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Interracial Anal MILF's

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 2/26/13

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Category: Anal/Gonzo/Interracial


Cast: Flower Tucci/Alana Evans/Nina Hartley/Anjanette Astoria/Cece Stone/Dana Dearmond/Sean Michaels

Director: Sean Michaels

Extras: Photo Galleries/Trailers/Web

Release Date: 1/17/2013

Runtime: 211 Mins

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Introduction to Review

'Interracial Anal Milfs' is simply a compilation of separate scenes from Sean Michaels' Evil Angel archive featuring some of the 'MILFier' babes that have thus far graced his movies. The scenes are taken from some of his cuckold flicks, as well as the Bottom Line series that he did.



Scene 1:

Flower Tucci/Alana Evans/Sean Michaels

(Scene from 'Bottom Line')

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Tease/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Female Masturbation/Squirting/Cunniligus/Standing Doggie/Ass Eating/Dildo Anal/Doggie/Anal/ATM/Missionary Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Facial (Medium Volume)

The premiere scene in 'Interracial Anal Milfs' begins as we see monster-assed beauty Flower Tucci & Alana Evans teasing it up a bit to begin the action. Both girls get oiled up heavily, and memories of the great Flower Tucci begin to run wild in my brain, but I digress. The tease continues with lots of butt bouncing, and oiling before Sean Michaels steps onto set to give some ass smacks to the girls. I could seriously watch Flower bounce her ass up and down for days, and Alana is nothing to shake a stick at either. The bj action later begins with the girls sitting on a ledge in a bathtub as Sean stands in front of them. Some nice blowjob action here as both of these seasoned vets really slop it up and give some great deepthroats. As Alana continues sucking Flower then goes off to the side and gives some nice squirts that hit both Sean and Alana from a couple feet away. Flower is the first to accept Sean's pole and does so in a standing doggie style before going back down to suck him for a bit. The anal sets in a bit later with Alana accepting all of Sean's beef into her backside as she eats Flower's pussy. The scene moves forward well with Flower giving some epic squirts throughout, and both of the girls getting their fair share of dick in ass, mouth, and pussy. Flower definitely runs the show here, telling everyone in the scene where to go and what to do wonderfully. The scene caps off with the girls getting a double facial from our friend before Sean gives a couple looks into the camera and the screen fades. This was a nice scene, always awesome to see Flower Tucci, she was one of the greats.

Click here to view a picture gallery and trailer from this scene!



Scene 2:

Nina Hartley/Sean Michaels/Gabriel Dalessandro

(Scene from 'Evil Cuckold 2')

Cuckold/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Doggie/Spooning/Cum Drinking

The second scene begins as we see Sean walking up a terrace, he knocks on the door in front of him before the legendary Nina Hartley approaches and answers. Witohut much conversation the two start in on the heavy petting and in the blink of an eye Nina's clothes are non-existent aside from her stockings and heels. The bj then begins as we see a lurking presence in the background in the form of Gabrial Dalessandro. Nina continues to suck and throat Sean's cock well before Gabriel presents himself, as he does so much to the surprise of Sean and Nina. The three compromise for a bit and Gabriel (who looks to be playing the part of Nina's husband) decides he wants to stay and play with himself while they fuck. Sounds like a deal! Anyways, Nina continues sucking while Gabriel tongues her asshole. The sex later begins with Nina jumping on the bologna pony to ride Sean cowgirl style while Gabriel continues to look onward and stroke himself. Later, Gabe gets a little more involved and Nina even sucks him off a little bit while Sean fucks her simultaneously. The anal sets in soon after with Nina shouting to the anal gods as she gets a thorough pummeling. During the anal Gabriel fires off a pretty nice sized load onto Nina's stockings, before she then grabs a nearby martini glass which Sean busts his nuts into. Nina then feeds her hubby Sean's load and the screen fades soon afterwards. This was a pretty nice scene, a definite plus for cuck fans, as well as Nina fans.

Click here for a photo gallery and trailer from this scene!


Scene 3:

Anjanette Astoria/Sean Michaels

(Scene from 'Interracial Candy Stripers')


Nurse Play/Blowjob/Cunniligus/Ass Eating/Cowgirl/Doggie Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Spooning Facial (Medium Volume)

The next scene starts in a doctors office, where nurse Anjanette Astoria seems to be Sean's caretaker after he's been in a freak auto accident. Anjanette does a little checkup on Sean before she notices his protruding member that continues to bulge out of his gym shorts. Anjanette then cuts to the chase after a little talking, and she begins the blowjob. A pretty slow and sensual bj here as we see Anjanette's ass pleasantly protruding out of her slutty nurse uniform as she continues. The sex later begins in a cowgirl position with Anjanette bouncing hard on her lucky patient. The anal starts in a doggie style position as Anjanette moans lustingly while Sean pounds. The scene progresses in the same manner, moving through a couple separate positions but never really reaching a high point for me. It all comes to an end after Sean releases his jizz juice over Anjanette's face as she jacks him off furiously. This scene wasn't that great for me, it just never went anywhere, and the sex seemed to slow down as it progressed.

