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Suck It Dry 10

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 1/12/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Blowjob/Cumshot/Gonzo


Cast: Anissa Kate/Bailey Blue/Kiki D'Aire/Liza Del Sierra/Natasha Nice/Natash Vega/Nicole Aniston/Serena Ali/Sharon Lee/Lyla Storm/Yuki Mori/Yurizan Beltran/Aleksa Nicole/Adrianna Nicole

Director: Jonni Darkko

Extras: Trailers/Bonus Scene (with Adrianna Nicole)

 Release Date: 12/13/2012

 Runtime: 286 Mins

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Scene 1:

Bailey Blue/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Deepthroating/Cum in Mouth/Swallow (High Volume)

The premiere scene in 'Suck It Dry 10' begins somewhat abruptly as we see Bailey Blue lying on the top of a bed as Jonni lays in front of her. We're viewing in a pov format here and before very long Bailey has pulled down his pants and gone for the dick. After a bit of dirty talk and some mega mouth teasing from Bailey the bj begins as a moaning and groaning Darkko multi-tasks directing and receiving. The blowie continues on nicely with some slight sloppiness in the middle moments and the view stays the same for quite some time switching to a side view sporadically for short periods of time throughout. Bailey gives some nice dirty talk and deepthroats as we move forward and in the later moments of the scene the camera views the action in a nice upshot of Bailey giving some final throats to Jonni's meat whistle. The final moments focus on Bailey's gorgeous face in some nice pov closeups as she sucks Jonni's dick to completion. Jonni then shoots his wad mainly into Bailey's mouth with a little bit gushing over her face. Bailey blows a kiss to the camera and the screen fades. I liked this scene. It was a little slow moving at times, but Bailey gave some nice facial expressions throughout and her cocksucking abilities were showcased well.


Scene 2:

Kiki D'Aire/Jonni Darkko

Short Tease/Blowjob/FaceFucking/Deepthroating/Tit Fucking/Dildo Play/Facial (Massive Volume)

Next up is milfalicious Kiki Daire. She starts off the scene with a short tease, mixed in with some nice dirty talk to keep the viewers on their toes as well. Kiki looks fantastic here, and in the blink of an eye she unleashes her tight pink top to expose her breasts before going in for the bj. Kiki is extra playful here, sharing lots of seductive looks into the camera while slobbering over Jonni's dong. I'm loving the energy that Kiki dishes out here. She takes some brief pauses from the blowjob to show off her spit strands to the camera while giggling and dirty talking the home viewers and her overall interaction with the camera is spot on. The two later move on to where Jonni is in a sitting position as Kiki continues teasing, sucking, and throating as we still view in a pov format with switches to a side view at various times. The tit fucking takes place as the scene progresses and Kiki's tits are wonderful to say the very least. The dirty talk never stops here and the scene continues on fantastically before Kiki grabs the Hitachi and begins fondling herself while Jonni jerks. The scene caps off when Jonni blows a furious load over top of Kiki's face as she's orgasming from the Hitachi. This scene was fantastic, I loved Kiki's playfulness throughout as well as her overall presence in the scene. Beautiful.


Scene 3:

Sharon Lee/Jonni Darkko

Tease/Blowjob/Facial (Medium Volume)

The third scene begins as we see Sharon Lee giving us the first solid tease sequence in the film. Sharon wears a pink bra and panties as she stares into the camera while giving some longing stares, before eventually shedding her clothes and showing off the goods. Lots of finger sucking and ass spreading fill these early moments and end up leading to the bj with zero talking. The blowie starts in a pov format as Jonni feeds Sharon his sausage and she smacks and pops on his shaft. The scene is pretty slow moving thus far, and I'm not seeing anything too great as of yet, but hoping for more. The scene progresses getting fairly decent at points I suppose, but Sharon's energy is pretty non-existent and unless you're already a fan of hers I don't really see why you'd think this scene was worth watching. The scene comes to a close with Sharon doing some lackluster ball munching that eventually leads to a decent sized cumshot to the face and mouth. This scene wasn't great at all, if I wasn't reviewing this I'd have fast forwarded through it long ago.


Scene 4:

Natasha Nice/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Heavy Deepthroating/FaceFucking/Facial (Massive Volume)

Next up is Natasha Nice; the scene begins as she's finalizing her outfit and quickly leads to the blowjob. The bj is pretty energetic from the get-go and has some nice deepthroats given by Natasha as we move forward. Natasha is awesome here, pushing herself hard to get as much of Jonni down her throat as possible while taking some sporadic breaks in between to give some tit fucks. Sloppiness picks up nicely as the scene carries on and Natasha stays focused on the camera well. The scene comes to a close after Natasha gives a couple final sucks and Jonni busts a gigantic jizzload over her smiling face. The camera gets one last close-up of Natasha as she scoops some cum off her face and swallows it up. Great bj scene here, makes the third scene look even worse after watching this one.


