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Tanya Tate's Tea & Muffin Party

Studio: Filly Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/30/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Tanya Tate

Cast: Tanya Tate, Devon Lee, Celeste Star, Adrianna Luna, Presley Hart, Jessi Palmer, Elaina Raye, Samantha Bentley

Courtesy of Filly Films

Length: 124 minutes

Date of Production: 9/24/2012

Extras: There is a very good Behind the Scenes footage and a couple of trailers. Moreover, I really enjoyed the teasers section where the entire cast have their teasing moments in showing off their playful and seductive behavior. A nice looking photo gallery is included too. Website information is also added.    

Condoms: No  

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

(l-r) Celeste Star, Jessi Palmer, Tanya Tate, Devon Lee, Presley Hart

Courtesy of Filly Films

Overview: Tanya Tate's Tea & Muffin Party is the third film that Tanya Tate has directed for the studio Filly Films. Her first one was the highly successful Tanya Tate's The MILF Masseuse. Her second film was the well liked Tanya Tate's Runaways. In her current movie, she has organized a tea party for her niece Samantha Bentley who will be leaving the U.S. for England. However, Samantha is not in the mood for a party since she does not want to leave. Without her present at the table, several antics occur among the guests that culminates in hot lesbian sex.

Adrianna Luna, Samantha Bentley

Courtesy of Filly Films

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Scene One: Adrianna Luna tries to comfort a sad Samantha Bentley who will be going home soon. The horny English woman rolls her friend over onto her back and their make out session begins despite some reluctance by Adrianna. Some titty sucking activity by Adrianna occurs before Samantha slides off the sexy lady's panties. More good heat by the women follows before Samantha licks and fingers Adrianna's appealing pink pussy. I like Samantha's passionate behavior as she pleasures her friend. Later, she lays on her back so that Adrianna can lick her womanhood. Samantha's pussy becomes quite juicy when Adrianna applies a good amount of saliva on it. Moments later, Adrianna sucks her passion fruit with added horniness. The kissing moments that follow shows good tender affection towards one another by the ladies. A sexy tribbing session which heats up well occurs next with Adrianna and Samantha providing solid efforts. Then, Samantha sucks her pretty friend's breast while rubbing her pussy quite rapidly. Next, she sucks her pussy with a good amount of effective stimulation that makes Adrianna's inner sensations run through her body. I enjoyed watching Adrianna breathe heavily and cumming. Soon, Adrianna is sucking and fingering the woman's pink pussy that makes Samantha cum so well. When you think that the scene is over, more pussy pleasuring action occurs with Samantha getting a final taste of her friend's honeycomb.

Tanya Tate, Elaina Raye

Courtesy of Filly Films

Scene Two: Cute Elaina Raye brings over a plate of cookies that her mom baked to Tanya Tate. After a brief chit chat, the blonde neighbor tries to comfort her sad friend. After they hug, the closeness creates a sweet moment between them that leads to the nice kissing session. I like watching Elaina smile in between the kisses. Later, some good titty caressing action between the two attractive women occurs during their tender kisses. The slow pace of showing off their bosoms is a huge turn-on factor especially how the camera pulls into them. Then, the sounds of Tanya's sucking activity of the cutie pie's tits are cool. Elaina then, gets her vaginal playground rubbed right before she removes her denim shorts. Tanya then, sucks her sweet ass and slowly slides off her neighbor's white panties. I enjoyed watching Tanya rub and finger fuck her cute pussy with her finger. Throughout this scene, I really like the camera shots of Elaina's pussy. Those will definitely be hot for the viewers. She gets off so well as Tanya applies added sucking pressure on her sensitive love spot. Afterwards, Elaina has a very adorable smile on her face when they look into each other's eyes and begin to run their hands along each other's bodies. Moments later, she slowly slides off the woman's red panties down her sexy legs. Tanya's pussy looks so appealing from behind that it's no surprise that Elaina goes ahead and suck and rubs with good effort. When she finger fucks it, the woman is quite fond of Tanya's sexy legs. A more hornier rub-a-dub and sucking action by the blonde cutie follow that makes Tanya moan with so much enjoyment. Next, the shots of both ladies' pussies are shown as Elaina is sitting on Tanya's lap. Tanya rubs her clit quite steadily. It makes her cum so well. Next, I liked watching how they both maneuvered the chairs and their bodies in order to trib one another against their sensitive vaginal playthings. Afterwards, Elaina gets down on her knees in order to taste the woman's juicy pussy. Her increased oral and manual tempo makes Tanya cum extremely well that she quivers in her chair.