Click here for a photo gallery and trailer from this scene!


 Scene 4:

Cece Stone/Sean Michaels/Bob E

(Scene from 'Evil Cuckold 3')

Cuckold/Blowjob/DeepThroating/Cowgirl/69/Ass Eating/Doggie/Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Facial (Medium Volume)

The fourth scene starts as we see Cece Stone laying poolside and looking wonderful as she does so. Sean steps into the picture soon after and the two begin in some flirtacious kissing to begin the action. Cece shows off her assets a little before the eventual start to the scene which does so in the form of the blowjob. Cece gives a stellar bj here and continues to give compliments on his rod throughout. In the midst of all this we then see a lurking presence that Sean eventually notices and becomes startled by. Cece then attempts to comfort Sean by telling him it's her 'bitch husband' who does whatever she says. After some arm twisting Sean decides to go forward with it as Cece's cuck looks on from the nearby tanning chair. The blowjob here is outstanding, with Cece giving some epic cock chokes while she deepthroats Sean's black rod. The sex starts out in a cowgirl style fucking while her cuck sits next to them keeping quiet. Not too long afterwards the anal sets in with Cece pointing her perfect ass high in the air to give Sean's boner a nice target. Sex is hot in this scene and cuck fans will really love Cece here as she continues to verbally humiliate and torment her make-believe husband through all of the scene. Cece's expression and energy through this are also fantastic, and the scene climbs higher and higher as it draws closer to its end. Later, Sean finishes himself over Cece's face as her cuck looks on. Cece then forces him to lick off the cum from her face and he obliges kindly before the screen fades. This was a good scene, Cece played the role well, making it the best scene thus far in the film. On the downside, there was a noticeable smudge on the camera lens throughout the entire thing, but I don't think it's anything that will take away from it.

Click here for a photo gallery and trailer from this scene!


Scene 5:

Dana Dearmond/Sean Michaels

(Scene from 'Bottom Line 2')

Tease/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/69/Missioanry Anal/Ass Winking/Doggie Anal/Rimming/Cum on stomach/Face (High Volume)

The final scene in 'Interracial Anal Milfs' begins as we see the beautiful Dana Dearmond having a phone conversation before abruptly hanging up as Sean Michaels approaches her in a baseball uniform. Dana looks fucking incredible here, wearing some black lingerie and red high heels, as she subtly flirts with Sean. Sean is looking for Dana's husband but it seems that he isn't home at the moment, so she invites him in to wait. Dana initiates the action toward a hesitant Sean Michaels with some heavy petting and later begins sucking Sean's rod through his shorts. The bj continues perfectly as Dana has the horny housewife role perfectly down pat. Lots of pervy dirty talk here as well, much of it being Dana talking about her marriage and how much better and bigger Sean is than her husband. The bj continues for quite a while with Dana staring into the camera at various times through it making it all the more better, and the sloppiness is fantastic also. The sex finally starts in a reverse cowgirl position as Dana keeps up the attitude well, and her expressions are just perfect through all of it. The scene progresses well, and is filled with great anal and lots of cuckold talk. In the later moments of the scene there is a doggie anal segment that is simply amazing, I really can't say enough about how amazing Dana is in this scene. Sean simply steps aside and let her do her thing, although making sure to fuck her properly. It all comes to an end as Dana jostles her hand in her pussy while Sean busts a load that goes from Dana's stomach all the way up to her face. Blam! The scene ends with Dana showing Sean the hidden camera that her husband is watching them on, as she blows a kiss toward it and the screen fades. This scene was perfect. If every scene was this good I would have given the movie10 XCritic picks, but unfortunately none of them held a candle to it. Dana's confidence always exudes off of the screen making all of her scenes so fun to watch, and this one was no exception.

Click here for a photo gallery and trailer from this scene!



Unfortunately, one outstanding scene and four that were just okay isn't really enough to merit much more than a Rent It score from me. Overall, there were some nice scenes in this film. Of course Dana Dearmond's scene shined, as the others just kind of flickered in the distance, without many notable moments. I enjoyed getting a chance to review Flower Tucci in a movie, but I've watched her in far better scenes than this one, and Anjanette and Nina's scenes didn't really do much for me either. Even though the movie isn't really marketed toward the cuckold crowd, more than half it's scenes are exactly that, which is another thing that I found to be a little peculiar, but it is Sean Michaels, as I assume many of his fans understand that's most of what he does when it comes to directing. Without much for quality extras, and an overall "meh" feeling from me, I'd have to suggest renting this one. Dana's scene is amazing to watch, she is fantastic if you couldn't tell by my scene description, but the rest of the movie is just decent at best, with some nice moments scattered throughout.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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