Scene 5:

Liza Del Sierra/Jonni Darkko

Tease/Dildo Play/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Facial (High Volume)

Next up is epically gorgeous Liza Del Sierra. We get some nice glimpses of her as she gives us some dirty talk and shows off her ass, tits, face, and whatever else in the opening moments of the scene. Best tease in the film so far; great camera interaction, a fucking beautiful girl, and great expressions from Liza here. She then pulls out the trusty Hitachi and gives herself an orgasm before ultimately beginning the blowjob. For those that don't already know, Liza is a professional, she knows exactly what the pervs love and doesn't hesitate to give it all to us here. Great deepthroats, and some massive cock choking is making this scene a great one early on. Liza makes some animalistic noises in the coming moments, every time that Jonni pulls his dick out of her mouth she moans and pants as though having the cock in her mouth is the lifeblood of her being. After some nice throats from Liza Jonni shoots what looks to be a premature wad into her mouth as she chokes most of it out. The scene keeps going for a short time before Jonni pulls away and Liza gives herself some final gropes with the Hitachi as the cum dribbles down her chin. The scene ends soon after. This was a nice one, I wish it had gone longer but beggars can't be choosers I suppose. Well done.


Scene 6:

Nicole Aniston/Winston Burbank

Blowjob/Tease/Facial (High Volume)

The sixth scene in this blowjob frenzy that is 'Suck It Dry 10' starts as Winston Burbank opens the door to the beautiful Nicole Aniston. This scene sets up as Nicole is coming to get a massage from the mult-talented Mr Burbank. She strips down quickly and Winston gropes her nether regions as Nicole shares in a bit of conversation with him. The camera gets some choice angles of Nicole's assets as this massage continues on and eventually leads to, you guessed it- the blowjob. Nicole begins very sensually as she tickles the balls and slowly sucks up and down the shaft wonderfully. The scene is again shot pov and Nicole gives some nice eye contact as we move forward. Nicole's facial expressions and teasing ways are making for some awesome stroke fodder as the scene continues. She has Winston in the palm of her hands here, tickling his balls ever so slightly but telling him not to cum yet as he trembles to let loose. The scene comes to a close after Winston blows a monster cumshot over Nicole's face and the screen fades soon after. I enjoyed this scene, a nice contrast from the last few being more of a sensual one but not lacking in any way. Nicole was beautiful and awesome here.



Insert Disc 2



Scene 7:

Yurizan Beltran/Winston Burbank

Tease/Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Deepthroating/Facial (High Volume)

In the next scene we start out with the utterly gorgeous Yurizan Beltran, who begins teasing and dirty talking the camera for a short time as she wears a red bra and parties with black stockings and heels. She unclothes herself in the next moments and begins playing with herself a bit before the blowjob then begins with some soft cock kisses. The action begins much like the previous scene, in a very sensual state with some light tit fucking to keep things going strong. Every kiss and suck that Yurizan provides is exaggerated wonderfully, and lots of slurping and popping make for a nice soundtrack to this great bj scene. Yuri creates some great spit trails here as we move forward, and gives a couple of decent deepthroats as well. The scene isn't all that sloppy but it really doesn't need to be, because the action is genuine here. The scene progresses well, and Yuri's energy is spot-on through all of it. It all comes to an end after Winston busts a monster nut over Yurizan's face and she gives some lasting stares into the camera while dirty talking the home viewers a bit. Great scene here, my favorite yet. Yurizan is a beauty.


Scene 8:

Yuki Mori/Jonni Darkko

Tease/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/FaceFucking/Facial (Medium Volume)

Asian cutie Yuki Mori is the next up in the bj action. She begins wearing bunny ears and bouncing on the bed, making for some nice tease action. She shares a couple words in her native language before going down for the blowjob. Yuki is getting after it hard here in the early moments, throating and sucking very nicely while giving some great dirty talk (even though it's in a different language, and I have no idea what she's saying, it's still hot). Sloppiness gets pretty heavy midway through and it almost seems like Yuki is singing as she drips dick spit out of her mouth at various times throughout the scene. The scene moves on with lots and lot of facefucking and sloppiness while Yuki continues speaking adorably even thuough I have absolutely no clue what she's saying. Through this melee of throat fucking it is also a notable detail that Yuki never takes her bunny ears off. The scene closes with Jonni finishing himself in Yuki's mouth as some gets on her face as well. Good scene! Nice sloppiness, and Yuki was adorable.