Presley Hart, Devon Lee

Courtesy of Filly Films

Scene Three: When Presley Hart leaves the table for the bathroom, Devon Lee follows her. In the living room, a small vibrator falls out of the pretty woman's bag and Devon picks it up. The sexy lady comes onto her in a playful manner by rubbing the item on her chest. Moments later, they are making out and the kissing activity heats up well with pretty good passion. When it is time for Presley to apply tender kisses on the woman, Devon's body language looks sweet as she caresses Presley nicely. Devon's facial expressions also show that she is enjoying the lady's actions on her. The heat level rises significantly as soon as the pretty woman sucks Presley's sexual playground with nice fondness. Presley moans with more enjoyment as soon as Devon rubs her pussy. It is noticeable that she has a very sensitive clit. Afterwards, Devon slides off her own panties and climbs on top of her friend for their 69 moment. There are good shots of Presley's active pussy play on the woman. Meanwhile, I enjoyed looking at Devon's hot ass. Next, Devon's hot body is showcased well while she is on her back as Presley continues her determined pussy massage on the woman. Then, their tribbing session follows as these two beautiful women rub their pussies against each other to generate good heat and sizzle. The camera does a very good job in panning their bodies. A side by side pussy rub down by both women occurs before Devon gets to suck and manually massage her friend's sweet pussy again. Very good close-up shots of Devon's lovely breasts occur when Presley sucks them.

Jessi Palmer, Tanya Tate, Celeste Star

Courtesy of Filly Films

Scene Four: Jessi Palmer is the new maid who accidentally drops some cake on Tanya's hot bosoms. Celeste Star orders her to lick it off. When she does it incorrectly, Celeste has to show her how to do it properly. Meanwhile, Tanya enjoys the special attention. So, they take the playful antics indoors. Once inside of the house, Jessi is standing in between the two pretty ladies. She kisses and licks Tanya's tits as Celeste licks the side of Jessi's neck. Soon, Tanya begins to undress the maid and suck her tits and applies hard suction on them. Then, she and Celeste kiss their way down her body until Tanya eats Jessi's pussy on the couch. In the meantime, Jessi is laying against Celeste who is continually running her hands along her body. Suddenly, the camera focuses on Jessi's pussy where Tanya is spreading it apart nicely for us to see her hot appealing pinkness. It gets Tanya so turned on that she licks and sucks quite steadily that makes Jessi cum extremely well. The three-way action becomes more heated as Celeste is on top of Jessi while she is eating her pussy and Tanya continues to work over the maid's sexual plaything, but this time by using her fingers. Next, Jessi really delivers a fast paced finger fuck on Celeste while Tanya licks her asshole. A very intense oral play occurs on Tanya as Celeste is quite active on Tanya's pink plaything as Jessi munches on the woman's asshole. This activity is very hot and amazing to watch. Later, the attention moves to Celeste where Tanya and Jessi apply solid and hot manual pleasure on her pussy. Then, the two women hump Tanya's legs at the same time as each sits on one of them. Celeste applies a very wicked and rapid tribbing delivery. A very rapid pussy rub-a-dub by Tanya and Jessi follows that made me so hot.

Final Thoughts: The current 2013 XBIZ Milf Performer of the Year Tanya Tate has a winner on her hands in Tanya Tate's Tea & Muffin Party. All four sex performances generate hot sex that have very good replay value. The three-way scene is the hottest one as Celeste Star continues to prove that she is a sex-crazed girl on girl performer. She makes it look so natural that many people just take her for granted and not fully appreciate the gem she happens to be. In the meantime, Jessi Palmer shows good signs of that energizing hotness too. The Devon Lee-Presley Hart scene is very steady in showcasing their beautiful bodies as well as providing good turn-on action for the viewers. I would like to see Devon be in more Tanya Tate productions. The Tanya Tate-Elaina Raye performance has the sweetest moments of the film. Meanwhile, Adrianna Luna looks super sexy while she receives pleasure from her partner Samantha Bentley. I would rank this film as Tanya's second best directed project thus far. I highly recommend this movie.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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