room fucking and she blew him with a hand assisted hummer, Holly bouncing in his cock anally as her body responded to the need for seed. She was his fuck toy and this led to him draining his dragon of spew into her mouth, Holly swallowing it whole as she savored the offering while keeping good eye contact. This is how I described the scene originally: “Holly Fox, the curvy blond seen featured on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was up last on the first disc as Mike complimented her during the outdoor tease by the pool. She claimed that she would be "taking a break" and given her near-MILF status at this writing, I suppose she will be welcomed back to do more anal given the results of her scene here with James Deen. She masturbated on the perfect day and soon went inside where the planes overhead were not an issue, her all natural body including a very shapely ass. James ate her ass and shoved most of his hand there to stretch her out, moving slowly to accommodate her wishes and soon boning her ass like he owned it. He slapped her around when she said he could do anything he wanted, their tryst on the staircase actually pretty solid with anal, ATM, and some modicum of chemistry that eventually ended with her swallowing his sperm with ease.”

Scene Eight: Elastic Assholes 8: Chayse Evans, the exciting young gal seen featured on the upper left hand corner of the cover, was up next in a scene with Steve Holmes, the gal wearing a down home looking bit of lingerie and stripper shoes, the pattern on the two piece being white and pink checkers. Mike watched her walking toward the house so she could shove a small purple anal plug into her ass, her curvy rump deserving of some loving from my point of view. Chayse did a fair amount of taste testing with the plug, soon realizing she needed a pecker to complete her so Steve walked in and they went down on each other. Chayse really put forth some energy to elevate the scene, their kisses leading to some vaginal work even though she encouraged him to choke her (which excited her). Steve was otherwise kind of rough with her since that was what she wanted, the choking, nipple tweaking, and then anal with ATM seeming to get her off ("I love it"). She left her shoes on and the penetrative sex continued to work for both of them, the biting taking place by both of them as they got into each other too. As expected, it resulted in Chayse taking the wad of semen and swallowing it, her "jaws like a snake" allowing her to engulf his member with ease. Nice!

Scene Nine: Elastic Assholes 6: Velicity Von, the curvy blond seen on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up as the first scene of the second disc; the lady wearing a tight black bathing suit by the pool as she teased with an emphasis on her sweet ass. She looked like she just rolled out of bed and this slutty look worked well for her under the sun's natural light, Mike talking to her about the construction crew nearby as they laughed about whose work was better. Velicity played with her titties and the skimpy suit did little to hold her in, the oil and ass tease adding immeasurably to the appeal of her scene before she went inside to the couch to continue with Steve Holmes. He felt her up as they kissed, establishing at least a little chemistry before he ate her out, paying a lot of attention to her perfect pucker. Velicity reciprocated with a knob slobbing and titty fuck but the two started vaginally fucking pretty quickly as though that was their main goal to begin with. Velicity was an active rider and Steve kept going back to kiss her, leading to the anal play advertised in the title that showed she was a decent backdoor gal. Her vocals were somewhat repetitive and she was not very active until riding on top of him, the modest heat generated between them strokable for a time or two. Velicity tossed his salad a bit and serviced his balls as well, her desire to blow him drawing her back as though she had a need for seed. Steve then jerked her off to a wet conclusion, eventually joining her by rubbing out a wad of population pudding to her mouth for swallowing.

Scene Ten: Jerk Off Material 6: Jennifer White, the fetching brunette bending over on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up next with none other than co-director Tim Von Swine. She was outside admiring an apple tree while dressed in a muff buffer skirt that did nothing to hide her sweet ass, and a matching top beside the pool. Jennifer wore no panties and masturbated as Tim sweet talked her, the solo work resulting in a starter hummer by the pool (with the stuffed pig in the background) before they went inside for her to use an anal plug on the couch. Jennifer was then prepared to do anal after some vaginal pounding, Tim also offering the kind of “hey, a regular guy can fuck the babes too” that Mike did in the previous scene. Jennifer put on a show first though, livening things up before a technical DP and more oral. The way she rubbed her clitoris as he pounded her was a nice touch, her aural coaxing of his efforts also appreciated. Their chemistry and energy levels were solid too and it ended when he beat off to her mouth, Jennifer swallowing at least some of the spunk as her reward.

Summary: Mike John’s Anal Overload by director Mike John for Jules Jordan Video was among his most strokable, replayable compilations in recent memory, the sheer volume of quality anal fuck for the buck surpassing most movies. From the pleasing effect Jynx Maze has on my libido to the heart shaped ass of Emma Heart to the perky positions of lovely Hannah West, not one scene was less than appealing to me on some level. Granted, a few could have been polished up a bit more, the opening scene lacked the tease it originally had that I adore from the director, and the inclusion of a single scene without widescreen yet no BTS material struck me that everything but the kitchen sink was tossed in to appeal to fans, this double disc set was so good that I wanted to review it before next week as I originally intended (AVN voting taking the bulk of my time), meriting a rating of yes, Highly Recommended. In short, Mike John’s Anal Overload had solid technical aspects, great casting of anal-centric babes from a variety of backgrounds, and levels of heat rarely found so consistently in a gonzo flick, the over six hours of footage right up there with any of the best titles I have reviewed in some time. I would have preferred all the scenes be in their original form but this was a strong offering all the same so check it out if you missed the original movies the scenes came from (my sole point of irritation is that nowhere on the cover was this advertised as a compilation).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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