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Drill My Ass 3

Studio: Juicy Entertainment » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 2/3/13

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: All Sex/Anal




Cast: Uncredited

Runtime: 157 Mins



Extras: Trailer/Slideshow

Release Date: 11/02/2011


Introduction to Review

Okay, so to begin this review I'll have to explain, I have yet to see a porn where there are literally no credits given to any persons in the entire film, this is the first time. None of the girls are credited, the director isn't credited, the guys aren't credited, so on and so forth. Anyways, I shall do my best to keep you in the loop by explaining in as much detail what is going on, what's in a name anyways? If the sex is good, it's really all you need.

Scene 1:


Tease/Female Masturbation/Dildo Play/Ass Eating/ATM/Gaping/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Anal/Doggie Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Cowgirl Anal/Facial (High Volume)

The premiere scene in 'Drill My Ass 3' begins as we see an uncredited girl in a blue bikini top. She begins with a bit of a tease sesh and intermingling moments of masturbating herself for us. She wears white knee high stockings with her blue bikini top and skirt, along with some clear heels to complete the look. A recognizable face then steps into the picture in the coming moments, and it is Markus (as made famous from Omar Galanti). Markus does some ass eating and dildoing to his co-star as she pushes her ass out wonderfully. The sex begins in a missionary style position as Markus starts ramming pretty hard from the get-go. The sex continues for a short time before Markus gives a tongue lashing to his friends asshole in preparation for the anal, which starts very soon after. As the anal sets on we get some fantastic views of this girls booty, whoever she is. As the sex moves on, the scene gradually gets a little more intense with some hard gapes given by our girl pal, as Markus pumps his meat whistle into her relentlessly. This girl's ass is fucking awesome, and even though she has nearly zero makeup on, or maybe no makeup at all, she still looks really good, which definitely helps things along for this film. Lots of gaping and hard anal as we continue, with the first bj in the scene happening about twenty minutes in.  The blowjob is nice but very quick, and leads back up to a reverse cowgirl style fucking. The scene ends soon after with Markus busting his ball batter over top of this girls face, beforenshengives a couple,of final looks into the camera before the screen fades. Great energy and great sex here, I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I'd have like to see the girl a little more made up, but it wasn't necessary because the sex was there, and the scene was overall pretty well done.

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Scene 2:


Tease/Female Masturbation/Cunnilingus/Ass Eating/Spooning Anal/Doggie Anal/Gaping/Pile Driver Anal/Cowgirl Anal/Cum in Asshole (Medium Volume)

Scene two starts as we see a teen-style cutie, dressed in a schoolgirl skirt, with a green top, and converse style shoes, completing the look. She plays with herself for a bit before he co-star steps onto set and the two begin the party via muff munching. The pussy eating goes on for an extended period of time here, and really is more of a time killer than anything. Afterwards, the sex begins in an anal style fucking where the girl is pretty quiet and shy about the fact that she's getting pounded in the ass, but I digress. Lots of close-up camera views here, and the sex is not really bad per say, but it just doesn't reach a level that is crazy-good, at least it hasn't yet. Once the doggie anal begins, the scene picks up a bit and the camera angles get a little better, closing in on some fantastic gapes given our girl. As the scene continues on, I'm starting to think this dude is going to literally tear this girl a new asshole, she is seriously petite, but handling the pounding like a champion, making for some nice stroke material. The scene later ends with our friend releasing his jizzload over and into  the girls asshole as she gapes and stares into the camera. This scene had its moments, but wasn't overall great or terrible, sort of middle of the road for me.

Scene 3:


Tease/Dildo Play/Female Masturbation/Blowjob/Spooning Anal/Gaping/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Facial (Low Volume)

The next scene starts as we see another young looking euro beauty who begins sucking on a dildo before she starts peeling off her lingerie. The intro moves forward with some ass dildoing from our female star, before later leading to a blowjob. The bj is decent and fairly short eventually progressing into a spoon style anal fucking that kind of picks things up a bit, but the energy still must doesn't seem great. Unlike the last scene, there is a lot of vaginal sex here as well as anal, but again, the scene just lacks pretty much everything. The scene later ends with the guy shooting his load over her face, before she sucks off the excess and the screen fades. Not a great scene by any means, wasn't impressed with it.

