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Cum For Cover 8

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 1/16/13

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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 Category: Blowjob/Cumshots/Blowbang/Gonzo


Cast: Kyra Banks/Georgiana/Sylvia Diamond/Olga Winter/Myra Lyon/Anife

Director: Raul Cristian

Extras: Trailers/Photo Gallery/Web

Release Date: 11/27/2012

Runtime: 182 Mins

Click here to view a trailer and photo gallery from 'Cum For Cover 8' courtesy of JulesJordan.com!




Scene 1:

Kyra Banks

Tease/Female Masturbation/Blowbang/Facefucking/Bukakke style facial (Massive Volume)

The premiere scene in 'Cum For Cover 8' begins as we see gorgeous euro girl Kyra Banks. Our director shares in a bit of conversation with Kyra in the opening moments as she stares into the camera teasingly while wearing a black fishnet skirt with an orange bikini underneath and clear heels. The tease continues on with some masturbating and great "come hither" looks from Kyra before she peers over the balcony that she is standing on to see a large group of men lying naked by the pool. Kyra walks down the steps as the camera captures her every move before she begins blowing the first man she encounters in the lineup. Kyra slowly makes her way through the guys before the guys stand and encircle her and begin the facefucking festivities. As we move forward the guys really start giving it to Kyra good, and with a cock in every direction Kyra continues on taking everything these goons are dishing out. Not much sloppiness in this scene, and we cut soon after to a closeup of Kyra's face where the first load is released. 5 loads later am Kyra is a beautiful mess, she gives a couple stares into the camera and the screen then fades. This scene was ok, it went pretty much as I expected with relatively good bj action leading up to a bukakke style jizz load facial.


Scene 2:


Tease/Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Blowbang/Facefucking/Deepthroating/Bukakke Style Facial (Massive Volume)

Next up is Georgiana who begins the scene much like the last one teasing and taunting the camera hesitantly but beautifully nonetheless. Georgiana wears a tight black top, black booty shorts, and black boots to finalize the look. The action begins with her giving our director a bj as he lays on his back on a pier and films in a pov format. Pretty slow moving blowjob here that moves on to Georgiana walking up to a group of men who stand outdoors and sucks each of them off. After she passes through each guy she does a little stripshow for the guys as Raul directs her on where to go and how to proceed. The action picks up decently here as we move on and Georgiana gives some decent deepthroats while the guys goof off. The action later moves indoors where Georgiana rifles through cock and each guy takes turns getting in on the fun. Some facefucking ensues, as well as some decent action as Georgiana begins getting a little messier as time goes on. Georgiana stays pretty quiet throughout the scene giving a couple sporadic moans and light deepthroats. The scene ends with the guys using Georgiana's cute face as a canvas for their semen before we get a couple last looks at the finished product. This scene was decent, Georgiana is definitely a cutie, but her energy was somewhat lacking throughout.


Scene 3:

Sylvia Diamond

Tease/Blowbang/Deepthroating/Facefucking/Cum in Mouth/Facial (Medium Volume)

Next up is Sylvia Diamond. Sylvia does a little tease for us as she stands wearing a red bra, black panties and stockings, and black high heels. After showing off the goods she approaches the group of "cummers" and the blowjob festivities begin. Action is pretty much the same as the previous scenes with spurts of good energy, and dying down a lot at times. However, as the scene progresses Sylvia seems to be a little more *rambunctious* than the other girls, giving some good deepthroats and creating a much more saliva filled bj than the girls that preceded her. The scene caps off with most of the guys cumming in Sylvia's mouth rather than over her face as the previous scenes were, but she still gets a pretty generous portion over her face. Pretty good scene, probably throating sloppiest one thus far, but I've still yet to be thoroughly impressed.


Scene 4:

Olga Winter

Blowjob/Blowbang/Facefucking/Deepthroating/Bukakke Style Facial (Massive Volume)

Next up is the slender Olga Winter, who shows off a bit for the camera as we view outdoors while the wind gusts in the background. Our director then takes her inside where a group of guys eagerly await her arrival. Olga gets started quickly, with subpar energy at best, before the guys encircle her and the blowbang begins fully. Raul barks out from behind the camera through much of these early moments asking Olga to look at the camera, which she does for short periods of time as she moves on. Olga is pretty timid here, never really getting to a strong level of energy as we move forward. Olga probably takes the hardest facefucking so far in the film, as her makeup begins running and she starts getting a little more into it in the later stages. The scene comes to a close as we see an extreme closeup of Olga while she receives each load over her face. Throughout these later moments Raul continues the coaching from behind the camera as a pretty lifeless Olga sits and takes the loads. The screen then fades after everyone finishes. Blah, this scene was pretty weak overall. Decent moments, but I think Olga had somewhere else to be, she just didn't seem to enjoy it very much.


Scene 5:

Myra Lyon

Tease/Blowjob/Blowbang/69/FaceFucking/Bukakke Style Facial (Massive Volume)

Scene 5 begins with Myra Lyon, who starts the scene briefly talking with Raul for a short time while teasing the camera a bit. The action begins after she walks up a staircase to a group of four naked men that await her. After stripping and teasing a little more she walks toward the lineup and the blowjob(s) begin. Nice energy here from Myra, much to the opposition of the last scene. The blowing is well done here, with some nice deepthroats and nice overall energy. The scene again ends with the fantastic four dismounting their loads upon Myra's face. Much better scene than the last, still nothing to write home about though.


Scene 6:


Tease/Blowjob/Blowbang/FaceFucking/Bukakke Style Facial (Massive Volume)

The final scene in 'Cum for Cover 8' starts as we see the beautiful and crazily named 'Anife'. Not sure how to say her name, but she looks great here. The scene begins like the others as she explains the scene that awaits. As the action begins, it does so in a relatively light manner as Raul coaches from behind the camera. This scene is pretty much a carbon copy of through previous ones, with decent action spread throughout and four jizzloads sprayed over Anife in it's finale. Probably the most cum coverage in the film here is pretty much the only noteworthy aspect of this scene, as well as the fact that Anife is quite a babe.



Didn't love this one, I knew what I was getting when I checked it out, but just wasn't satisfied with it overall. I thought the girls seemed a little awkward for the most part, and Raul barking orders from behind the camera struck me as a bit unnecessary. It's one thing to ask, or even tell a girl what she needs to do within a scene, but his demeanor is slightly 'bossy' for lack of a better word, and it makes it a little uneasy for me. Aside from this I thought the film was decent, with a lot of slow moments where it seemed as though the girls weren't necessarily comfortable in the scene. The finale of each scene has the girls getting pretty covered for the most part, so it does live up to it's name, but if I were to suggest a strong blowbang movie this one wouldn't be it.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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