Scene 9:

Serena Ali/Jonnie Darkko

Tease/Dildo Play/Blowjob/Facefucking/Tit Fucking/Facial (High Volume)

Scene 9 starts as we see ebony beauty Serena Ali teasing the camera with her breasts already askew for all to see. After some shaking and bouncing the action begins with Serena massaging her pussy via vibrator for the camera. Jonni's dick steps onto set soon afterwards and Serena starts sucking softly, mixing in some nice cock kisses as well. Sloppiness picks up a bit as the bj continues on, and Serena gives some light dirty talk to help things along. The scene moves forward with some tit fucking mixes in at times, and ultimately results in Jonni jizzing over Serena's face, as some squirts into her hair as well. Nice scene, nothing spectacular, but still good stuff.


Scene 10:

Natasha Vega/Jonni Darkko

Blowjob/Facefucking/Tit Fucking/Cum on Tits (Medium Volume)

Natasha Vega is next, and looks fucking fabulous as the camera gets some choice views of her dirty talking before the blowjob ensues shortly after. The bj starts in a fairly hardcore manner, and Natasha gives some nice spits to get things messy as we move on. There are also some very nice deepthroats given by Natasha toward the middle stages as she holds her mouth wide open with her tongue sticking out while doing so. This is another scene where camera interaction is key, and Natasha does this fantastically, teasing the home viewers as she sucks Jonni's meatstick. Natasha's amazing tits are not to be neglected here either as she scrubs them up and down on Jonni's shaft toward the later stages of the scene. We end with Jonni busting a nut over Natasha's breasts as she jostles them up and down on his dick. Good scene here, Natasha is someone to definitely watch for, baby got boobs.


Scene 11:

Lyla Storm/Jonni Darkko/Winston Burbank

Tease/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Facefucking/Simultaneous Facial (Massive Volume)

The next scene features Lyla Storm, who begins with some dirty talk and Tease on the bed as we look on. Lyla has the dirty talking perfected without a doubt. The bj begins as she unleashes Winston's meat sword and begins sucking and kissing while looking up at the camera with pouty eyes. Lyla continues talking through much of these early moments and I must say it adds to the greatness of the scene. Lots of slurping and spitting here as Lyla continues on in what is shaping up to be my favorite scene in the film from the looks of it. Lyla is a perv's dreamgirl here, keeping constant interaction with the camera and playfully teasing throughout the entire scene. Jonni steps into the picture later in the scene and the bj gets slightly rougher when he does. As the scene moves forward we're shaping up to be about the sloppiest blowjob yet in the movie. Tons of dick dunking dick drooling here and Lyla's overall energy is just fantastic to say the very least. Lyla's face is a sloppy mess here, and the cumshot hasn't even hit yet, I'm willing to bet it'll be a big one...or two. The scene comes to an end after Lyla licks Winston's sack, and he shoots a monster jizzload that is matched simultaneously from Jonni who is standing behind the camera. Both loads encompass Lyla's already messy face adding insult to injury and making for a massive mess. Wow. Loved this scene, best in the film if I do say so.

Scene 12:

Anissa Kate/Jonnie Darkko/Winston Burbank

Tease/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Simultaneous facial (Massive Volume)

The next scene starts out with Anissa Kate who shows off for the camera a bit before moving into the bj. Anissa looks incredible here wearing some black lingerie and high heels to match. The bj starts out with Anissa sucking off Winston Burbank sensually in a pov format while staring up into the camera for the full effect. Anissa's beauty is simply unavoidable here as she teases and sucks Winston's sausage. The scene continues with Anissa sucking Jonni for a short time before another surprise simultaneous jizzload is released over Anissa's gorgeous face. Definitely the most cum coverage in any scene yet here as Anissa gets her tits and almost entire face completely doused in jizz. Great scene here, loving the simultaneous cumshot effect!

Scene 13:

Aleksa Nicole/Winston Burbank

Dildo Play/Blowjob/Female Masturbation/Squirting/Deepthroating/Facial (Massive Volume)

The final scene in 'Suck It Dry 10' begins as we see Aleksa Nicole dildoing herself on he bed in front of us before going down to begin the blowie. The scene begins relatively slowly and picks up as it continues on with Aleksa giving some awesome dirty talk and jamming almost her entire hand down her throat at various times throughout. Great stuff here again as we move on with Aleksa masturbating herself to eruption and squirting all over the place in the process. Winston steps back onto set soon after this melee and Aleksa continues with the bj. Aleksa is awesome here as we go on, her energy is simply perfect as she begs for more cock while continuing to stimulate herself with her vibrator. The scene comes to an end when Winston laces her with one final gigantic cumload. Wonderful.



It's pretty much no surprise at this point with Darkko's blowjob flicks, you always know what you're getting. Solid bj scenes with an emphasis on huge cumshots, and this one is no exception for the most part. The film had maybe two or three scenes that I wasn't too fond of, but when you're working with 13 scenes and 1 bonus scene to boot, two or three bad scenes is really no big whoop. So, if you're in the market for some good bj action where pretty girls get laced with massive cumshots, why not check this one out? It's well worth it.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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