Scene 4:


Smoking Fetish/Cunnilingus/Dildo Play/69/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Anal Beads/Doggie Anal/Missionary Anal/Cum on Tits (Medium Volume)

The next scene starts with a girl laying on a couch as she smokes a cigarette and stares  into the camera. Without any hesitation our male counterpart enters the cameras view and begins eating her out as she continues smoking and staring into the camera seductively. Some anal beads then come into play later, as our friend continues munching pussy in the meantime. This goes on for a bit and later leads to a 69 style blowjob where the girl is standing up over the guy and sucking his dick while he eats her pussy. This scene is ridiculously slow moving, but seems like it has a lot of potential to be good, but we're 20 minutes through and it seems like absolutely nothing has happened yet. Finally, the sex starts in a doggie style anal, and does so pretty nicely, mixing in some hard gapes as our female star moans and groans. Again, following this the scene takes a dive and yet another hiatus as our male star continues dildoing her asshole. I'm bored with this scene, but the blowjob that follows the pisspoor sex is actually really, really nice. The girl lights another cigarette in the middle of the scene and there is a nice bj session, however it again goes on for way too long, and isn't energetic enough to keep my attention,  making for a pretty boring watch in the long run. The scene ends with a cumshot to the tits, before our female star does a little more sucking. This scene was bad. Not good. There were a few nice moments but the bad definitely outweighed the good.

Scene 5:


Ass Eating/Anal Beads/Gaping/Doggie Anal/Missionary Anal/Cum on Ass (Medium Volume)

Next up, in our fifth scene is another euro beauty that begins in getting her asshole eaten out by Timo Hardy. The ass eating continues in a very subdued manner, much like the last scene ended, and moves into some anal bead play that is beyond boring to watch. The sex begins in a doggie style anal and actually begins with a decent amount of energy from the stars, but again there are many breaks in the action for whatever reason. The scene continues and abruptly ends after Timo busts a nut into her asshole and the screen fades. This scene was really short, but I'm glad it was, because I really saw it going absolutely nowhere in a hurry. Not a good scene.

Scene 6:


Ass Eating/Dildo Play/Cunnilingus/Spooning Anal/ATM/Internal Cumshot

Thankfully, we've reached the final scene in 'Drill My Ass 3' as we now have a couple of euro babes making out with each other to start things off. Some dildo play and cunnilingus ensue before the action eventually starts after our male star enters the cameras view. He starts tonguing the girl asses along with shoving some fingers  in as well,  before starting out the ass dildo fun. Only thing is, it's not fun. It's actually fucking horrible. This guy is so focused on dildoing this girls ass, that the scene just fucking dives. I cannot understand it, the subdued monotone groans from each girl are so fucking boner-killing its not even funny, and as I type, I'm watching a fucking horrible train wreck disguising itself as the last scene in Drill My Ass 3. There has still been no sex. So finally, about 20 minutes into the scene, some sex begins in a spoon style anal with hints of ATM's to follow. The scene carries on, and ends abruptly again with



There seemed to be very little thought put into the making of this movie, like to the point where I probably spent more time on my review, than they did on anything. No one is credited in the film, which was a first for me. I literally saw no credits anywhere. when the film ends you see an abrupt internal cumshot, then a blank screen....and boom. Over. The first scene was actually pretty well done, Markus did a really great job with whomever that girl was, but as it went on it seemed to get worse, and worse, and worse, until it was almost unbearable. I would NOT recommend this film, in fact I would tell you to simply walk by this movie and knock it off of the shelf for me if you see it. Tell the guy at the store that it sucks, and he should be paying you to take it. Skip it, skip it, skip it.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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