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Petra Joy's Female Fantasies

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 2/20/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Vignette

Director: Petra Joy

Cast: Emilia Ren, Lili LaChrosse, Violetta Storm, Adam Scarlet, Chris, Marc Cuirass, Marco Kalistar, Maximus, Maxxx

Length: 52 minutes

Extras: There is a Behind the Scenes segment and a parody scene. A photo gallery is also included.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Female Fantasies is a film by legendary Petra Joy. She is well-regarded as a lover of eroticism and feminism. I admire that she does not film any cumshots to the face. Petra is a sensual woman who uses the art of body language as an erotic stimulant in creating personal and sexual chemistry among her performers. I like that Petra Joy does not follow the bandwagon. She is definitely her own woman.

Scene One: Pleasure Me. Lili LaChrosse is on her bed. She puts on a blindfold and lays underneath the covers. The restless woman becomes calm as she dreams about people pleasuring her during her sleep. Violetta Storm sits beside her and runs her hands along her body. Moments later, blonde hottie Emilia Ren strokes her face while two other guys also provide tender touches on the beauty. Some other ways that they pleasure are to run feathers along her body, using ice cubes to stimulate her nipples, and some toe sucking activity. Everyone is enjoying themselves as the people have nice smiles. I really got turned on by the finger sucking and toe sucking moments. Meanwhile, Lili's nipples become sensative. Some champagne is poured onto her pussy to make it more sweet for the pussy eaters. Meanwhile, I also enjoyed watcing Lili's lips suck on fingers. In the end, Lili receives a nice pleasure treat from her five sexually-giving servants (Violetta, Emilia, Adam Scarlet, Marc Cuirass, and Maximus).

Scene Two: Cabaret. In this very visually enjoyable scene, a woman is captured in black silhouette with a red background. It reminds me of a burlesque type of performance as she strip while seated on a chair. The nicely figured woman removes her heel and plays with it briefly before removing her nylons. Meanwhile, the romantic big band music in the background suits this scene quite well. I like listening to the clarinet, drums, trombone, and other instruments in this musical piece. Later, we see a woman dancing with a parasol and showing off her sexy moves with a feathery item. Later, a guy is seen performing with a lady. There are no sexual activity in this film. As I mentioned earlier, it's a burlesque performance and a very well done one performed by several women and one man.

Scene Three: Eye Candy. A handsome man is taking a shower. The scene is in black and white. The camera does a good job in panning his nice looking body. He showers just like a man in that his actions are pretty quick such as washing his ass. Afterwards, he strokes his dick and there is a good amount of penis shots. You can definitely tell that he is trying to get off. Later, he squats down and jerks himself off with more vigor.

Scene Four: Carwash. Emilia Ren drives into a car wash so that two handsome guys can clean her vehicle and also lube her up in a sexual manner. While the woman watches them lather her car, she becomes turned on by them. When Emilia stands in between the fellas, the guys put their focus on her. Suddenly, they rub the sponge on her and fondle the woman. Some kissing activity occurs from her lips to her ass. I enjoyed their attention on her titties and pussy. The scene becomes quite steamy and stuffy as the hands-on activity and oral play become more exciting. A lot of credit has to go to the camera work for this scene as Emilia is on the hood of the car or on the seat. The three-way kissing action was cool.

Scene Five: The Big Blue. This scene shows several people in a pool. However, the camera shots are underneath the water. Lily, Violetta, Emilia, Adam Scarlet, Chris, Marc Cuirass, Marco Kalistar, and others are the lucky ones who get to experience this wet playful experience. Some of the activity that occurs are swimming, teasing the camera, acrobatic moves, kissing, and oral play throughout this short scene. I felt like it was a pornified version of Cirque du Soleil underneath the pool.

Scene Six: The Blindfold. Maximus is laying on a bed blindfolded. Moments later, sexy Violetta Storm crawls onto the bed to join the lucky man. The attentive woman who is dressed in her nice looking undergarments runs her gloved hand along his body. She continues to look at him to see his reaction. The romantic instrumental background music enhances the personal tone of their performance. Her touchy-feely action become more passionate. I enjoyed the snuggling moments as well as when the guy gets to feel her body. The sensual nature of the scene hits a high point. The close-up shots of her titties and his dick as they were getting pleasured looked hot. Her cocksuck looked as if she adored his manhood. Some missionary fucking from her blindfolded lover occurs. Violetta's legs look hot. As she gets fucked doggie style, her tits continue to be eye candy stimuli as they jiggle. The guy is sweating a lot from his solid doggie delivery. Later, he strokes himself off on his upper thigh.

Scene Seven: Cookies & Cream. A naked Violetta Storm is cracking a couple of eggs into a large bowl that has flour in it. Then, she gets her hands messy by mixing it. The camera pans her body as she tastes the yellow mixture. She adds more incredients when her lover Lili LaChrosse enters the kitchen with a bouquet of roses. They kiss and swap some of the baking mixture on one another. I got turned on by the close-up shots of their kissable lips. Afterwards, Lili runs a rose along Violetta's face, breasts, and legs. As the playful woman squats down, Violetta feeds her gal pal a strawberry. After both of them eat the treat, they are seen kissing while rubbing on another's heated passion fruits. Later, I really loved seeing Lili rub the berry inside of Violetta's puffy pussy lips and then, suck her scented vaginal plaything. Afterwards, some playful spanking action with a wooden spoon by Lily follows. The spanking activity becomes more passionate as her hand is used. Then, Violetta gets to eat her friend's pussy with much desire. The shots of Lili's open mouth enhances the erotic nature of the moment.

Scene Eight: Cruising. Maxxx and Marco Kalistar are stroking each other's dicks momentarily before we get some cocksucking action. Later, another guy joins them in the restroom. All of their shirts come off as more cocksucking activity occurs. Finally, the scene becomes more interesting when Lily LaChrosse enters and shows off her strap-on. One of the fellas sucks it as the other two dudes get turned on by watching him. Next, the woman is stroking a man's dick as he is stroking her plastic plaything. The scene becomes more exciting as the tempo of the background music increases and Lily's strap-on gets sucked. Meanwhile, the four-way action has one of the men fucking another in the ass.

Scene Nine: Secret Agent. We return to the silhouette activity, but this time the color is in various colors and the action is filled with kinky and fucking material. Nevertheless, the tone is still playful. At this point, it really feels like a modern strip show as several guys and girls perform.

Scene Ten: Wildest Dreams. This scene is a continuation of the first one where Lili LaChrosse is being pleasured by her handful of sexual servants. Violetta, Emilia, Adam Scarlet, Marc Cuirass, and Maximus are present. I enjoy the kissing and pussy eating activity. There is also some strap-on action on Lili. Later, she awakens and looks quite happy.

Final Thoughts: This film is an artsy erotica experience that will leave a fan of this type of production wanting more. The fetishy kinky behavior helps create and solidify the authentic personal chemistry between the performers. We actually believe that in some of the scenes, the performers are really actual lovers. My two favorite scenes are the cabaret-burlesque performance and the lesbian moments between Violetta Storm and Lili LaChrosse in the kitchen. Overall, this film which is catered to the artsy fetish audience is a recommended one. If this tone is not your cup of tea, then, it would be a lower rating.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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